"I want to spread the Korean food" Korean cookbook presented to famous chef in the world

1: Tsushima wildcats (Tibet Autonomous Region): can not be after (Thu) 08:23:00.81 ID: rs + hsDLxP
The 29th, to tell the world the charm of Korean food, Seo Gyondoku professor whole-hearted women's college known as the public relations expert has revealed that it has presented the books and documents of Korean food in famous chef in each country. South Korea more than one media reported.

Seo Professor, person to sign the city's main foreign media such as the New York Times, has posted an opinion advertising of Korea. Content of the ad, and a wide variety of things about the history, such as comfort women and (Korean name, Dokdo) Takeshima, to those concerning culture Korean, and Korean food.

According to the report, that it has enclosed a message to please in the materials were sent, and want to introduce widely advertising of Korean food that was published in the overseas media English book of Korean cuisine and "Korean Kitchen", the Korean food.

Including Jamie Oliver (UK), Pierre Gagnaire (France), Todd English (U.S.), Murata Yoshihiro (day), the cook's world-famous Jackie You like (incense), cooking-related broadcasting station, magazine I sent to related parties of more than 100 such companies.

Soviet professor, describes this activity "be advertised in well-known foreign media is also important, but I thought that there is a need to change for each country the public relations of Korean food" he said. The "Now is the K-POP will show the spread worldwide, and a golden opportunity to publicize the K-FOOD"'s, spoke with're going to aggressively publicity about Korean food in the future.
May 29 searchina (water)


3: Wildcat (Kanagawa): can not be after (Thu) 08:25:02.49 ID: FN6tLB1q0

Pork cutlet such as udon wonder listed in the ordinary?

The Nuko (Aichi): 4 can not be after (Thu) 08:25:22.89 ID: WV4IOEfU0

Garbage in the trash

5: Tsushima wildcats (garden): can not be after (Thu) 08:25:25.71 ID: WVNNGemJP

Na's receipt refusal

7: American wire hair (Bahrain): can not be after (Thu) 08:26:45.71 ID: jcgAcUWy0!

I wish When you are prompted Kokiorosa in cooking show Top Gear, such like

29: African wild cat (Oita): can not be after (Thu) 08:38:34.24 ID: 1CC0Td5O0

7 >>
It is Hyundai accident

8: Japanese Bobtail (Ibaraki): can not be after (Thu) 08:26:59.75 ID: yvLX54j20

I put send this on its own

The branding as "the reference to the book" looking for food are similar

30: Kuroashineko (Tokyo): can not be after (Thu) 08:40:36.83 ID: BUskhMv / 0

8 >>
Do not is this, I undoubtedly this

10: Oriental (Kanto, Tokai): can not be after (Thu) 08:27:33.63 ID: miL1 + PrjO

In addition, I wonder can not understand that it is there are annoying myself from Why Do not it annoying story

12: Caracal (soft bank) can not be after (Thu) 08:27:52.10 ID: afGKkfuf0

The next step
"Korean food received in the celebrity chefs around the world!"

14: Tsushima wildcats (mushroom): can not be after (Thu) 08:29:57.55 ID: rXKwzgmdP

The wad is in a book

17: Borneo wildcat (Kanto): can not be after (Thu) 08:32:13.53 ID: A0dzjeYMO

Do not be worried about famous chef or was chosen in what criteria

19: Ginger (Osaka): can not be after (Thu) 08:32:39.99 ID: oWblvdzC0

Shady or religion!

37: Kijitora (Fukushima): can not be after (Thu) 08:45:35.89 ID: 9wohyDYv0

And a hard You say not stalwart Mimuki not to do this until
Although Yari will want to put feed in the sense that different to Japanese restaurants Japanese Nanchatte Well

62: Cornish Rec (Saitama): can not be after (Thu) 09:10:29.07 ID: Zl3VnnWz0

Someone is mailed suddenly. . w

69: Snow Leopard (Hyogo): can not be after (Thu) 09:21:26.86 ID: pdHMtmuX0

You fool famous chef about to have studied the cuisine of other countries
Evaluation of Korean food I'm already decided

73: Maine Coon (Hyogo): can not be after (Thu) 09:24:49.58 ID: svh3mWIg0

> According to the report, the materials were sent, English book of Korean cuisine or "Korean Kitchen"
It wants to introduce widely advertising of Korean food that has been published in the overseas media, Korean food
That it has enclosed a message to ask.

It will be widely introduced on its own even not such a thing if good food
I'm should realize that there is no appeal at the time of doing arm-twisting and stemmer

77: Oriental (Kansai and Hokuriku): can not be after (Thu) 09:28:06.75 ID: WazioH19O

Hard sell culture

86: Persian (Kanagawa): can not be after (Thu) 09:42:52.64 ID: GDg2fouF0

Postage or cash on delivery?

99: exotic short hair (Kanto): can not be after (Thu) 09:58:54.05 ID: nn1n + lI / O

Why, I'm just perpetrate that Koreans are hated?

100: Siamese (Aichi): can not be after (Thu) 10:01:06.17 ID: KZjekAIG0

It will usually discard After delivery of weird book from people who do not know

44: Sunadorineko (WiMAX): 2013/05/30 (Thu) 08:51:58.88 ID: 4wbkT8r40

Na is amazing
I think of such a thing well

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In the "stingy", "lazy", the bad behavior golf courses of "banned" Korean Golf guests - China

1: FinalFinanceφ ★: 2013/06/04 (Tue) 21:35:06.02 ID: 0
Antipathy to Korean customers is growing on a golf course in China. The reason is that what you "time to strike is long", "chip is less", "bad manners" and. Golf magazine and high? Husband Weekly of China said.

Some Korean manners bad "Yes. That the time to strike is long or profusely, or beat calm the rules of golf. Was of some people, Korean, Mr. Park of Beijing resident Korea Speaking with "have a bad image of the entire people.

The article, about to "play with lazy" Koreans, there in the "underlying Because I paid a high precious personality. Money habits and Korean, the idea of loss if you do not entertain slowly seems to be established I pointed out that ".

On the other hand, have a bad reputation extremely "chip is small," said between ball boy from. Korean guests stingy the first time that only 10 yuan, a place out 100 yuan if the Chinese guests. Golf course of "Korean refuse" are reportedly emerged recently.

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 2:! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:36:38.57 ID:!! 0

I laugh Mekuso snot

Na's typical!

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 3:! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:36:51.90 ID:!! 0

Cultural standard of the Chinese people 's low world, Hong Kong people had to say.

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 4:! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:37:08.24 ID:!! 0

After Ya~tsu this in Japan,

Hate speech

Do not be said to me.

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 5:! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:38:25.68 ID:!! 0

Because not a cultural standard to do Nante Golf

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 6:! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:39:07.53 ID:!! 0

You know, I know
China and South Korea, South Korea is terrible especially for a long time

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 7:! (Tue) 2013/06/04 21:39:38.97 ID:!! 0

Koreans are coming to golf in Japan, too sucks.
shameless all Nasukoto thing to do is vulgar.
I wonder does the 'Anna human How can grow and how I was born?

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 9! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:42:21.04 ID:!! 0

7 >> Chinese too the same.

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 11:! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:43:26.25 ID:!! 0

7 >>
W Yeah
But countries of Southeast Asia, have heard that the same way.
However, to the Chinese, it would be to say such ... ...

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name: 20! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:48:19.96 ID:!! 0

It will not just no way Nante Japan
Korean, Chinese thieves are around the golf course vandalism
Members between are on the course
Incident to be skimming the card is secondary

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name: 25! (Tue) 2013/06/04 21:53:05.12 ID:!! 0

Do not the world's certification and is said in Chinese. No, I'm serious

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name: 30! (Fire) 2013/06/04 21:56:46.53 ID:!! 0

There is no "shame" in Korean.

Korean Peninsula that there is no culture of "shame".
That's why, all-you-can-the north and south and I want to do, bohemian.

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name: 34! (Fire) 2013/06/04 22:04:13.74 ID:!! 0

Korean'll w is said to Chinese

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 37! (Fire) 2013/06/04 22:10:01.98 ID:!! 0

Discrimination even're right fuss

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name: 38! (Fire) 2013/06/04 22:14:34.54 ID:!! 0

I feel market is also quite high though to me 100 yuan tip.
S absolutely privileged because not only golf in China, I Maybe they've become a strange chip market

It's oleoresin me, I'm nameless: 43! (Fire) 2013/06/04 22:25:40.70 ID:!! O

38 >>
How many yen 's 100 yuan?

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name: 46! (Fire) 2013/06/04 22:41:15.49 ID:!! 0

43 >>
About 1500 yen at the exchange current
Caddy about 5000 yuan a month 200 yuan in two sets one day.
The half, I have been increasing every year until last year.

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name: 44! (Fire) 2013/06/04 22:26:44.60 ID:!! P

End If I had to complain about manners Chinese

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[Korean BBS] Japan Expo in France, why Korea booth?

1 Name: rough seas φ ★: 2013/06/06 (Thu) 13:38:51.96 ID:???
"The 14th Japan Expo! Problem in Korea Paris from July 4 ..." to board community site Korean "Gase Ngi dot-com"
Where the thread with is set, then a variety of comments were received from Korean Internet users.

[Sure] the Lord, along with the cover article of the 14th Japan Expo to be held in Paris, France from July 4,
I introduced the comments of Internet users in Japan.

As the reaction of Internet users in Japan

"South Korea is what are mixed though it is why Japan Expo",
"Mucin ride Chung again",
Was the theme of the culture of Japan, "Japan Expo is the exhibition of France.
It 's the name implies. Though it is the events that have nothing to do with South Korea originally completely ",
"It's accusation rather than to say the. Complain not an event to introduce the culture of Asia",
"There is no need to Koreans come all the way to Japan Expo. Would not like Japan you guys?"

Such as, negative reactions were observed number.

The main thread, to see the reaction of Internet users in Japan, I do not know Korea booth Did participated in the Japan Expo from "time,
Can not understand one another. Even though Japan Expo, I wonder why there is a booth Korea.
French or Korean, I wonder if you set up a booth? South Korea beat is "little comment also, I leaked impressions.

On the other hand, from Internet users in South Korea,

"Too high because the popularity of K-POP, though it is booth Japan made",
"It scared Japanese were Tsu Park a thing of themselves K-POP, it's come out?"
"And even though it has already been asked to help in K-POP to put the booth of Korea We can not have business in Japan only",
Opinion as "can not be because the box office and there is no booth of South Korea", repel the reaction of Japan are aligned.

In addition, ". COOL JAPAN have done a public relations of South Korea Japan put out the money 's really cool!"
Some people ridiculed and to (ridiculed).

In addition, "The fertilize Shifuku Japan is using the cultural items of other countries from the old days",
"A testament K-POP that fell to Japanese subculture in France",
Various opinions were flying around that "I wish After withdrawing Korea booth anymore".

Although questions remain, K-POP seems to have attracted attention in France for that South Korea to Japan Expo booth.

Can not be after (Thu) 13:16

Quoted source: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1370493531

3 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:40:45.37 ID: uZte78S9

Korean media can not write the article South Korea has infested with remora Commercial Code

16 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:43:21.20 ID: UHCc6ldI

You be mistaken for Japan it would be unpleasant.
attempt to remove in protest together

20 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:45:08.81 ID: CJiEo +6 O

No, Korea Expo is impossible anymore.
Seriously, was held here and there already, but everywhere because it withdrew in haste Kankodori course.
Koreans are ignored even if they know this fact.

28 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:47:50.31 ID: EU5yTOLc

"Too high because the popularity of K-POP, though it is booth Japan made",
"It scared Japanese were Tsu Park a thing of themselves K-POP, it's come out?"
"And even though it has already been asked to help in K-POP to put the booth of Korea We can not have business in Japan only",
Opinion as "can not be because the box office and there is no booth of South Korea", repel the reaction of Japan are aligned

KPOP that helped in Japan that's Case Chung this not a subject to punishment in the pro-Japanese crime?

29 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:47:57.99 ID: 2CA5MaRY

I forgot what was two years ago or was last year, but have or set a flag such as South Korea
W or Did not forced removal from officials

31 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:48:02.71 ID: 2og1Iws +

It will do a consolidation period 1900s still in France
The only recognition that client state that is protected Japan

34 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:49:14.48 ID: 2DXHVWqP

In Japan
Korea Festa unpopular than Thailand Festa (laughs)

36 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:49:27.63 ID: CJiEo +6 O

The good you leave set a Rising Sun flag around the venue for the time being.
Will Ru Opparae the Korean in this.

41 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:50:31.62 ID: AsMRVzW9

I am surprised the ignorant and foolish,
It Might not such because of the structure of the brain not only accept Horuhoru
It was good to be a Korean

45 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:51:18.66 ID: USTapKz2

Do you not know the fact that it was derailed just anyone not come and I get the Korean Expo

The 13:53:47.98 ID (Thu) 2013/06/06:: ◆ RinopnYegVEk Nuko Rinogawa: 59 Name RcmEjJco BE :530253353-2BP (401)

What is Nya gave exhibitors OK to Korea booth personnel?

60 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 13:54:34.16 ID: na9EpPhD

'm Look all the same west of Germany French

114 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 14:05:04.76 ID: CYrxCL2S

This, I'm sort of like are appealing to the world as "vassal state of Japan Korea still".

115 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 14:05:10.46 ID: mpcRHj8e

Jan issue of this age-old
It what I'm had been infested before the KPOP will catch on

120 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 14:06:03.01 ID: MahQrncn

I'll likely say one more thing, "I'm a Japanese abbreviation of Nante 's K" I asked to talk to French

134 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 14:09:16.20 ID: Jj + juWPW
120 >>
While it is story you do not laugh fact.
"The country of our selling, Nida there is a global company called Samsung!" Korean
"? Samsung eh probably Japanese companies?" Westerners
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In the debate,monks of Korea, Prof "do not return" Buddha statue stolen in japan.


Can not be after (Fri) 21:27:38.24 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??
Buddha 2 body stolen in theft ring of Korea from the temple of Nagasaki Prefecture Tsushima, remains that it is not also returned today.
Mainly pumice stone temple in central South Korea, argued, "Japan has been looting Buddha statue in the first place" and spreads, Korean courts also issued a temporary injunction to enjoin the return to Japan.

It had taken the inexplicable behavior this pumice stone temple, priest or visit the Tsushima in "no appointment", and you want to pass or the "mascot" instead of Buddha,
Held a "debate" attracting researchers in Korea this time. It reiterated that it "does returned Buddha".

Entangled Buddha return issue, debate was offered in Seoul May 30, 2013. Dated 31 May South Korea paper "Seoul newspaper" electronic version is told in detail, the state of the day.

Speech content had been introduced six. Respect Kanzeonbosatsu seated monks pumice stone temple, was stolen from Tsushima Kwan Yin first
It said, "still remembered and made ​​of loose rock temple 700 years ago", Buddha was repeated the traditional view and should be stored in a pumice stone temple rather than returning to Japan.

Kim U~onun, a former Congressman pointed out that the problem was in the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty, signed in 1965, the Korean government at the time have had to give up claims, including cultural property.
after having said that there is no need to return if it can not prove that the Japanese side is obtained in a legitimate route 2 body Buddha,
I'm with the order that he should argue that imposing cultural property problem for the South Korean government. Was also pointed out that from the University Professor of "plunder by Japanese pirates".

On the other hand, Kim Gyon'imu Mr. university professor, taking into account the fact that brought in the theft of Korean Buddha statue under Tunisia ambassador,
there is no need to return it if you know that it is a thing that Japan looted from Korea once, shows the idea that should Toeru the "did obtain the Buddha statues at the history what" the Japanese side even if the looting is not clear. Both, I mean "no obligation to return stolen goods in the" claims of the participants.

It is a position of the Japanese government Kim U~onun As Mr. said, is that resolved in the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty regarding cultural property return.
Can be seen at that time, instead of get economic assistance from the Japanese side, that it has abandoned the claims in negotiation.

However there were some exceptions. Prime Minister Naoto Kan at the time expressed it, "I want to hand out" the books of the Korean Peninsula from such as "Korean royal Yi trajectory" in the discourse in 2010, at 100 years Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula.
Avoid the expression "return" for special purposes only, "Korean royal Yi trajectory" was handed over to South Korea in 2011.
Cultural assets "Korean royal Yi trajectory" is not all, see "Japan has taken away unjustly," and began to demand a refund as outside the scope of the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty as South Korea.

However, there is also a problem to be put kept in Korea the Buddha is stolen goods. It was adopted by the (UNESCO) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1970
"Illegal export of cultural property, the Convention on the Prevention and Prohibition of transfer of ownership and import" said.
It was enacted to prevent outflow from illegal means, such as theft and illegal digging the cultural assets literally,
It is prescribed "transfer of ownership of cultural property import made ​​against the measures the State party Nikki on the basis of this treaty, or exports, illegal" he said.

as long as the thieves brought, of a treaty violation It is clear.
Moreover to the Parties, which requires the return of cultural property is stolen goods to the "country of origin".
Member States of UNESCO, the Convention should also demonstrate the efficacy of course both Japan and Korea.

In this regard, South Korea news site of another reported the debate earlier, and tried to counter Kim Gyon'imu Mr. cites the "Mona Lisa".
Was the work of Leonardo Da Vinci of Italy was originally the "Mona Lisa", Francis I of France to purchase in the 16th century, France owns today.
That theory is also Buddha 2 body, that must be proven in Japan and got in the way of regular as France.

Korea brought Buddha by thieves this is contrary to the Convention of UNESCO, but the first place hundreds of years ago was the "looting" in Japan, "country of origin" is Kyoben it's South Korea.

When Yoshitaka Shindo Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications visited the Tsushima on May 25, the Japanese side, visit the Kwan Yin who was holding a "Kanzeonbosatsu Seated".
That said, when you work towards Buddha return. On the basis of the Convention of UNESCO, but negotiations have been going through diplomatic channels already,
South Korea has become a "no need of return" to judicial decisions upon relations between Tokyo and Seoul itself has stagnated. Solution is impossible situation for the time being.


Can not be after (Fri) 21:39:19.86 ID:: 29: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' VoSid + de
Do not'm embarrassed country whatsoever of resistance such as not return even Barre thief

30: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Fri) 21:39:55.25 ID :/ scEy1ds
1 >>

First of all, do not mean it is not a thing of you guys

Can not be after (Fri) 21:40:22.92 ID:: 32: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' qYjEVBn8
Mad the first time the guys may be well-known should not mean a return

Can not be after (Fri) 21:42:23.18 ID:: 37: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' kH6duQCu
32 >>
It's a "shift point" Formally it. The discussion of whether or not to return under an international treaty
Mad the first time of the Korean people can do well-known, I'm substitution of whether.

Can not be after (Fri) 21:41:35.99 ID:: 35: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 160A0s4Q
Thief shaved Figure we Shiina as ever

Can not be after (Fri) 21:42:13.26 ID:: 36: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' et / VDEmp
Doggy Style is sure I'm was broken this Buddha statue
Wako If stole, I want Urisabaki high and will not be destroyed, such as dropping the value of the Buddha
There can be no that the temple was kept carefully breaks

Korea, had clamped down Buddhism. I was breaking the Buddha
No matter how you look at it, this Buddha, I do not think the only and arrived in Japan to escape the oppression of Buddhism Korean Peninsula
I think so of Korean or sold for any reason, or saved from destruction Japanese thought sorry, it 's or which way

Can not be after (Fri) 21:44:13.77 ID:: 40: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' K + t3nINL
Yogen that the Korean economy will collapse in a ruthless Butsubatsu

Can not be after (Fri) 21:45:19.24 ID:: 41: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' XEWb58fU
Method, or did you decide that you do not follow the UNESCO Convention.
Then solution is also likely to be any other, and to South Korea from Japan soon
It 's about time the contents of the economic sanctions is also being discussed.
First, I must start from the list of created goods export ban.

Can not be after (Fri) 21:46:15.28 ID:: 45: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 5q21qYru
I'm just this thing will not go away fool if to die

Can not be after (Fri) 21:46:38.63 ID:: 49: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' Rzo4uH62
But Well, are you a former ambassador Dano original Member of Parliament

Eminent member has a fool all, it's amazing country ('・ ω ・ `)

Can not be after (Fri) 21:53:17.22 ID:: 82: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' Mf2eVSL3
1 >>
However, damage temples, Na'll continue to support stupid as ever.
At this rate, after all, is gonna to be reluctant concession.

Already, as has been proposed in this 2ch,
Damage temple, that only good if you can fire to court in Japan "claims of theft Buddha" by suit against the South Korean government as soon as possible.

With that said national treasure, should I even Fukkakere 10 billion yen.
Judgment, is supposed to be one story of temple damage is observed definitely.

South Korean government is also hesitant to pay "damages" according to the ruling,
It is to live if supported by seizure of assets by the Korean government has in Japan.
ラベル:Buddha Statue
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Comfort women Japan claims as "resolved" in the UN

15:11 the 5th June 2013

[Comfort women] "unresolved. Nippon case compensation has not been discussed in Japan and Korea claims negotiations," South Korea's Foreign Ministry
(Water) 2013/06/05 00:36:31.26 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??

In the general debate of the UN Human Rights Council which was held on (local time) three days in Geneva, Switzerland, the Japanese government representative for the comfort women issue of the Imperial Japanese Army
"Compensation issues related to the Second World War is resolved legally, such as bilateral treaties and another San Francisco Peace Treaty"
I repeated the assertion of traditional and. The ones who responded to criticism of the South Korean government representative, Korea Foreign Ministry reported on the 4th.

The representative of Japan together, and complained and was maximum assistance was established in 1995 for the support of former comfort women in the "Asian Women's Fund".

In contrast, the South Korean government representative said the "comfort women issue has not been discussed in the Korea-Japan claims negotiations in 1965, the resolution has not been," said
so as to respond to bilateral talks over the comfort women issue that South Korea has proposed, and asked the Japanese side to overlap.

On the other hand, the Japanese side remarks over the comfort women issue by recent (Osaka mayor) meeting joint representation of Toru Hashimoto Japan Restoration is,
I said, "quite different from the position of the government".


[Comfort women] Korea Republic, the United Nations Commission statement [06/04] "not to forgive justification statement of Japan, and compensation history distortion revised apology"

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:39:00.01 ID:: 3: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s qD5nbuuT

I'm included.you lied, not good.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:41:34.97 ID:: 9: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 8aTvECKQ

The South Korean government w white study international law first

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:41:53.03 ID:: 10: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s LZgMrsXF

That means, if there is not it to know anything about government as such a serious human rights issue at the time the South Korean government
Also, whether it is all right in that we did not rise to any topic from the public?

Is it really was?

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:42:09.70 ID:: 12: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s v7Dvs1eU

>> It has not been discussed in Japan and Korea claims negotiations

Fucking cruel government will because incompetence?
Do you seek to Japan that Shirinugui Why?

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:47:10.38 ID:: 36: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2xMcwx24

12 >>
>>> It has not been discussed in Japan and Korea claims negotiations
> Fucking cruel government will because incompetence?
> Do you seek to Japan that Shirinugui Why?

It is also, but be because there was no comfort women issue itself at that time.
Was not discussed why.
At this late hour, it is not stupid concocted the problem.

(Water) 2013/06/05 01:10:08.21 ID:: 154: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s DXu3/3WV

12 >>
No, Ken of comfort women has also been discussed
However, something about abductions, not how slaves and their contents
It is a comfort woman who was earning a good salary, but it or the person who can not cash the military scrip that was used to pay
It was those people who do not pull out the ones you have in savings is that there's, you called me a compensation of it
In, but have heard that it has been included after calculated on the "economic aid" is also the minute

Japan even though I do all public proceedings

(Water) 2013/06/05 01:16:22.53 ID:: 170: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s bup1zlLf

154 >>
It is a translation has to issue a second line that you are going

(Water) 2013/06/05 01:22:33.94 ID:: 187: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s DXu3/3WV

170 >>
It's not discuss things that do not exist it would be of course

Then, even if at if
The Taro signed on and agreed to each other as "the solution" to have the treaty
South Korea is in the government liability

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:42:18.24 ID:: 13: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s HpcBk9gk

Impossible Nante compensation, but Japan if to compensate, there is no sense to the signed treaty with South Korea future
A treaty that tied before because even being in wastepaper.

The Japanese government will be as much as possible, to avoid the treaty with South Korea.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:45:25.42 ID:: 27: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s ClE005aU

What is the Japan-Korea negotiations wish.
I'll I was liquidated to confirm each other on was examined by washing out one by one the claims of both Japan and South Korea over time.
To be precise, the person of the right to claim from the Japanese were many much, I was raised to give up its claims.
I'll've got to raise it with the economic cooperation of gold huge fee free of charge on it, it was funding from the private sector further.
Aborigines is not it'll be left out In funny stuff such as not included in the consultation too late! !

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:45:48.62 ID:: 28: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s z8evPCdE

I did not discuss the situation in Korea.
That it has been finally resolved in the treaty I do change.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:46:11.23 ID:: 29: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s T9892pN8

That, wartime recruitment problem but I was included at the time of individual compensation for consultation ...
I also happen to be that we have along with 100% comfort women you claim that "Nida forced" in Korean, and is discussed to be included in the impressive ...

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:46:15.94 ID:: 31: pirate light ◆ OraMYUrmo2 / ZsIOJZN

1 >>

Such as was revealed minutes of certain normalization talks at the time have been published, South Korea 's side was clearly recognized the existence of the comfort women.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:48:17.33 ID:: 41: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 3dy5ntx /

31 >>
Just to comfort women guys the Korean army and the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) When I was negotiating it out table it
Was deaf to the nearest decent in the Kanen is state compensation after

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:49:35.54 ID:: 47: pirate light ◆ OraMYUrmo2 / ZsIOJZN

41 >>

Is that in any case, the liability to the "comfort women", that is in the South Korean government.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:49:37.72 ID:: 48: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s dLJro5vG

31 >>
Te thing is, or that it was a lie deceased in a dignified place in the United Nations Korea plenipotentiary representative in Geneva says UN

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:50:29.89 ID:: 54: vinegared (-_-) ◆ sIESzI2jc2 GRe6Hq4D

48 >>
It is, but not uncommon Well.
there is no trial that China imagine your telling the truth at the United Nations.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:50:57.42 ID:: 55: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s dLJro5vG

54 >>
W Is Well I'm so
But Do not dude

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:51:47.63 ID:: 60: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 5o5E + a1d

> It has not been discussed in the Korea-Japan claims negotiations

Yeah! ? What major event that has been in sex slaves 200,000 people be kidnapped Did not been discussed?
What? What?

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:53:38.84 ID:: 69: pirate light ◆ OraMYUrmo2 / ZsIOJZN

60 >>

Because even though there was also intends Japan to individual compensation, the South Korean government to Nekokuso it.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:55:24.34 ID:: 75: vinegared (-_-) ◆ sIESzI2jc2 GRe6Hq4D

69 >>
After trying to discuss individual compensation, that removal from South Korea is far beyond is not it it was a problem.
So I was in South Korea measures by mutual give up individual compensation, of obtaining economic aid apart from that.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:56:50.22 ID:: 86: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s Rc3jeryQ

75 >>
That treaty is said to be was a great victory of the Korean diplomacy unprecedented
W that does not exist to be considered from w era Dangun as a result of taking from other countries many times the national budget at the time of the money anyway

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:57:40.76 ID:: 94: vinegared (-_-) ◆ sIESzI2jc2 GRe6Hq4D

86 >>
Therefore, bear serious burns if you Mushikaese You are to such person of South Korea.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:58:50.02 ID:: 103: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 8mtUEvxT

86 >>
Do not but a treaty of Korea large advantageous tied until the hostage diplomacy took fishermen hostage

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:52:21.57 ID:: 62: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s cbK4rzWD

It would have been resolved include up to what is a problem now.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:53:26.31 ID:: 68: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 3uniXX7a

Really, Japanese soldiers if forced taking definitely, apology and compensation as well I would have.
And such as are deceived by Korean men, the reality is it then such as are sold to prostitute ya parent.

Such as soldiers riding a jeep, such as it is transported by helicopter, such as Christmas was busy.
And were you in a sexual partner where the soldier?

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:53:39.72 ID:: 70: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s gJ6eY0lU!

Should not the other party say that because I have to say on spec.
It is more of comfort women by the military of South Korea in the Korean War than it
The sore spot for South Korea. Japanese government I wish I had put there.

80: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω;`) (`c ') says: (water) 2013/06/05 00:55:54.15 ID: CNhg / Pug

It 's from discards the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty.
But because of being out on the newspaper assets of Korea by Japan left Korea is about 15 trillion yen
It pays to Japan it.

It will mon so cheap because I have a conglomerate now.

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:55:55.66 ID:: 81: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s AFnuSuQf

1 >>
> Comfort women issue has not been discussed in the Korea-Japan claims negotiations in 1965

Yes, Koreans to lie to the breath ()

(Water) 2013/06/05 00:56:52.46 ID:: 87: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 8mtUEvxT

The w Do not to mentioned on the agenda for the salary of a prostitute

(Water) 2013/06/05 01:00:48.31 ID:: 113: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s E9aftUQo

GHQ has probably had collected evidence, in, What are you saying to conclude that fair to say you can not confirm the fact of forced taking, I'll would be understood by examining in the Archives of the United States, only Chong did not know?

(Water) 2013/06/05 01:00:50.44 ID:: 114: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s DHyHefy3

The first place is not supposed to discuss what ant does not
If you say that inhumane Korean people could talk and was done, why did not rise even to the topic?
He keeps that hope I get to work a little head

(Water) 2013/06/05 01:01:44.95 ID:: 120: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 0p72 + QlJ

The project enough to claim "trafficking of this century up to" and "Force arrested 200 000 people"
Why was not raised on the agenda when conclude a treaty
I want to hear in Korea rather

125: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω;`) (`c ') says: (water) 2013/06/05 01:03:00.57 ID: CNhg / Pug

Country of Korea was able to pillage the assets of Japan by South Korea.

Na is this.

(Water) 2013/06/05 01:03:03.55 ID:: 126: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 60h5yqYx

This lie I will not even be on the card of another negotiation.
Is fabricated comfort women who were without even be able to touch up until now,
Korea should be noted by the fact that normally, it came to be widely spoken internet newspaper or far.
Again with not even "sanctuary" This is not even "Achilles' heel".
The stacked and evidence somber, Japan may be thoroughly refuted.
ラベル:comfort women
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the women who sell sex voluntarily for life, Parliament report was noted and should not be punished as criminals.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:15:10.19 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Bakugyonjun reporter =Is considered to be a "victim buying and selling of" the women who sell sex voluntarily for life, Parliament report was noted and should not be punished as criminals.

Tide legislation investigator of the National Assembly Legislative Research punished Health and Welfare female team in a report was 29 sunrise, unconstitutional sex trafficking punishment law in December last year, was made ​​to punish women who sell sex voluntarily Seoul northern support In relation to that which provide a legal Shoshi referee revealed position such.

While "rather than access, will need to approach from the side of the last choice of socio-economic disadvantaged" (sexual) right to self-determination and results of operations "" sex trafficking "in this way Joe investigators The rights of the seller, I argued that "should be discussed from the point of view of socially vulnerable protection.

Rather than the dimensions to legalize prostitution "sexual right to self-determination", ie admitted sexual activity and Political Rights and fundamental rights issue of punishment of female sexual sale, you need to approach from the side of the human rights violations of women of sale it is assumed there.

He said "need to carefully consider the demand measures policy that decriminalized the sale women of taking advantage of actively the spirit of the original unconstitutional law referee provide contractor case, buyers of property is punishment there" and.

As a measure for that, the provisions of the "victim buying and selling property" in Article 2, Paragraph 1 No. 4 sex trade Punishment Law 'Including also voluntary nature seller, Article 20 Joe investigators, (penalty) first He pointed out as specified in Section No. 1, act "to sell sex 'in the target act of punishment, and should be considered to be excluded.

Source (Korean)

Be forced to engage in prostitution girl [Korean] Thailand visited Korea to see the restaurant ad of Korea "and was forced to work 20 hours a day" [05/20]
[Korean] confined to "send back only if you run away body" a Thai woman 85 days of extortion nightmare ... [05/24] similar sexual activity prostitution


(Water) 2013/05/29 17:22:56.04 ID:: 36: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s WIJLWzq +

Comfort women who sold sex spontaneously are considered "sex trafficking victims",
Is not to be punished as criminals

Prostitution and Assen Nida which the apology and compensation to punish severely

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:23:05.99 ID:: 38: 680円◆ 7ZL.3C19WKcC zut44gI6

Also, Why do not bother to punish Chong public that additional troops prostitute mediation to make retroactive law?

Nida to throw away even if the reason for the anti-Japanese

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:24:53.08 ID:: 50: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s i88RhYnT

Or legislation finally
It is skilled in prostitution I'm much was legal in South Korea.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:34:12.10 ID:: 99: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 4sPtnk3S

I do You mean I made ​​a disclaimer to the comfort women.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:35:13.67 ID:: 103: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 5J2ghkjy

South Korea from a very do take a policy to accelerate further the prostitution superpower.
Prostitution'm a national policy after all ...
It's a country that was crazy.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:38:13.47 ID:: DMbne7Km 121: (Far East wktk production) ◆ M6A1eiUUqQ crab

103 >>
(V). . (V)
. Because it earn the foreign currency quick (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s Wl + LVF6F

And, not sex trafficking punishment law if only to punish those who bought
I'm white of purchase Punishment Law

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:36:18.54 ID:: 108: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s uPjZDMap

South Korean women who prostitution'll perpetrators Japanese victim, was prostitution.
It would only kept a consistency and comfort women. The rock-paper-scissors out of South Korea after
S too good technique. The confiscated property by creating a pro-Japanese law from past '60 after the war.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:37:09.96 ID:: 112: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s yUC6OZvF

Y'know, the prostitute is coming to Japan becomes the future hag
W I'm coming or seeking apology and compensation and when it is no longer earn money
Japan Ja I need a strong intention willl do not enter a prostitute?

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:37:27.07 ID:: 114: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s yeiwNBxV

Country where prostitutes earn 5% of GDP it different! !
Prostitute who flocked to Imperial This is a victim-like.
We're Gonna have seen the world in the eyes of envy.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:38:06.14 ID:: 120: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s pxLqCGhq

--- I do not know well somehow
Do you exercise that to the victim comfort women was prostitution voluntarily?

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:38:52.39 ID:: 124: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 5J2ghkjy

Need to crack down thoroughly Korean prostitutes came out by the Japanese government this.
There is a need to tighten immigration also Korean.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:39:12.97 ID:: 125: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s Itw4g/Es

What is this,
Comfort women even prostitutes,
When the victim if the laws of Korea
it is not seen only the foreshadowing to insist.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:40:22.99 ID:: 129: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s n9gldilo

And then era of Nomutan of the ban on prostitution,
The w is only good if the law abolished because if I have the entity in law

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:42:13.33 ID:: 142: 680円◆ 7ZL.3C19WKcC zut44gI6

Or so, or from becoming outlaws to add military prostitution hag also got money to be a rule for now

Do not I do not want to be told me state to defend the outlaw

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:42:16.89 ID:: 143: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s k/PP4eFv

Guy you do not understand well softened but it seems many

> Women who sell sex voluntarily for a living

How can you get me article attempts to heavily protected unusually What about the part "for a living" this?
Voluntary,'m good even if some meaning
to be, ze catch When you are compensated dating to the wanted gold Stupid women play
South Korea because it is full of unemployed in recession now, do I do prostitution in order to eat it I'm not way

What state you can not place the belly to back it but I wonder a fact
There is no resistance to prostitution, It's extraordinary story of waste nation only, this

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:45:24.07 ID:: 153: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s pxLqCGhq

143 >>
Instead of do not understand
South Korea is that there is no going to be finished talking about it just
And you're predicted based on the track record from such as retroactive law until now.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:45:35.22 ID:: 155: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2wD00VwZ

W'll voluntary prostitute full
And then they've been doing many times to demo ey prostitution.
You fool, South Korea government w
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Korea cartoon organizations "Tell the truth at home and abroad" and produced a cartoon of comfort women

1: Niraikanai φφ ★: (water) 2013/05/29 12:29:38.34 ID:???

◆ Korea cartoon organizations "Tell the truth at home and abroad" and produced a cartoon of comfort women

The 29th, South Korea cartoon Union is a comic group of South Korea made ​​it clear that you produce a cartoon for the victims of Japanese military comfort women in conjunction with Women and Family of Korea. South Korean media reported that more than one in succession.

Cartoon Union Korean organizations major organizations related to cartoon, including Korea Cartoonist Association registration.

"Manga Japanese military comfort women victims appeared, that inform the public of the historical truth", South Korea media, said in a heading such as "production Manga Association of Korea, the Japanese manga military comfort women victims".

The cartoon Union of South Korea, dealing in earnest the Japanese military comfort women victims issues that have been forced to become a sex slave to the Japanese colonial era, this project that will cartoonist of "Korea's best will be on hand to participate, for the first time described as "as a comic work. In addition, its "from the absurd remarks to the comfort women of the Japanese politicians are after another, it was planned to inform widely the nature of the comfort women issue, to restore the honor and human rights of comfort women victims in recent years" and I have explained the intent.

"Rather than for the purpose of mere public relations, and the focus is in the works, plans or Sell major comic events at home and abroad, will be exhibited there" and further.

Planned for the production process of this cartoon, experts and cartoon of the major cartoon organization affiliation, such as South Korea Cartoonist Association, activists of comfort women related, historians, the general public to participate. (Editor: Li Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)

Searchina can not be after (Wed) 11:04

■ Combat Organization
Public Relations - Organizing Committee request for cooperation [05/29] Korea cartoon dealing with comfort women issue in the [comfort women] France 'Angouleme International Cartoon Festival'


(Water) 2013/05/29 19:06:24.79 ID:: 306: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s arK + EUX7

I was wondering (Japanese soldier came to a lot of Xmas) such as events such as age, it be really funny always.
Not of what things, and Jan just to fit in Japan that the UN troops and the Korean War.

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:31:17.19 ID:: 3: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s nMHFkKk9

The wonder is! Answer when asked "acquaintance family of the victim women? Did not look in silence" What What these people
Even after Raitaihan

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:34:25.12 ID:: 8: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s y60G/qML

"The problem is (parents sold) a human trafficking and forced, not taken," but has Ikimai and everyone is far-left
The w I will lie if you do not, are 'parents sold "that in this Manfa

Well, We'll see it is ... ...

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:35:03.51 ID:: 10: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s + ABrdeJh

Propaganda is not a culture in the arts.
You will forget as soon as the content is boring because when you how much publicity.

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:38:27.07 ID:: 19: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s SVaYV + oy

W and will only want to write erotic cartoon legitimate Korean domestic

(Water) 2013/05/29 15:33:42.18 ID:: 258: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s Jo1bA1Ue

19 >>
I wonder then He keeps such derivative works like that is based on historical fact at the time of the comfort women
The w Might not be a decent work

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:41:27.09 ID::. ◆ rmQHiMIZU professional ice water: 29 17ccV15Q

Manga similar, and did we not been published several times in the past

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:42:24.04 ID:: 35: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s VFUyCMx1

29 >>
Anime Na was doing. It did not even talk at all but w

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:43:34.15 ID:: 38: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s NWPY4fCQ

Did I was abducted 200,000 people to the track?
What I've been to both what man or Ne to be talking about? Usually

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:44:34.26 ID:: 40: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s QV + t0Zkt

Who such a bored and will not want to read manga

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:45:26.70 ID:: 42: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s EZZ7Lz19

Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must refute reluctant only lazy and Japan.

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:47:22.71 ID:: 45: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s l3ZiUQqr

I wonder if him to draw even figure of Japanese occupation before their
Is that 40% of the population were slaves What an absolute monarchy
It also Is the woman slave What were treated as sex slaves

The w Is not write just that it is convenient

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:51:04.31 ID:: 53: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s EZNcBHtO

It is thought the English version (tsukkomi) entered and issued detailed notes in the hands of Japanese volunteers.

(Water) 2013/05/29 12:59:17.58 ID:: 69: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 6hyPyLdb

This, I'm a leftist strategy of Japan in the 1990s.
You say, "South Korea will follow the late '20 in Japan" with, but I'm the street

However, many guys you want to fool effect but I was awesome?
It then was treating across the board leading social cartoon school at the time.

The tipped it alone is, I Kobayashi Yoshinori.
I miserable now

(Water) 2013/05/29 13:39:29.95 ID:: 117: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s CU6Fldks

What if I draw manga, the scene of forced entrainment, and Na w do I need to state that not a soul around
Moreover, it is not even draw a scene that is easy call such anger and despair like the family left behind, the sympathy.
Soldier though it is a state that is out of their Hoppori Shokubun, do not think only about rape, excellent attack for some reason.
Of course, Korean soldier is that you did not.

What comfort station, such as can neither escape or die, or become what Once drawn with picture, and I worried a little,
In captivity completely, that it is not and should not taking the soldiers monitoring role just for the comfort women, there is no piece of reality
By falling back to comics ...?

(Water) 2013/05/29 13:45:51.91 ID:: 128: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 9B6jDfni

I also have this old lady. Younger of the comfort women It looks like is progressing in Korea.
Live in the house of Nanumu, Kang sunrise (Kan'iruchuru) self-styled former comfort women 81 years of age
Sunrise Kang In (August 29 2012) Wednesday demo to become the 1037 th
"I spent four years you will be taken to the brothels of China Jilin City at the age of 15"
I said, "Where is the evidence of more than me. Still that there is no fact of the forced taking, they ... whether the people" he said.
Born in 1932, was born in 1931 if years counted. (End of the war of WW2) 1945 years you years to count the age of 15
The Japanese Year was made ​​to completely dismantled by the United States.
I have testified was doing comfort women in Jilin Province until 1949 four years after the end of the war.

(Water) 2013/05/29 14:07:28.52 ID:: 163: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s w9lETQ / H

Japanese soldiers came riding on the jeep properly, Japanese soldiers when he comes to buy a prostitute in helicopter
Historical fact and reason, I'll admit.

(Water) 2013/05/29 14:58:48.15 ID:: 227: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 7abLsRgF

Movies such as cartoon because I'm ideal for brainwashing tool
And then have a lot to human love story poor
Without Westerners'm not even validate themselves at stake

(Water) 2013/05/29 15:02:13.36 ID:: 229: Anri ◆ laZuLi/Jn2 3 + / SdbRT

227 >>
And Westerners because I love the charity through the eyes from above.
It is ready to be deceived.
So is not it? Measures must be taken.

(Water) 2013/05/29 15:27:04.28 ID:: 253: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 6lqXSQUu

The American mind cold sweat lazy When you overdo
Because it would rage, should I do to love.
And then there would be no withdrawal of the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) is Nante or premature?

The first Japanese in the country, the truth of Korean
I have to spread!

Tsu Bible: 265! (Water) 2013/05/29 15:47:29.78 ID:: TEPCO [85.7%] Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 +0:9) ◆ tvGHKJfBEA QGH/46fm

Moreover, the 's manga, because I tend to be big appeal towards layer there is no such knowledge

(Water) 2013/05/29 15:54:41.86 ID:: 271: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 6hyPyLdb

Hmm ....
As expected, Na a generation difference.

What is this subculture (comic) work, I did take place in Japan mainly.
Nde, was back exported to foreign countries only after fully deceived public opinion in Japan.
I do the work of the Japanese market.

In, What initial of "comfort women controversy", in the field of South Korea became the stage,
"Do not be a fool in myth," "We're not ruthless enough not mind held out the child"
Protests Yara opposition WIF has cropped up with?
You may then see that become profitable, to become the story of the anti-Japanese movement is also taken into account,
Local sound argument of this sort is it going to be obliterated.

Once again though, hoax of "comfort women" was widespread and because through subculture channel
It was then Buster it too and I'm subculture

296: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Wed) 17:23:21.36 ID :/ dOcttlE

Do not want to attach a document at least.
And I would be impossible Well.

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:24:51.05 ID:: 297: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 9QLXjxQt

Once you've going to article the cartoon in the future

ラベル:cartoon comfort women
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"Nothing to do with politics" Korean wave zero ... of [Korean] red and white blog is true?

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:39:36.14 ID:: 1: Borneo wildcat (Tokyo) H/9PzUoRT ●

"Nothing to do with politics" Korean wave zero ... of [Korean] red and white blog is true?
[Social News] 2012/11/28 (Wed) 21:59

Hate Mr. (handle name),従北Koreans bloggers to know a lot about Red and White Singing Contest.

For red and white, the popular show singer who was active in the "years have played proceeds Become a team by gender in the blog.
I introduced the "got your attention Korean singer, including the BoA also participated.

For the South Korean singer has not been chosen red and white of this year, shows a view of the not unrelated to the conflict of the Japan-Korea relations over the territorial issue, Japan's response to criticism as "childish".

I said in frustration Not satisfied to claim sovereignty over Takeshima, Japan and seems to have started to complain to Korea to cultural industries.

It said that as a "scary belly and at the same time stand" that NHK is friendly anti-Korean sentiment in Japan, and moved at once to South Korea singer "zero".

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:40:28.65 ID:: 5: Havana Brown (baldness) hTWEgswV0

Be because there is no popular?

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:41:30.13 ID:: 8: Jaguar cat (Tokyo) NrPuS + ba0

Your country? In Please have general of Oyama

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:42:05.77 ID:: 10: European wildcat (garden) TDvRP8lKP

Do not be complaining about Tsuken likes of one program of Japan

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:42:35.69 ID:: 12: Himalayan (Niigata and Tohoku) WjBRXNIKO

What do you want to with song program criticism of other countries

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:43:00.32 ID:: UMhXfPra0 15: (Toyama) striped calico

Arrays have to say? I wonder not do What

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:43:58.69 ID:: KhbGpk5j0 21: (soft bank) Calico

To such a thing to come up in at any one time

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:44:03.83 ID:: 24: Wildcat (Hokkaido) uLinngaa0

Over and what happens when you put out once

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:44:51.01 ID:: 30: Jofuroineko (Tokyo) 5iVuwYklP

World, in spite of the anti-Japanese national contest a two-
I'll have if it is to get away desperately in Red and White Singing Contest in Japan

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:47:16.11 ID:: 42: Bobcat (Kyoto) 8LRZAe + F0

W probably arrested in pro-Japanese crime Nante out in song program of Japan

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:56:04.48 ID:: 70: La Perm (Kanto Koushinetsu) H23Bqe31O

The wonder is not out because there popular. It's the stance like naturally come out why?

President stupid childish to lash out against an opponent country landed on Takeshima bother to ensure the support rate Hey, was it people anywhere in the country.

(Water) 2012/11/28 23:58:04.85 ID:: 84: Sphinx (Hokkaido) jSVolH/m0

Koreans come complains that even if you do not put up even out anyway
It can not be helped because it is Kramer constitution
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PSY hero of Korean large boo in Italy! A grudge 11 years ago ...... the underlying

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:39:27.12 ID:: 1: Amur wildcat (mushroom) 6M33DYg7P

The cause, in that there tyranny of Korea team in Japan and South Korea W Cup of 2002.

"The anger of the Italian people at that time victim. That,. Italy team judge of Korea pro-continued as acquisition suspicion of referee also lifting, has become an international problem, do not go away easily" (same)
In retrospect, from Portugal round of the group stage, South Korea had defeated beat many times the players in Portugal, such as elbows, but ...... foul is not taken. 2 people were sent off red card is issued and the players of Portugal on the contrary, Portugal was defeated. Against Italy is worse. Injured Italian players after another in exchange of rough play, but no foul all. The ace Totti of Italy is sent off by the inexplicable decision, golden goal in Italy was also canceled. As a result, Italy is eliminated. Maldini of Italy later in
The country called "Korea, off the beaten path hotel is on top of the. Hill has been the harassment of as much as possible to us is really dirty, and the pitch of the practice area is narrow, there is no locker room. In Japan, all the organization firmly to be "to say the mosquitoes, Sendai citizens and gave me a welcome enthusiastically, and laid bare the anger against South Korea.

Similarly, I realized clearly ". Anger to speculation that dirty the country. You going to win Repeat judgment so much too blatant, Montella was in the bench to determine the goal in this stadium that's impossible. Team shed tears I'm losing tabby and "were also mate.
ttp :/ / www.cyzo.com/2013/05/post_13458_2.html

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:40:35.62 ID:: 3: Havana Brown (Hokkaido) ry6KEKPK0

Japan and South Korea W Cup? Shabetsunida

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:42:10.62 ID:: 5: exotic short hair (East) DsvKmG7t0

The Ya did me say Oh My God Cho,
NE not you involve Japan

(Water) 2013/05/29 17:42:45.51 ID:: 7: tiger (Tibet Autonomous Region) 6dYvakBAP

It was not level That 's really terrible
Nida there is also responsible for the Football Association of Japan co-hosted with such country

(Water) 2013/05/29 18:07:47.27 ID:: 23: Amur wildcat (baldness) zJF8c3TeP

It was kicked head in front of the goal and Italy
Begin with Did not have caught now at stake or something to match-fixing referee against Italy it?

(Water) 2013/05/29 18:17:56.76 ID:: 0iQp + Ha3O 32: (Kanto Koushinetsu) spots

Na I quite often there is a guy who came to South Korea in the wake of hate.
Various media was a terrible situation willl only Iijima Ai was criticized by the total through.

(Water) 2013/05/29 18:19:05.27 ID:: 33: Egyptian Mau (Kanto Koushinetsu) Xm63wr6KO

Racist Shibaki Corps,you go to Italy

(Water) 2013/05/29 18:32:09.17 ID:: 50: Cornish Rec (Xinjiang) S4CkhtpV0

South Korea That was really terrible of W cup.
It was the subject of disgust clearly since then.

(Water) 2013/05/29 18:34:39.19 ID:: 56: Canada lynx (WiMAX) wRcQggEz0

Retributive justice

(Water) 2013/05/29 18:35:55.53 ID:: 58: Panpasuneko (Kanagawa) rAET7MAb0

What Koreans No In is called the game of Italy in the first place, or one?

(Water) 2013/05/29 19:46:35.56 ID:: 103: European wildcat (East) B4 + VQKuE0

People cite the nightmare of 2002 to the origin of hate and Korea should be many

(Water) 2013/05/29 19:47:15.10 ID:: 104: Lynx lynx (Tokyo) 7GHpE1rJT

I'll do that before '11 nephew
I do not think only recently that the old man

(Water) 2013/05/29 19:48:03.16 ID:: 105: Russian Blue (Kanagawa) 7dw0OZYj0

Accounted known to be a match-fixing in football world

(Water) 2013/05/29 20:11:12.26 ID:: 113: Selkirk Rex (potato) I8tqGUkL0

Well Italy Spain san san, www such mon you have not forgiven yet

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Deny the MD system construction in collaboration with Korea U.S.

Can not be after (Fri) 02:19:03.91 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??


The 9th, about the possibility of the country to join the US-led MD to (missile defense) system construction, Korea Ministry of Defence has denied this.

The "South Korea, there is a missile defense system of its own. To counter the threat of missile to increase from the North, It's better. Kim Munsoku spokesman of South Korea South Korea Department of Defense military I told you, only in the area of intelligence data exchange, and "is cooperating with the MD system in the United States.

President Obama said, "The two sides agreed to exchange experience and to cooperate in the MD area, to counter the threat of North Korea" in a joint press conference with Park South Korean President who visited the United States, this It was decided that after the speech, the issue of the US-ROK cooperation in the MD area, is closed up again.



Can not be after (Fri) 02:20:38.26 ID:: 2: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' GZFdGx63

Missile defense mentioned here be "ballistic missile" defense?

I'm not ballistic missile defense in Korea?

Can not be after (Fri) 02:21:28.72 ID:: 3: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 8Faxmq6L

"I do but be sufficient cannon" on Korea

Can not be after (Fri) 02:28:06.43 ID:: 6: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 8EgV0LDg

W China-like wonder scary

Can not be after (Fri) 02:29:39.72 ID:: 7: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' wzm4XUxz

"In Korea, it. There is a missile defense system of its own"

You Did there something? Story seriously.

Can not be after (Fri) 15:12:01.45 ID:: 105: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' VajrRaqL

7 >>

Can not be after (Fri) 02:30:57.03 ID:: 8: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' gmpHd3l /

It will not be welcome
Because I must be a declaration to say that it put a distance to military

Can not be after (Fri) 02:33:27.05 ID:: 10: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' RuttfQz +

Although I thought the Iron Dome purchase of Israel
Do not wonder no gold

Can not be after (Fri) 02:36:58.78 ID:: 12: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' wzm4XUxz

10 >>
Oh. But not you not bought it yet?
"Missile defense system of its own. Ru A"
And I have told you. Strange or translation?

Can not be after (Fri) 02:41:09.16 ID:: 16: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' UqLR00c3

Unique system

Sailing off the guy well or something to focus arson in field gun and I showed practice swing likely to missile launch is certainly north'm there

Can not be after (Fri) 02:50:46.28 ID:: 23: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' Q + uoanoZ

16 >>
What? Field gun?

Can not be after (Fri) 03:01:47.83 ID:: 33: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' UqLR00c3

23 >>
Field gun Yeah (laughs)

Troops were evacuated by the National Assembly of South Korea after or is a first time I was even said imposing Te "neutralize immediately north if you are going to strike missile to build a system with a combination of new field gun and a pair gun radar" (laughs)

Then should no antidote to it other than Korea

Can not be after (Fri) 02:37:39.47 ID:: 13: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' LIzHvw8U

Korea too close distance from the north is required to the missile defense
So missile defense does not work

Can not be after (Fri) 03:17:27.81 ID:: 48: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' avS3zq20

South Korea is to complete the nuclear weapons hidden, when the implanted ballistic missile, let the sky explode it, It 's Ya If it was such as burn off the nose fuse in the EMP.

Can not be after (Fri) 03:17:57.72 ID:: 49: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' gmpHd3l /

Missile defense is probably going to do you might say the North Korea toward China missile defense in collaboration with Japan and the United States
I refused me do not do does not matter because selling it
I like that she had on said that you shoot down using the SM-3 if the Social Democratic Party around the old Japanese is aimed at Guam ballistic missiles of China and north past flew over Japan and should not do that and from beyond the scope of the right to self-defense I think it's a theory
Can not take the adverse action in China short
Because understand it to take in hand the behavior of South Korea 's what in the point of view

Can not be after (Fri) 07:18:35.84 ID:: 64: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' CFMftqv9

MD of Japan and the United States then we need radar to supplement the target,
And then we need technology to fly a rocket to the orbit of the target to space,
Seeker must also control to get closer enough to collide with the target.

It is the world's most advanced technology on every count.
Japan also participate in technology development but it system of what becomes the United States.

There is no room for technical cooperation in Korea. Do not would be impossible to say with participants.

Can not be after (Fri) 07:43:08.04 ID:: 70: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' kdZgQte5

64 >>
You have the Aegis already Nde, South Korea thing only good if you fix and MD response capacity addition, the purchase of SM3.
But it still says that it such as to buy Iron Dome Israel all the way.
If you say you are doing that why, be introduced to Korea the MD system in the United States made,
I believe Korea becomes the forefront base in Thailand as MD network of America, and end up hostile to China clearly.
So voice overlooking the SM3 purchase I had heard from the military and the public, but politicians and opposition had come out from the military, people also this.
As can be that are also over-write, in the case of the iron dome, can not be used to prevent a ballistic missile of China Nde, it is promoting the purchase.
I think with respect to Israel, South Korea is the enhancement of help or something frigate already, so that sell us the Iron Dome, had lobbied.

Can not be after (Fri) 07:40:21.40 ID:: 69: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 5KACaqf +

The defense of South Korea itself, I think because I know that you not very useful distance is too close?
The objective was "MD strengthening centered on Japan in East Asia the most important defense base" If anything,
Vaguely do you'm not Kanzui that Te percussion

Or in anticipation of the approach of the contributions heavily in South Korea after
Does not make a lot of sense to the defense of South Korea only at any rate

Can not be after (Fri) 07:51:50.84 ID:: 72: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' I3wQSSAG

North also used then does Nanzo missile attack in Seoul otherwise.
It will use enough Katyusha rockets in the former Soviet Union formula, but since I arrive in the field gun normally.

However, Busan attack 's missile. Come shot from the border near the northern morning in North.
Because it covers most population in Seoul Busan, under Chung country will be the streets of pandemonium this alone.

Can not be after (Fri) 13:06:12.49 ID:: 95: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' TIz5cEj +

従中away rice is starting becoming clear.
South Korea is whether okay to leave rice Kunekune? Although a translation went to send a sign to say and clap your Japan if not.
Well, you will not like that end abandoned normally.

Can not be after (Fri) 14:56:46.93 ID:: 103: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' NtK8hNLr

Oh, that that is swallowed by the satellite system of China
Some reason expressed.
Finally, when the China regression They're coming.
TPP also does not contain, and Do not because it hit the economic framework of the China-led.

Can not be after (Fri) 15:32:31.74 ID:: 108: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 7kW9jPBR

It does seem certainly to be effective for Korea so given the distance.
But I wonder that China is after all but I should enter If you find a relationship with the United States.

ラベル:Ministry of Defence
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I seek conservative swing blocking of Japan in Korea church Christian groups, the world's

Can not be after (Fri) 11:02:43.74 ID:: 1: (Aichi) Iriomote wild cat VFUqwj19P
We need solidarity and prayer by all Christians of the Church of "the world. Order to prevent the ambition to be to break the peace revived history distortion due to the rapid drift to the right of Japan (distortion), the militarism, to pray together, I want you to respond with force "

Behavior for a far-right basis by right-wing politicians and Japan that stands out recently, the 28th, South Korea Christian Council of Churches (NCCK) has sent an official letter seeking support and strong solidarity to the church in the world.

Kim Young-joo in the name of Pastor NCCK Affairs, letter international Christian organization of over 100 Council of Churches of countries, including Japan and (CCA) World Council of Churches (WCC), Asia Christian Council, such as (NCC) ・ It was shipped to the cult.

Future, sued the risk of drift to the right of Japan to the world, such as the agenda of the meeting and international conference this problem, cult or organization that has received the letter so that it will continue to work in conjunction with the NCCK.

Lee Tae-hoon (Lee Tefun) reporter


元スレ: http://hayabusa3.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news/1369965763/

5: Maine Coon (Tokyo): can not be after (Fri) 11:05:46.47 ID: eUzpY4o80

> Korean Christian Association

Ww example habit
Ww Na not it level me stupid such as trying diplomacy to use the name of Christ

9: Kijitora (East): can not be after (Fri) 11:08:37.71 ID: SMxQ4oXK0

The white coverage on television.
Because it does not report from such, I'm remains high favorability for South Korea is disguised.

10: Wildcat (Xinjiang): can not be after (Fri) 11:11:54.74 ID: eyTs20rj0

9 >>
will not have reason to be TV coverage
I'm not going to go against the interests of the motherland

11: American Short Hair (Kanto Koushinetsu): can not be after (Fri) 11:13:03.37 ID: txnX1SSvO

History and the opening of the country to the country of fantasy
good example of their mistake is to be a center of the world

13: serval (potato): can not be after (Fri) 11:14:09.90 ID: YiFxRs9D0

I Ja do not trust from all over the world such as South Korea Christian groups

17: Lion (Xinjiang): can not be after (Fri) 11:18:16.82 ID: YWcVRGYS0

Christ Korea origin

21: Cornish Rec (Kanto Koushinetsu): can not be after (Fri) 11:20:27.22 ID: Qy47vdo3O

> The revived militarism

Ninen but in or who

The Uttaero in defamation insult!

Militarism somewhere
Discrimination outrageous abnormal nationalism, against the Japanese, insulting remarks

It's disturbing the peace and dare mirror somewhere!

23: Ocicat (Tokyo): can not be after (Fri) 11:21:25.59 ID: yu6tXl9f0

Bad enough feeling really

42: Singapura (Kanagawa): can not be after (Fri) 11:38:22.44 ID: IQlLOJpy0

It Is I think you're doing stupid things,
'll Dope If you do not tell directly stupidity of Korea to worldwide proactively the Japanese government properly

Because there are some people who do not know anything in the world

44: Iriomote (home): can not be after (Fri) 11:39:05.28 ID: qb1d4qTnP

South Korea is whether the array even Christian ...

Do not'm a country where even a religion not save anymore

52: Amur wildcat (Hyogo): can not be after (Fri) 11:46:32.45 ID: IWAmRXYF0

1 >>
> Future, cult or organization that has received the letter complained of the danger of drift to the right of Japan to the world,
> For example, to the agenda of the meeting and international conference this problem, I will have to continue to work in conjunction with the NCCK.

Per go and assume the behavior after that Put it sent to the selfish, I wish.

62: Jaguar (Osaka): can not be after (Fri) 11:57:44.25 ID :/ Kck1AWY0

It would not have been observed in the Vatican 's Christianity in Korea

65: Kijitora (Tokushima): can not be after (Fri) 11:58:50.40 ID: fYeqdpin0

62 >>

72: Iriomote (Kagoshima Prefecture): can not be after (Fri) 12:03:08.74 ID: dL38sOpq0

65 >>
They had received heresy officially certified, from the Vatican

64: White (Osaka): can not be after (Fri) 11:58:26.78 ID: RsUCurAI0

More Korean ultra-nationalism is probably dangerous
Close to Nazi

31: Lion (Tokyo): can not be after (Fri) 11:28:09.79 ID: 6Nxhc5200

The more and more you do it because only laughed-at

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Yidaesaeng s "Let collaborators demolished statues gimhwalran"

1 Name: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ came back: can not be after (Fri) 19:20:42.77 ID:???
Student of Ewha Women's University has requested the removal of the statue (1899? 1970) active gold orchid invitation-General calibration of the 30th.
Active gold orchid without the outstanding graduate is a YWCA founder, is a female doctor Korea's first, but is also a person of pro-Japanese representative.

On this day, students went to the "flash mob" put a note I put a message requesting the removal of the active gold orchid image of Seodaemun main building calibration.

"I want to be a human being ashamed in front of history" image of the height of three meters "pro is not allowed",,
"The active gold orchid statue removal, in order to correct the history, to the imposing mountain that must be exceeded always" memo put the contents, such as is with closely.

Before 31 days, which is a round anniversary, events of the day began student campus is a community site is proposed.
There was no help, such as a school.

Raised to anonymous statements of students about two weeks ago "that 'request sticky paste of active gold orchid statue removal,
I was done while students agree to explode in this.

Students, after not capped in the event of the day, I saw the reaction of the school,
It is planning to continue the various events for removal of the statue, such as "fly paper airplane".

Source (Korean)

Quoted source: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1369995642

5 Name: Ninja Art [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9): can not be after (Fri) 19:23:10.27 ID: daRwsFqT

Nida you do I need to cleanup together about 10 parents, such as pro-Japanese.
Pan Choppari of fugitive also Nida course.

Can not be after (Fri) 19:23:33.63 ID:: 6 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' D848rzlC

How can you get a long-cherished ambition crush school, not removal of the image.
Are you not ashamed such as founding school from? w

Can not be after (Fri) 19:23:42.22 ID:: 7 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' tJZV4Nzv

I harden ground raining

Ignore Japan may do it to one's heart's content, but ww

Can not be after (Fri) 19:24:38.72 ID:: 13 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' UP0DECZI

Of course, the fact that the pro-Japanese embarrassing also nothing

They also they day you notice one day will also come
But w Might just painful even if it becomes so, it is going to live in South Korea

14 Name: Ninja Art [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9): can not be after (Fri) 19:25:03.22 ID: Kn06WwTF

This amazing w
It is a movement that wants to know many Japanese people by all means.

15 Name: Umuumu: can not be after (Fri) 19:25:06.89 ID: CEPH9HiY

You are not sure that's never mad mad.
It is the eternal truth.

Can not be after (Fri) 19:42:54.31 ID:: 85 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' Zq2a1lfH
15 >>
Na's it.

Sigh of truth also about not appear.

Can not be after (Fri) 19:25:31.51 ID:: 18 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' AkQiYxj1

It 's Korea I got post-war compensation from Japan huge.
Everyone in the Korean wonder if ashamed?

Can not be after (Fri) 19:27:12.67 ID:: 28 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' nv4dGdI5

're Troubled most anti-Japanese turmoil is increased It ww Na would Kunekune

Can not be after (Fri) 19:27:27.39 ID:: 29 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' V2coWEbl

Because it has such a thing, tradition'm not rooted ...

Can not be after (Fri) 19:27:48.21 ID:: 30 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' WQy4EMZ3

In, wwww why you entered the university
I wonder if a nation that can not think ahead of things

Can not be after (Fri) 19:52:22.44 ID:: 106 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' rVIAz4cL
30 >>
Ewha Womans University hears that it is school of college top of South Korea.
School that is not swagger lifetime after graduating as well as from Seoul National University.

I'm a Japanese colonial remnants as well as empire stand Seoul National University

Can not be after (Fri) 19:28:43.47 ID:: 33 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' dov6TFEE

Peter Brooks, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation referring to the statue controversy removal of Douglas MacArthur

The tongue-in-cheek "not as bad as those who ungrateful. Korea has won this week's" ungrateful Award "" and

Can not be after (Fri) 19:29:15.66 ID:: 35 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' JoQnYsFg

If you think any news of North Korea
Or Korea (laughs)

Well, then it is the same ethnic
Mon or similar

Can not be after (Fri) 19:31:02.98 ID:: 41 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' bqmD5HBx

Continues to deny the past doing this way for a long time
You Might not have been a small pride Amayakase

Can not be after (Fri) 19:31:13.44 ID:: 42 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' k3N89nET

However, college students and or anti-Japanese demonstrations profusely ...

The time of employment, the feeling "I like this! Has volunteer" a basis to resume,

Do I get this to appeal if you write "I! Was this anti-Japanese" right?

50 Name: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Fri) 19:33:23.93 ID :/ J0lSsXb

Something, do not have showing signs of "Nippon allergy" beyond the level of anti-Japanese
Allergy itself just something where you go to break it off until things myself from that crazy trying to eliminate Japan

Can not be after (Fri) 19:34:35.03 ID:: 55 Name: Ninja Art [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9) [83.0%] TEPCO 5uubhX3b

If embarrassed to begin with will not you should enroll.
And I should crush school. Go Fast.

. to 58 Name: - can not be after (Fri) 19:35:36.46 ID:) ~ ◆ kZt5p6nFi Tsu (° °) gHR9PNNm

When you come to the gills, for a period of now but were also such human resources to pro-Japanese ....

Can not be after (Fri) 19:39:44.14 ID:: 75 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' yQPEwnXZ

Why, Might not have a guy coming to Japan from this country?
Bad feeling seriously

Can not be after (Fri) 19:46:21.87 ID:: 93 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' nmF4ZUQ9

Do not, but I only just what I got from Japanese technology also Samsung

Can not be after (Fri) 19:48:01.99 ID:: 95 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' nv4dGdI5
93 >>
Ww I wonder if Samsung or break beat boycott

Can not be after (Fri) 19:49:47.78 ID:: 101 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' QumRzcFX

How can you get correct understanding of history is to accept the fact that president was pro-Japanese,
Is it such that it drown out that there was a pro-Japanese faction to accept the history?

Can not be after (Fri) 20:11:55.45 ID:: 141 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' hddmbCZW

W me to exercise 's Na receive any assistance also of Japan and anyway

Can not be after (Fri) 20:14:02.24 ID:: 144 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' ahCPHAkH

The main pro-Japanese list

San one Declaration of Independence statement drafters Mr Choi independence activist
One of the three one-independence movement leader Lee soo light independence activist
White good yup Korea Army Chief of Staff
Ding one right Korea Army Chief of Staff, Prime Minister
Park Chung-hee South Korean President
Kim Dong-soo of founder
How 應謨 Chosun Ilbo ex-president

National full negative w
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Korean people throw eggs in the photo of meeting Prime Minister Abe in Japan embassy

Can not be after (Fri) 16:34:51.05 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??
29th May Korea time, college student organizations in South Korea were gathering in front of the Japanese Embassy current Korea.

Is called strong repercussions in South Korea, just the 29th May, two sets of organizations rushed to the Japanese embassy in Seoul words and actions of right-wing politicians in Japan these days. 29th, group "21st Century Korea University Students Union" to open the meeting, and Eggs photo of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, members protested.

The same day, "regular Wednesday meeting for the first 1076 Annual Meeting of the Japanese military comfort women problem solving" were also made. Former comfort women three people attended the rally, and accused the historical perspective of politicians along with the citizens of Japan.


Original thread: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1369985691/

Can not be after (Fri) 16:36:41.41 ID:: 4: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' e8PH152O

Do not be poor food

Can not be after (Fri) 16:37:18.95 ID:: 6: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' yD + rdCfq

Koreans from, what never to do the other a cute right? Even though it is a state to collapse soon.

Can not be after (Fri) 16:38:32.98 ID:: 8: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' nv4dGdI5

Meaning unknown because I hit the hate of Japan in this

Can not be after (Fri) 16:38:54.33 ID:: 9: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' k3N89nET

Not a one frame of day-to-day for some country?

Can not be after (Fri) 16:48:26.28 ID:: 25: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' E46R8V8s

When you are this kind of thing, do not it's okay if you look tolerated in Japan in reciprocity.

Can not be after (Fri) 16:49:08.64 ID:: 28: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 6VcaIcbw

I do good and willing to openly report such as this matter in Japan Na

Can not be after (Fri) 16:51:15.79 ID:: 32: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' GtHUb45v

Hate speech by South Korea, hate activity. , NHK is not reported.
NHK to cover a story about at length only Shin-Okubo demo.

Can not be after (Fri) 17:03:25.88 ID:: 46: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' yvplXKwW

It is Shin-Okubo demo because I like that you guys

Can not be after (Fri) 17:06:05.21 ID:: 52: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' GsEkh0iv

I'm white origin claims Heitodemo quickly.

Can not be after (Fri) 16:45:05.07 ID:: 20: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' bqmD5HBx

Do not'll do well to defile also to clean even though it is Korean
ラベル:Prime Minister Abe
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Discrimination Is it a pastime of the net - "early Korean quality is truly what do can prove to be a hoax self-styled journalist who cut the hoax called comfort women age difference?" Right-wing (14) net

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:52:17.68 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??

Last weekend, Harmonium our original comfort women visited in Osaka, Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto as well as carry out the explanation and every day throughout the conference about the problem, the comfort women issue has re-emerged to come here. At the same time, the false rumor about the comfort women also seemed rampant in the net and Twitter, including the person calling himself Aramaki length @ joearamaki, I was given a hard time by a variety of net 28, the right-wing.

"Filthy Koreans really quality and is guilty of a fundamental mistake that lies can be seen in elementary school age is not in focus"
"I will for the brethren? Wonder a reporter and dare to prove you can have the evidence if say hoax?"
"Self-styled journalist who cut the hoax called comfort women age difference early Korean quality is expected? # Do not you can prove to be a hoax by the way"

And Aramaki length Mr. came imminent that "dare to manage this so" by taking out an article entitled "Women that are comfort women, make sense of age and their own testimony of previously reported does not match" with the gadget communication.

I thought it was busy all the time, but we not afford to overlook as you thought much about the comfort women issue, have a support while poor ability. Sometimes as their own thing, there was frustrating. It then Remarks proved.

Then Mr. Aramaki length through a series of remarks. Was the so-called "escape", but net right wing's such a thing roughly. You can reply in good faith, and not even hear talk inconvenient. Also this time, and I wonder if looking for somewhere on the net or their convenience of their own "truth". However, because there was a similar question from other people, I thought that it's put together on this occasion. It is because I thought you want to solve it if there is a misunderstanding, and the Harmonium who came all the way to Japan despite the passage of time, and hopefully something.

Cause there is a shift in age testified former comfort women, or not because you are using Kazoedoshi Korea is One. 1 year old at the time of birth, it is two years old New Year's Day comes. For example, if you were born on December 31, it's 2 years old (January 1) the next day at 1 year old at birth. When translating an article of Korea, you are always note this point.

Secondly, instead of the comfort women a women, It is likely to have been worked as a nurse and after the end of the war. "It is possible to interpret the intention of the Japanese colonial last or hiding, the comfort women system of Japanese troops to try to exploitation of women labor power of Korea that it has hired as a nurse a Korean woman at the time the war ended." There is also a post with.

Are summarized without a plan and so on. The 29th of the next morning, I've interviewed over the phone to Okinawa Times.

According to the Okinawa Times, similar queries that are coming or How many already. Of the sheet of 22 date in the "social-life", I posted the exchange of questions and answers of gold in Fukudo's rally was held in Okinawa on the 18th. There's the answer there, but the article has not been digitized unfortunately. Question of this time might have been born for that, but I felt grimness of the existence of people who find conflict of evidence of the victim, "only", you try to tool to diminish, even malice you with slightly.

Speaking from the conclusion, Kim, was engaged in the army hospital in Japan for a while after the release also. It is taken to be fooled at the age of 14,

In order to make surgery a military that has the. Injury that was tailored to the nurse of the 10th Army hospital to hide the existence of comfort women is when you greet. War that was moving from the front the various spots "Singapore, Malay Peninsula, and Indonesia , was forced to Kyoshutsu up blood. we had a hard time very much placed in the prison camp of America then "
(Quoted from 19 surface Okinawa Times May 22 date)

I says.

The person in charge of the Okinawa Times, if I was in foreign parts to. Wartime it was not necessarily be to come back as soon as the 15th "August is too, that remain in the local 1-2 years after the end of the war is more of the same old story I was saying the "scene was taken was. Including me, many people have overlooked even such a simple story. Not knowing the war is embarrassing.

The 24th May, the 25th, three days on the 26th, I was interviewed and counter activities, activities and meetings, of xenophobia demonstration of it on Harmonium original comfort women who come Osaka. And people who complicit in discrimination as there is a privilege in Japan, people cuss the comfort women overlap in splendid.

We, I think I have to be in order to women original comfort women spend in a meaningful way the rest of your life, you can now. It would not be to take the firm voice of the victim. It is danced to the hoax about the comfort women is that it also trample the life of her people. (Lee Nobue)



(Water) 2013/05/29 21:55:05.81 ID:: 4: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s HsZzHhyU

Disarmament, the Japanese army, but I was forced to dismantle immediately after the war ...

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:55:25.74 ID:: 5: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s REYhQ1rk

And >> The Remarks proved.
I cry, and ...?

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:56:33.01 ID:: 8: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s hcZXMENw

Lighten the evidence

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:57:37.77 ID:: 10: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2/Md9Yqu

Japan after World War II army because I'm dismantling you fool
Not enforceable
This means that if there is no motivation the person in question is enforceable by the military
Quit the comfort women immediately after the war
There is no Japanese military still have not quit

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:58:54.69 ID:: 14: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s ZG3tJO6 /

> A few years after the war were interned by the Japanese military as a nurse
After the war, Japanese troops'll Ne.

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:59:14.95 ID:: 17: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s PLUbfXG1

6 years old 5 years old age such as inconsistent or in Kazoedoshi,
The such as forced or taken after the war,
Such as the Christmas holiday that should not exist in the Japanese army,
I do supposed impossible and such as were raped in the region that are not stationed in the Japanese army, but above all w

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:04:55.05 ID:: 42: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s uNF6zvz5

17 >>
If you think that it either went to a girls' school young lady of good family was only able to go at that time
W wonder with or been issued to apprenticeship in the house of the rich

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:59:34.18 ID:: 19: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s Iq4w/Y5X

> Why there is a gap in age you have testified, or not because you are using Kazoedoshi Korea is One.
> Instead of the comfort women a women, It is likely to have been worked as a nurse and after the end of the war.

That is why has been criticized No age at the time that the same person made ​​a statement because change Korokkoro ...
Do not you all delusion or two over me "might have been a ..."

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:00:27.45 ID:: Netoume ◆ ROTARYvGMk you without hesitation: 23 7zxcp9 / n

This one also >> Naa because only making a "convenient truth".
What do not you like this do not you oh ・ ・ ・ ・.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:01:14.33 ID:: 25: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s moxkn3RD

If I was detained after the war, the record would have remained in the GHQ.
Do not you treasure trove of conclusive evidence. Do not good and to negotiate with Miss America.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:02:08.90 ID:: 31: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s yzeYJzPx

In other words, Is this reporter I've got to say for yourself that forces me not involved

Do not I do not know You say was said to have been somewhere prostitution

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:02:32.21 ID:: 33: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s PLUbfXG1

1 >> is not saying that only age and fuzz is Bukkake,
Such as discrepancies in the testimony of countless other first, such as the event that does not exist clearly in the Japanese army,
Such as the home or at the same time several thousand kilometers to the last line of distance,
...... W wonder cavalcade of contradiction

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:03:45.56 ID:: 37: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s StI9ro10

Because I was under the control of U.S. forces at the end of the war, if you you were to manage the comfort women of Chung after the war
That trap is the role of the GHQ not think the Japanese military.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:04:38.14 ID:: 40: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 5 + IoOtRP

37 >>
Hey but could I record the Allied side also likely if there had been taken prisoner.

Of age, real name

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:06:35.34 ID:: 48: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s dwjauffZ

Therefore, do not ...
Also, Why do not thoughtless words a complete

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:30:16.01 ID:: 132: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s dWhsC7pE

I do not know where is whether the proof stick

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:36:10.73 ID:: 151: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s FWZHcL9o

After the war, even though there is a historical fact that was dismantled immediately Japanese Army, Japan army of immortal I'm was still several years.
It is great.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:37:41.68 ID:: 158: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s Eo1/6Zq5

> Comfort women were interned by the Japanese military as a nurse for several years after the war

W does become even talk
Immediately after the war, the military is dismantled disarmament> GHQ

Do not 's shallow cleverness of Chung Well

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:38:28.19 ID:: 162: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s iHUJ7qhp

> You have great difficulty is put in prison camps in the United States then

Do not I'm responsible for America If you do I have sold body in that situation really.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:52:07.73 ID:: 200: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 8jdstgXb

Although I want you to tell me if anyone knows someone

After the Japanese army was disarmed war is over,
Although I think I stayed a lot of injuries such as soldiers not move from the medical military facilities immediately
And under the supervision of such as the United States for such a wounded soldier
health care facilities that Japan was using, it uses exactly the medical staff of the former Japanese army
In no thing What had been operated for several years after the war?
Or do you not done that such humanitarian
When would dying it would be wounded, such as it had been moved to accommodate anywhere?

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:54:44.53 ID:: 209: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s R0p + e69q

200 >>
> Health care facilities that Japan was using, it uses exactly the medical staff of the former Japanese army
It should have been taken over by the United Nations forces outside of Japan.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:57:13.12 ID:: 214: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s HsZzHhyU

200 >>
If you go in the common sense theory, but it is considered that case that uses exactly the staff of the military hospital of the Imperial Japanese Army under the supervision of the United States Armed Forces.
Even so, I not under the control of the Japanese military is under the control of the U.S. military and its grasp.
It is to say that it was under the control of U.S. forces if there is validity to the story of this liar whore Baba~a.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:58:06.41 ID:: 217: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s uoHFSj8J

I wish if not tell me I'm evidence testimony If you do not clear
Then you such as Dotakyan
I think had the comfort women, but I can not trust that BBA

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:03:19.80 ID:: 228: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s fd / xZoS +

The w Na do not do not save clarity over the internet as eternal flow of this series
That comfort women is too suspicious in any fool indeed be seen

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:18:06.19 ID:: 0clyrhvx over frame ◆ NUKOOSsJck crowded ct: 262

What years, is not it was the only change or so stick one at best to count? w

W It will say hoax

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:27:25.49 ID:: 274: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2cLHkawr

262 >>
the age of 1 year old on the day you were born, two years old this coming year is counted
Extreme story, baby born on New Year's Eve, the 2-year-old the next day
So count years of age plus two years in Man'nenrei

But does not matter such as years and counting from years and years from being fully say this hag

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:53:56.25 ID:: 311: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s DYjafzUa

Testimony (self-proclaimed) comfort women "A" 's
- "Life is poor, maid in the house of the rich. Seoul sold in 100 yen at the age of 12.
To when I was a maid in a well-do mirror Hamun county in 1938, and became comfort women taken to Manchuria has become a scapegoat of the daughter of the house "

• When the "17-year-old, the Korean girl all unmarried, wife of village leaders of the Japanese, was ordered to go to work in the factory of the Japanese army. I was recruited as workers at that time . that I thought that someone "

- "25 days prior to leaving school at the age of 19, pulled out by the Japanese military, I'm went to the comfort station and reluctantly"

・ ". Said that one day, the man who became 18 years of age came, and to provide a daughter from the village"

・ Threatened one person and "not go to the" family group leader of "village (Japanese), 1941, have left the South Korea, where you arrived, was comfort station. "

• When the "14-year-old, taken to Manchuria in the so-called" girl out ", it is a tool of sex Imperial Army soldiers. It was a painful experience. "

326: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 00:01:50.74 ID: DiWLSYi5

311 >>
W Na's parallel world

585: Ta152 H-0 ◆ Tank/Ja2RQ: 2013/05/30 (Thu) 01:34:38.21 ID: KNN9jP9Q

By the way, if want this to become?

Offices Matsunaga @ officematsunaga


This time, came to Japan in protest purposes Hashimoto remarks "But based on comfort women", age pattern was found.
current Osaka reporters "If that's the testimony street, at that time, do not match calculated made ​​about seven years" he said.
Asahi Shimbun also expected of a heartbeat, I'm ahead of the news. Kitaoka loss for words as "misrepresentation of age ...".

Blog offices Matsunaga! (The blog diary by active magazine writer!)

596: Takuya ◆ mOrYeBoQbw: 2013/05/30 (Thu) 01:36:51.53 ID: bdBabNTI

585 >>
The Jamaica did have trumped me one >> in a hurry for it? w

In other words if it is a major news media to pick up the fact that such
Forces that defended the lie of self-styled comfort women, and because be cleared out

590: (・ _ ・;: can not be after (Thu) 01:35:29.06 ID: IGF06Sj2

> I'm gonna be 9 years old counted as a 7-year-old and a Korean-style Kazoedoshi one?
It will does the 'make sense according to that he will have served until 1947 As you back calculation me this but ~, became a comfort woman I'll get down further age ...
Is not too bad head?

666: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 02:06:53.11 ID: mggx6C8r

I was moving from the front the various spots "Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, and Indonesia.
→ I was carried out how to track soldiers overland also lack, to march by pulling a field gun.
Will have a transport ship in Java, Indonesia area. Army garrison in the base when I got to defend actual battlefield
Sea transport to be targeted by submarine I do not perform operational!
I do can move the military comfort women different jurisdiction of such various fields why.

919: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 03:46:10.88 ID: Ryq3VoDP

> Why there is a gap in age testified original comfort women, or not because you are using Kazoedoshi South Korea is one.
> 1 year old at the time of birth, it is two years old New Year's Day comes. For example, if you were born on December 31, it's 2 years old (January 1) the next day at 1 year old at birth.

What a fool.
Calculation does not fit extra and if it.
It's temporarily, it was doing comfort women from the age of 13 ~ → "It is strange that it should from the previous year of the Pacific war is 13 years old when"
Thickness of the Pacific War if say real, and was 12 years old or less than 11-year-old is, has 13 years in Kazoedoshi
It's made ​​in the fact that his team was doing comfort women from three years ago or two years.
Because it's the - (age at the time of age now -) in 2013.

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Korea food is very popular in the United States NY! Kimchi gaining popularity, "the latest trend called" evaluation - Korea Paper

1 Name: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ came back: can not be after (Fri) 16:54:57.78 ID:???
30th, gastronomy from around the world gather Korean paper Chosun Ilbo In New York "treasure house" food,
I reported that Korean food and has become a big boom. China newspaper network is reported.

Kimchi, bulgogi and bibimbap prominent restaurant in the heart of Manhattan to compete
It is said that incorporated into the menu "Korean food".
Korean food that has not been eating only Korean town mainly, seems to have been accepted in American society finally until now.

Kimchi comes out at a restaurant in Manhattan, seems to have become quite common.
Restaurant side also said, "the customer comes to the shop, those who do not know kimchi does not come. Reputation and delicious than ketchup" he said.

Consulting firm of professional food set up a headquarters in New York, "Baum + Whiteman (Baum + Whiteman)" is
In a report released last year, the trend of "Latest Korean food.
I reported that South Korean dishes such as kimchi and "has become a main menu of restaurants in the United States.


[Korean] "I want you to spread the K-FOOD" famous chef Seo Gyondoku Professor, the world's Korean food this presentation [05/29]

Quoted source: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1369986897

Can not be after (Fri) 16:56:01.68 ID:: 3 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 6VcaIcbw

It seems were many such as Japanese restaurant by Korean me why NY.

Can not be after (Fri) 16:56:11.87 ID:: 5 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' ESW0ci8g

Bibimbap and kimchi but delicious,

No one to eat and not a Japanese production.

The ramen like, Japanese-style kimchi because only out popular, and stow.

Can not be after (Fri) 16:56:55.26 ID:: 6 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' ku2NvyeS


Without imitating Japanese food now, ww Good luck with one Korean cuisine all means

Can not be after (Fri) 17:01:17.77 ID:: 26 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' ABhH3qi6

Something lie lie Kuse Kuse

Do not look for the first time in a long time and this phrase.

Can not be after (Fri) 17:05:21.33 ID:: 44 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' HP2v + wTV
26 >>
Mon is hard to because I love salsa acceptable Americans

Can not be after (Fri) 17:02:11.77 ID:: 28 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' M3tk3WWI

I'm thirsty so something ...
I mean, it, www you will say, pickles

Can not be after (Fri) 17:02:20.57 ID:: 29 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' rfJccll +

Do not be forced to encourage kimchi foreigners not interested
Westerners' s hate kimchi generally
unpleasant and Korean born nine each time like kimchi appears one person

Can not be after (Fri) 17:03:02.48 ID:: 32 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' oDUCdJFX

No dozens of times Will it be hundreds of times eyes, news of kimchi boom

Can not be after (Fri) 17:03:30.39 ID:: 33 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' aMj0E2Ku

Actually I Go that day formula foam greens was (kimuchi) is coming to light!

Can not be after (Fri) 17:04:06.66 ID:: 36 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' FTzKCmLZ

Recently, laments Korean food is not known
Did not put this Order on the cook around the world?

Can not be after (Fri) 17:04:21.18 ID:: 39 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 96t28hIc

I do not know what to compare the source and pickles ...
Or irony?
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Introduction to the police and 'Taxi Crime Prevention Tips "

1 Name: HONEY MILKφ ★: 2013/05/31 (Fri) 10:51:46.65 ID:???
■ Introducing "taxi crime prevention knowledge," the official blog of the National Police Agency

■ The "thing ... get off to sit in the back seat and number confirmed bright spot"

Leading suspects "Daegu college student murder" is descended a taxi driver, the "taxi crime"
police introduced the prevention knowledge concern over when the diffusion.

The 30th, police were UP a "taxi crime prevention knowledge" of the National Police Agency official blog "POL IN LOVE".

As a preventive knowledge of first, police cited "to inform always family and friends taxi number".
If you take a taxi alone time to slow women, tells the people around the arrival time and location, but also the people around
Check the number of the car, and the face while teaching and destination to the driver when you send a ride alone women
It was determined that it should be confirmed.

Police, said, "Please confirm" Apasaja "of taxi number" in particular. The license plate
A registered vehicle automobile transportation business for as long as engraved "A", "performance", "support" and "tea", car otherwise illegal
It means so that it is not supposed to be riding. Of current state laws and regulations Information Center "vehicle registration number
According to the notice "on criteria such as plate, automobile transportation business for general vehicles for the" A "," performance "," support "
It is prescribed to use the license plate of "tea".

Second is "to sit in the back seat". Police, causes less crime alone by the driver relatively "rear seat
Advice is not only, that it "can ensure the time and space to spare that can be addressed when you feel the sign of crime

Third is "that the driver's license photo to check whether the same person".

Fourth is "How to not only convey the arrival destination simply a taxi driver, to present a concrete way."
If you go in a different direction and destination streets and I do not know at all ", the police, the person who was known to the family or to the police report
I said "good.

I'm "not sleep after boarding a taxi" is fifth. However, there is something you fall asleep at the time of the long-range transport or drunk,
And to check the lock status and whether opening and closing of doors and windows while the ventilation by opening a window drowsiness when pointing in the way
I was introduced there.

Sixth eat even after you can refrain, I got sweets and drinks, including drinks that "taxi drivers recommend
Is "no. I have things from foreign matter, such as sleeping pills is on.

Last is "to decide where people are crowded to the location where you want to get off". Police, traffic around the "so many people
I said, "Please select where you want to get off the bright location of the stores and convenience stores.

Source: NAVER / Hankook (Korean)
Quoted source: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1369965106

Can not be after (Fri) 10:54:17.13 ID:: 3 kerf ◆ YL2WBq55YzJ9 love Nuko: 3 Name d97BCusj

The national sport Nya triggered also by taxi?
Www country of Hitomodoki expected

Can not be after (Fri) 10:54:21.91 ID:: 4 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' UrnVuqcW

I was saying talent's Japan Tatte become so scary to encounter eye by taxi in Korea

Can not be after (Fri) 10:57:17.57 ID:: 5 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 5wUoXpnd

Confucianism country 's too lawless genuine that the law of survival of the fittest except there is no

Can not be after (Fri) 10:57:18.98 ID:: 6 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' JcKyfxuX

It used to be part of Japan's previous long time ago, do not a country you do not believe it.
I wonder there is practice the "no Bale", or something "be forgiven even if Bale".

Can not be after (Fri) 11:23:12.89 ID:: 102 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' w9WnHUOR

What bad habits of this immoral taxi, so I do a Japanese colonial residue

Koreans because it is both ethnic group, taxi driver because I'm unwashed, it became minions of Japanese colonial wrong
Heather basis that it plagued both teams, to diminish the moral of the Korean peninsula

Japanese colonial education is to force the immoral, tormented each other the same race each other
I'm the order breaking

We Japanese are seeing damage, It might be that what you asked for

Can not be after (Fri) 11:24:32.69 ID:: 107 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' lj9jJkdj
102 >>
Chung Do You mean not progress '50 ^ ^

Can not be after (Fri) 11:24:34.30 ID:: 108 Name: seven ◆ 08hWkMnOkE prime Wave raccoon 〒 ten o'clock arrow Ok/4s6o +
102 >>
You could not be expelled decades I responsible for South Korea

Can not be after (Fri) 11:30:54.54 ID:: 140 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' L4K2vQHE

Are you such user that hup? Are you dangerous taxi?

Tried to age because it is mood wanna age softening

142 Name: HUNNY MILK ◆ hani/4QrLY: 2013/05/31 (Fri) 11:31:23.11 ID: 51GLLcSW
140 >>
South Korea is a risk

Can not be after (Fri) 11:55:22.04 ID:: 252 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' O9/oWK4c

The partition of the rear seat and driver's seat
I want you to put on for passengers.

Can not be after (Fri) 12:02:21.19 ID:: 268 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' hUqL5isj

When you take a taxi in Korea (recap)

1. (I do not ride the number of non-specific) confirmation of taxi number
1a. I inform the family and friends a taxi number
2. Seat in the rear always
3. And driver's license photos to see if the same
4. I present the directions to a destination other than
4a. I inform about the arrival time and location
5. Do not sleep, check the lock state whether the opening and closing of doors and windows
6. Not to mouth the food and drink counseling driver
7. I get off in a busy place
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[Korean] BBS United Nations to "Japan orphaned" recommendations to Japan in comfort women issue

Can not be after (Tue) 16:27:25.91 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??

Where the thread of the "comfort women issue compensation advisory United Nations, the Japanese government" was erected on the bulletin board community site Korean "Gase Ngi dot-com", various comments were received from Korean Internet users.

As well as pick up that the Committee against Torture of the United Nations has announced recommendations on day-to-review, attrition mainly introduced the comments of Internet users in Japan.

The 31st, as recommendations on to Japan examination, at that time, based on the remarks of Toru Hashimoto Osaka mayor and needed a comfort women, the denial of the fact by public figures such as "government, the Committee against Torture of the United Nations former comfort women in Geneva to refute an attempt to try to hurt "was determined to the Japanese government.

The reaction of Internet users in Japan, "penalties and compensation that are not based on fact, not be able to accept it even if I say the United Nations", "Let's try to criticize China and South Korea believe that it's true the history that has been forged" , "Korean prostitute and the South Korean government to say it's the truth lie is evil," and such as "Let's try to uncover the truth in the International Court of Justice", a negative reaction was seen many.

In addition, "It looks good to in so many words of the United Nations I have to see. Has no future if you do not face up to the past for the alliance with South Korea", "I am also in favor of South Korea the opinion of minority There was also voice there. Japan with "should be held accountable.

On the other hand, from Internet users in South Korea, "Fantasy of typical Japanese", "Japan is worst really", "Japan even though not a communist state, thought is standardization" and "distortion as Japan "in recent years and the effect of history textbooks, political maneuvering of politicians of Japan is engaged, opinion to rebound to the net users in Japan are aligned.

In addition, "Japan is going to increasingly isolated", "Japan'm fighting against the whole world", and "It is the Galapagos. Phenomenon that knowing the history, take place in affluent society closed" , "make the enemy outside to prevent the infighting, the method of the island nation," "flows through the water. UN permanent members of Japan is expected to leave the United Nations rather" or, to be concerned about the isolation of Japan There was also comment.

". Korea should review the relationship with Japan but hopes that Japan will accept the correct history, seem unwilling to admit even knowing the Japanese" as, to see the opinions that you refer to the Japan-Korea relations further was.

For recognition of the comfort women issue, deep groove seems to be lying between Japan and South Korea. (Editor: Li Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)



Can not be after (Tue) 16:29:03.22 ID:: 5: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' HErZYk0e

United Nations (laughs)

Can not be after (Tue) 16:30:11.70 ID:: 11: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' el7bgFF0

World'll go in isolation from UN Secretary-General and South Korea Seriously

Can not be after (Tue) 16:31:23.28 ID:: 15: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' nTkLBViK

United Nations I will not work from now Japan After the withdrawal from the United Nations

Can not be after (Tue) 16:32:40.09 ID:: 21: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' cZXE9ckS

Themselves me wrong, do not do not understand Don only to say.
Anymore, partner fool waste of time. Ignore.

Can not be after (Tue) 16:39:51.04 ID:: 39: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' hRWYc7c +

W of difficulty to elaborate such as withdrawal from the United Nations
United Nations whether the feeling mine from now just doing the United Nations Secretary-General has turned to South Korea?
Stupid exposed w

Can not be after (Tue) 16:41:35.06 ID:: 48: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' fLfNVygv

Korea's withdrawal from the United Nations to it I do not care.
"The" in front Japan is doing with the way I would feel that they were betrayed

Can not be after (Tue) 16:43:27.16 ID:: 56: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' peJQa6Z2

Arrears amount of financial contributions to the United Nations in Korea, and did we not not you have entered the realm dope soon surely
And a typical I, which is also compulsory execution

Can not be after (Tue) 16:52:52.41 ID:: 97: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 8GoalUyh

56 >>
To delinquent financial contributions to the United Nations, but is done about excessive requests to the United Nations
It does not return readily debt to Japan, but is done much excess is slander to Japan

Now is a quiz. Country of this shameless Where'd?

Can not be after (Tue) 16:45:39.72 ID:: 71: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' X5RTmZHp

You say correct correct, not historical correct on what criteria?
Country because I'm different, There 's nothing historical recognition of the two countries to match completely.
Not you do not have eyes to see objectively the history is concerned with origins in South Korea earlier.
It then started to say that such as 7000 years let alone a half million years.
The feelings in the past, there is no reason to discuss my experiences not only in '70 before, and the person you HAVE to go back to Hideyoshi.

Can not be after (Tue) 17:02:27.88 ID:: 141: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' VBrhf0 / F

"Japan is isolated" and "Japan orphaned"

She said she is, but I wish I wish I could really isolated. You think me recently.
I mean, even isolated attempt, China and South Korea is pickpocket pickpocket pickpocket! Because come Suriyo~tsu frictional heat is much leave me.

Can not be after (Tue) 17:09:21.78 ID:: 174: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' Iq79diXC

United Nations because I'm not working too much in practice
I think Japan is sufficient to focus on ASEAN and G7
Only important meeting with the Black Sea coastal states + Stan countries signed a military alliance after Turkey
Do not you in there may be important?
Africa and the Islamic world following the decision of Saudi and Turkey

There is no merit to Japan has been too privatize the United Nations at least for now

Can not be after (Tue) 17:10:52.14 ID:: 181: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' QgafIQSL

What I wonder that you want after all as the goal of the effort against the Japanese of Korean, this historical perspective?

Individual compensation I did not even issued a Democrat even if the money, and would be zero hope in the future.
Then, you'll reverse effect unpleasant Korean Japanese is increased rather too even if the foreign currency from Japan it is too ... stickiness.

I feel like I just want to lower the Ryuin've been ... but, I wonder if not annulled what you get is too somehow lack.
Do not fake if there is such a reason ....

Can not be after (Tue) 17:27:56.02 ID:: 280: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' eOUzDN7E

To expel Japan, the victorious powers Union, China and South Korea and Russia partition in doss face but no gold s because do not work,

I feel that Earth allies organization decent rises by other.

Can not be after (Tue) 17:30:17.46 ID:: 296: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 6nyJIP6F

280 >>
Well, if you fall out Japan
What is the United Nations, do you do not you be a great organization to volunteer for "I golly Uno Ki knowledge" nobody gold also to give me? (Bar)

Can not be after (Tue) 17:37:31.44 ID:: 347: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' dKFyxz9o

Withdrawal of the United Nations only please those guys that want to promote the isolation of Japan.
Should I do participate as a general country thing which is not small such as non-permanent member of the Security Council because I do not need.
Should I put out only the average of the world's countries the burden gold course.

Can not be after (Tue) 17:41:05.57 ID:: 380: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' LnY30X4J

If blame Japan by using the position of United Nations survey also verified without barely
I em to the lawsuit by suing the United Nations in defamation Japan
It 's credit problems of the United Nations itself self-proclaimed world if President has privatized the United Nations

Can not be after (Tue) 17:48:41.48 ID:: 427: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' UqPpIgzi

Japan's complete loser country to get it, right?
Asia, including the Korean victims of this will become a victim?

So victorious side

Can not be after (Tue) 17:50:58.37 ID:: 447: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' WTIRBMll

427 >>
South Korea I was at war in Asia with Japan w

Can not be after (Tue) 17:52:06.76 ID:: 456: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 6nyJIP6F

427 >>
South Korea is not a victim.
I went to the Japanese themselves. I just returned from palm Japan lost.
Sort of thing does not say the victim.

"Bat bastard" is appropriate if say by force.

Can not be after (Tue) 17:50:11.23 ID:: 439: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' hRWYc7c +

Now the United Nations w that are not working Nan'nimo for someone became Secretary-General
W 3 stage guy even or was motivated

Can not be after (Tue) 17:53:00.55 ID:: 463: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' y + MnCkb6

If Japan withdrew from the United Nations, w will does not cover the operating costs of the United Nations
Once, it would be great even alluding to leave
w nations of the world begin In other Boko Korea is a habitual extortion at best

Can not be after (Tue) 17:55:51.71 ID:: 485: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' P4sT + dW +

463 >>
W headquarters and lower body of the United Nations maybe cause coup

Can not be after (Tue) 18:25:26.33 ID:: 634: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' QUMopVpL

> There is no future if you do not face up to the past for the alliance of the "South Korea as the opinion of the minority
The minority, but maybe in Japan
But there is no future When you look into the past I do may end up without having to face would be South Korea

> South Korea even though the hope that Japan will accept the correct history, seem unwilling to admit even knowing the Japanese
I will return as it is
During morning sounds like a love to compare the work of Japan, that what you are doing?

Can not be after (Tue) 18:39:46.52 ID:: 716: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' + JPXpZSL

First of all, Korea Nde is in the fact that his team was in the "silence" for a long time comfort women issue,
I then occupy his neck When do in a big way at the United Nations.

725: ◆ 65537KeAAA: 2013/06/04 (Tue) 18:41:27.45 ID: DeeegEHO

716 >>
Obviously a that was neglected far in 1992 alleged "House of Nunamu" the shelter was able to
It up or had been living what, Korean Hey do you know that?

Can not be after (Tue) 18:44:41.54 ID:: 747: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' YV5VNTYZ

You no longer have Japan are paying to keep up once the financial contributions to the United Nations, United Nations I will not work.
Is sent to the country PKO soldiers \ 2,000 daily wage, got about 100 million yen per diem, South Korea w you have to outpace
It is not useless at all in the field of PKO, is a demonstration of only out Korea to local people in Iraq.
And Self-Defense Forces attract www from local
Japan is lobbying steadily, to begin with Korea was put into the United Nations, since persuaded other countries

Can not be after (Tue) 18:45:17.48 ID:: 749: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' IeIKiiGJ

See show it to the people of the United Nations that guy a little textbook of the history of Korea.
Because it is clear that you have brainwashed the public to tell the history Which is wrong.

> "To make the enemy outside to prevent the infighting is, method of island nation"

I do not know what 's a little island nation.
And I will have been sold also fight to England If you think island nation will become insult.
It's started to hostile to Japan and with a false charge ahead anyway Korea well.
I just made ​​an enemy external to South Korea is a solitary island of land prevent the infighting and comfort women issue.
Or I do not want North Korea faces an enemy of true of the Korean Peninsula in the state already infighting
The only other way to and face the public.
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