Decision to admit the patent infringement of Samsung

How much the compensation
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I admit patent infringement Tokyo District Court, Samsung

Certified Samsung Electronics has infringed patents related to Apple iPhone operation. Tokyo District Court ruling in the middle.

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Did not you think Busayo What Tokyo District Court?

1 >>
I wish co-write articles and confusing
Gigi In writing to clearly Apple 's favor
ttp :/ / www.jiji.com/jc/c?g=soc&k=2013062100119

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>> Looking at news Kyodo news agency linked one, because it was not the point at all without anything specific information
I found as soon as I saw the news the other.

This time, certification ruling came out Samsung that it infringes a patent of Apple
The patent patent Apple has filed in 2008 of "bounce back".

Earlier, court of the United States of course, judgment of infringement is down in the court of South Korea what about this. w

Level you did not defensible in a relatives Urinara Manse.

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Samsung style has earned earn compensation is to decide on

31: Nameless @ 13 anniversary can not be after (Fri) 14:14:39.56 ID: z/WGFxJK0
Judgment is the hate speech! Stop it! !

41: Nameless @ 13 anniversary can not be after (Fri) 14:19:53.69 ID: WZ + LYnyT0
as has been infringed the patent on touch operation of smartphones and tablets such as iPhone (iPhone),
In the lawsuit that Apple is seeking damages of 100 million yen in South Korea Samsung Electronics side, Tokyo District Court September 21,
I was sentenced to admit patent infringement of Samsung.

In the middle of decision for the presence or absence of patent infringement, the future, trial continues for damages exact amount this time.
I found Apple to expand significantly the claims.

Apple side, three models of Samsung "Galaxy" series to compromise a patent, the sales at least
Claimed to be, climb a total of 1.74 million units, to 75.3 billion yen. It is not currently producing three models according to Samsung side.


58: Nameless @ 13 anniversary can not be after (Fri) 14:22:22.83 ID: aPO9DCK70
Well, What well.

The Inokoshi "Tokyo District Court pro-Japanese" or
I'll say If you leave Japan, by Samsung.

74: Nameless @ 13 anniversary can not be after (Fri) 14:29:45.19 ID: CxW7q2vm0
Now that you have localized for Japan operability was patent infringement
It's been pitched to DoCoMo If you do not catch the patent infringement
Is it caught after all.

126: Nameless @ 13 anniversary can not be after (Fri) 14:58:06.53 ID :/ k + yaK1t0
I roll over in the High Court
Arrangements are already in place

138: Nameless @ 13 anniversary can not be after (Fri) 15:02:17.77 ID: 4l6vxNy50
126 >>
Such a fool, but say such as roll over in the High Court immediately,
Do you know what's called Intellectual Property High Court?
Here I will not out something a precedent Pokan

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To 5 in South Korea Samsung opener Japanese market [smartphone] Taiwan HTC, in the first quarter share - second only to Apple Sharp Sony Fujitsu ★ 2 [05/15]

Samuchon ~ w Hey selling

212: Nameless @ 13 anniversary can not be after (Fri) 16:04:00.98 ID: UlgyMRfI0
Ruling of last year, Samsung 's victory ~
Japanese media was a great joy

The w Na's full through this time
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Also spear won state "dying" in Abenomikusu

Or never Die?
Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/06/21 (Fri) 22:21:49.20 ID that came back: 1:??
Concern is growing about the future of the Korean economy. Stock prices in the downward trend, economic growth followed by a low-flying.
Weak yen strong won by Abenomikusu, amid export industries that compete with Japan get hit,
Stall of the Chinese economy is the largest trading partner is also a burden.

On the other hand, if an exchange turned to the weak won, now is a back-to-back and monetary instability due to outflows.
To face the troubles both at home and abroad can not be relied upon in excessive debt of individuals and domestic consumption, the crisis is being approached.

Morning the 21st, suffered a sharp decline Korea Composite Stock Price Index is an index representative continued the previous day in the stock market of South Korea,
I fell below the lows of the year. In response to the Bernanke Federal Reserve Board (FRB) has referred to the reduction of quantitative easing,
Observation funds that were flowing into emerging economies such as South Korea and the withdrawal is spread.
In manufacturing business conditions index of China is the largest trading partner (PMI) was lower than expected exports for South Korea, to import both also spurred up for sale.

However, South Korea stock had plummeted from the stage which was in June. Rate of decline of the composite index from the beginning of the year has reached about 8%.
that foreign securities will cut the target price of Samsung Electronics, the company's share price has been hit by a sharp drop in every day are also affected.

Performance of major companies also dull. The financial results for the January-March period this year, LG Electronic and Hyundai Motor and suffer a decrease,
401 companies, representing approximately 64% of the 625 listed companies is a deficit or operating profits.

Needless to say, How did you hit the export company in Korea, a weaker yen progression by monetary easing Abenomikusu.
"Korea high export dependence, is losing its competitive edge that did to support the yen weak won so far" (second-tier securities analysts)

Bank of Korea is the central bank of South Korea compete in the unexpected rate cut in May. On the 13th of this month
Shows the view "South Korea's economy to maintain growth trend along the mild recovery of the global economy" and.
Capital investment and consumption decreased, but I will for exports improved, construction investment has increased significantly, economic growth will continue despite weak.
I have to reveal the warning "increased volatility of the yen exchange rate downside risks" in the other hand.

According to the trade statistics of May, exports, but he shows the high growth of the 4-month and increased 3.2% year-on-year
I is said to be effective quantity of exports due to "currency depreciation, and come out to 9 months after the six months currency depreciation has begun.
I point out that is that the impact of the yen plunged to full-scale that now "and (analyst, supra).

However, I have touched the depreciation of the won against the U.S. dollar in both, against the yen in the exchange rate of this place.
It should give a break for exporters, but, in fact, create further friction of the Korean economy.
that the weak won is expected to spread, further depreciation of the won advances in the form of funds flowing out of the country is he that is a concern.

Yoichi Takahashi Professor of Kaetsu large, there is a past that has become the currency anxiety withdrawal of short-term funds, "South Korea.
We explain that it "are afraid currency turmoil hit when the exporters is painful in Abenomikusu, short-term funds in Japan to come to the throat of the Korean economy.

there is a possibility to be in the wake of the United States to accelerate the movement of capital flows out quantitative easing reduction observed.

In the stall trend 0% units and continues in eight consecutive quarter real economic growth rate of South Korea. While see a drop in performance of export enterprises,
It's where you want to measure the economic recovery in the expansion of domestic demand, such as consumer spending, there's a major hurdle, it's lowering of the debt repayment capacity of the individual.

According to the Bank of Korea, 959 trillion 400 billion won of 5.2 percent year-on-year increase personal debt of South Korea at the end of 2012 (about 81 trillion 300 billion yen).
Total disposable income is much lower than 707 trillion 331.4 billion won of 4.1% increase (about 59 trillion 940 billion yen) for this.
Set against the backdrop of sluggish disposable income and increased use of mortgage.

Park Geun listed the "Kunenomikusu" he (Park Ohakune) president, but the way is so ruggedness.


(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:38:02.04 ID:: 35 Tt0uyPfu
1 >>
> On the other hand, if an exchange turned to the weak won, now is a back-to-back and monetary instability due to outflows.
> To face the troubles both at home and abroad can not be relied upon in excessive debt of individuals and domestic consumption, the crisis is being approached.
The Jan just anything-goes completely to Abenomikusu previous

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 02:26:54.74 ID:: 306 IjXh6LVZ
1 >>
To proceed to the depreciation of the won in the economic crisis, the Korean economy to die, but modern and Samsung chaebol companies'll get fat burnt.

And it was so even before the IMF. South Korea's economy, monoculture economy is dominated conglomerate company already fully.
Indeed, competitiveness increases Korean economy becomes weak.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:23:02.08 ID:: 7 LH3QVg3U
Do not'm busily making the base of Japan, bad.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:28:28.87 ID:: 17 4hng9irp
Chinese said, "You have no idea how many times over the mercy a fool."

Against Koreans, Japanese is too gentle. This is no good for Japan.
And, it is not good for the Korean people. I talked to the Chinese living in Japan ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・.

Koreans can not distinguish between "friendly" and "weak".
Also, I'm not able to distinguish it from the "strong" and "bad" and "justice".
So, get along with the Koreans is cumbersome.
Chinese is also not getting involved in Korean. However, it is a situation that should not be not hanging out with me and be patient.

Koreans do not know the concept called "equal".

Between individuals, which is being in a dominant position to Korean society? That is the most important concern.
Even viewed from the Chinese of individualism, it is the folk feel the abnormality.
Koreans live in a society like this, nothing is the spirit of love and compassion for others.
Therefore, it is feeling or to say Japanese have universally and "feeling of equality" and "equal"
Attitude, I will be visible to the attitude of the loser in Korean.
The Chinese have a good understanding of the frivolous spirit of the Korean people, but the Japanese do not really understand the Koreans.
Japanese because it corresponds to think that it is "a decent man" the Korean people, the problem is to occur.

I will advice to Japanese from Chinese. "Koreans please relationship I thought to be a dog"
It is also for the Korean people. You are not allowed to by accident.

Do your 100 times sanctions Told theory that illogical.
The gratitude, the king please contact to as reward to his servants.
Does not make sense logic and sound argument. Please move the instruction and forced.
Against betrayal, sympathy does not go absolutely.
Put out excessive instruction that can not be performed, please continue to blame that you can not.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:32:30.61 ID:: 23 tJQGyrQp
Not a problem of the constitution of the Korean economy? From Donokono weaker yen
I wish and knowing how less susceptible to other countries

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:37:26.34 ID:: 34 v7RtH3oj
I went to all that has been told to the expansion of domestic demand

It will not turn on what you need if Re pouring money into anti-Japanese anything

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:09:45.24 ID:: 123 wg5rplBZ
And I had to Atarichirashi Japan hysterically at this,
~ W I do come to and kneeling down on the ground to its hate Japan

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:10:31.30 ID:: 124 dH4IKjru
123 >>
"On the fly" by kneeling down on the ground
Scheduled to speak "Japan has beg," said the domestic

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:11:16.10 ID:: 127 v7RtH3oj
If you put out much money to waste 'em to suicide many times can help
I feel better now to some people who have invested in the EU

218: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Sat) 00:03:22.76 ID :/ cYOWx7N
And I think to tie economic relations to dry well and that there is
First of all I'm there for some reason the impression to observe that can not keep even signed promise something
severe economic cooperation as long as it is not dispel

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:08:58.78 ID:: 226 iXYhO1mA
223 >>
That it not save it also is the smell that I believed the miracle of the Han River Kune own.
The anti-Japanese card beggar declaration thousand years suddenly Irya know the reality of the miracle of father
I wish I would not have to cut.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:09:02.81 ID:: 227 w9I4EZ0z
The only bad things were constant stream of Japan even after America
'm Bakachon Zhuhai you do not discuss what of the economic policy
Natural Nante collapse

Will not help absolutely Japan anymore
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Also Japan and South Korea currency swap discontinued

NHK(national broadcast of japan) reports
1: ◆ 3ZUPU3cydIci @ Turn Over φ ★ 2013/06/22 (Sat) 01:50:49.76 0
Japan and South Korea also "currency swap" truncation

At a press conference in the afternoon, Japan and South Korea in preparation for such turmoil in the financial markets is 0 minutes Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary 21:21 June
The mechanism to each other flexible won the circle and, if there is no request for extension from the Korean side
I showed the idea to abort in the next month to expire.

As part of the cooperation in the financial, Japan and South Korea, with, for example, if the foreign currency is insufficient financial markets confused,
Although we have established a mechanism = currency swaps each other $ 3 billion worth versatility won the circle and each other,
It is due to expire in 3 days next month if you do not agreed to extend.

Kan Cabinet Secretary, at a press conference in the afternoon about this
Between greet the "deadline, to extend, if necessary, but if that does not need much in the South,
It was, "said judge as Japan.
Moreover Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary, told reporters while and asked "Is that it is not necessary to extend aggressively from the Japanese side",
It said, "The Japanese side thinks so," and, if there is no request for extension from the Korean side
I showed the idea of ​​aborting a mechanism for mutual accommodation and won the yen next month to expire.

NHK News

The 137: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 18:42:01.66 0
7 >>
"Need to extend aggressively from the Japanese side is not" refers to this
I think it's a good question that drew the official statement of the Japanese government.

South Korea is in this
"I came from the if Japan said let's extension, it was doing in response to the extension"
It is making doubly sure that will not be able to contract renewal in the stance.

The 6: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 01:54:16.66 0
It was ーーーーーーー or anyway!
And be noisy in the back me, "Nida! Me that started to say from Japan"
It will going to lean back in the table?

The 12: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 01:57:06.63 0
How can you get resentment of 1000
Kim Wu, there 's six months

The 19: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 02:01:29.45 0
"Koreans it, how it is also the traditions and customs that you borrow money from a partner hate?"
Sometimes Mr. Aso spoke towards South Korea through the media of Japan a few years ago on behalf of the people of Japan and.
I knew it was really exhilarating feeling.
I thought political party for the Japanese people, just LDP still.

The 24: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 02:04:41.39 0
▼ the comfort women issue?
1. Koreans claim → "Japan has to prostitute took her in as good a kidnapping Koreans raise the country!"
2. "Absolutely" No presentation of evidence → than "testimony based prostitution Miss (self-proclaimed-victim)"
3. → "evidence that prostitution Miss has been in the high-paying jobs," one after another on the other hand we

▼ simple story
"Prostitution has been certified as a job," age difference and that is, current - "state-regulated prostitution" at the time in the first place @
Brokers prostitution called "Zegen" A fact (including Korean) presence "openly"
Demand for prostitution Miss high "very high salary whore" during the war also B
"Age, women become prostitutes for the presence of gold regardless of the country" and C
Prostitution industry great success in "Korea current" actually D. "Prostitutes coming to Japan voluntarily" grow to a large

▼ fine little story
Made the word T comfort women is actually Japanese, Mr. Senda summer light
"5-70000 people out of 200,000 Korean women were mobilized as a volunteer corps is to comfort women" says U
V a "volunteer corps" is? → "even one" cases that will force accustomed to comfort women in Teishin members but who have been working to mobilize and munitions factory was not observed
Says (propagandists of the first 2) W Mr. Yoshida Seiji, "I often went hunting the woman to the comfort women in Jeju Island"
"Local newspaper" → "is not a fact that falls under Yoshida testimony" at the time for testimony this X
Investigation of Y Japanese government as well → "forced entrainment not confirmed," "example, which is to comfort women volunteer corps is also not confirmed"
Yoshida → apology "creations actually Been to Jeju Island also not there," and then Z
However [ "politicians and some media of Japan" without taking any support and "for! Japan-Korea friendship," "fact-finding"
Without even supposed to come to terms with the Japanese who resent the "false accusation" and Korean got the "seal of approval" \, quagmire results

▼ conclusions drawn from objective facts
Is unreasonable "only Korean prostitute at the time! Not gold-eye basis difference with local and other times" is
Or "forced recruitment! Japanese all" to be confused with the "case became a prostitute regardless of the intention in the sell itself, etc."
Requires "objective evidence" if claim

─ ─ After all, the "South Korean government and former prostitute" and "some Japanese made a beginning"
While turned away their eyes to reality that "there are (including the current Korean) women to become prostitutes for the money"
It is a story that is making noise in order to push through his theory without the evidence of "kidnapping! Japanese army"

The 36: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 03:26:23.05 0
Will conditional You say, can be used when the $ 3 billion, it also collapsed.

Because I have a similar agreement of $ 10 billion, no no ww

The 60: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 06:41:45.65 0
I quit the currency swap

Credit of Korea is reduced

Become weaker won

Korean exports recovery

Horuhoru ♪

The 132: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 17:14:27.47 0
60 >>
Price is not roses be stable that it is the logical
Price index of South Korea is it to 80% of Japan already
There is only 30% of Japan's average salary
An intermediate layer even Na will not survive the weak won more than this goes according
ラベル:Currency Swap
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What happens Japan-South Korea currency swap agreement, if really want to revoke?

Remember currency crisis of 1997
1: HONEY MILKφ ★ 2013/06/22 (Sat) 13:55:22.62 ID:???
South Korean exports were strong no matter how, the current account, compared with several tens of billion U.S. dollars per year in surplus, net external debt of the last few years
It has remained at about $ 100 billion. Is a state that is dependent on financing of their overseas funds. These overseas
Direct investment that you have to sit down and has little money, securities investment fast Nigeashi with the objective and income gains in many cases.

Investment ratio and non-FDI inflows in 2011 1-to-5 in the announcement of the Bank of Korea. Inward investment in securities amounted to 478.2 billion
Dollar foreign exchange reserves, which should cover it stays in the $ 306.4 billion. U.S. Treasuries, Japan 10% 90% of foreign exchange reserves
Strive to ensure the safety and liquidity is held in a foreign currency deposits, but 40% of government bonds + deposit, sale simplistic breakdown of Korea
Assets that could value depreciates significantly, or can not be accounted also nearly 60%. Asian currencies once
As the European debt crisis and the recent crisis, the ratchet movement of funds to reflux of country of foreign investors comes out all at once
It is not heard, the economy as a whole will not Yuka Standing.

The recorded 3 trillion $ 132.38 billion, in the case of Japan's net external assets 20 years by the current account surplus, which has been building up every year
It boasts a world continuously too. I have a trillion $ 295.84 billion and currency reserves, ample assets. Therefore,
Even able to put up a foreign currency in South Korea, it is not unlikely. Benefits of Japanese and Korean currency swaps
It can be said to be in Korea unilaterally.

As other support, it has agreed the purchase of government bonds, but South Korea, Japan is doing the financing of Korea this
And nothing else in particular. Moreover, since that is the won-denominated Madashimo and if Japanese yen, Korean won fell
Value of the won-denominated government bonds also mean lower if, in use for I feel that the burden to foreign exchange risk
Some. The long financial crisis of Japan's cried, but, in fact, there is room in the budget as to be able to give the timely help, even deep bosom
I shows plainly that.

It should not be like that other than the currency diplomacy and territorial and historical issues to the other party that has been insulted, a lukewarm response excessive,
Polemic that should be discarded immediately and swap agreements are many.

Other countries embark on what support if there is commitment of Japan, what if Japan sit the economic collapse of South Korea
Will be. First significant currency depreciation occurs toward default. To Japan South Korea trade is chronically deficit.
Payment of Korea side is overdue, It will not escape the impact of the export industry of Japan to export and intermediate goods. Official reason
It is that which is why the support of South Korea as Japan.

The estimated Japan External Trade Organization of (JETRO), it is imports from Japan will increase 0.99% South Korea export is increased 1%.
Leisurely thing can not not say "won depreciation tailwind to Korean companies" or. From other countries and intermediate goods in Japan
In import prices of raw materials, more of South Korea will undergo a heavy blow.

This leads economic meltdown and to political unrest, may also large influx of economic refugees to Japan as well as disputed region. Security
Direct effects, such as deterioration will also Koyo out. In addition, the circumstances for China that can measure the growing influence crowded with weaknesses
It is good. Also limited, direct impact on the global economy before that stage the effects of the collapse of the Korean economy back situation included
It would be applied to the current situation weighed in support of, declared victor is there an increase in the latter.

Source: PRESIDENT (2 pages)

I >> followed by 2

2: HONEY MILKφ ★ 2013/06/22 (Sat) 13:55:34.28 ID:???
1 >> Nozu with

■ deployment along the prospectus of the United States
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄
▲ Japan-South Korea summit meeting in October last year agreed to limit the expansion of currency exchange. Deployment, such as the current waiting,
...... And.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Five times a day scramble for overflight of daily occurrence. Russian fighters such as tiff of "border around
Of that "were it is a story of a colleague of dealers era was a former SDF. Such information is generally public
It would have been no where sound leakage, but the turn of events in the disputed region came to be known to the broad public
Was or why.

Like the Japan-US alliance, there is a Korea-US alliance to South Korea. President Lee Myung-bak domestic for self protection of resignation after how much
Even caused a series of actions he's flicking to ally public opinion, can not afford to ignore the will of the United States.

Third report of the Armitage-Nye the divine relations between Japan and the United States was published the other day. For defense responsibility in Japan,
There is a passage to seek review in the direction to expand the new roles and missions. U.S. financial difficulties, even the U.S. military presence cost
It has difficulty, there is no choice but to look forward to strengthening self-defense of Japan in the suppression of the Sino-Russian forces.

Territorial issue of the Far East is also in a mess, the United States assume an air of indifference. By selling In order to carry forward the national prestige of the Japanese people and if it becomes
It is material of wear. Is a development along a prospectus of the United States. Concerns about currency diplomatic tension caused by Japan and Korea
The South Korean government is merely a prelude to, have not yet measure the far from down the fist swung up, and revising the Japan-Korea financial agreement
It is sufficient to remark to. I throw one's hands up and serious and rethink the exclusive defense and Article 9 to the destination
Has been forced to resolve the problem.

Author = financial consultant Osaka University of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration Visiting Professor Iwamoto Sayumi

's It ☆

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:10:59.86 ID:: 35 RoC / LQnt
I have to say Korea is not troubled. Japan also is not troubled.
Na is one selected discarded.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 15:04:57.08 ID:: 301 nMQX5DU /
1 >>
Japan will not bother at all

Now that you have boasted Korea also not troubled at all, no problem

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 15:25:51.15 ID:: 374 PjWE5MlK
1 >>
Is far from laughter, where the order is messed up me
And to determine the South Korean economy is located in the market first
Although the market is determined to be at the exchange left and right economic policies of the Korean government
What the Korean government or are you doing?
It is a mere writing in that root is missing completely willl
Are you doing it just madness on the verge of anti-Japanese half-mad, I do not otherwise
And, there is no relationship at all to the Korean economy this swap via the IMF
It is not a pot you might say that I think the United States is because we, and it 's not even talk in South Korea' s economy is immune from bankruptcy
Because the collapse of virtually is still the Korean economy from'm bankrupt on the accounting

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:41:30.51 ID:: 169 ulnLBYeQ

Jupp wwwww

Wwww reaction on the swap issue of South Korea is too cool

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:49:48.21 ID:: 209 C3HvSRc1
169 >>
I have to say Koreans' s Ne need swap According to the link destination
All consent expiration

Saturday Ninpocho that began apostate priest @ trumpet [Lv = 5, xxxP] (1 Tasu0:9) [79.2%] TEPCO ◆ hakaiM9XNY 2013/06/22 15:28:12.27 ID:: 385 lAIL8UWS
374 >>
Structure of the Korean economy
80% of sales are export
80% of the profit domestic demand
5% of the market is Samsung
70% of the profit of Samsung smartphone

It amazing to read this! Economic sense is funny people who I thought Hmm such as.

(Sat) Kamikaze @ anonymous 2013/06/22 14:53:32.09 ID:: 236 epMPif7R
216 >>
Wwwwwww Na's really fool you
Wwww I've got to go bankrupt last time why if there is a foreign exchange reserves
Mind wwwwww or one in need many times do Okawari if

Www Ne will believe you own Nante number of Chung
Wwwwwww Yomeyo one article or one >>

Dependence on trade you guys'm too much high
Wwwww Look to import on their own oil Tara frustrating

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:04:57.52 ID:: 20 oW/T27a2
Roughly, It's What prospectus of U.S.
Rice and was trying to Ataro to China in the day the United States and South Korea is obvious
Korea but are crazy butchery

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:08:38.04 ID:: 31 KcGep6Qd
Business community of South Korea Do not you have also said what?

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:14:32.78 ID:: 48 tooN5/zR
31 >>
Do not screaming example all or Kabei Ya while Osomaki place decent
Masugomi of ignorant people for you but I have been desperately Horuhoru
So the majority of public opinion have said there's Japan Ino such as Yaba rather should be discarded

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:42:33.74 ID:: 174 lvZfw8 / w
If South Korea failed in without request an extension of the swap, South Korea will be the refuge from the world the sweetness of potential
Korea wonder are afraid that the situation was tight their economies at the request of the swap extension is exposed
Vulnerability of the Korean economy are known to investors around the world already, I think it's a wasted effort, but ...

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/22 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:48:18.98 ID:: 197 T1hJQAX /
But, when I saw the rapid movement of a place here
Than something swap extension to only show money
I think ass squid source without his assets, including, in the forced withdrawal of Japan

(Sat) Italy 58 ◆ AOfDTU.apk 2013/06/22 14:52:36.82 ID:: 229 EoRri/U2
213 >>
> Http://www.ringoku.com/archives/28920078.html
> Reaction of Korea, wwww was here

3. Korean
Economic scale but smaller than Japan,
The Silly really Korea Nante perish in swap destruction of mere $ 3 billion.
There is a $ 300 billion and currency reserves exceed 300 trillion won national budget of Korea.
It does not collapse in the swap of about $ 3 billion.

The U Yokaro to such a recognition.
Still, it is not in the situation panic.
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"There is no possibility of national default in Korea"

It will be too late
1: FinalFinanceφ ★ 2013/06/22 (Sat) 09:27:21.38 0
Hyun late Deputy Prime Minister to lecture

Hyun slow economic Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance 21,
"There is no national dishonor risk of Japan's current"
I spoke with.

Hyun Deputy Prime Minister was held in 30 minutes Busan Lotte Hotel 6:00 this afternoon
International newspaper sponsored by Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongnam in (Kyon'namu) Political Academy lecture
I replied to this question in the Korean economic crisis.

"Japan's economic growth rate has remained at three percent but it has a solid structure content-wise"
"National debt Nevertheless 36.1% (GDP) compared to gross domestic product
This is lower than the OECD country with a debt of 70-200% and most of Japan is 200% "
I added.

Hyun Deputy Prime Minister
(Korean Won) is not a reserve currency but original "
It should be noted with a sense of tension the domestic financial market You out of dollars and Japanese Yen "
I spoke with.

Hyun Deputy Prime Minister
The word recently Ben Bernanke, U.S. Federal Reserve (FRB) Chairman "
Coarse and wavy capital and exit a lot in emerging industrialized countries but the course of the U.S. economy to normalize "
While the
"Shock is not large capital outflow is reduced from newly industrialized countries Korean economy"
I explained.

"The key is whether achieve economic recovery how our economy will grow growth potential future but"
Was diagnosed with while the "must strive to cut the low growth ring".
http://www.excite-webtl.jp/world/korean/web/?wb_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww.yonhapnews.co.kr% 2Feconomy% 2F2013% 2F06% 2F21% 2F0301000000AKR20130621193700051.HTML & wb_lp = KOJA & wb_dis = 2 & wb_chr =

Combat Organization
72% of self-employed in Korea, "to repay the debt for now dumping impossible Nida"
Household debt in Korea explosion the cancellation of insurance and reach ... funded three years of the national budget, to 900 trillion won a record
Debt of public enterprises liabilities South Korea, the government's three times the size of Japan
Government ... to default crisis "Nida has maintained a sound fiscal" against the public enterprises spending surpass 400 trillion won debt of Korean public enterprises, the government debt

The 6: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 09:30:56.28 0
Bank such high Nikki bankrupt flap

The 8: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 09:31:54.26 0
So swap extension w Na I do not need from the Japan

The 14: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 09:36:28.93 0
Household debt in South Korea is more than 900 trillion won mark (about 64 trillion yen) of the end of last year, I was a record high.

It is an amount equivalent to three years of state budget of Korea.


The 32: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 09:53:26.80 0
Ethnic lie to breathe even for their own people

The 36: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 09:58:04.35 0
Wonder if there is a return addressed to the problem
Can return 1000 butterfly, if you can try to return to Japan, but Chung's debt can return full?

The 38: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 10:00:39.76 0
36 >>
Na Unlikely
I wonder then have peddle the infrastructure already
It then is repellent to causing trouble in destination we also try immigration ...

The 50: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 10:11:40.41 0
Redemption of short-term government bonds from September

Wwwww is a high interest rate

It is a bicycle in operation much longer

The 51: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 10:15:32.56 0
You mean to have to refer to default bother
In other words, wonder such things like that? w

The 77: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 11:31:11.57 0
I do not not see only the ratio of debt?
I dare to compare it lists the countries that have historical default.
The first place, and how Omoidaseyo when Korea was give up the Asian currency crisis.

Well, it does may be the impossible is! Look back on the history in Korea but w

The 79: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (Saturday) I'm nameless 2013/06/22 11:35:17.54 0
In addition, South Korea has had a public agency debt of approximately equal to the national debt
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"Japanese politicians have been crushing defeat to South Korea in the international statistics is the dramatic shift to Korea diplomacy"

in South Korea Delusions is the fact

1: earthworm φ ★: 2013/05/31 (Fri) 23:24:22.23 ID:???


▲ Yang Sang-hoon editorialist

I thought the position of Japan in the international community and would have become stricter in the past history of negative shameless politicians of Japan. But reality does not seem necessarily so. This year, Japan was the country that is popular in fourth in the world in the research reputation of the state every year, and carried out for a part in the nation continent in the UK the BBC.

But we're the specific national question "impact on the international community whether positive or negative," the targeting 25,000 people around more than 20 countries. The accumulated statistics is done every year since 2005 gives a suggested various. Last year was the country the world's most popular in Japan. Almost every year, Japan will rise to the top sphere. Until April 9 was the study period this year. Thoughtless words of politicians of Japan would not have been reflected properly. However, I think Japan will not fall from the national top-speaking people around the world like in the next year of study.

Japan was surveyed from 2010. I will go back and forth between the twelve and vans Juban 17 countries in. We believe the people of the world and also has had a negative impact to the same extent most country of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and exert a positive influence in the international community if you look at the survey numbers. I was evaluated negatively much more positive Korea almost all Western European nations in particular. On the other hand, a large part was good evaluation except for the two countries, Western Europe to Japan. Popular in Japan are distributed equally to the world as a whole. If there is overwhelming negative evaluation of Chinese people and Koreans, Japan may have contested the country's most popular in the world this year.

It's got the best reputation in the study of this year it was Germany. Same World War II war criminals country but Germany is a country not the case in Japan in the country continue to reflect a thorough. Reality that Japan has received the respect of the international community in Germany as well in spite of the difference like this, There might be a source of problems in the past of Korea, during and day there.

There will be answer a variety of good faith and conscience is what Ariel also state. A France that was released the UK, a colony of the many opposed to the very first to the slave trade, and state that the action conscientious, such as the United States that released slaves. However, it always had and the environment need a national did not have the only way it's true even in the back. Britain, France, Russia and the United States occupied the territory defeating Germany in the war. Jews that Germany has massacre became a force to move the United States. Forces and such countries is surrounded by Germany. Reflection of the past conscientious German thing coming from the external environment that must be so.

South Korea did not break the Japanese in the war. U.S., UK, France became a country equal to or better than Germany in terms of all Korea was different. Because South Korea did not like France and the UK, contact as now in South Korea, Japan is trying to how to Korea Japan is not like the Japanese people of the world. Compared with Germany, there is no external environment that can not stand to have to reflect on the past conscientious also tantamount to Japan.

Japanese people are raising the consciousness to reverse damage to the flying of China now. 21% were positive evaluation the Japan Korean survey the BBC, but Japanese people did not evaluate the positive Korea only 19%. 17% of Chinese were positive evaluation of Japan, but the Japanese did not evaluate the positive China only 5% only. As long as the competition in the mid-day intensified, there is no possibility to become like Germany Japan has changed himself. After all, Japan problem is a problem that took us to do the better. It is not a problem solved Grow only muscle as China.

Japan would go in the opposite direction. What we would be getting better, is to be a country where the people of the world most respected in favor not only become even stronger. That we would be better is to be a country that we also not inferior to Japan courtesy, faith, honesty, cleanliness, discipline, law-abiding, honest, unity. Politicians of Japan is going to be able to see the complexion even though the excess Yasukuni If that happens. People like Hashimoto and Abe can not be obtained the support of the Japanese people, (Doctorow, Japan name: Takeshima) Dokdo Japanese territorial claims will be the forgotten even Japan to become meaningless.

Source: people Chosun Ilbo (Korean) [Yang Sun Hung column] the world that Japan is good

Combat Organization: country bad evaluation of the [international] Korea BBC poll 2013 [05/28] ★ 2 United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, France, Canada, and Mexico
65% of the 2013 German [international] BBC poll rating ★ 2 [05/25] China's less than reputation of South Korea in the evaluation of the international community to deteriorate negatively Korea


Can not be after (Fri) 23:27:12.13 ID:: 4: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' eO / KhTHr

Rather than not you try to raise the ranking of their own from these guys do Son
Thing out of his bad stands from all over the world to deploy the Japan Sagueneenne

Can not be after (Fri) 23:28:41.87 ID:: 5: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' d2crVwyS

That it continued to tick a history divided nation now also continued to subordinate if it is possible, too Mai is.

Can not be after (Fri) 23:33:01.50 ID:: 8: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' mmpNp / AF

If you as articles, minute you increase reputation in the world, or to Japan attitude of South Korea
Behavior in Japan in Japan of both the wonder become tyranny
If you, and attitudes to Korea sentiment in Japan I'll be something more severe

Can not be after (Fri) 23:34:02.97 ID:: 10: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' knNaCmjq

Or that truth is also decided by the power relationship is irrelevant in the head of Korean short.
Expected discussion is a country voice fighting, revealing that the investigation.

Can not be after (Fri) 23:35:05.37 ID:: 11: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' W7QXnGeh

Korea, no Did that there was war Japan and Korea?

Can not be after (Fri) 23:38:09.29 ID:: 18: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' qpdc8KxN

11 >>
Because Urinara Fantasy

Can not be after (Fri) 23:38:04.31 ID:: 17: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' kH6duQCu

> This order if Kaware in lower zone-top zone, South Korea, Japan always in the evaluation of the world
> Attitude of Japan will change a

How can you get no use assumptions impossible to assume, is leading the conclusion.
2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:10:46.42 ID:: 106: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 6WMoAIc6

I felt inclined to Te read the article, the use of victim consciousness is the difference in Korea and Japan?
I feel that is different to me strengthen the victim mentality with the rise of China is
Threat then, right is, grows
I had thought before, but the use of self-esteem also Na'm different in Japan and South Korea
Pride says South Korea would be inferiority complex in the sense of Japan
Makes me wonder and Might not sometimes impression may change in the translation

2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:13:01.42 ID:: 116: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' yNcryiqB

106 >>
Than any other translation, the concept of in developed countries generally,
I think the concept of the Korean culture is not exactly the case at all
Since there is only up and down relationship without thinking me equal to Korea,
The fact is excellent,
It seems to think that it must be Hirefusa others

2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:13:18.11 ID:: 119: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' oYZZiXvV

106 >>
What shame is miss in Korea.
The Ru fire disease lie in Barre, had been humiliated.
There is no such thing pride in Korean, Japanese think.

2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:12:34.44 ID:: 112: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' XUV3QBhT

Not meaning to medium following from Aru made ​​the West so that the top index most
Northern Europe that occupies the top in particular is often

114: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:12:51.85 ID :/ + YDObsI

Never vary from perhaps Japan.
I too indulge Korea until now too.
Rather, without surface of the various problems, I had to give support to not yell at the kids of small three bad head.
Too late.
If a change, it will from now teach the history of Korean decent.

2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:13:48.21 ID:: 124: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' JmBOYGz3

> South Korea did not break the Japanese in the war.
Hey Nikki history is rewritten.
It then has to the fact that his team was in the Holocaust to genocide Chung even more Well.
Chung Aborigines I wonder I wonder remain off-base forever.

2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:17:12.89 ID:: 140: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' tUEZ9o43

"Selling up if lowering the guy"

South Korea I'm crawling on the ground forever because I thinking about this
And me doing life. Since Japan is at leisure thanks

2013/06/01 (Sat) 00:23:23.30 ID:: 172: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 6cBDCNvB

> South Korea did not break the Japanese in the war.
In Do not say something stupid as usual
The first place is not at war, and their is # Do not you know yet that I was eating shit at the time

2013/06/01 (Sat) 06:40:38.30 ID:: 557: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' OuU9V0 / K

For example there? ? Per cent of the world Was not crazy about Korean? w

2013/06/01 (Sat) 06:54:47.24 ID:: 594: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' f5Sg2oIT

557 >>
Na Exactly.
To the point where it is the result of Korean even though extreme popularity all over the world, evaluation of Korea in an inconsistent low
>> And have made ​​no consideration 1.
That is, in this survey in the first place but that does not reflect the reality.
The cause and lobbying work by the Japan money right out.
Feces placing articles at the time not to mention the fact.
Of this article I do not know that South Korea is mine on the victorious powers the final even do not deserve to read.

677: <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ') says: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 07:20:56.14 ID :/ vmX2uZx

> Politicians of Japan is going to be able to see the complexion even though the excess Yasukuni If that happens.

Ww I'm a base outside really well.
Ww me never see Nanzo complexion of Korea. 'm Willing to anything.
Dare look track record of donations in the past towards the affected areas you guys.
In terms of my wallet from, and Jan Mon much 100 yen even out.

I do not do anything, I'm not the guy to see something complexion of the country that can not be.
It's coming towards Japan you guys desperate because he hope I get the money? Fool w

2013/06/01 (Sat) 08:13:21.25 ID:: 985: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶`∀>' 1C8KxgGJ

W This is it in human knowledge
Koreans be respected impossible forever
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