Again in the history issue mentioned

Park Geun policy is only anti-Japanese
[Park Geun]
South Korea Park Ohakune President visit to China,
Talk before the college students,
Again in the history issue mentioned [06/29]

1: Winston ρ ★ 2013/06/29 (Sat) 21:12:49.85 ID:???
The lecture before the college students, Park Geun Korea have visited China (Park Ohakune) The president referred to the history issue in mind Japan again.

[In Chinese -]
"To be able to discuss that China and South Korea will open up a future together, I am happy" (South Korean President Park Geun)

"The Future of South Korea and China bright". Park Geun President said: before the university students from China.
I appear to concerts of K-POP group that 4,000 young people of both countries were invited 28 day and night. I was focused on propaganda "Korean Wave".
On the other hand, it's was repeated this time, including a joint statement, the phrase "distrust and conflict in the history of the problem" that in mind Japan.

"The distrust and conflict over the security issues and history, politics, security cooperation has become more difficult" (South Park Geun President)

In addition, the luncheon, the president Xi Jinping, the request directly such as the establishment of the monument of the independence movement of Korea house is a symbol of the resistance of colonial rule by Japan.
On this issue "before, does not get the cooperation of the Chinese side" and, it drew the word "instruct to consider the relevant agencies" from 習主 seat.

President Park mentioned in the "history issue" of America in May, China and this time, in the summit of one.
In the joint statement, we are incorporated as "strive to holding of Japan, China and South Korea summit meeting" has been put off, but the "stand firm in the history issue" for the Japanese government
It is the form that reiterated the position to say. (The 29th 17:10)

Source yahoo!

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:33:34.97 ID:: 32 NoS4IEZt
1 >>
Hey it rubbed bad your station had held power

After all, you do not look at the things calmly in preference to all the sentimental
Women's groups and political activity in the same sense, backbite a guy hate each time it is something

But after all, I'm a nuisance in the workplace 's get such authority
Sun South Korea become a nuisance in the world s no far

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:20:13.17 ID:: 261 rZpSNsJ0
1 >>
It 's Ri anti-Japanese mint is this person ...
Ill Pakukune diplomacy.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:14:51.85 ID:: 3 mQzSlD9V
Top of the country daze ill of Japan much
How can you get bad if you do not already Punishment

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:15:02.74 ID:: 4 qX + lFoc7
South Korea and China Did not or at odds with historical issues

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:18:43.20 ID:: 13 47S3fNFa
Mon seem to be saying even incompetence.

America is the same She said she respect to the people that North Korea is hungry.

Saturday lust ◆ nQM54KR6E0bH 2013/06/29 and captivating 21:20:13.97 ID:: 14 aqeMilfm
Identity of college students, punch line hope that students from South Korea

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:21:40.86 ID:: 17 FMl5TPsG
> Security and Cooperation has become difficult

This word is w, respectively dope

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:48:00.14 ID:: 170 8HUgkZHt
17 >>
I thought same
I do not have security agreement in Japan and South Korea, and Japan does not matter even happening in the war originally Korea
Japan only move at the request of the allies America last
And I'm the same as wearing Ichamon the security of the U.S. 's put Ichamon

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:29:49.53 ID:: 26 B6jgsXh +
Why not blame the past Shina?
Did you forget the Korean War?

It's flatter by far so would not only a threat Shina.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:38:24.77 ID:: 48 ShU7kUtV
Because I forget conveniently that it was invaded by the Korean War, and trap it rubbed sloppy historical recognition of what seat Kune.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:39:21.18 ID:: 50 A / dzHUj +
And to be forgiven because it is domestic
Abroad there are victorious nation of real
A hero face of Asia.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:40:08.43 ID:: 54 TDh7G8Yz
I wish if you also requested monument establishment of his own father who was active as a Manchu army people.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:18:09.62 ID:: 104 3b5hjoIE
I feel you do not have to head around to use the anti-Japanese, but is to
Simply not terribly over more, I feel the anti-Japanese at the instinct level I mean feelings are
A story of the monkey to press the switch until you get food, but I mean like that feeling

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:31:17.56 ID:: 123 Js9SVari
History says Koreans do not have a thing Japanese think.
In a nutshell, rather than academic, it is the story.
It's not unmanageable, since we have creation in the real history entwined their convenience of their halfway, it is that people get the wrong end of the stick with the facts would come out.
But, not to be mistaken everyone, it is a story of fantasy and history of Korea.
So, if you said something in Korean about the history issue, let's answer "It is not called the history in Japan demonstration, it is great story, and. Can not be discussed" he said.
ラベル:Park Geun
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China and Korea to dig a grave in the anti-Japanese cooperation

Korea do not know China risk
China do not know Korea risk

China and Korea to dig a grave in the anti-Japanese cooperation
Economy to increase uncertainty
"Root of evil that irrecoverable" [06/28]
Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/06/28 (Fri) 18:59:23.53 ID that came back: 1:??
The 27th, Park Geun Korea is visiting China as a state guest (Park Ohakune) President Xi Jinping met with Jintao in Beijing.
While strengthening the position to check (prefectural) and Japan, with someone in tow Korean business leaders of 71 people,
I have appeal honeymoon yellowtail on the economic front. However, risk for the economy of China and South Korea "off Japan" is large, it could also be a thing to dig a grave.

First time as a former president of South Korea, 習主 seats welcome the President Park, who visited China before Japan.
"Recently, distrust and conflict (Northeast Asia) between nations emerged due to historical issues the two leaders in the joint statement after the meeting,
The situation is even worse. Claim the other hand, and "to express concern, but did not what singled out, but was accused Japan.

In addition to the year 2015 the total trade between the two countries, it was the goal to raise $ 300 billion of 1.4 times '12 ratio (about 29 trillion 500 billion yen),
For example, discuss as well as to accelerate the FTA, China and South Korea the (free trade agreement) negotiations, poised-to-day shift suggests.

Financial turmoil spreads "Bank of shadow (shadow banking)" such as problem, China has strengthened the movement that foreign investors withdraw funds.
In addition, since the speculative money that has been flowing in the back of inflated export has also been narrowed,
It's where you want to attract investment and thereby advance the Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics.

As well as South Korea, for export industries to compete with Japan you often get the upper hand against the China trade is the lifeline.
To keep pace with visit to China of President Park, in the 26th, in the poll of South Korea,
Answer "person of the relationship with China is more important than Japan" and were reported it was more than 80%.

However, realization of Korean companies doing business in China actually seems different. Economic organizations of Korean "National Federation of economic man"
Below the 100 standard and is 90.7 (BSI) business survey index that target China corporation of major South Korean manufacturing industry.
It is shown that those companies that pessimistic view of the growth potential of the Chinese economy in the future in many cases.

There was from the previous movement to run the policy in Nikushi Japan. Katsumata said Soo good corporate culture Institute president familiar with the Chinese economy
Was in the background is also anti-Japanese bubble of the Chinese economy in the first place ". Pursuit gross domestic product in the (GDP) in Japan,
Point out that it Kikaseru the glare in military power was the largest national policy, as a result, the Chinese economy and "will be forced to torture.

On the other hand, the Korean government revised upward by 2.7% this year, 4.0 percent next year and the outlook for economic growth in the 27th China-Korea summit day.
It appears also as against the Abenomikusu of Japan, growth of 0% in units only have continued recently, feasibility is uncertain.

Katsumata said earlier is a South Korea's economy if there technology of "Japan,
Future, Japan is going to be in close cooperation with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).
Talk diplomatic decision to overestimate China, is to downplay the Japanese, and "leave the root of evil that irrecoverable for the Korean economy.

Korea nestling in China economy to sinking. Where the two countries or headed.


Intention of ignoring China and South Korea [summit] Bay, anti-Japanese "intense exchange of content circulation statement" cooperation also [06/28]
[06/28] China - or tactics that tantalize = positive attitude to Japan, China and South Korea [economy] to Korea FTA
In recognition - China and South Korea summit meeting] Mr. Park, Japan is responsible for the Northeast Asia conflict proposed a new consultation body concept [06/27]

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:09:41.61 ID:: 261 fKwdNmgV
1 >>
Fool. You: you do not need to teach under Korea.

Wow, I wonder in trouble.
China and South Korea if you joined hands, it becomes that this is outrageous, and yo happening to.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:00:31.87 ID:: 2 FLpjiGvb
I'll have much choice of war or destruction

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:02:50.21 ID:: 9 2G5WkDvw
The welcome will be given both hands for Japan
If you would be happy to just leave it The further from Korea
That it was going for 20 years because he become a reality

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:03:23.26 ID:: 10 lLjp66Om
Leave her alone

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:03:25.15 ID:: 11 jqcGvnn8
It should sink to suffer the face

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:07:24.33 ID:: 15 tEEgPJMI
And given that they have people who do not have a philosophy sublime than anti-Japanese, to love to live to love
W that you think I should die

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:11:54.06 ID:: 23 FZSAbzBh
Well, I wish position then different in Japan and South Korea ...
Kata country, Kata a country it was almost vassal state, which has been through the almost independently and then ('; ω; `)

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:19:47.82 ID:: 32 5sXuEKFw
The following will draw Russia and following the past
And to the era of upheaval
Real It's utterly annoying country

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:24:08.24 ID:: 37 USlHWJ1g
I'll think this woman, and be blind to the man sweeping! ! ! ! ! .

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:39:38.07 ID:: 55 B18pLG3u
37 >>
Rather, there will no other choice.
(The Korea about the mass media to have to invent a handshake photo with Obama and Leonardo) is a sleeve in the United States,
Thanks to the anti-Japanese education, if Suriyore to Japan to become the most dependable, political life of Kune end.
By disaster and's looking down from the usual, something India and other Asian countries, can not talk.
Europe, Russia is too far and not get to the other party even above all.
To say so, if you can somehow in their own country's economic situation, Koreans something not done.
What 's thought, the outlook is standing no matter how doubtful, leaving only China.
It would've been thinking along with the north, rather than do the beggar get along, it's still better.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:42:01.41 ID:: 61 142Bwvh5
55 >>
Was step on Fumie many times in the United States and Japan since last year, but because I have been shaken to China entirely
Speaking to whether this happens, why people would simply because you share the awareness that exceeds the national power of Japan they

Become "Japan undependable," "But, must be opposed to China," and in short,
When I do, such that it's easy best to vassal state of the end

(Gold) data analyst 2013/06/28 19:52:12.97 ID:: 80 BMO1q9KM
61 >>
China is by asking the price certainly unlike Japan
It is a sovereignty dispute Yellow Sea in particular, but Leonardo will got to compromise
Nevertheless, in the United States under, why go to the Chinese side to position the NO3
I think patience is not, to be just that

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:39:41.81 ID:: 56 nuqpu9bI
Another, though not matter if this thing around.
It seems to have to forget completely that bites nails as "Japan-US-ROK alliance" to Obama more Tage to speak directly toward the Obama anti-Japanese alliance to go to the United States, on the contrary.

Obama, but has become a sensitive rapidly into the ocean advance of China as pointing nail with respect to review of Spratly and Senkaku also Xi Jinping then, what action of this Park Geun has to look like the United States, does not lead think at all seems.
What is this, because it is a complete anti-union act, I would have Niekurikae~tsu now gut the United States.

It's a really dumb woman.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:42:24.92 ID:: 62 kS + IsvAi
Although will come put the apology to Japan desperate
It will change a resentment also as humiliation half a century also passed.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:44:34.30 ID:: 64 xvxUlDG7
62 >>
I'm less than a half a century
With the help if you help, "of course" and "slow to help," "I we were doing to help the Japanese"
On parade

Best to leave as it is
It 's not Better, Best

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:54:50.02 ID:: 86 pIwJGpeM
62 >>
Because it had been to Japan Joint Declaration in Korea at this time of the visit to China

South Korea became the brackets I got swap from China were taken memorandum and that does not leave the day-to-front virtually

It's impossible to Japan already crying out loud also (laughs)

While press the self-destruct button in the [CJK] anti-Japanese cooperation "root of evil that irrecoverable" increase economic uncertainty Korea [06/28]
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"Right-wing entertainment novel" popular "

It is a right-wing state? Korea
[Korean] "to stimulate the patriotism the theme of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Japan Self-Defense Forces" right wing entertainment novel "popular" [06/19]

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/06/19 (Wed) 01:27:15.46 ID that came back: 1:??
(Tokyo = Yonhap News) Lee Chun won correspondent =
Recently, novel of entertainment content to stimulate the patriotism of Japan and are gaining popularity, Asahi Shimbun has reported the 18th.

Representative works is, a man ', which was called Pirate "of Momota Naoki.

It is a novel which I drew as a man who against the international oil companies Idemitsu Sazo (1885? 1981) founder of oil giant Idemitsu Kosan.
an opportunity that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been recommended through face book, Do not lose your pride as a Japanese "
Message of the work that is widely known, more than 1.3 million copies were sold.

Momota's death and wrote "in all sense of mission and you know that there were Japanese that caused made a war-torn country",
He added that it "wants to encourage Japan lost confidence".

It issued a "zero" eternal novel of what a 26-year-old youth to track the whereabouts of life grandfather who lost their lives by sortie special forces in 2006, he was popular.
This novel, which sold over a million copies that you have focused on the weakness and trouble of men who participated in the troops get the sympathy of the reader.

Pointed out that "you have to think also about the fact perpetrators (of pilots) as well as the side of the poor of the hero" for this comes.

Asahi Shimbun, in the five works of finalists this year of Rampo Edogawa award falls Newcomer of entertainment novel addition to this
Was introduced to be able to use it was a mystery that two works is the theme of Japanese troops of Pacific War, enclosed in "entertainment right" to these novels.

In the coinage of Ira Ishida of novelist term right-wing entertainment, refers to the novel entertainment and ask "What can do for the country you guys".

Also "hundred years Law" Yamada Zong?, Which is included in the final five candidates for カ賞 Yamamoto Shu targeting the entertainment era novel
It is a right-wing entertainment content leaders strive to try to rectify the distorted world that admire the ancestors were sacrificed themselves for the country.

Around the year 2000, "Aegis of the Lost Kingdom ',' Lorelei of the (end of the war" in Fukui Harutoshi The same trend was evident from.

Work drawn in the form of a "romantic comedy" the Self-Defense Forces of Japan today are also gaining popularity.
"Public Relations Office flying" of Arikawa ho, spokesman of the Air Self-Defense Force,
"Canon of blue sky" Fukuda Kazuyo was erected hero the Air Self-Defense Force Music Corps.

Asahi Shimbun, cited point income inequality and job insecurity that has expanded in Japan in the 2000s The reason for such works call popular.

Ira Ishida said, said, "are concerned heart (of Japan) of the reader is or not to drift to the right a little bit at a time",
Ikegami Fuyuki Mr. literary critic, was expected "works affirming nationalism, will increase more and more in the future" and.

Source (Korean)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:46:29.66 ID:: 27 9hsSrJ / h
What right-wing entertainment novel

Although would be history textbooks Korea

Ne w each Nante right wing entertainment novels excel in array

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:33:33.22 ID:: 8 KIolGtg8
1 >>
Shameless country butt in the internal affairs such as literature and the country of others
Right-wing South Korean media it and Korea,

The Koreans can not read barely even this, it is It looks like I do not understand.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:54:40.94 ID:: 32 3BDlMhye
31 >>
? In fact, w with or was only repugnant that there is popular in Korea Ranobe of Japan

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 04:00:15.67 ID:: 81 gRMLX1IB
1 >>

> Asahi Shimbun, the 2000s is why the work of such a popular call
> I gave the point income inequality and job insecurity that has expanded in Japan.

The other I'll belay w reporter stupid.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:30:03.49 ID:: 6 YsA4Xx4t
Na no 21st century relationship
We're there from various old Dano Sengoku Self-Defense Forces Dano Dano Godzilla Yamato

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:33:29.12 ID:: 7 j/R2 / / 34
It 's end is now out with a miser to the novel

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:38:12.25 ID:: 15 NOTjUEZ0
Countries that have a textbook entertainment era novel What?

16: <丶 `∀ '> (water) (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:38:57.75 ID: P +1 XvT + h
Do not a country, such as 24 hours except the house next door with binoculars

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 01:42:52.78 ID:: 21 3jZ8cWWN
Lighten much "fleet of azure" at least
If you do not keep an eye on the outrageous historical novel
Japanese colonial praise ww is gonna can not be stopped

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ? ω ?`) (`c ')' s 2013/06/19 03:08:26.62 ID:: 72 skMIzRMM
It's right-wing slightly but Momota Naoki'll's Osaka people
In addition, the book bookstore grand prize winner of a bookseller choose
I Was not selling because Abe was recommended, and it only sold because it is interesting work to read simply
It's Japan's to sell as long as it is amusing Do not Uyosayo relationship unlike the country of you guys
Not deserve to be said to Toyakaku goofy Koreans that said there will not be evaluated because it is Japanese
In addition, it's novel as you know
Do not but wonder manga novels paper also does not matter to Korean Japanese phobia that would look at the specter of militarism in cartoon Teiu giants advance Well
So, Korea  not win in Japan forever even after
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Korean-Chinese currency swap was not in the agenda of the summit, South Korea requested

Beg to China
[In Korean]
Korean-Chinese currency swap was not in the agenda of the summit, South Korea requested
People's Bank was initially reluctant
So as to put in a joint statement late counter-proposal [06/28]
1: earthworm φ ★ 2013/06/29 (Sat) 00:03:18.36 ID:???
The 27th, Xi Jinping and (Park Ohakune) President Park Geun, agreed Chinese president during the Korean-and middle-summit meeting 'both countries
Initially, was not in the agenda of the summit currency swap maturity extension ', but a joint voice to end at the request of South Korea
It was found that it was included in the Ming.

The 28th, initially, South Korea in wake of the summit, according to officials who accompanied the visit to China of President Park
Decided to discuss the Korean currency swap of maturity extension, the Bank of Korea officials planning and the Ministry of Finance People's Bank of China
I was doing the pre-contact and secretly. However, the People's Bank of passive and "whether there is a need to extend dare"
It was reported to have taken a position such.

Executive Office of the President official and reach 3 trillion $ 440 billion in the end of March standard foreign exchange holdings leave the "China
It was, "he said there was no in a position so uneasy. Just economic channels economic team for this
Judgment and difficult it has been found that were determined to cooperate with diplomatic line for assistance with the diplomatic channel.

Result of assistance and diplomatic, the People's Bank of acceptance, the People's Bank currency swap side extension problem from the beginning
Executive Office of the President official was quoted as, has been counter-proposal try to include in the joint statement of the summit. As a result,
Draft to be extended for three years to October 2017, during the Korean currency swap maturity of maturity in October 2014 is both
I was specified in the statement Annex.

If you need the change in circumstances "international financial markets, Executive Office of the President official case so that it be increased even swap scale
I was told that "the meaning. In Hong Kong between currency swap scale Han and intermediate agreement China 400 billion yuan ($ 64.5 billion) or so
More than (360 billion Chinese yuan, 58 billion U.S. dollars) scale.

Source: currency swap was not in the (Korean) agenda Korean economy, South Korea is trying to request ...

Combat Organization: Shinchu route to [Korean] blog Japan-Korea swap censoring ... I'm worried about the acceleration ★ 2 [06/28]
Contrast to Japan "Japan-Korea currency swap end extended for three years in the Korean currency swap searchina [/] Korea with China
Basis "[06/28]

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:17:27.42 ID:: 26 1GkoBMKD
1 >>
('・ Ω ・ `)
What the central bank swap of debt with the central bank full of counterfeit money full, it's not like Old Maid?

63: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Sat) 00:36:46.87 ID :/ cmrpTLF
1 >>
> The result of assistance and diplomatic, the People's Bank of acceptance, the People's Bank currency swap side extension problem from the beginning
> President's Office official was quoted as, has been counter-proposal try to include in the joint statement of the summit

This Na would probably lie
In addition, I wonder are making the story in the face

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:41:20.13 ID:: 68 poujwrbF
63 >>
Because it is a South Korean source, such w for it would be likely
The Chinese side, had to ask a favor from beginning to end South Korea side, can be read.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:44:01.78 ID:: 71 Z472hFMN
63 >>
Instead of connecting swap agreement may have been counter-proposal such as a vassal state of the terms of the secret.
The fact that the Chinese Communist Party control in place of the IMF management.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:52:20.09 ID:: 83 L9/O3PjZ
71 >>
Because he that agreed to promote the China-Korea FTA
I would not be turning back

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:06:25.76 ID:: 5 NHMo302Q
Difference if to kneel down on the ground in China or kneel down on the ground in Japan
It was Nakitsui after all I mean the same
What not massaged the pride in South Korea

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:09:17.04 ID:: 14 matZw6N +
5 >>
Japan did not ask until kneeling down on the ground separately in only asked for request
On the other hand South Korea w was kneeling down on the ground close to the "Begging" to China

19: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Sat) 00:13:32.11 ID :/ oxRoUoQ
Keep in said there not let imitate the beggar, I not only changed person you scrounge the money?
Although a translation was good to go back to the original master-slave relationship Well

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:21:13.51 ID:: 37 vP / FzkmO
To clarify, to just put vanity fuff, Ohakune President swap extension becomes Paa, was troubled with money interim has Nakitsui in China.
People's Bank of personnel from an expert once, it is not a joke and swap in Korean or just good for nothing, you just become a burden for China,
It took to and otherwise, but had received the Crown Prince His Excellency Xi Jinping party hard not knowing, of knowing economy, harassment and just to be in the United States.
Or forced to press, large rotation or be squeezed money supply in the shadow bank extermination, regular banks also, about to come from crushed shadow bank,
Is top it off, you feel she was Shoikoma hoodoo that get nowhere is anyone can see, the People's Bank Governors also wish I would have had my head.
・ The time to her husband, facing head, because not to be transferred abroad at full their property, how busy by now?

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/29 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:22:05.61 ID:: 38 1OL3mFJg
China'm a momentum likely to swap triggered earlier but w
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Bill Gates 'pocket, hands'

that's his way

1: earthworm φ ★: 2013/04/25 (Thu) 00:32:12.37 ID:???

Handshake is a greeting method tugging lightly up and down two people holding hands with each other. When you meet, when you break up, when to celebrate, it is done when you pull out the agreement in most cases. Hand was a symbol of trust by the Roman people. Act of shaking hands was a display that will trust the other party. When oath, raise your hands is also a context like this. It was a means to ensure that there is no hostility there is no weapon in hand handshake until the Middle Ages. Today, handshake became a business greetings that are exchanged universally most in the whole world with regards common method.

(: How to handshake snip)

Discussions have taken place with a handshake Bill Gates Terapawa U.S. chairman of Microsoft (MS) co-founder with putting your hand in your pocket while meeting with (Park Ohakune) President Park Geun. The 22nd, and shaking hands with the right hand and putting it in a pocket of pants left hand as soon as you hold out the hand Park President into the monkey cage at Cheong Wa Dae, this scene was captured by the cameras of reporters to Gates.

Offense and defense is spread among netizens immediately photo is published. Condemned the attitude of the Gates to be "Different from failure to pay compliments in the seat to meet the head of state", netizens other countered the "'s cultural difference. Behavior not change at all in the United States," said some netizens.

5 years ago, 'handshake pocket' Gates was wearing a similar time to meet the Lee Myung-bak before President Executive Office of the President. And shook hands with putting in the left hand pocket in the seat met Francois Hollande French president, to Bill Clinton President of the United States. However, Gates shook hands politely to take both hands when I met Kim Dae-jung former President Executive Office of the President 2001.

In addition, there is that you have to shake hands with well-behaved good posture by lowering the waist in the greeting of the day king.

On the other hand, you do not know is the 'human greeting formula Gates''s shaking hands with putting the left hand in the pocket, it is whether the cultural difference, but the feeling of the people that watch it's unpleasant. You say that it is not the failure to pay compliments in the West, but think you need to mind the etiquette of the partner country seems good.

Lee Yonsopu editorialist

Source: Gyeonggi Daily (Korean) 'handshake pocket' in the support base] Bill Gates

Combat Organization: while shaking hands [Korean] Bill Gates, and President Park in a pants pocket and ... [04/22] the left hand


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pay The use fee of Windows for the time being

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President Obama bowed to our Majesty the Emperor

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3 >>
Then, South Korea is not related at all for some reason was a fire disease.
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From yourself first If you seek thanks
This is the base of the ray

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Because it is called with the name of the half-assed idiot such as Sun King

It Ja Ren a fool from Gates?

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Nanitaru The rude and arranged in the same category Emperor and president of three flow state

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Domo is Barbarians you can not understand the character level of courtesy that would call such as the Sun King Emperor
In are you if I told what to Bossy? w
Or joke or something? w

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I day or still king.

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It's a day Yobitsuzukeru king emperor also do you do think it's failure to pay compliments

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Please buy the genuine and if you want a hand out from the pocket.

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Much national budget of South Korea 's Bill Gates
Wonder has Qian
If fucking Nante take Rei Koreans

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You say it's their rudeness When the pocket handshake
Domo waste you do not know will be referred to as a day the king is emperor's rudeness

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No, if are willing to examine the sort of thing
In a meeting with my Majesty, Choeng Mon Jun is putting it in a pocket hands
Are you proud of it too Do not you know?

I also mentioned to White cases you guys are failure to pay compliments.
Do not'm that Koreans and weakest, reflection and self-criticism.
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