"Show the performance as a world 5 in" Hyundai car

Performance and sales or to scale?

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Hyundai is a full-scale entry into the race car.

The 13th (local time), Hyundai Motor has established a modern motor sports subsidiary in Germany Bayern Alzenau.
It is a corporation which was established to prepare the participating World Rally Championship, which boasts the highest authority in the car racing production car field to the (WRC).
The building of the corporation of 8200 m2 scale, there is a production and test equipment for high-performance rally car development and office building about 50 people to work.

The WRC rally the world's leading car race along with the F1.
F1 is done at the circuit in the vehicle of the race but, WRC compete for game vehicles a converted production car is running a non-paved road.
Is considered a site of performance verification, mass production car company one of the world's best are participating.

Fame of four-wheel drive system, Audi Quattro, and enthusiasm of mania layer of Subaru was due achievement in WRC most.
Victory, such as Citroen, Peugeot, Ford, Audi is often, but Japanese cars such as Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi has also issued a strong performance.
Mini and Volkswagen returns to WRC, it is noted again recently.

Hyundai also participated for the first time in the same race in the "Verna" in 2000, but withdrew three years.
Why was decided to return for the first time in about a decade is clear. Only grew to 5 companies in the world by sales volume,
To enhance the brand value through this competition, ensure high performance image, it's that achieve qualitative growth.

In modern motor sports opening ceremony im Takuuku vice president of international sales modern car commissioner (57),
And said, "show the will to improve dramatically the performance of modern cars sold in the world".
(Chung Eui-son) Hyundai Motors Vice President (43) from the top management team has also urge the WRC participation Zheng Yoshinobu.

After September last year, was officially declared the WRC return at the Paris Motor Show, Hyundai is adding a spur to the preparatory work with the goal of participating in the 2014 tournament.
In January this year, to play to win a total of 51 times in the Peugeot and Toyota, was appointed to the racing team general manager Michel Nandan, who is called the "Legend of the WRC" a (54).

A converted export only small car i20 played vehicle "i20 World Rally Car". Frame and i20 production car is only similar to this car, the contents are quite different.
It has a 6-speed sequential transmission that can be fast in the race for speed and gasoline direct injection turbo engine in spite of the low amount of exhaust 1600cc, produce an output of 300 horsepower or more.
Dedicated suspension can exhibit the optimum running performance in various road and apparatus for distributing the weight of the vehicle properly in the tire by also been added.


Towards the war, in 2014 [Motorsports] Hyundai i20 WRC first test [06/11]
Tour of the drivers of motor sports [/ WRC Gronholm]? Petter? Panizzi? Hyundai speculation battle [06/11]

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Did you finished payment penalty before?

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frame and i20 production car is only similar, the content is quite different

Contents are all foreign-made?

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The Ru Bakkure on the way I raise temper in WRC

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W you're doing it a long time ago already

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W or two, it was not at odds with non-payment of the fine was Bakkure in the middle of the season before I did resolved

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Do not shine through for me Chung ethnic Just looking at the description of the vehicle of content, such as described in child softened's struggling from "not get and understand not the kind of writing because it is ignorance in the car" .

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Piston to penetrate the hood commercial vehicle is only ran on public roads normally,
We're Gonna be husband, the big to-do what Larry When you have played.

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There are things that you have full participation once past Hyundai ()
It even put it in the condition of the power of the step up from the lower category
However, it had to withdraw in the middle of the season because it is not one can also win Sure enough, that there was trouble with the team at that time

What time do become really ......
expected to w in a different direction

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Car like in common three moderator of top gear
Ford Mondeo, Subaru Legacy, Avu~antaimu Renault, Mazda Roadster, BMW ・ M5
Two Japanese car too has entered
Toyota, Hilux and then Aru decorate the studio

In, South Korea car
The saying "you are wrong consumer electronics and cars, better that we made the car in consumer electronics is good Koreans" and
It was to the conclusion that "better than South Korea car" to make the car in the consumer electronics

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It 's worst' s motorsport Korea
Because I do not even know the warm-up

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Huge money but take me car race
Is it puts up with it to me today, I wonder if you know.
Idea of ​​Koreans, because personality that can not be it learn from one
Piled gold suddenly, to scoop up the first-class racer and leading technology in the world
It will however, take many years still to join the top fight.
As Japanese manufacturers, but even if there is a track record of technical capabilities already.
As with the rocket, enough to enter South Korea technology if put
Victory away.

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It 's surprise Hyundai's' s five largest in the world. Or be like that next Toyota, GM, VW, Renault Nissan? Is it a higher than Ford

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There is She said she world race index, the top so if you calculate
It seems to be a 5 in 1 Hyundai in Ferari 2 of 3 in McLaren BMW 4 of Audi

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∧,, ∧
The index Mi .. Θ. Θ seen anything I say in English?
And I do not even hit me in the google; (Mi Mi;;;;;;;;;) Japanese.
~ Mi;;;;;;;;;; Mi
∪ "∪ Shugo
(((∈ thirty-three ∋ ... * waves *.,

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World race index is represented by a combat force the strength of the manufacturer per international race team
In addition, 6 of 8 in the following Kia 6 of 7 in Porsche turbo launcher Stratos
It has become a 10 Lamborghini in 9 of Alpha Romero

Race withdrawal of recent hurt, 32 of Honda, the Japanese manufacturer Toyota # 54
After it is Nissan 84 in, and # 124 Subaru rank outside

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Hyundai is taking part of what the global race to
I was raised what results? w

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Anxious do you any dirty way
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