Love-hate relationship Korea - Japan 's you worried about most'

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/06/05 (water) that came back 1 23:17:13.08 ID:???
It is a representation that is used when you point to Japan often and 'country near and far'.
Close of anywhere from country to geographically it's meaning that very distant country in history, political and economic.
Why Japan is a distant country, not just a matter of social and cultural heterogeneity sense.
This is because in the foundation of the scar past due to colonial rule.

Thoughtless words periodic politicians and rightist phenomenon of Japanese society,
I have aroused the education effect to realize that colonial rule is not the only thing of the past in Korean.
Concern in recent years, the Korean economy would take a hit by the weak yen policy of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is promoting in addition even coming out.
Japan and South Korea is a translation has been put into relationship dynamics subtle economically as well as political and social.

So interest in each other in both countries what about.
To examine the search frequency in Korea 'Japan' 'U.S.' China 'using the Google play.
Surprisingly I have been overwhelmed by the other two countries 'Japan' search volume is consistently all the time.
China and the United States is the more important countries in political, economic, and public interest That comes a little different.

South Korea, the United States, China Search specific gravity in Japan

I examined the search frequency in Japan 'Korea' 'China' in 'the United States' turn. Until 2009 'China' are shows the advantage,
And 'South Korea' 'China' does the melee two years thereafter, it's clear superiority of 'Korea' in 2011 after the.
Japanese government is keeping up to that extent that it has remained in third place consistent with the 'South Korea' by being pushed to 'China' is also conspicuous is 'U.S.'.
I seen those, such as singer and Korean dramas call the popular 'Korean Wave' has had a considerable influence.

South Korea, the United States, China Search specific gravity in Japan

Japan and South Korea to perform the psychological war and fighting Tomosuruto, but has signed a very close relationship to economic and cultural back.
It is a translation very high also for the mutual interest of the general public here. (. Seen negative interest and are included in the interest)
As a result 'is annoying but is inseparable' Although that's neighbor,
Or that it is a good idea to respond how to manage, careful consideration of the government authorities appear to need.

Lee Sunyoku reporter



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The sense of me closer monitoring from Japan

(Water) 5 <丶`∀ '> (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) [sage] 2013/06/05 23:21:56.46 ID: jvh7/3NY
You are looking at the Chung country from Japan, and together to monitor the criminal

(Water) 7 <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/05 23:23:08.97 ID: gMkhqExE
Wonder if feeling observation of insect interesting after

(Water) 8 <丶`∀ '> (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) [sage] 2013/06/05 23:24:18.33 ID: S3DyvbsV
You keep an eye mad with cutlery I watched here is of course

Old people are also saying and

(Water) 10 <丶`∀ '> (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) [sage] 2013/06/05 23:27:08.56 ID: PJKRgaxq
It is thought himself and is liked, but the rough who are hated in fact.

Such Korea
Wednesday 24 <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/05 23:41:28.65 ID: O/t98nwp
There is no impact on 1mm Korean,
In learning to put thrust on false history of Korea
You are searching and South Korea reluctantly

(Water) 26 <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/05 23:46:10.84 ID: oyPBcTeC
> This is because in the foundation of the scar past due to colonial rule

I quit reading now.
The stalker not look here for the time being

40 <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s can not be after (Thu) 00:20:59.82 ID: HeeX2Qyg
Because it has come to harm, only me can not be ignored
It does not admit to have seen it want to see

44 <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s can not be after (Thu) 00:31:13.28 ID: u + UQOfhV
1 >>
A reverse.

It is geographically close to Japan, but it's Korea country spirit, mind and intelligence is far the most ('・ ω ・ `)

(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) 60 <丶`∀>' [sage] 2013/06/06 (Thu) 02:39:48.27 ID: sLTCqtUm
Japan Na because where you are spreading the cruel of the Korea Information weak now

66 <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s can not be after (Thu) 03:10:26.23 ID: 5b + oiJKN
Korea do not deserve to neighbor

ラベル:Google Play
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Editorial [freedom of] Okinawa and Tsushima

Large Chief φ ★ play the piano: 1 Name can not be after (Fri) 01:27:51.65 ID:???
Editorial [freedom of] Okinawa and Tsushima


There was recently an issue that looks higher foreign strategy in China has been more attractive. People's Daily is the attribution problem of "Okinawa in recent editorial
I was revealed with "since when re discussed. After the Meiji Restoration, Japan invaded the Ryukyu Kingdom of the predecessor of Okinawa in 1874,
Was placed in the hands of forces in 1879, was changed to Okinawa prefecture name. Era of the Ming and Qing, the Ryukyu Kingdom was a vassal state of China frontier.
Negotiations between the two countries over the Ryukyu problem immediately was made Qing When the rebound to force annexation of Japan. Japan issues a partition plan
Was, but negotiations broke down after all. China brought forth the Ryukyu problem every time there is a diplomatic necessity until now. The time now 'Ryukyu'
Out to remain as one of the unresolved issues between China and Japan.

China will bring up the Okinawa problem through their own speech again to Okinawa to expand the territorial disputes between the two countries over the Senkaku
It is an advanced strategy for that.

Under these circumstances, in Japan 'Tsushima Island (Temado) sovereignty' issue is behavior theory again. Last month, related symposium in Busan (Busan)
I attracted the attention of academia and civil ethidium to open.

In the land useless, Tsushima Island was abandoned virtually until the Meiji Restoration before. by multiplying the international situation after, it was confused
To Izuhara prefecture in 1871, Japan is the island was incorporated into the Nagasaki Prefecture in 1876 further. Tsushima away 50km away from Busan
Subjected to benefit Japanese people as live in Tsushima Island is a land of "We, in our country as the price to record Silla
It is out with "dedicated tribute. Of seizure denoted as Korea territory Tsushima island to 'figure all eightfold path' Map Toyotomi Hideyoshi made further
I was the target. Past, Lee Seung-man President issued a statement to be "white return fast Tsushima Island because it is Korea territory".

Now, Japan is in a frenzy to levitate as an international issue and the territorial disputes region Republic of Korea Ryo Dokdo (Tokuto). Here
Will have to watch the Chinese 'Okinawa attribution strategy' is our country. Position with respect to Dokdo, located on the territory of our course
It is a story that may also be pragmatic and does not correspond to the position Japan, of all, throwing a pop Tsushima problem instead. At that time,
I would be very concerned about how Japan or come out.

Lee Chang-ho editorial office manager

Source: Yeungnam Daily (Korean) 2013-05-30 07:20:22

Combat Organization
Unity tournament (photo) [Japan and Korea] Ulsan octagonal meeting, in Tsushima 'our territory Tsushima Island also' [05/31]

Quoted source: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1369931271

Can not be after (Fri) 01:30:48.45 ID:: 6 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 8B8iRMM3

I Look up there is much official rank to protect Tsushima old

Can not be after (Fri) 01:44:37.28 ID:: 13 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' I80RVYDG

W guys, wonder if you know means you are saying
When the South Korean government Yarakashi such a thing really, w gonna be crushed Korea take seriously

Can not be after (Fri) 01:49:31.24 ID:: 15 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' vtJFVS0S

Country of voice 闘文 of, w sense you are not compete After Tsu said "what person of you" truly

Can not be after (Fri) 02:00:08.65 ID:: 22 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' n3NoWJgv

The'm there and from around the day before yesterday to the plate and I wonder what, because it is free time in the night shift
I have reached a Zen-like marcy koria already.

Can not be after (Fri) 02:14:05.35 ID:: 33 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' IXCK4wrZ

"Tsushima problem"

By Korean example
It 's like that of Buddha burglar incident of Tsushima
Court until the burglar was in Korea further
Nida volume of bamboo basket

Can not be after (Fri) 02:24:31.87 ID:: 38 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' Ie6Q5 + jt

It would be territorial claim of Korea even those of the degree, including Takeshima
The extremity of fool such as territorial claim out of spite

Can not be after (Fri) 03:04:05.12 ID:: 59 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' Jj5CMJIV

What kind of literature Te material of Silla?
Material of Korea of ​​that era would not exist ...

Can not be after (Fri) 03:14:03.45 ID:: 66 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 2xet7tqx

when China was taken out of the territorial Okinawa
The'm being ridiculed and Is not Korean to say Tsushima territorial totally
The wwwww or attempts to mimic some reason to see it this time

I'll say the last line, the reaction of Japanese Because it seems to be worried about
Na's Japanese lol

Can not be after (Fri) 03:27:13.73 ID:: 70 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' OPE29u / x

Ridiculous but Jeju Island and Korea south coast there was of Nin Na Japan Office for sure Na 's Japanese territory without a doubt if I match the level of the guy, etc..

Can not be after (Fri) 04:06:26.90 ID:: 74 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' ZRoAS4mG

Genus country Qing large Tsu

The person of Korea from Okinawa,
Reviews www that is independent by the Sino-Japanese War after
Fool exposed

Can not be after (Fri) 04:25:05.71 ID:: 82 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' uI4F9wB3!

Do not see the fire's turned all to Seoul Tsushima, let alone Takeshima Look at his feet?

Can not be after (Fri) 04:26:14.24 ID:: 84 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' M1CDyDcT

Japanese first place do not forget to Takeshima invasion of South Korea is earlier stage of Tsushima invasion
Rhee was requested to the Allies of Tsushima and Takeshima a "return" actual
Rhee none were noted in the Allies
I occupied the only uninhabited island of Takeshima Tsushima occupation by force because it is impossible

Can not be after (Fri) 06:13:44.05 ID:: 90 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 14NeIB5R

Hey want me confiscation law aggressor state assets domestic When you are invaded.

91 Name: Lee 58 ◆ AOfDTU.apk: 2013/05/31 (Fri) 06:21:58.11 ID: BC9IA9Cv
90 >>
> Hey, want law What confiscated aggressor state assets in Japan After the invasion.

Korea because it did in the past, Japan may as well do.
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Vank declared war to all-out Facebook, Google, Apple, MS

1: earthworm φ ★: 2013/06/06 (Thu) 21:36:58.50 ID:???

(Seoul = Yonhap News) cyber diplomatic mission bank Google Apple Facebook Micro
I have declared all-out war with the software (MS) such as global IT companies.

and history: (Takeshima Doctorow, Japanese name) Dokdo is a Korean territory in which they have been authoritatively by intensive lobby of Japan
It was determined that not listen to the voice of the Korean refused to Tokai notation as accredited basis, with Tadase this

The 6th, Park Ki-tae, bank head the U.S. in the 20th century "Japanese imperialism in an interview with Yonhap News
Expand the international lobby to target and country, the UK, Russia Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895), English-Japanese Alliance (1902),
I was reminded to bear (1905), etc. Taft secret agreement, "he occupied to force Korea - Treaty of Portsmouth Katsura.

Park Grandmaster Google Apple Fe called 'digital empire' is Japan in the 21st century that it was past "100 years
In a frenzy to change the name Tokai occupied Dokdo by lobbying for and chair book ・ MS
Sustained organizational Kill tuned to Japanese imperialism revival of "21st century 'digital empire' while to be" are
Was declared to be "I'm going unfolds such activities.

Single warrior of 365 people as the most spearhead of the 6th 'digital anti-imperialism' activities, banks' digital in earnest
It is planning to undertake to exercise to correct track down errors in South Korea related to Dokdo, Tokai patron of Le empire 'within. The bank
Reason to train the elite warriors of 365 people, as one of the lessons of the stone Ugatsu raindrop even if Ochire continuously
365 days a year, sending a protest letter in the international mail to president of digital empire company day warrior one was decided
sense that is hidden.

This month, Hiro repeat the anti-imperialist digital flash mop gathered in Seoul Gwanghwamun Square they warrior
Empire 'digital enters under, also Google-Apple-Facebook site, and Japan imperialism to revival
Did the alliance! It is scheduled to be a guerrilla of cyber demo slogan '.
Next month, and produced further warriors 700 people over the two degree, domestic Korea foreign large reached a 15 sunlight Liberation Day in August
Plan to the Embassy send a letter stating that 'alliance with Japan imperialism digital empire, to resurrection' was also built.

Park Grandmaster "What we oppose right-wing group and a few Japanese politicians to defend the history of imperialism"
Dokdo is not lonely anymore through digital anti-imperialist movement, "This is Japan right one day while the
And political wing is now not set foot in Japan again, and Asia Korean people and Japanese people, willing
Was expected to "hope that all the people dream of a peaceful Asia.

According to the bank, and 'rock Liancourt' Dokdo to Facebook map service 1 billion people that use
Are labeled. Past, Liancourt rocks dumped by imperialism at the time rather than the name 'Takeshima' Japan's claim
I mean snag no owner was named Nsu whaling ship Liancourt issue is as found Dokdo. This
After Google has deleted the Dokdo notation, Re the case of fourth followed by MS and Apple. Is Facebook
The purpose is to use the Bing map of MS offer.

The notation and place location information based on materials and Nokia have MS, Bing maps Liancourt 'Dokdo
I have also shown the 'East Sea / Sea of Japan' Tokai is referred to as the 'rock.

The full Financial News (Korean) bank, the Google-Apple ・ MS ・ Facebook: source
War declaration

9: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:41:17.99 ID: Q4G1pn +5

I wonder if is declared to understand that their own Therefore the sending around the world even cyber-terrorists?

10: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:41:30.67 ID: C4NEDxVI

When Tokai'm being certified

12: ◆ 65537KeAAA: 2013/06/06 (Thu) 21:42:04.50 ID: KlCfyVSI BE :39140126-PLT (13001)

W "around the world! Wrong" What, you guys y wrong

> Tokai notation it is certified historically

I have not been

15: (▼ Д ▼) ◆ VmCYIC08w2: 2013/06/06 (Thu) 21:43:23.57 ID: Dn / eXxsp

...... This, she 's so companies buy Korea After adding all.

214: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 22:43:42.56 ID: vJ9QeE3H

15 >>
No, alone MS ...

18: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:44:06.72 ID: nybxql + m

Do you thing of F5 attack 's war

20: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:44:07.45 ID: 0b6cL4AP

Guys www stupid
Push the envelope and use in the world at the local designation in Korea
World I say NO to South Korea

21: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:44:21.69 ID: NqN9FNdq

State certified terrorist wwwwwwwwwwww

23: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:44:41.56 ID: jfTG84cE

How can you get proof that there is only a fool in Korean

24: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:45:15.62 ID: uil9UAxR

> It is scheduled to be a guerrilla of cyber demo.

FBI says, w It is terrorism notice

31: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:46:47.40 ID: VVFCqisv

Because it has been hammered as brainwashing Urinara Manse history of South Korea own
South Korea is isolated from the world in this way

33: ('・ ω ・ `) ◆ 2tPdxjo/wc: 2013/06/06 (Thu) 21:47:25.56 ID: AZWj5ilF

1 >>
Person of Anta, etc. I seem to imperialism, but ...

35: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:47:45.22 ID: RPw3HR9q

I'll have what hackers to declare all-out war such as imperialism overthrow such as warrior 's Korea
Too dangerous

36: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:47:45.89 ID: uDUZRPwC

Google with DoCoMo
W to Jan are you doing back up Samsung across the board

39: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:48:04.29 ID: LfSGkWCi

It is better to partner Na would be large nuisance. You probably have the same stalker

47: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:48:49.46 ID: kvoDGnIO

they are wrong in various ways
I do not know where do I digs

78: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:59:55.43 ID: qav1WD1A

It Ja do is state terrorism designation soon?

79: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 21:59:55.65 ID: WX +5 HBkj

> It is scheduled to be a guerrilla of cyber demo.

Thing Why do not w cyber-terrorism declaration Na's unspeakable

81: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 22:00:05.98 ID: jm7hUj9X

I Oke and cable cut-off only in Korea

82: ethanol ◆ DPPjCgoDL2: 2013/06/06 (Thu) 22:00:27.56 ID: 9az3hHQG

That you are using the words or something cyber Yara digital but it'll do
I can not not write it only as a demonstration and to send a letter an analog

84: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 22:01:29.00 ID: h27kpRzy

Japanese territory in Dokdo ← international law is a Korean territory that was authoritatively
Sea of Japan alone notation in Tokai notation ← International Hydrographic Organization, which is certified historically

Who 's listen to the delusion of point-and-shoot?

85: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 22:03:33.99 ID: 5cXCl5mo

CIA and U.S. military also'll's Sea of Japan notation
Korea monkey Fight

86: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 22:03:35.25 ID: 5BmGyzVY

Cyber ​​terrorist VANK
Terrorist state sponsor of Korea
ラベル:VANK imperialism
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Buddha that temple in Korea was owned originally

1: FinalFinanceφ ★: 2013/05/30 (Thu) 21:08:59.62 ID: 0
The 30th, debate was held in Seoul visiting the problems Buddha statue found in South Korea is stolen from temple in Nagasaki Prefecture has not been returned yet, "Buddha is temple in Korea originally from between the Korean people who participated argued that as it was owned, and "he will have to give up sovereignty over cultural property if return was one after another.

This problem comes from two body Buddha statues stolen from shrines and temples in Nagasaki Prefecture Tsushima in October last year, found in South Korea in January this year. Of the two body for "Kanzeonbosatsu seated", court of Korea, recognized the claim of parishioner of Pusoku temple of central claiming "was owned originally it themselves," said Buddha statues across the Tsushima because it was a decision of provisional disposition to be that it can not return until the circumstances have become apparent, it remains the Korean government has stored now.

The 30th, the priest from the Pusoku temple held a debate in Seoul, from such as parliamentarians and researchers who participated, "act that stole the Buddha bad, but the thing that was looted by Japan originally" and in this regard opinion was issued many.

Moreover One participant argued, "if Ojire to return, and he will have to give up sovereignty over their own cultural heritage" as, and should not respond to reclaim Japan was one after another.

Is seen cage as well as researchers argue that muscle For over this issue, Buddha is to return to Japan in Korea, there was a aim to appeal their claim as Pusoku temple.

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 3! 0: 21:11:02.75 ID (tree) can not be after!

"Buddha that temple in Korea was owned originally"

Though no evidence of whatsoever. This temple is also the court of South Korea not to mention
Is guilty.

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 4! 0: 21:11:18.66 ID (tree) can not be after!


It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 6! 0: 21:12:07.08 ID (tree) can not be after!

> It is because you are looted by Japan originally

Cora put out evidence. Literature, but also would not remain.

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 8! 0: 21:13:19.58 ID (tree) can not be after!

Criminal state does protected even international law it is South Korea

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 11! 0: 21:14:29.51 ID (tree) can not be after!

What Do not no attempt to
This is the wonder of modern country

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 13! 0: 21:15:15.06 ID (tree) can not be after!

What feeling ... Korean me sigh ~

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 18! 0: 21:18:21.88 ID (tree) can not be after!

and then not something that Japan plundered.
The victim that was stolen, then no right to steal.

Do not fool these guys, at all levels.

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 34! 0: 21:32:05.42 ID (tree) can not be after!

The whole country www It looks there a burglar after all

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 35! 0: 21:33:53.74 ID (tree) can not be after!

Prove to have a body that saying "liar the beginning of the thief" and is correct
National Comedy

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 53! 0: 21:53:47.24 ID (tree) can not be after!

> Action stole Buddha bad, but it's what it was looted by Japan originally

Prove futile what to say anymore
Just want to put cavil in Japan

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 58! O: 22:07:59.57 ID (tree) can not be after!

Na useless guys.
Story is not too bad through my head.
Is not there Sha okay to irresponsible use of force?
Trade stop, I em and asset freeze for the time being.

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 63! I: 22:12:03.67 ID (tree) can not be after!

What is not unpleasant, than that it was deprived of Takeshima and Buddha,
and to know in my mind that their Koreans are lying,
Cunning to justify reasons forcibly

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 74! 0: 22:59:31.12 ID (tree) can not be after!

If you say that it has put in hand <丶`∀ '> legitimate, Choppari audited Nida to be evidence!
evidence Choppari stole the Nida do not have to! The Nida is determined Choppari is to bad!

It's oleoresin me, It's No Name:: 65! 0: 22:15:18.81 ID (tree) can not be after!

Should I do claim to the world and imposing

Original thread: http://anago.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/dqnplus/1369915739/
ラベル:Buddha Statue
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[History of the magnifying glass in cloth] pro-Japanese culture as ever, Gyeongbokgung Palace Doors open at night

1 Name: earthworm φ ★: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:25:01.94 ID:???

▲ Anne Chung (Seoul Education University professor)

Cultural property that was full of life and proud history in the prime economic] race is not a property or goods normal. It
's A noble presence corresponding to the national treasure. It is designated as national treasures and treasure of course, protected by the law of the land clearly
Some are. But, it's historical cultural treasure all even it is not specified and law of the land. Gyeongbokgung (Kyon
Bokkun) is a treasure most representative among them. But this time, no min citizens with doors open at night Gyeongbokgung
Voice of concern have come to a different figure. It is a natural result.

Purport to approximate the treasures of our history to the public is good, no cultural properties without time limit and personnel of certain
It is no exaggeration to say to open in darkness and a kind of populism. Tragedy to burn Sungnyemun is happening
The remains also, not a still normal sense. 冒 and look the subject collected votes politicians not the subject of dignity cultural assets
I have to Kuno target. Last year, it was taken at Gyeongbokgung Palace in South Korea, which is the country courtesy of the East on the aftermath
There was also shocked the media paper to Internet pornography in circulation. Tail or ZoneAlarm
In order to make money, worst case sell the self-esteem of ethnic's occurred. However, new version Rican for you (Yakuchu: sales
And even beaten up in public opinion example) in the country guy has emerged, there is no significant change thereafter eyes to see Gyeongbokgung.

Gyeongbokgung is the face of the country. It is a national symbol of the highest equal national flag, rose of Sharon, the love anthem. Moreover, Gyeongbok Palace overseas view
It is a tourist destination of the first order light that customers prefer most. Vulgar obscenity against the Gyeongbok Palace to represent the Korean culture
That you have taken is something you like in the background the national flag. National flag is a symbol know best but we Gyeongbok
Incident's occurred because there are insane people who misunderstand tourist destination simply the house.

Why such cultural property is tragedy or because of? The reason is that Japanese colonial occupation force still many of our society
It is because some patients in serious condition suffering still in pro-Japanese policy-tainted policy of aggression in the period. So Wajin et al.
The acting vague as you are, that we're living as a new pro-Japanese. Kei based builders and Jongmyo Shrine, 5 in our society
It's blasphemy to fine cultural heritage, including the large court began with Japanese colonial occupation force.

The thing is nowhere near impossible if normal. Simply because it is Wajin invaders, I was able to do so. Around this time, Japan
There is no place to change the evil Japanese pirates and if you look at that Hashimoto and Osaka mayor of Prime Minister Abe is. The whole world
uncivilized countries deplorable low quality human who mourn will be prime minister, the mayor still is a Japanese. At that time, and Japanese colonial invaders
Invasion justification you put in front while trampled the cultural heritage of our people for us and tombs and court
It was to be called to open the. Was around said it's open-door policy to let fall to a playground so.
Able to trample the pride and joy of the people that is whether it is public blasphemy? Contact and Japanese colonial invaders to have
Now, we must put an end to pro-Japanese cultural assets blasphemy policy to follow Ri. The recklessly at night Gyeongbokgung still
I wonder do I have to follow that you opened in, Wajin et al do? People of many Changgyeonggung animal
The trample and look forward to your Hanami night in the Garden, scourge you to rumble, and the drinking song and dance, Emperor Sun heinous that
Liberal Party was in horror illusion to see again the evil spirit: memories of when (Yakuchu Conservative Party of Korea in the past) is still fresh.

At the same time when you give a shock and surprise the whole world Abe, Hashimoto is revived as a low grade Japanese pirates, blindly
Across the country are surprised that we have the Gyeongbokgung doors open at night. Spread the fun spree to open treasure the best, Gyeongbokgung,
Wajin era was corruption in the playground of the amusement park is vividly reproduced. Perhaps, extreme right from the Japanese as this
You would have laughed while looking at the reality of the Republic of Korea such. (Snip)

Do you forget the ugly past that is a fool such as Japanese colonial invaders trample the Gyeongbokgung yet? Whether you are look down on Gyeongbokgung of cultural heritage that still dignity? Themselves we have to do out longer answer.

Source: Pro-Japanese culture prime economy (Korean) [History of reading glasses Anne John] does not change, Gyeongbokgung Palace Doors open at night

Combat Organization: country laid rather in the Chosun Ilbo [/ editorial] Royal Palace, engaged in drinking bout [05/28]

Quoted source: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1370064301

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:30:43.66 ID:: 12 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' xdaoEYeG

I started a blasphemy and will for a long time?
Those guys are not respecting the culture and history that the usual
Do not because much was done to merge when you try to break bukkake in order to improve their own lives from the cultural heritage of that country even take the initiative

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:30:54.71 ID:: 14 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' + XAxpO6I

Is such a low quality text, South Korea 's too country that rests on the media of the public on a daily basis.

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:30:55.23 ID:: 15 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 4ErGG0Sl

W would not Japan relationship
It 's not progress from being to blame Japan anything

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:34:17.75 ID:: 23 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' rgUuKego

I thought it was this or in education University professor but spokesman president or Na and then there's
Korean people's broken Bukkake Because the blood is darker tried 孕 Nante continue in a nutshell
I was made to stop when Japan was ruled oh well sushi w already when

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:35:56.43 ID:: 29 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' pUnhSjK7

To heat up while you're writing the first half of
Conclusion I came out of Koreans now is bad
Japanese bad more do not want to admit it
Do not I feel you have dabbled in tranquilizer usual me

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:40:49.21 ID:: 39 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' nSCZuaWA

Korean's ignite the cultural property with fire disease because of Japan?

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:41:26.03 ID:: 41 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' kGt16AZ9

What country that does not return a Buddha statue stolen's saying
Thief ferocious! ! !

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:46:18.70 ID:: 61 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' qhBFAJ05

Students I pity than had been learned in such a professor.
It's not good for human head.
Still the place to say Professor limit of Korea Education Association.

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:47:08.18 ID:: 63 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' TzHyxF +6

It is too interesting too
In the cause-and-effect relationship description opener and causes phenomenon, I just wanted to say simply complain about Japan.

People called the professor such as cultural Korean Hey that has changed.

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:48:44.09 ID:: 68 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' wxgoAiqJ

It's a complete Na hate speech
South Korea made the hate speech regulation law soon
The white guy arrested

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:49:06.68 ID:: 70 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' AhtheJor

For off-base that blame in 1000 in his inaugural address

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:49:23.73 ID:: 73 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' HVypyN7O

Somehow, I do not know well-meaning unknown, but young people of today or to revel in the cultural heritage, and to take or c ○ The
I wonder if even want to say because of Japan?

I can not do no good at understanding what to become so, but I do not believe that it's articles of public media, even this ...

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:55:19.46 ID:: 84 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' tWEoUtjC

This is the cultural standard of these guys.

I blame the others instinctively blame their conduct, the gap between reality and delusion bad feeling.

In most cases, the opponent Japan.

Then some idiot to apologize conveniently.

2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:55:21.57 ID:: 85 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' AhtheJor

Be too evil head 's because of the Japanese culture that does not occur in Japan

2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:21:06.97 ID:: 144 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' o7umW1i1

This is I'm a university professor
It is not such that it may me what to say because it is historical issues
This is also a fine hate speech
Korean is to compare Japan and Germany well,
University Professor of France do not write this column Nante low level at least

2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:47:18.76 ID:: 172 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' aJSE7HjA

It's cryptic statement, but the Koreans when the Japanese army of Toyotomi Hideyoshi came,
The looting people are invaded, is not it was on fire.
Nante habits such as respect it 's what originally, a high salary cultural property
Would never. However, because there was a ruthless punishment harsh
The people were just look down. Does not matter what Nante governance of Japan.

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