South Korea Constitutional Court pro-Japanese anti-ethnic Acts hunt for the truth method constitutionality

in South Korea,
The law made five years ago,
make it sin to that of 100 years ago,
The descendants arrested

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South Korea Constitutional Court pro-Japanese anti-ethnic Acts hunt for the truth method constitutionality

[Seoul Yonhap]
During the colonial period of Japan, and "within 鮮融 sum" Korea Constitutional Court is the "Emperor people Movement"
It was ruled that you want to It was specified in "pro-Japanese anti-ethnic act" that it has-led actively is with the does not violate the Constitution.

The 11th, Constitutional Court which is responsible government interpretations on the Constitution is is descendants tool Shigeru ball a fixed to pro-Japanese anti-ethnic doer of (-ku Jaoku) Mr.
Clear was carried out "special law related to anti-ethnic Acts hunt for the truth in Japanese colonial strength Zhan under" with respect to the second Article No. 13 Constitution petition in (objection) referee claim incident, that it has ruled of constitutionality in the judge 9 human unanimous match was to.

Up to 15 days in August in 1945 Russo-Japanese War outbreak of war from (in 1904), Article 2 13 item 2 of the same law is, Nippon through the and organizations social and cultural institutions
You are defined as the pro-Japanese anti-ethnic act the act, who led actively the Sumeragi people Movement and within 鮮融 sum of.

Tool Mr. that was active as a configuration employee of pro-Japanese organizations such as director of "Sumeragi Michi Society of" from the the latter half of the 1930s, was decided to pro-Japanese anti-ethnic doer to in July in 2009 by the second Article 13 item 2 of the same law.

Contrast to this, descendants et al. Of tool Mr. is a unclear concept of the Act provision is a abstract, Do not contrary to the doctrine of vagueness of the Constitution
Request once I make the constitution petition You have to infringement the soil Fundamental Rights.

Constitutional Court has a meaning and Korea Nippon that has must be conciliatory each other the inner 鮮融 sum, Sumeragi people Movement Joseon human
Was it was a ethnic annihilating policy of a kind that prescribed in the farmers to follow to emperor the. On top of that, to exceeded the "Simple or cooperation complicity, led this
The been described wording above of the Constitution, that it became the Honors Law Applies that you limited to cases where it is in position to be and. "not contrary to the principle of express resistance are apparent.

Also, legislative purpose of special law a reminder that you legitimacy and ethnic truth of history to investigate the truth of the pro-Japanese anti-ethnic act, embodying the society justice
Is, I attached reason "This is because of well-being of public, legitimacy of purpose is observed" and.

Further, addition to you are publishing a and materials investigation report Even if there is pro-Japanese anti-ethnic act decision, special law is any to bereaved family and those surveyed
While disadvantage also with the does not specify, it was pointed out "This is a also matches to minimization requirements of Fundamental Rights infringement" and.

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> Also, legislative purpose of special law a reminder that you legitimacy and ethnic truth of history to investigate the truth of the pro-Japanese anti-ethnic act, embodying the society justice
> Is, attached reason "This is because of well-being of public, legitimacy of purpose is observed" and.

Thing to punish the descendants of Emperor co-workers the day of past is welfare of public? ? ? ? ?

(Osaka Prefecture) can not be after (Tue) Caracal 17:19:43.89 ID:: 45 rhUMFLeq0
1 >>

The person to problem previous of whether unconstitutional or constitutionality, called judge the descendants rather than and parties that it is a retrospective law is wonder problem.

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[Both countries ・ both ethnic that same Nippon governance era = was experienced a territory era of same Nippon】

Pro-Japanese countries and pro-Japanese ethnic of ⇒ ● world's best @ ● Taiwan 1895-1945 2000 = 50 years (I include a in Japan Taiwan human system)

Anti-Japanese countries and anti-Japanese ethnic of ⇒ ▲ world's best A ▲ South Korea & North Korea 1910-1945 2000 = 35 years (in Japan South Korea human and Korea human system including)

※ Republic of China (Taiwan) is also, until in 1988 ~ of (son) era Chiang Kai-shek ~ Chiang Ching-kuo of China Nationalist Party = Republic of China which has been ran away from China continent,
The implementation thorough the [anti-Japanese education]. ・ ・ ・ ・ (Self-proclaimed) "Nanjing Massacre" education, Japanese use ban of in Taiwan, Japanese bronze statue destruction ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ etc. of Taiwan island.

Still, Taiwan people is what was anti-Japanese in particular until around 1988 ~? When I say with the, Nida that think that there was no it.

The "anti-Japanese" of world's best of South Korea, "anti-Japanese education" is not a factor of maximum, ugly of that world's worst level [ethnicity] factors Nida of most.

(Tokyo-ku,) can not be after (Tue) Sphinx 18:58:29.34 ID:: 58 8JehKhpe0
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Hate ・ ・ (laughs) and ex post facto law.

(Yamaguchi prefecture) 2013/06/12 (water) Jofuroineko 13:16:53.44 ID:: 80 Npg0bzUX0
1 >>
It is affixed label of "traitor = faction pro-Japanese", in the homeland too misplaced anger goes mad ・ berserk
Paradise Nida still If requires only property confiscation degree such as land. ↓

@ ▲ 1945 年 [Hansen hospital massacre incident] 84 human before and after

Many A ▲ 1948 年 [Jeju Island incident】 of 30000-70000 human before and after ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ residents is, escape ・ Fugitive to Nippon Osaka City Ikuno ku, other

The Raku part B ▲ 1948 年 [Yeosu ・ Suncheon revolt incident] fear 5000 human before and after ・ ・ ・ ・ ・, escape ・ Fugitive to Nippon Osaka City Ikuno ku, other

The Raku part C ▲ 1950 年 [Kokumin the coercive guide Federation of incident] fear 300000 human before and after ・ ・ ・ ・ ・, escape ・ Fugitive to Nippon Osaka City Ikuno ku, other

The Raku part D ▲ 1950 年 [Ota prison massacre incident] fear 1800 human before and after ・ ・ ・ ・ ・, escape ・ Fugitive to Nippon Osaka City Ikuno ku, other

The Raku part E ▲ 1950 年 [Kokumin defense forces incident] fear several hundreds of thousand people ・ ・ ・ ・ ・, escape ・ Fugitive to Nippon Osaka City Ikuno ku, other

F ▲ 1980 年 [Kwangju incident] 200 name after

[News Video]
Order to escape of South Korea human large massacre = ↑ A by South Korea government = Korea people from [Jeju Island incident], it was been fled to Nippon

Tax of elderly Tachi ※ [life guardian] ≒ Choppari et al. Of in Japan compatriots
(Videos) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0blETtEGAE

(Xinjiang Autonomous Region) can not be after (Tue) To Libyan wildcat 14:30:05.13 ID:: 10 A7dxjvMc0
Na like the Cultural Revolution (laughs)

It does to think of to be it with the article of 21 century very

12: black-and-white (Ibaraki prefecture) can not be after (Tue) 14:31:09.08 ID :/ tIC8KBg0
W that sells quarrel from the front soooo, to rule of law nation
Here up to or also came anti-Japanese innocence

(Tokyo-ku,) can not be after (Tue) wildcat 14:32:41.93 ID:: 15 DPzpXN/80
In do usable at any to what retrospective law If you have activated the include, but are'm a one of the law that are strict prohibition In the judicial circles.

(Garden) can not be after (Tue) tiger 14:48:26.88 ID:: 19 dEEy1iu9P
Www a mighty 's 9 human unanimous match in the Constitutional Court
The www I uninhabitable for fear such country what would normally without pro-Japanese anti-Japanese relationship

(Xinjiang Autonomous Region) can not be after (Tue) Burmese 15:08:05.21 ID:: 28 kt + UTJlS0
>> 19
Kokumin emotion law Since've got to superiority to South Korea constitution, judgment of judge them correct

(Kanagawa prefecture) can not be after (Tue) Sphinx 14:48:46.96 ID:: 20 mrOIf1so0
But will are you assets confiscation of day Emperor cooperation companions in a commonplace feeling Nazi hunting is's allowed in Europe 's this?
It 's Don on delivery but I not it feeling commonplace When you have from Chung When you have from Nippon?
The Though it Don on delivery by the fellow who is thought it the norm also in the Japanese.

(Company) can not be after (Tue) Sphinx 14:48:51.14 ID:: 21 e5wwgbAu0
'S legal system of South Korea first thing out of his mouth a private law level The' s not judicial

(Kanto ・ Koshinetsu) can not be after (Tue) tiger 14:53:26.31 ID:: 22 4cvCLBHjP
The w Give me The Catcher in the pro-Japanese sin also Korean wave idle that are coming to migrant to Japan

(Kanto ・ Koshinetsu) can not be after (Tue) Siamese 14:59:36.29 ID:: 23 IVouGOGfO
>> 22
Why I do think about the or not get caught in the pro-Japanese sin! !
It 's be like that not a pro-Japanese is fact

(Osaka Prefecture) can not be after (Tue) 15:01:34.87 ID pheasant white:: Ui0VCCb70 25
Anti-Japanese fascism nation ww
Where is ne any different? And and South Korea Nazi of anti-Semitic? Server South Korea of ​​Domin.

(Tokyo-ku,) can not be after (Tue) Balinese 15:28:44.18 ID:: 31 kED7U9af0
When Samsung'm crack down Hey hey?
The this or not Was not it Bettari with the those guys Nippon army? w

(Kanagawa prefecture) can not be after (Tue) tiger 16:28:34.21 ID:: 36 kMEyK / CJP
But not it not be punishment for some reason (people who None a fortune in the squire preferential treatment measures of = Japanese colonial governance under) South Korea zaibatsu.

(Saitama prefecture) can not be after (Tue) tiger 17:00:16.66 ID:: 39 rEsyccZ + P
South Korea Na is proof You say not also in the nation governed by the rule of law also in developed countries Nante retrospective law

(Nagano prefecture) can not be after (Tue) tea tiger 17:10:14.73 ID:: 42 StzJNpZH0
Samson that had in the money by selling the rice to day Emperor not a become to pro-Japanese sin?

(Osaka Prefecture) can not be after (Tue) Tonkinese 17:27:00.39 ID:: 47 + MmDDaEr0
Reason you do not want to to travel ban do not know

(Kansai ・ Hokuriku) can not be after (Tue) Turkish Angola 17:28:33.15 ID:: 48 thVukNilO
United Nations Secretary-General also Nida 's laugh is to this

(Chubu region) can not be after (Tue) Russian Blue 17:29:24.54 ID:: 49 QBar8CPa0
The (stick) ... Na 's developed countries of mighty first-class

(Xinjiang Autonomous Region) can not be after (Tue) Berman 19:39:57.35 ID:: 60 pg8luuus0
N? That one? I if funny When Ren is president arrest of now If it is this?

(Kanagawa prefecture) can not be after (Tue) 19:48:06.54 ID pheasant white:: VE/pPRa50 62
- It 's do that it is constitutionality making retroactive law, thing South Korea that not a law - abiding country no longer.
Country of Aborigines, itself wwwwwww. Nippon is should be breakup of diplomatic relations as soon as possible.

(Fukuoka prefecture) can not be after (Tue) Munchkin 19:58:04.98 ID:: 65 FmQfikup0
States deemed constitutionality the retrospective law in the modern democratic nation that sing the rule of law Social Orientation is trying to Arawareyo No way is ・ ・ ・

(Sanyo region) 2013/06/12 (water) Turkish Van 09:30:58.10 ID:: 74 3KAHQkYKO
You can give to create a decent court to South Korea

(Kansai region) 2013/06/12 (water) 09:43:48.00 ID The Nuko:: eOVq/3m +0 77
Country that is admitted at the national level its "logical of blood" which became a problem in Hashimoto article incident of Weekly Asahi is South Korea.
; So abnormal method, called called into question to sin to reason that it is a descendant for no a party to is satisfied.
Liberation League of Nippon even though funny? I'll kill criticism such a, such as South Korea and reviews of racism so and so is fact
The doing the pressure motion in conjunction with Korean.
It counts no, such such as those confessed thing interests is that it match in the economic gain In short.

(? Catv) 2013/06/12 (water) smilodon 11:16:30.17 ID:: 78 JoG5r4jP0
United Nations is are you doing leave the South Korea that're doing such a serious human rights violations Why?

(Saitama prefecture) 2013/06/12 (water) Marble Cat 22:05:24.14 ID:: 81 pK7lgtu1P
How can you get hero that prevented the from being colonization to Russia to develop the Korea with the help a force on the Nippon 's pro-Japanese faction

(Soft Bank) 2013/06/12 (water) 22:09:51.62 ID Nekomata:: 0E0lhwCd0 82
By to create a scapegoat called pro-Japanese faction,
To protect the trumped anti-Japanese view of history which I made after the war, it Better than it was I'd reinforced

To reverse, South Korea itself is to collapse there When the crumble
If there is provisions end of the forgers anti-Japanese view of history even in the Constitution, it Because of the collateral the orthodoxy of South Korea founding

(Hyogo prefecture) 2013/06/12 (water) Egyptian ・ Mau 22:15:44.88 ID:: 84 2Ko70cH7P
And Japanese mass media do not want to coverage any the this.
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Hyundai Motor threatened overseas agency,embellished the export performance

Big balloon

2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:08:46.23 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??

It was found that Hyundai is followed by Indonesia, was inflated export performance by issuing the tax invoice fake in Vietnam. Suspicion that modern car export team has reported the results of false habitually in the region of a large number of overseas by this is growing. (Yomiuri Shimbun May 20 "[alone] modern car, trading extortion false order to inflate performance of affiliated companies" see)

The 7th, to "adorn the documents as modern car or exceeds the export volume of Vietnam local partner, issued to false invoices" and "Oh, president of A, the company that sold the Hyundai car commercial vehicles in Vietnam this process in were exposed modern car had "threaten to" terminate the contract must be cooperation ". Obviously Oh president, and plans to raise civil and criminal proceedings the prosecution on suspicion of such intimidation specific economic crime Aggravated Punishment Act of modern car with (To~ukugyonga law) violation along with the representatives of the partner that is the same thing was.

Source (Korean)

Suspicion that inflated the export performance by using the position of "Jia" Hyundai Motor has been raised. The 17th, Sung Unhokorindo president revealed as "issued to official export withdrawal bill (overseas affiliates) pressed against the false the car in order to achieve the amount target export (Hyundai car)". Korindo is a local Indonesian partner of Hyundai car commercial vehicle sector.

I secure the testimony of the practice of both companies there was a bogus transaction numerous between Korindo and modern car, and sent and received between the practice in the process mail, bill text, commercial invoice Korea beads (invoice I got the). I made ​​it clear accountants who examined the data at the request of the Korean beads and "is estimated in terms of sales inflated typical approach using the buying and selling of provisional.

Source (Korean)


2: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:12:03.96 ID: reNQSCJa

Kiddle Bakka this all over the world
14: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:20:26.59 ID: ruJhn + pa

What modern, Do you not think there was a blue-chip companies also Nari Chung

15: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:21:59.11 ID: i3s9aLga

This thing out of window dressing.
I caught immediately in Japan. Delisting requirements further.

27: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:36:15.02 ID: uJzBQTxd

Www What false invoices
This would've been established as a capture format of another
Is not such a thing if there is no success stories or anything other industries
Should a large number of other crimes

29: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:37:29.79 ID: oeXVJHgk

27 >>
And recidivist treatment wwwwwwwwwww

31: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:43:09.89 ID: dX0Resnu

Nida was supposed to be like this because Toyota did not tie the hybrid technique!
The Nida seeking provided free of hybrid technology with the apology and compensation!
44: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 03:56:54.72 ID: 1GCpcbyE

The shaping sales
It shapes the charts
It shapes the Sports Rules
It shapes the understanding of history

Such wonder what exactly this extreme in special anomaly is, w
55: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 04:28:03.35 ID: h9fQ2 + jQ

Na there was a push revelation to dealers by Nanyang dairy even before last month or last month.

56: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 04:30:47.38 ID: lIU7HU4e

Thus, people living does not say that of all true
Country of liar I was did.

It's like a fairy tale, but Do not I perish Seriously be present seriously. What country liar

58: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 04:31:51.12 ID: AeHN2uZ7

Say the person who was taken side by side full of lies and fraud and bad like this because he has been common practice in everyday social life will start of it okay.
Would something like an idiot all Japanese, etc. In terms of the logic that says human fooled words say credit trust equal to the country's not-class is of course is bad!

60: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 04:36:45.10 ID: xAdK6qbS

People lie, name and face and age and companies just lie
Dog food tradition, in no history other than miserable and嘗糞is the truth?

The self-reported everything I lie is the basic (・ ω ・)
Look around the world, please tell me if there is another such country.
83: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 05:45:44.57 ID: bwU1C + ZX

Samsung Well even so, I'm fucking food in the same way

84: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 05:57:14.68 ID: p3a5HVIs

83 >>
Company is somewhere I was supposed to get a rope at some circulation investment in Japan
Samsung Group wondering as to be like that all useless if there is no good
I was watching while I think.
Well, I will be all right peninsula nation because they allow it.
118: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 08:17:48.82 ID: 1lytfEFL

Sales inflated Samsung patent Nida
Nida to sue

Timid clione ◆ HPbPYoY6YI:: 119 2013/06/13 (Thu) 08:19:10.84 ID: xg6rXXCo


How can you get Korean standard.
133: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 08:51:23.79 ID: Dc2AcmFS

It is a new Raidaihan, which you can see

135: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 08:53:49.50 ID: 0KaPryhv

Indonesia and Vietnam
"...... And threatened me'll be ported to Hugh the brains of you guys if you do not that it has sold a lot of modern cars"

Timid clione ◆ HPbPYoY6YI:: 136 2013/06/13 (Thu) 08:56:06.15 ID: xg6rXXCo

135 >>
I think the person who said, "Going to transplant the brain of the Korean people," but rather is more effective as a threat.
166: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 11:13:53.15 ID: XMrFJ/3g

Watch Your Back
Because start making noise in the world to Fukkake fate does crap in Japan and also in anticipation of this from spreading.
185: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 17:34:13.56 ID: PN/kb7RQ

"Hondi car is expanding more and more market share all over the world (well-defined!" W What were exactly is this ←
ラベル:embellishment HYUNDAI
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[Korean] BOK Governor Kim "had never utilized on a scale meaningless big Japanese and Korean currency swap agreement extension. To proceed with mutual benefit" [06/13]

had never utilized?

2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:27:10.63 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ that came back: 1:??
The 13th, for the extension of the (swap) agreement currency exchange with Japan, which expires in 3 days next month, gold Zhong Xiu [Seoul Yonhap News] Bank of Korea (central bank) (Kim Junsu) president if the benefit for both shows the view that may be extended. I made ​​it clear idea at a press conference that took place after the Monetary Policy Committee decided to defer the policy interest rate. For currency exchange, gold president said, "not something you do to think that there is merit only in the other hand".

On top of that, for that voice and to extend if there is a request from South Korea, such as Japanese politics is up, was "such a representation is not appropriate. Can be extended if the benefit for both sides" he said. Also mention the size of the Korea-Japan swap maturing in 3 days next month ($ 3 billion = about 284.2 billion yen) also. I said, "there is no significant meaning to scale itself, and that it has utilized Unlike Korean and Chinese swap neither" he said.

On the other hand, gold president made it clear when you revised upward economic growth forecast for South Korea next month. The growth rate of this year, said to be a 2.8% high 0.2 points from 2.6% as of April due to the effect of adding supplementary budget and government interest rate cuts last month. I was growth forecast for next year will become 4.0% higher by 0.3 point.


(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' [sage]:: 3 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:28:03.72 ID: P5awtTWo
That is
The "Japan Come signed up while apologizing want to extend, but because i can not ask from this place self-esteem in the way"
Do You mean

(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' [sage]:: 5 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:29:17.43 ID: xamX8HVr
1 >>
The w Na like Koreans really

7: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:29:33.72 ID: nr5yvdIi
Do not abort a decision that it does in the interest of Japan

8: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:29:41.39 ID: HPYgJ3pw
Would be no requirement to.

11: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:29:55.43 ID: wMPPE +0 n
Mercy, this country

(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' [sage]:: 12 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:30:00.05 ID: 8ogEMxTI
I say "does not extend though, meaning"

13: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:30:17.91 ID: nFMv6UBZ
Well With that said without

15: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:31:10.62 ID: d/5OkSdY
But he has only disadvantages in Japan ...

It is with the parasite in Japan ^ ^

17: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:31:24.21 ID: 20GhbBjj
That the United States and South Korea swaps with all one's might become discontinued the secret Nida

9: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:29:48.86 ID: yU35N0aR
1 >>
I mean the switch of stock plunge to enter on July 3.
No, or national bankruptcy?

(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' [sage]:: 19 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:31:25.80 ID: aqIAfwgM
If you are there, you do not need if you do not need,
I wish speaking clearly, from what this guy What ...

(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' [sage]:: 22 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:32:04.63 ID: X + yfqvra
Www Ya Na seems
Ww you do not affirm and do not need clearly
It's dirty I Oke only then dung

85: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:44:27.86 ID: KO97OWre
> About the voice of the extended if requested from Korea, such as Japanese politics have gone up,
> Was "such a representation is not appropriate. Can be extended if the benefit for both sides" he said.

Warota www have pride not stupid
Point-and-shoot wwww

23: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:32:05.25 ID: TrRdkqiE
Have heard
Koch'll get embarrassed
(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' [sage]:: 36 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:33:21.08 ID: bNkoLEPM
1 >>
> i've never utilized the difference between Korean and Chinese swap

Cheeks w
W korea was utilizing

(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' [sage]:: 84 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:44:27.94 ID: bwZfFI / E
> we've never utilized the difference between Korean and Chinese swap

Money swap with China after all,
W I'm dabbled more
w It's as someone was saying

26: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:32:21.22 ID: rUdDNa5u
Because not return debt certainly China,
It Did not think immediately issued with the swap increase extension?
But a melon remember.

48: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:36:42.80 ID: L6rL8Kt /
1 >>
> There is no significant meaning to the scale itself, nor that you have use of the difference between Korean and Chinese swap
It 's like do not understand what you even you have said yourself.
If there is no significant in scale,
And I should stop the swap itself.

49: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:36:43.72 ID: HSjPpLYr
Do not I'm dying and I wanted to extend.

51: Raidaihan the bane of Park Geun: 2013/06/13 (Thu) 14:37:27.54 ID: NfgDJyN7
It does become a mutual benefit

I do not need
ラベル:swap agreement
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The hotline phone call to South Korea fleet JCS chairman, from China fleet

china will get n and s koria.(and will get japan?)

1: Johnnyφ ★: 2013/06/08 (Sat) 10:27:58.39 ID:???

The hotline phone call to South Korea fleet JCS chairman, from China fleet: South Korea military

"Strategies together with China in the West Sea" in the second fleet commander
Disapproval Chinese military, the fleet base visit


The 5th morning, trillion Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman = Left = Seung Chung met with范長dragon Vice President of the CPC Central Military Commission in Beijing, China.
范副in chief, Chung that urged China to play an active role for peace on the Korean peninsula and the denuclearization of North Korea. / Photo courtesy = Joint Chiefs of Staff

Afternoon the 5th, trillion (Chung Sunjo) Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Chung Seung are visiting China visited the Chinese Navy North Sea Fleet headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong.
In force that mobilized during the Korean Peninsula (the Korean Peninsula) Crisis, the fleet that has jurisdiction over the West Sea (Yellow Sea) has been deployed China's first aircraft carrier is "Liaoning".

On this day, in the guidance of the (Vice Admiral) Tanaka, commander of the North Sea fleet, Chung strategies duty room on the third floor which is installed Korean Navy 2nd Fleet between the fleet "hot line (direct phone)" is visited.
After Ding Toho on schools had a duty (Lieutenant Colonel) to make a phone call to the second fleet, and called, "Hello, this is the North Sea Fleet headquarters" in Korean Shogun (trillion Seung Chung) ", call ahead (2nd Fleet I obsess a phone call) and "came out.
"Admiral Chung, Korea and China army must deploy the same strategy in the West Sea from now on (Major General) 2nd Fleet commander Jung Jinsobu you have been waiting for Chung a strange call.
And instructed to cooperate closely with the Chinese military, and "tell the soldiers.

duty room that the Chinese side has made ​​public this day is about 30 square meters wide, five PC monitor (each 20-inch) was placed the phone and one with fax function.

(In 2008) "hotline since it was established, the two countries talking about 90 times, Tanaka commander was exchanged about 70 times fax.
Told hotline and "has helped much to prevent the error in judgment between the two countries. Then, the further development of the relationship "between Korean and Chinese Navy,
It, "he said trying to sea of friendship, cooperation of sea, to the sea of peace the Yellow Sea (West Sea).

On the other hand, this day, fleet base visit Chung did not realize the Chinese side is reluctant.

South Korean military official "told the intention of the" want to go to "fleet base on the Chinese side, but this morning, it was said," convenience is "bad to the Chinese side" to talk with.
I mean that with the return trip home without can take a destroyer rather than aircraft carrier Korean military Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman spite of carried the leg to Qingdao, North Sea Fleet held.
Voice "military cooperation level of the Korean middle nowhere near the expectations still" and is also up for this.

Qingdao-Anne Young-hyun correspondent
Chosun Ilbo / Chosun Ilbo Japanese version article input: can not be after 10:26

Combat Organization
In strengthening strategic cooperation of China and South Korea [Korea] Korean and Chinese military talks, such as North Korea denuclearization agreement [06/05]

Can not be after (Sat) 10:28:44.65 ID:: 3: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' rmrIT8Tz

Do you Dada leak in North Korea?

Can not be after (Sat) 10:29:18.45 ID:: 4: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 4EkhrAKS

Korea under w it is not welcome even against much that has flatter until turning to the enemy Japan and the U.S.

Can not be after (Sat) 10:30:05.84 ID:: 7: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' JxOavbz8

Installing a hot-line, it is not allowed that the Koreans from entering the fleet base.
The www or not the infrastructure to fully

Can not be after (Sat) 10:30:51.80 ID:: 9: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' DHtmXWVy

just slave treatment

Can not be after (Sat) 10:31:58.50 ID:: 12: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' wtbS3yvX

I do not put it in a fleet base
Na's shield
South Korea 's fleet shield Ishisu both name and reality Na it was good

Can not be after (Sat) 10:32:05.46 ID:: 13: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' QYKA74ff

Na wonder Dada leak

Can not be after (Sat) 10:32:43.81 ID:: 15: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 1n7dwq9E

Do not need to North Korea Nante vessels hotline
Ready to fight Japan and the United States fully

Can not be after (Sat) 10:32:48.03 ID:: 16: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' DHtmXWVy

Al disposable last

17: <丶 `∀ '> (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `): 2013/06/08 (Sat) 10:32:47.87 ID: Af / pE +2 Z

America is not shed important information I also nod

29: Isuzu (▼ Д ▼) * waves * ◆ VmCYIC08w2: 2013/06/08 (Sat) 10:37:25.02 ID: LfF8KSeE BE :1615757647-PLT (12408)

Hey America's separation of Korea.

Well, Korea would've been exploring how to cut the rudder of Korea itself to the realignment of U.S. forces.
Unexpectedly, by building really alliance with China, to be trying to stab a nail China to prevent the ally of either in North Korea.

42: Lee 58 ◆ AOfDTU.apk: 2013/06/08 (Sat) 10:41:12.63 ID: IU / DlsZi

29 >>
> Well, South Korea would've been exploring how to cut the rudder of Korea itself to the realignment of U.S. forces.
> Unexpectedly, build really alliance with China, to be trying to stab a nail China to prevent the ally of either in North Korea.

You will not be able dexterous such.
The Koreans, submission to the Chinese is imprinted.
When threatened an inch in Chinese, to be compliant.

How much information is, or flowing to China via Korea.
Do not be taken whole Aegis system?

49: Isuzu (▼ Д ▼) * waves * ◆ VmCYIC08w2: 2013/06/08 (Sat) 10:43:45.51 ID: LfF8KSeE BE :3116102696-PLT (12408)

42 >>
For me whether it can be successful It's, as another.
In, I think it is as you say, and wonder if there is speculation You say want to know the movement of the U.S. military through the Korea China.
Or part of the side field tactics after.

Can not be after (Sat) 10:38:40.38 ID:: 34: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' l4xAMS75

In the United States and South Korea scrapped a security, it would do you want to tie the China-Korea security and China without also killed US-Japan-Korea cooperation

At the time of Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula, from me started to say from the other side as it were to Japan
Just doing to China this time.

Do not be looking at, w spear out from Shinchu such as sin about 100 years after the flag colors when sick of them

In, meaning that keeps North Korea has come tumbling in towards yourself from someone's point of view China is eliminated
So these, clothes on by the fact you've done by hand Unification of China
In that case, since not afford to to keep remembering nuclear sailing off to bat bastard When to go over to the other side
Do not be have no idea about Kim Jong-un assassination much to Yarakashi, to blame Japan it while you're at it

50: ●: 2013/06/08 (Sat) 10:44:23.76 ID: 12PaS58L

Glorious vassal state history

Can not be after (Sat) 10:44:33.92 ID:: 52: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 4TwmvJKq

In withdrawal ensure 2015 will Arjen U.S. military such as entering under the command of troops Chung

Can not be after (Sat) 10:50:21.28 ID:: 77: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 4EkhrAKS

52 >>
If Korea continues betrayal America as it is
The withdrawal> to prematurely or more

Can not be after (Sat) 10:46:25.92 ID:: 61: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 10NJ7R + y

The United States did not provide only monkey model of the old generation this or measures

Can not be after (Sat) 10:48:42.13 ID:: Armed Forces ◆ R2uckTZDGs of Regguuyo @ advance: 70 PfVZ5Mzw

61 >>
Exports Ssho monkey model all.
Well, I think vs. South Korea is bad treatment considerably but w

Can not be after (Sat) 10:46:42.03 ID:: 63: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' l4xAMS75

As it were to the United States, then I just go back to the concept of Acheson line of original
It will become easier to friend or foe is Yari rather clear.

It will cost lip service because it is a little diplomacy, but it's attached to China
I wonder would deal with cold as the default route

73: Lee 58 ◆ AOfDTU.apk: 2013/06/08 (Sat) 10:49:14.73 ID: IU / DlsZi

63 >>
> As it were to the United States, then I just go back to the concept of Acheson line of original
> It will become easier to friend or foe is Yari clear rather.

The problem is that information would be leaked to China to all tactics from the technical information of the Western camp.
This is very painful.

Can not be after (Sat) 10:51:28.97 ID:: 80: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' xnrOFJUV

73 >>
France-Israel "Ne'm dangerous"

I Is not it at this late hour?

Can not be after (Sat) 10:52:27.04 ID:: 88: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 4TwmvJKq

73 >>
Already Okomi Because it is vassal state treatment bush later

Can not be after (Sat) 10:47:27.97 ID:: 64: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' wOWp0Qiw

Y'know Chung,
The fighting and die in the Korean War
I wonder if you do not know came out much damage.

But that you say, 's only victim Nida of Japan in the second match in the delusion

Can not be after (Sat) 10:50:05.59 ID:: 76: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 4TwmvJKq

64 >>
It was not korian army, It's only the UN force

Can not be after (Sat) 11:18:14.71 ID:: 164: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' wOWp0Qiw

Really, What Koreans
And I wonder if you think that it fought from the article in the Korean War? w

166: Isuzu (▼ Д ▼) * waves * ◆ VmCYIC08w2: 2013/06/08 (Sat) 11:19:01.03 ID: LfF8KSeE BE :4674154199-PLT (12408)

164 >>
Do not know.

Fought with China at that time because it is America.

Can not be after (Sat) 11:23:41.54 ID:: 176: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' gO4BFfN1

164 >>
Just listen and was just on the run> Korean army
Besides military command authority deprivation because shed information of UN forces to the enemy

Can not be after (Sat) 11:37:43.31 ID:: 195: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 4EkhrAKS

176 >>
And such as had into the hands of enemies run away threw the weapon that was doing giving much trouble when cornered
And such as has attacked towards the UN troops or Shina army Soviet supposed ally in Negae~tsu easily when cornered
Header fields this is really angry and claiming a portion of the territory of Japan to the U.S. because I wanted to run away from the place dangerous as possible those of the south, especially in unskilled in both North and South

Can not be after (Sat) 10:48:43.73 ID:: 71: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' HgRJc1Rc

Level w China also confused it is too stupid

Can not be after (Sat) 10:48:48.92 ID:: 72: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 47SDt5Mj

"Nida to phone right now!" Korea

"Is the place you do not receive radio waves, telephone became a bet ... Contact is not in power." China

Can not be after (Sat) 10:49:27.50 ID:: 74: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 801NXYG0

In other words w or determined by the reddening unification
W Is not North Korea big victory

ラベル:The hotline
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So Far from the Bamboo Grove

(Sun) 1 Nameless subject No. 774 + 2013/05/19 12:01:48.77 ID: gzEp6ivx0
"So Far from the Bamboo Grove"
The contents of this book was banned in South Korea from spreading to the whole world
The South Korean government is genuinely afraid
http://hayabusa3.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4viptas ...

13 Nameless subject No. 774 + can not be after (Mon) 22:49:54.98 ID: hMuxWUlIO
And I learned for the first time this novel ...
I Haradatsu Koreans is that it wants victims and the first time in the comfort women issue of forgery

Without the subject issue 774 + can not be after Tuesday 15 name also 00:21:23.50 ID: 7bidHkpQ0
The invading with their owners Korean Peninsula southern Japan was reigning
The historical fact that then has also gimmick war of aggression to Japan 's too <∩ ° д °> Aa Kiko Ena ~ Lee

Without the subject issue 774 + can not be after Tuesday 19 name also 23:16:08.50 ID: iCKDHSKH0
Or talking about Yoko.
But I remember that some years ago, the author in response to the fierce organizations of Korean-American, became a textbook discontinued.
I really pissed off.

27 Nameless subject No. 774 + can not be after (Thu) 21:57:36.87 ID :/ EMtntvk0
I saw somewhere such as was terrible bashing even when it was published in the United States

(Sun) 34 Nameless subject No. 774 + 2013/05/26 17:21:08.17 ID: 2qft8JXx0
It looks there was talk of old publication. It has disappeared.

Nishimura, Kosuke? @ Kohyu1952
@ Yougen_Sato @ takuramix
I was trying to translate the book of Mr. Watkins.
However, the cause in various places the exercise Korean American who would use Na to supplementary materials of junior high school in the United States,
Story of translated I was it stopped threatening to be Yoko's author.
It is a crazy race that was oppressed by saying that it is fake this.

https://twitter.com/kohyu1952/status/3354320278075 ...

(Sun) 47 Nameless subject No. 774 + 2013/05/26 22:04:29.55 ID: r5hXbu3t0

I'm making video "This is! Lie" of already
South Korea's say it! "Pay money! Apologize" to Japan always people home country
And I have been to such as rice would want to hide from the fact that such

Without the subject issue 774 + [sage] 2013/05/31 (Fri) 72 people also 11:30:35.45 ID: IAEl3gvSO
I was saying that it was raising awful grandmother and grandfather raised from Manchuria
I did not told me the details I would be because I too young?
With shaved paper, grandmother is likely fled in rags

Without the subject issue 774 + 2013/06/01 (Sat) 76 name also 09:05:11.77 ID: OlwRiXkE0
zainichi in Japan will put down is earnestly put rating ☆ 1

Without the subject issue 774 + [sage] 2013/06/07 (Fri) 113 name also 00:47:29.47 ID: Nn3dhlPA0
Kopino (Kopino)

Dirty word following the Raitaihan?

(Day) 123 Nameless subject No. 774 + 2013/06/09 22:55:47.27 ID: aL/T8Bdc0
"- War story of Japanese girl Yoko bamboo forest far far away"

It is recommended that tells the family that the late-night August 9, 1945, Soviet troops come invasion Matsuura corporal, to escape the town immediately.
Hideyo father and was absent, but the Soviets are coming close already, no longer time to contact two people, leaving a Kakioki,
Out of property and luggage minimum, three people of incense and Yoko mother escaped the Nanamu aboard the hospital train as recommended Matsuura corporal.
The bailout bombing at a point 45 miles to Seoul then, locomotive that we have destroyed the train, get off the train, three people aim to Seoul on foot.

Already, by the Korean Communist Party military concert with Soviet forces, the Japanese are slaughtered one after another in the peninsula "But,
Stripped Migurumi Boned gold tooth Bodies of Japanese, land house property of all Japanese are deprived,
Japanese women had turned into inferno young woman from little girl to be raped that randomly "

This book, published in the Japanese version was finally decided was banned in South Korea in order to conceal the history inconvenient.
Bamboo forest far far away - war story of Japanese girl Yoko [book]

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