Trumped again in Korea,Research house is claimed to "photograph of Korean massacre of Great Kanto Earthquake" Victim that is reflected or Yoshiwara prostitute

Korean newspaper reports a lie as the truth

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The 3rd, Jung Songiru Hiroaki Daito mountain Medical Center honor museum length of Korea documentary photography expert (72) in the same agency as the "is estimated to have taken the Koreans were massacred by the Great Kanto Earthquake," the United Daily News of South Korea you publish the photos you provided.

The news has posted a photo with the headline accusing those who deny the Koreans slaughter "genocide misunderstanding?" And "? And not a massacre".

On you "(Great Kanto Earthquake occurred) and date of September 12 years Taisho is specified is on the top of the photo," said corpse of "dozens body is ordered, underwear of dead bodies and Hagi It explains that "standing with a stick very long man can be seen from the bar of iron and bamboo spear beside. corpse that is.

Chung honor museum length, argued that "is estimated to be vigilantes Great Kanto Earthquake in Japan at that time, were Koreans slaughter" for men to have this bar. You are outraged "that you undressed underwear to choose only the corpse of the woman was given a disgrace again extremity of brutality that even the massacre surpassing to (surpass)," he added.

But as the photo at the time of Yoshiwara conflagration of 1911, same photos, are housed with the description of "devastation of New Yoshiwara park" in the Archives of (Yamagata) Tohoku Tohoku Culture Research Center. It seems as that copy the prostitute who Yoshihara that victims in the conflagration, but the woman at the time was not wearing only a loincloth as underwear under the kimono.

The news on the net, and become a hot topic "lie also photos and discovery of Koreans were massacred by the Great Kanto Earthquake bodies Korea, the Yoshiwara prostitute" or "potential fabrication of (fake) use another photo" are.

Yonhap News (electronic version), has posted "Koreans slaughter is estimated" as some photos that galvanized iron rolling to other corpses fold.

Actually was Riots world as "fake photo of the atomic bomb victims" in 2008, these photos, but stuff with a story behind it. Historical study of the University of California is published on the Internet and book as "photo of the Hiroshima atomic bomb unpublished", it was also located in Stanford Hoover Institute of alma mater.

French paper Le Monde also believe the pictures of the atomic bomb, it was reported in a big way "U.S. censorship has been hiding the image of the victim" as. However, concluded with a photo of when the Great Kanto Earthquake in indications from researchers other. Le Monde was a commotion to issue a correction de facto.

seen pictures Chung honor museum length is provided from those at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake, but there is no firm evidence to support the Korean massacre.

According to Yonhap, over about '40 roam overseas from 1974, Chung honor museum length that it has collected 50,000 more than in pictures as in the Korean War and during the Japanese occupation in Nageu~tsu the household goods.

Chung honor museum length will supposedly while traveling Busan and Seoul, Daejeon, and Ulsan until August to March this year, open a photo exhibition entitled "Haibo and Japanese colonial war of aggression", the 80 point photos, including these .

South Korea is serious "innocence anti-Japanese" be allowed no matter what it does regarding Japan. Through a photo exhibition to spread to South Korea as a "Korean massacre photo", and I might become established as "fact" before I knew it.


The "under garments. women who astonished look is taken off, did not want to publish it because it was humiliating," Chung said that [Korean] Great Kanto Earthquake at the time, the picture obtained ★ 7 [02/03]
Possibility that it was announced that the forger as "photos of Korean massacre" photo research house of [South Korea] Korea use a photo of unrelated exactly the Great Kanto Earthquake [2/03]


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I wish if I swim until they self-destruct when the like of advertising of comfort women recruited than trumped pointed out in haste

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7 >>
It's disseminated fabricated also because there is only a minus for Japan
Crush by Nasukoto haste to do in Chung
More outgoing in the world misdeeds of those guys is I'm positive
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Nida you have prostitution by smuggling from that era

35: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/02/04 (Mon) 12:05:50.78 ID: lsnKKYgt

Koreans happy to lie
I pull the leg of the other countries to be no non-Kai country
Personality least

42: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/02/04 (Mon) 12:07:22.70 ID: DEvGJaYS

I think I have cells were the words a little about the Chung countries to previously in the Sankei, but this is Na's fastball is another expression

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I do tomorrow though, to the paper.
42 >>
But I certain that you do not put the paper in the net only version. I have listed such as Instead Chondora advertising.

45: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/02/04 (Mon) 12:08:23.78 ID: zHZf1IPx

I want to change the meaning of such warnings the last sentence.

Spread in between the Japanese "fabrication is carried out on a daily basis in Korea" and through a photo exhibition, and I might become established as "fact" before I knew it.

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Laughter far from the largest,
Of this is I like it even "honor" long museum in Korea.

Moreover, the barrel thread quickly stood trumped quality w

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The problem is, over there is not correct in the obvious misinformation,
Do not'm going up the repeated false alarms to the dogma

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65 >>
For big cartoon in information manipulation technique shed a large amount of information worthless hoax and a large amount of
From Hana
I do not care about that barrel
You are doing in mind to run away pretend

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The inquiring mind of the Korean people, I take my hat.
I'll to fake.
If you do not spend money and effort in doing this, and I would be caught even Nobel Prize.
This is the constitution of South Korea. Outrageous. 2 flow, 3 flow also uncertain forever even after.
There is no only be called the most pathetic.

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378 >>
The guys are the same inspiration and Commercial Code, Nobel Prize w it will do take

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Anything and everything Na's fictional. Koreans Domo there is only magic and rape a prostitute.

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I Because it is ethnic lie to breathe ...
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