Why kanji education of Korea was the "failure" [06/16]

History book of more than 100 years ago in South Korea are written in Chinese characters all
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"Papa, of the" inn "is No such place where only women only able to stay?" (Character called "Journey" and the character of "woman" is pronounced "good" both)

Where the question of children called "Nani 's inn", a university professor answered the "place to stay", it's question came back from a child.
To be as follows, the answer was a little more simple.

"From that you use in the sense of Kakusha a" can "of travelers to the" journey ", and said that the house to stay during a trip to the inn."
In order to do not know the Chinese characters, only it was written as "Yogu~an" in Hangul, the child itself the first place want the right answer,
It was a force from the beginning.

When the breaking of the "dismissal to the heavy Yun Chang (Yoon Chang Jun) former presidential spokesman" was flowing,
The word "dismissal" has emerged as one of the search term on the net.
Access a translation concentrated in order to investigate the meaning of dismissal "change (迭), others replace the people in the positions of (further)" and.
In recent years, the case you are using the wrong spelling of Hangul "evil", "card settlement" and "unprecedented" in many cases, we see a large number even over the internet.

Media articles and academic papers also not a few in this. These are the mistakes that occurred from where all had been replaced by Hangul as it sounds.

"I can no longer decipher the classic of Korea," "problems in character education" The majority of people who claim to "want to strengthen the education kanji"
To worry about "in to go giving way to the era with a focus on Northeast Asia, exchanges with China and Japan next difficult" he said.
But not all wrong, but there is a more important reason.
It's a point for you do not know the Chinese characters, communicate in Korean that we are currently using that has become something does not work as expected.

Visiting the problem range of "corporal punishment prohibited" is whether to anywhere on earth, (equivalent to the Board of Education) Office of Education and some government, the interpretation of the school is a scene,
There is open each. Students, teachers and children of many if you know a little more that I am "punishment that inflict pain directly to the body," the meaning of "corporal punishment" if,
It would not be nearly the these things.

When "" pregnant woman "is complained of labor" and a doctor of some elderly
The young doctor lamented that can not be distinguished from "analgesic (Chinton)" at the time of the "hit the analgesic to relieve the pain," "labor (Chinton)" and is "is increasing.

I think of people "only child I do not want to encounter in such eye" that appears and disappears. Results of the questionnaire survey was conducted (equivalent to the Ministry) Ministry of Education in 2009,
Who answered in favor of kanji education of elementary school in the parents was 89.1%. Some people called "Why do not you try to teach Chinese characters in junior high school and from good even from now."
If you teach the Chinese characters, for cases to teach using the ancient writing is large, it is difficult to lead the study of Chinese language that is required in modern Korean.

Subject of "Edmond" is classified as a "second language" (which correspond to the National Center Test for University Admissions of CSAT = Japan) College Scholastic Ability Test.
The Chinese characters, "an unfamiliar foreign language," said a thing that just for children.

Has been held in succession "Policy Symposium aimed at activation of Chinese character education," "national competition to encourage word sentence policy normalization" and (April 16) is (May 10) recently,
Had filled the audience seats, were mostly elderly people over the age of 60. There were only enough to be counted with one hand 30 years and below.

The Hangul dedicated policy, Chinese characters are trying to Sugiyo is '43 and is disappeared from primary school textbooks.
I've been the subject of Chinese characters is anathema from the younger generation now.

As long as you do not want to de-from the old image of teaching the grandchildren strict grandfather while rebuked by whip in one hand the old book
"My dream is (pronunciation errors in the same" entertainer ") will love people" will become a society where words you make a mistake like that will go unmentioned dignified.

兪碩 Jae (Yoo Sokuche) Ministry of Culture press


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The first place, because it is ethnic illiteracy rate is high
Meiji government is at was introduced Hangul
Chinese characters, such as, I'm a race that can not be handled possibly.
Moreover, because it is law circle copy, such as listening to the interpretation Japan
Jan legal profession full.
To give up, to go with one Hangul.

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Child: to obtain "What hotel? "
Siblings: The "I do not know even if I say, Nida to try to go together" (grin)

The ww Na can easily imagine

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I can not believe it is to such negative effects discovered after 50 years
It 's big problem with not Within '10 if China and Japan

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This article will also do understand correctly what human Korean
Kana telephone game to trial from day-to-day life

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Inn 1 >> How can you get Japanese
The Tsukaeyo the restaurant. Slave Sina.

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Hey Maybe that's because there was no "inn" in the Joseon ...

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Is I mean, do you live in only word What these guys?
If words are the same in pain and labor, supplemental sentences will get back and forth?
Is the distinction is like stick before and after in the same sound chopsticks and bridge and end ...

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In the London Olympics, and performance "Dokdo ..." Therefore, it is criticized, "Rising Sun flag" was taken out.

In, You say, "says a long time" and "it", it 's ethnic cockscomb that all the people have got to believe?

Originally would not have something "logical", and misunderstanding even if caused by homonyms, and given that they have Minjoku "How big voice wins" of, example would be no problem what

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,;: ⌒:;,
Country stupid Atsukaen 8 (・ ω ・) is eight Chinese characters

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King when the Is and said
Hangul to understand even ignorant people stupid ...

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Or over one, two group is too bright respect excess Li morning, Hey because apparently did not Kaerimi the Korean.
At the time ...... that neglected the words of their own.

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Vassal state also learn it in colonial power if Kaware Colo
I changed the name to the original time Nante
The original but salvation itself has had to respect the previous dynasty

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You should now be able to reset the classic once at the time of the original, to reset the classic also now
Do not I can claim without embarrassment pushing the Korea origin theory because it is such a country
After all, Ja Ne or all of the negative history it possible to catch those guys are doing

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> Shiji fraud
This is most convincing in that country
Mon history of all is the fraud

Even so, where it was changed to only kanji character
Those who had been left "sound" because unattractive'll say Korean
Hangul is Oke and Horuhoru the universe and one in the future

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Determine the failure to pride of the Korean people and it's ant, but the correct answer "countries were to fail on purpose" is
Because in order to learn to read in the common people level the literature of the past and a stone monument existing in Korea
For Barre, national polity itself jeopardize lie in the history of Korea, and only tried to leave the fool
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