[Korean] Korean politics to be brandished by net false, of slander riddled [07/17]

Slander and fabrications, slander is commonplace in South Korea

1: Tokyo Romantica φ ★ 2013/07/17 (Wed) 13:43:12.10 ID:???
(SNS) users As the rapid increase in social networking services, Internet space and the SNS
It has become a battlefield of conflict and feud political hardliners progress or maintenance will be led. Or "Twitter"
Writing false slander or violent words to attack the opponent camp one after another to "Face Book", community
Such as bulletin board site and "daily best" portal site "Daum" to the other side both sides is "crossfire"
It has become a place to shoot. Around the ruling and opposition parties also busy to fight back in the net ・ SNS on network society is political Korea
Cases that affect even came out.

■ The flurry of writing seditious extremists "battlefield"

Recently, the election alleged intervention by the National Intelligence Service, verbal abuse by the opposition Democrats in SNS space and each site,
Writing seditious is increasing extremists to attack the other party with respect to such presidential election invalid theory.

Daum bulletin board of the net users progressives gather in the main the "Agora", "(Park Geun is <-hye> Presidents)
Are you left for the National Intelligence Council, the sense of the dictatorship father (like Park Chung former president).
People are allowed to Inujini been tailored to the Communists out. Seoul was the (old Korea Central Intelligence Agency
Writing, such as "I guess to be taken many, Jongno-gu) in Miyai sinus rushed. The candle of the "Gwanghwamun
And momentum "to advance to swell to 100,000 demo to ... Executive Office of the President, write fuel to participate in the protests also many
There was. By the condition that it returns in the hottest words even violent words are written, Agora versus totally ruling party
For the struggle seems to be "left-wing hardliners headquarters".

On the other hand, the pro-North Korean left-wing Democratic Party that "people issued a death sentence-collapse of the conservative and" daily best "
Whatever dismantling ", do not believe the words of Anna" cheater for (Moon Jae) Rep. statement of current Tiger Democrats "
Has been written, such as "current statement Tiger retirement from politics Declaration". You can become a position of hard-line conservative to counter the offensive left-wing
's There.

■ The "mass production" slander, false information

And SNS net was transformed into illegal election means in the presidential election last year. According to the Election Commission, false
Including the 4043 review of slander and publication of the fact, that were seized total 7201 reviews illegal case. In April last year
It is calculated that increased to about six times the number of false slander because it was 720 reviews general election time. Presidential election, the Internet
"(Meaning Kozakashii, I known Nakkomusu) Nanun-Komusuda" broadcast "President Park is involved in some religious groups
I spread the image as "there, but this was a composite picture. In addition, writing false called "illegitimate child of Park Geun public"
I was also. The negative unfounded "father is the Korean People's Army from the North" and for the current statement Tiger member
Campaign has been stretched.

"Presidential election, President Park for North Korea to connect to the server in China recently to some conservative site
In addition to the sentence "has been written malicious was published, the water supply pipe installation that were fired in the" Han River in the Agora
Write that because "the (Han River, Nakdong River, Jinjiang Sakae Yamae) Construction four major rivers accident during construction is also widespread.

■ politicians who are swayed to the net hard-liners

Sometimes politics fluctuates in extreme claims on the Internet and SNS. Politicians of the ruling and opposition parties also advocate layer through SNS
Phenomenon because it is trying to communicate with, and be swayed by some hardliners on SNS's going on.

Agora "presidential election protests denouncing intervention by the National Intelligence Service," the left-wing camp has made the "presidential election vote
It was beginning recount "movement organizations have began in January this year. However, now the pressure of participation to Democratic Party leadership
Has received. The Agora "mad cow disease protests" also (2008) based on incorrect information about bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)
I started from. For voice of daily best big in the "conservative camp, first elected members of Senuri party to the translation do not care
I'm talking to "not work.

Park Myonho Dongguk University professor within the violent words of "net on lead to synergy, tone is gradually getting stronger,
Lie also as would have been received to be a fact. Politicians be dependent on the reverse rather than to distinguish this cleanly
I'm concerned tend to be swayed and "strong.

Bae Songyu reporter
Chosun Ilbo / Chosun Ilbo Japanese version

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 13:58:31.80 ID:: 20 fH1uyAKO
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/ \ ___ / \
/ / ヽ ::: \
| (●),, (●), | /  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄
|,, Bruno (, _,) ヽ,,, | I one the exchange of (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:31:43.58 ID:: 56 ZlSjCpRQ
1 >>

National history itself the foundation of the country given that they have Urinara fantasy of fake,
How can you get on parade of trumped-error What was the ride to on it.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 13:45:25.55 ID:: 3 5HO1AJna
Do not that you're doing at the national costume, what late hour

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 13:45:53.10 ID:: 4 4yBM98CN
History to study in school because just fake Korea
Those who did only world history without studying at school increases the history of the country

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 13:46:04.82 ID:: 5 phf29B37
> While tone is gradually getting stronger, lie also as would have been received to be a fact

W You will say, national traditions of you

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 13:48:49.24 ID:: 11 p8GtPKLe
lees and Shura aborigines liar gene is imprinted When do the SNS

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 13:50:04.06 ID:: 13 B9KE8I8V
You will not like that grabbed out of control because of the voice of 闘文 to downplay the logic as well as fresh evidence
I do a tool supremely useful to mankind, but it was still early for them

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 13:53:43.22 ID:: 16 phf29B37
Typical example that should not be in a good thing if you only tool to have in a non-human civilization

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:00:36.01 ID:: 21 z0ZQp5PP
History and politics newspaper article also everything country full of lies.
Should not be confused funny.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:01:11.49 ID:: 23 eRyAd3dk
Na Korea like it and despise history or invent a history

To become the country miserable and pathetic!

The story of this true

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:04:53.80 ID:: 26 epn + pc3Z
You would not think that the Korean society of confusion continued, began to now?

Korean society, collapse someday all, Nikki Seiritsu~tsu "lie, fabrication, distortion" in.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:05:21.96 ID:: 27 MGrucyp3
National level had never received a Nobel Prize still
Country was still poor if there is no financial and technical assistance of Japan

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:07:26.95 ID:: 28 ydS1Crik
Korean Peninsula and w Do not because mental hospital

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:07:28.21 ID:: 29 rY0z8fMS
So 100% false, but I do not have salvation like the other country itself ...
I think those people over the age of 3 ask is ruined once, it has been re-education from countries other than China is good

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:10:49.45 ID:: 34 XSeryMfZ
Continues to invade the territory of Japan
Are not also returned Buddha statue stolen
The trample burning the Japanese flag it with fate at every thing
To conduct the anti-Japanese activities in the world
State that are anti-Japanese education to the children of their own like crazy

It is South Korea

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:32:58.41 ID:: 41 CnOyXnDU
It stayed with the intention that you control by swinging it in instilling a lie, but politics began swayed cultural standard is too low than I thought actually

Is it not it best to also look at the modern Korea, the peninsula's are kept in China after all.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:37:41.53 ID:: 43 813dYWbM
In Jan media fueled tea, the net speech concerning coverage of Japan cult.
I'm got his stick retracted again thanks.
Goodbye, South Korea.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:54:28.74 ID:: 44 G0dton +8
When I see this Kunekune hag, a woman is not well suited for the leader after all
Do not realize thoroughly.
This guy's parents are killed in terrorist left-wing, yet I also North Korean sympathizer
Did not you cut the face to left.
It is not saying that white vengeance and a grudge against the leftist separately, but let that kind of puffed forces
Though it is normal to consider that it does not go, terrorism or afraid, and killed their parents
I do not know do you have sympathy for humans, but pandering to the left-wing forces earnestly, yet the
I have asked the anti-Japanese outlet for anger.
Indeed, thinking itself in emotional hysterical woman.
In other words, fear something violent, but the joy that you give in to violence, on the other hand
Do not wonder psychological being refracted like you're.
What ww I guess made me Korea by the reader of this

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 15:34:17.45 ID:: 49 xPnSMajX
It Did not think there was Horuhoru net spread is said there world
To have been utilized to these other
To distinguish truth from lies and net information though it is elementary considerations of elementary in

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 15:39:10.65 ID:: 50 B1ZFhkqg
Chosun Ilbo / Chosun Ilbo Japanese version of source

This article is not it represents all of the Comunidad ('・ ω ・ `).
History I have proved already what can not be done Nante state operated Comunidad.
Please easier are merged in Shiner soon.
ラベル:Korean politics
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[Japan and Korea] Korea Bar Association president, Proposed a settlement in the lawsuit forced conscription 07/16]

Lawyer of Korea do not know international law

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/16 (Tue) 21:43:22.99 ID that came back: 1:??
In case a former Korean workers who were forced recruitment [Seoul = Uchiyama Kiyoyuki] during World War II are seeking damages to Japanese companies,
Wei Che-hwan of the Korean Bar Association to support the plaintiff (WE Chul fan) Association length on the 16th,
I expressed the view settlement by discussion is desirable.

To create a foundation related companies and government of Japan and South Korea are funded,
I also showed thought to promote a solution to help the victims. Plaintiffs also that a similar idea.
I made it clear in a round-table with Japanese reporters.

The 10th, Seoul High Court remanded the appeal of litigation four original requisition Engineering sought damages against Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals,
I was ordered to pay 100 million won per person. Similar lawsuits are one after another in Korea.

The companies and the Japanese government in the standpoint of resolved the normalization of diplomatic relations at the time of 1965,
Hurdle to the settlement is high.


[South Korea] Seoul High Court compensation instruction, to appeal - Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary "of that resolved is the position of Japan" Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals is [07/10]
Welcome ★ 2 [07/10] damages instruction judgment plaintiff lawyers, to Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals [Korean] "compensation to forced taking all victims"

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:47:13.71 ID:: 10 BnOTO1B7
1 >>
The Japanese government give Korea money,Korea do a trial like?
Based on what more, such a story is Korea come out unexpectedly?

Tuesday vine peta attribute ◆ d2sFXgbEPw 2013/07/16 21:51:55.60 ID:: 40 0K1Xp96t
1 >>
> To create a foundation related companies and government of Japan and South Korea are funded

Gimme a break.
Talk to live one that Japan pay money the Korean government was hanky-panky.

The will was going to come in this hand from the first Satewa.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:53:51.15 ID:: 49 3Ih6rvcZ
1 >>
I do have a choice other than the Korean government pay.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:30:39.81 ID:: 131 0MS0333e
1 >>
Stealing technology, shaking up gold
Do not be Paca and Cho Cho Sen Sen

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:33:32.66 ID:: 136 OxTb0U5G
1 >>
Koreans first
When you begin to understand the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty?
All you people ashamed only what such as not understanding a lawyer treaty

(Fire) Fire car 2013/07/16 22:37:14.69 ID:: 143 3imRk4H9
136 >>
It Might not want to be the form of fund from being understood.

Humble person advance payment.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:38:56.03 ID:: 146 OxTb0U5G
143 >>
Do not'm a people of the worst more
You say Korean if I do not even try to

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:39:55.38 ID:: 147 4x7pbNrJ
1 >>
How can you get unnecessary Nante settlement?
W Tatakidaseyo Korea from the hateful hateful Japanese companies

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:40:12.87 ID:: 148 Dm3xohGs
1 >>
No, because it settled the Korean government anymore.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 00:37:49.76 ID:: 196 jMHPpak3
1 >>
Do'll let you return the money Japan paid first.
Because pay the alleged victim again.
It did I become about 20 trillion yen in terms of current monetary value?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 00:50:13.33 ID:: 201 3YxqpE9B
196 >>
Aid of huge financial infrastructure, such as the Convention and later also not have my tight settlement.
South Korea I do not have return still stadium construction funds lent by 2002WC.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 03:59:41.15 ID:: 265 0BIcetn /
1 >>


Japanese side just because the other party does not excuse you of the system "was doing concessions"?
Such as foundation, the ~ Do you work for the "gold" to cause drawn from Japan?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 07:08:16.50 ID:: 298 teonW9 / F
1 >>
I know a similar story.

"I do not requested compensation if an apology"

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 07:09:41.12 ID:: 299 RmlrIP5p
1 >>
Even though settlement already, you've got to say what?
It will just think I get the money if Sawage ...

If you try to claim temporarily, it's a project that should be charged to the Korean government, not the Japanese government
Kim Na given that they have already paid

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 08:55:14.79 ID:: 312 epn + pc3Z
1 >>

Do you scrounge money to permanently this time? If you take this hand, and the hundreds of thousands of people each tech r after.

It is usual practice of deceiving the guy such as Koreans from.

Kono Yohei Repeat apology in "comfort women issue" be deceived by this kind of South Korea,
I have greatly undermined the national interest of Japan.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 09:02:14.57 ID:: 315 gN/o6imo
1 >>

I wonder what one laugh or over, You say want a settlement, if I won.

You can say that it has never dreamed side that is complained of, could smell victory in the air, saying the Bar Association,
Do not have visible reality than mad court.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 09:07:15.66 ID:: 318 njWCeXbU
1 >>

To-day compensation request official position is end the Korean government
The 15th, South Korean newspapers for unpaid wages in Japan of Korean workers during the Japanese occupation,
I told the official position of the South Korean government and can not be reclaimed in Japan anymore.

Therefore the future, I will be that they should be required for the South Korean government if compensation is required.



(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 22:07:09.33 ID:: 378 9g44Yz + b
1 >>

This, in the usual trick of Koreans?

Come proposed settlement moreover ... appeal to say that unreasonable.

If you accept a settlement, I was depending on the settlement because there is a non-party to, and guilty

Demand for compensation and further apology.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:44:11.30 ID:: 2 kmXT3MU9
No need for reconciliation

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:44:29.06 ID:: 3 oA / lpRyk
Master of extortion racketeering

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:44:53.99 ID:: 4 oi3FqZXD
Resolved Japan and Korea Basic Treaty
It is desired to fulfill their obligations to the people of the South Korean government

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:45:50.32 ID:: 6 xSokRyVO
The bastard scrap Na Warawasen such as settlement and sure that you request a random

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:46:11.66 ID:: 7 ro18zLqV
Beggar both caries is annoying
And your mouth eat in feces

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:47:35.59 ID:: 14 LZ7slG3j
Do not pathetic to come up here

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:49:21.75 ID:: 24 QZapp4A0
I gather fellow over to sell

Another, it's paid

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:49:38.54 ID:: 26 wLxTR4qD
W'll Afo bare
The Ya ey paid to POSCO

(Sucks constant display) ■ 2013/07/16 (Tue) 21:50:32.77 ID ■ Let's rid, excessive display and useless display of television programs:: E + P1Okgf 32

In other words, it is a translation supports the decision of the international treaty violation.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:51:34.86 ID:: 37 53FXaN6A
South Korean side was desperate to take a money from Japan side even a little when the treaty negotiations.
Forced recruitment also comfort women how such Idasa also Kaikechi been finally at this time
You should sue the government if want money
Also, Park Chung of father of Kunekune is has been diverted to your own experiences

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:52:58.79 ID:: 47 Z2n/ICiD
37 >>
Then you say, it is mentioned in the firm at the time of the conclusion of the treaty also comfort women.


(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/16 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:17:16.47 ID:: 95 9of/feE4
Korea Country say South Korea, the substitution in foreign affairs the stupid internal affairs of their
Fraud group countries came continue to deceive their own people.
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Korean government, Proposed re postponement of emergency operational control transferred to the U.S. [07/17]

There is no normal thinking in Korean

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/17 (Wed) 16:37:12.82 ID that came back: 1:??
Hiroshi gold town of [Washington Seoul Yonhap News] Korea Ministry of National Defense (Kim Gu~anjin) Secretary
In a meeting with Hegel Defense Secretary of the United States, Korea-US Combined Forces Command officer from (USFK commander)
It has been found in up to 17 days that it has proposed to postpone the end of 2015 from the original plans to transfer the emergency operational control to South Korea army.

"The Korean government has proposed a postponement of the emergency transfer operational control to officials of the U.S. Department of Defense.
I made it clear to the two governments "have to discuss this issue.

Korea Ministry of National Defense officials also described as "there was from the past discussions on the timing of transfer".
Even while you're preparing to target the end of 2015 at the moment,
It says the "not the case" to the question "emergency operational control is either transferred to the end of 2015" and, were found virtually a policy of postponement.

According to the South Korean government officials, Minister Kim is said to Hegel Secretary position of the South Korean government.
12th Asian Security Conference held in Singapore on July 1 Messrs. (in Shangri-La meeting),
I was defense minister talks for the first time since the inauguration of the new administration.

Korean government had requested the postponement of the emergency operational control is transferred, in response to provocation to successive and nuclear and missile development in North Korea,
I believed it is necessary to preparedness and new strategy and plans forces increase of Korea military ready.

Pointed out the transfer of emergency operational control authority, officials of the U.S. Department of Defense and is showing that the Korea-US alliance has entered a new stage.
Through the elite of a (military) capability, it is possible (domestic security) take more responsibility, "Korea should take more
The "said has reached the level that would like to take more, and reaffirmed its position and to transfer the emergency operational control.
The official stressed that "(unilaterally) make a decision that you can damage the security of South Korea, the United States is at risk is not" he said.

In early May, the two countries including through summit and President Obama (-hye) President Park Geun made,
I showed the plans to transfer the emergency operational control to the end of 2015.

The two countries in April 17, 2012 in defense ministers in February 2007, was held in the United States
It has been agreed to be transferred to South Korea contingency operational control authority,
Had agreed to postpone to December 1, 2015 in the summit meeting of June 2010.


"Japan needs to have nuclear submarines, aircraft carrier nuclear power. Would embark on Dokdo invasion 16 years of U.S. and South Korean headquarters after the demolition" ★ 3 [07/15] [Korean] military navy commander original

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:42:05.86 ID:: 15 V57wNoxM
1 >>
Japan rational and absurdity Korea
ttp :/ / www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8X4kIGTHsc

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:51:58.10 ID:: 58 VwrPUJvJ
1 >>
May be doing to postpone, but pay one trillion won.
Www Do not They say

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:20:13.10 ID:: 701 gfE6rQnB
1 >>
How can you get begged, not suggestion?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:41:58.08 ID:: 14 0ZQF4lu3
6 >>
Ally Japan

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:39:27.89 ID:: 7 COggedii
It happens when you because trying to do show that you do not also be

11: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9) 2013/07/17 (Wed) 16:40:29.67 ID: VM7xBnnh BE :764055672-2BP (999)

Takeshima recapture of Japanese territory also'll close.

The United States in 2016, to withdraw completely from South Korea.

The Cold War is over, the military budget of the United States itself decreased gradually, alliance of security with Korea, turned out to be no other for the national interest of the United States.

Until now, Takeshima recapture by the military of Japan, the United States had a remonstrance Japan.

But, is that Korean interest is no longer even the United States, nothing would not say anymore.

Take American, what a Korean national interests does not play anything anymore, America I'm going to abandon South Korea.

There is a U.S. military base in Okinawa, the United States will also turn to Japan in Japan.

It is now, recapture of Takeshima isolated from Korea to work evil in Japan.

Uchinomese shit Korea, also no more resistance in the United States today.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:40:31.79 ID:: 12 S + YhDqi0
Korea You apologize to Boeing

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:43:11.16 ID:: 22 OFzH3r6W

Past lives of Park Geun President,'ve been married as fourth queen of (past life of Xi Jinping) Genghis Khan
It is estimated that the daughter of Emperor of gold [China], military's [Princess].
[Park Geun guardian spirit]
Woo - N ・ ・ ・. Era of "original" Yeah. Taken offense but, well, I entered the other side ....
• The Uhh - N. By "husband" is Osoreoi.
・ I wish to Okya to imprisonment something Abe.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:43:25.02 ID:: 23 gUIw + tSc
It can be extended conditionally from the United States once.
It's condition but can not drink.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:44:31.57 ID:: 26 Y7pMGEQq
I wish if you ask the People's Liberation Army.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:46:24.68 ID:: 33 E9RF7uF0
Age Na In ingrained

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:49:54.30 ID:: 46 kzA5r2UZ
37 >>
Huh Nom Tan route

But I wonder not interesting for many to watch. Nom Tan though was a good character

63: <丶 `∀ '> (water) (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:53:54.59 ID: I +9 I1t6e
56 >>
As with Korean residents
Useless then you are out of favor and then to not even merit
The first thing out of his mouth wants to be a "mediator", those guys

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 16:48:29.74 ID:: 39 MmfJ1egq
"If you do not put the U.S. military on a peninsula, Nida coming to rob Dokdo Japanese militarism represents the true nature" Korea

"No, because military power Nante not need Japan to regain the islands" U.S.

The "knowledge, Nida to become the deterrent to China," South Korea

"In recognition of that? Out, because over there you guys side" U.S.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 17:34:08.51 ID:: 229 mjU2Oe59
94 >>
Ill of Asagi's up there ...

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 17:05:05.27 ID:: 114 ShXGPHSp
103 >>
Do not a likely scenario was elected president on Masao has defected to South Korea, 's to achieve a unified

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 17:10:30.92 ID:: 133 g8YTOiQP
123 >>
Infantry in the north of course.
North's ten million population, but because it is all soldiers without distinction of fact like men and women.
From the idea (the real 's impossible to actually w) Given
(w it seems) and the Korean side also have to provide the several million at least infantry.

Flow Yes, that ... try stick to military service overseas compatriots as well around here originally
I have generated from fear.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 17:10:16.71 ID:: 131 B9KE8I8V
In Japan and that would have heard me say that Hui If you hit yeah Wow
From different state something these days, w Korea scared
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"To expand to 30 million people" Or multiple-entry visa issued Korean government, the Chinese

Korean vassal state of China

1: Shogo Ariake ◆ BAKA1DJoEI @ Shogo Ariake ρ ★ 2013/07/17 (Wed) 19:03:28.60 ID:??? 0 BE :909420555-PLT (12069)
★ Korea to expand to 30 million people ... or multiple-entry visa issued by the Chinese

17, the South Korean government announced the tourism industry development plan,
It is expected to expand the multiple-entry visa issued subject to the Chinese to target the 30 million people, including citizens of Beijing and Shanghai. China Radio International reported.

The same training measures, and measures to reduce the lodging tax to foreign tourists, such as the construction of medical tourism area to attract foreign patients were also included.

Currently, tourists visiting South Korea to medical purposes has increased year by year, but most are concentrated in the capital area,
To attract patients with travel to other regions that are expected. (Editor: Kenji Murayama)

Searchina [Political News] 2013/07/17 (Wed) 17:12

229: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:37:57.53 ID: uL2e82390
1 >>
It said it is in Japan tomorrow, guys that said there 10 million immigrants and keep a good look Narenohate of Korea

701: Nameless @ 13 anniversary 2013/07/18 (Thu) 00:50:48.96 ID: gZ1Gz0LS0
229 >>
Because Korea have a precedent that are debacle Yara Yara Sweden Hungary at this time
Korea do not see it, Korea do not know, do not notice then, right dangerous anymore

7: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:04:31.08 ID: Fh2cfOYF0
Korea all right?

114: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:17:45.95 ID: F + ywzFEI0
7 >>
Would be useless.
It is done in more than Japan.
It's then Some in human
Back to the vassal state to China after all
Also Might not to concentrate the genes of villain.

11: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:05:15.28 ID: JFmIBuJo0
It is anti-Japanese fellow of the same cultural standard then Korea w no problem

12: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:05:26.52 ID: 3KC7DyBz0
W The White assimilation as it is

14: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:05:38.74 ID: imAVvs0H0
Do not haunts people's poison which one strong.

131: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:20:02.25 ID: Ld82XJpH0
14 >>
It will not mean U enemy colonial power like the dog is owner ...
China'll have completed the chastisement merciless been brought stick After against even a little

15: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:05:55.78 ID: rWSmbO8J0
Yan clown, or return of the swap?

22: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:06:34.64 ID: nr0nmLiO0
Yeah, I'm feeling "visa issued by the Chinese of 80 million people," I want to look at and compare to Japan? What not Okkanaku?

23: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:06:50.73 ID: yChsL2y70
And w in the thing I gotta a lot of Koreans came from Korea Autonomous Region

26: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:07:10.85 ID: TYlYA9q10
Is there 's utility value of South Korea for the Chinese? And I wonder infest it with or without.

33: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:08:13.01 ID: VhhFODsr0
Though it is 50 million less than the total population ...?
Korea do not think the intention Yaba

39: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:08:58.52 ID: ltRUbdf80
Countries without Chinatown, or was it South Korea.
This I want to pay attention if future development will be.
The South Korean side, I wonder if the idea that there is confidence to eliminate that if it comes down to it.
Chinatown, too and then not actually formed. What really made wonder.

46: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:09:44.39 ID: imAVvs0H0
Korea if there are no claims of forgery Korea origin from at least disappear, or Well, whatever.

58: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:11:01.93 ID: OECPv6qj0
Though it is a party that mixes the firing of guns war in the Korean War,
What history did you become? Did you forget? Is no forget 1000 is?
It's applied chemistry in the suzerain.

China's economy has become more and more bitter Yaba.
You go to hell companion Chung.
Has become interesting.

63: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:12:04.09 ID: f9FL9M9B0
20xx year, for the peninsula was completely "of Tibet"
The world would raise the voice of the "free Korea?"

133: Nameless @ (water) 13 anniversary 2013/07/17 19:20:05.36 ID: ltRUbdf80
>> Hey what about 63.
If you always shouting loudly in neighboring partner, "we must start from the fact that you want to focus on historical facts!" And,
It would be from neighboring countries in the vassal state of another, and if Korea said, "as a historical fact, and Aruyo you are not wrong in general" and
What was also not Ikaese ・ ・ ・ ・. It Is not become words to that effect.
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[Korean] Korea Meteorological Agency Can not be heavy rain forecast in the supercomputer failure [07/17]

Korean technology powerhouse that does not have the technology

1: HONEY MILKφ ★ 2013/07/17 (Wed) 11:32:46.81 ID:???
13th early morning heavy rain more than 30 millimeters an hour in Seoul fell, the Japan Meteorological Agency can not properly forecast heavy rain,
It became a situation such as relays behind the situation it is raining is controversial, but the cause
I found that was the fault of (Unit 3) supercomputers agency.

From what Japan Meteorological Agency said on the 16th, 2010 to an investment (about 4.9 billion yen at the current rate) 55 billion won
Unit 3 supercomputer, which was introduced to the, to four hours until 3:00 am next day the 13th from 11:00 pm on the 12th
We've lost over use. Units 1 and 2 that were used in the past are discarded, and a third machine is running now.
Although heavy rain fell in the central region to region, starting with Seoul on the 13th of "Saturday officials of Japan Meteorological Agency,
You will not be able to use a sudden supercomputer, weather forecaster who has panic greatly. The heavy rain over the weekend
Was explained, and could not forecast properly the "blame this. The failure occurred in Unit 3 in this year
The first time I entered.

Due to a fault, the data of the expected precipitation supercomputer to create every 3 hours or 1 hour
I was not put out at all, such as weather and figures. The weather forecast for the Japan Meteorological Agency data of supercomputer
Totally-dependent, but I mean that was not able to take advantage of this at all last weekend heavy rain fell.

Found that trouble has occurred in the auxiliary memory of supercomputers, the Japan Meteorological Agency this
It was restored around 3:00 am on the 13th to fix. Na Do~ukukyun spokesman for the agency, supercomputer
But failure happened "Certainly, but weather forecasters while that it is investigating the root cause that caused the error
there were no problems in the forecast (weather weekend) for us utilizing and weather forecast data of foreign "
I insisted.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

The less than 91 in Saudi Arabia [IT] supercomputer, South Korea [06/19]
World ranking of Korea supercomputer to decline [Korean] The "Can not predict drought in 104 years because this" - every year [06/23]
To # 278 supercomputers [Korea] Korea proprietary technology "Chondo~un", world-class registered [11/13]

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:54:14.59 ID:: 103 FzBAa6rU
1 >>
not observed in the results of supercomputer is not 's fault, supercomputers were flipping me "Nida fault!"
And of not it just is screaming? Www The Shi Ru Fabyo those guys, reality is not a desire street

162: Ninpocho [Lv = 3, xxxP] (1 Tasu0:9) [TEPCO 81.0%] 2013/07/17 (Wed) 12:09:41.81 ID: XVeCkV6p
1 >>
Prediction of guerrilla heavy rain pretty hard and still operational
The first place there are a large number of observation points like AMeDAS in Japan?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 12:19:24.25 ID:: 204 9tjzI0RC
1 >>
Tamae see. This ability Nida true of Korea Meteorological Agency ★

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 12:24:55.40 ID:: 217 KYQIXFX3
204 >>

On the other hand, was going to strange direction in another sense Taiwan ('・ ω ・ `)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 12:29:10.63 ID:: 234 HIbO/0D8
217 >>
(* 'Д `) Nuke

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 14:09:02.82 ID:: 360 Ty/d0eCK
234 >>
Thanks it is willing to put properly the Northern Territories in weather map Taiwan, Japan expected

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 12:36:30.39 ID:: 254 n9N + au3l
217 >>
W Na is Big

Anyway, Taiwan cut the mesh amazing too.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 12:25:21.52 ID:: 219 xDsuqDM /
208 >>
Contents of the folding screen of 2.4 billion yen is whether the >> 1?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 17:06:38.82 ID:: 404 + sBFWzM4
1 >>
Fishermen of the place South Korea not to adopt the weather forecast to announce the Korea Meteorological Agency on the sea
Poaching ship Domo and wish Korea had sunk by credit

440: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 03:31:45.81 ID: lmCNAry0
1 >>
And Korea w just Unit 3 now that I think 1.2 Unit said it was made in Japan

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:34:06.73 ID:: 4 4mPRrIn3
× supercomputer failure
○ DNA failure

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:37:13.26 ID:: 16 YSXmGS1W
Well, is not it an excellent race in the world.
High-tech economy as well, w all, You do have to prove it

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:37:55.89 ID:: 18 QLb8TnD9
It is useless even with supercomputers, because not write program of finite element method

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 12:14:12.51 ID:: 178 5x/JMtH2
18 >>
Program of the brain are also mad earlier.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:38:32.86 ID:: 21 qLfVMIOz
Just a human error usual?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:39:12.00 ID:: 25 OHxOt71x
W You will say, Korea Just weather forecast data foreign throw away another supercomputer

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:39:37.92 ID:: 29 nqvz7hFi
Korea was self-destruction supercomputer is able to correspond to the contradiction of Korea.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:40:04.64 ID:: 33 1INLMpes
Korea wonder mon a supercomputer that can not be calculated even decent traveling direction of the typhoon.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:55:39.98 ID:: 113 FPUqrUmx
33 >>
The first thing out of his mouth was hit doing Nida 's that do not come in the place of Uri.
Such as not using supercomputers input data in the first place or did not go
Has not been changed Kenchanayo forecast.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 11:40:33.83 ID:: 34 n9N + au3l
Heavy rain and typhoon, if the expected damage to leave to Japan, South Korea government and the Korean people
Wonder forgive?

The Yan fine with it.
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[In Korean] Multiple-entry visa issued by the Korean Expanded to 30 million people To attract Chinese tourists [07/17]

Crazy Korea

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/17 (Wed) 17:57:46.46 ID that came back: 1:??
17, the South Korean government announced the tourism industry development plan,
It is expected to expand the multiple-entry visa issued subject to the Chinese to target the 30 million people, including citizens of Beijing and Shanghai.
China Radio International reported.

The same training measures, and measures of reducing the accommodation tax to foreign tourists,
Such as the construction of medical tourism area to attract foreign patients were also included.

Currently, tourists visiting Korea for medical purposes, but has increased year by year,
Most of them are concentrated in the capital area,
To attract patients with travel to other regions that are expected. (Editor: Kenji Murayama)


[Korean] 'pretty pubic face and normal "shaped town of Gangnam Cosmetic Surgery Chinese work flow target of 6,000 hotels 800 per day [07/16]
Chinese Interpretation guide also sharp increase in the [Korean] Chinese tourists surge, with Japanese tourists dramatically decrease Japanese Guide [07/15]

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 20:25:19.63 ID:: 73 MVCiwKbA
1 >>
By the way, the Chinese Nobiza only Jeju Island still.
So, the Chinese to enter the country from Jeju Island Nobiza, to become the missing
W that seems unending

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 17:59:49.03 ID:: 2 amtWNCGt
> 30 million people

It is population doubling.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:00:33.13 ID:: 5 B1ZFhkqg
Japanese tourists were reduced to do you hurt so much?
The decrease more now but m9 (^ Д ^) Zama~a w Good luck

Wednesday 12 anniversary ◆ SvOijYnhmI 2013/07/17 Hiro Tan 18:02:27.27 ID:: 7 xGbcXlw5
Ma ... Hey medical tourism, than that of China, clinical medicine ...> whether the better person of the server Korea (Clinical Laboratory Medicine).

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:07:42.67 ID:: 15 3QL32hJq
7 >>
'll Shaping

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:03:24.91 ID:: 8 A92VDgso
And I will say, Once you have the free entry of more Chinese
Korea Nante then I thing the real China

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:07:09.11 ID:: 14 t60DxUIR
Do not heat Korea's chest to return full of Chinese tourists floating in the eye.

-Tourists to defecation in the street
-Tourists spread the phlegm and spit
-Tourists bring back uprooted and equipment hotel TV
-Tourists to repeat the theft or shoplifting in accommodation
-Tourists frowned upon to local people and issues a queer voice or ranting loudly
• The tourists who ruin the important cultural property with graffiti and vandalism
-Tourists of illegal workers will be missing as it is

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:09:11.70 ID:: 20 Aq04Qp0F
14 >>
W is likely to fail holds almost all be replaced South Korea and China

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:13:35.55 ID:: 27 RPV8XaDh
14 >>
Confusion Korea do not wake up does not change much with the current status of Koreans defecation other than the first.
Tanhaki and spit everyday especially.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:25:21.65 ID:: 34 3/3GOIja
27 >>
Oh, do not you have defecation in the street 's Chung?
I had misunderstood that the Korean people, I apologize on this matter

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:45:33.56 ID:: 66 RPV8XaDh
34 >>
No, I'm sorry welcome here.
As I recall that when I went to two years ago Seoul
And there was also defecation by the roadside.
Morning, so there was a place that manure smell strangely at a shopping district of Myeong-dong.
It's not seen, but it smelled.
To the work of drunk

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:48:25.54 ID:: 43 Iuavxy3p
14 >>
I Nida as much pleased when you defecation?
Nida ♪ that sell high if golden country wide suzerain

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:07:47.09 ID:: 16 h6g9xyeo
While it is chaos if Japan low cultural standard Shiner comes, even 30 million
No problem because it is cultural standard comparable if Chung.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:07:51.10 ID:: 17 jLd/b0cj
Hey 30 million people in the country of 40 million people about population ...
South Korea Are taken over by China 's already?
It is not stiff Wait, what Koreans would,but w

25: <丶 `∀ '> (water) (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:12:04.06 ID: PR +7 M/M8
South Korea put 'em 30 million people in
Security, too get better rather

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:14:07.56 ID:: 29 DF9uYJeF
Without saying that stingy Nante 30 million people, suzerain Shina like everyone, w Jan good in passport without free entry

30: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9) 2013/07/17 (Wed) 18:15:12.73 ID: 2Vc81Xj4
It is not Shorty do not need no travel visa to China and South Korea

South Korea have not al For example cut-Tsu Chi name of one country to O fire!

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:22:04.16 ID:: 31 983upcGn
Even after being incest blood of Chinese and Japanese hate,

Longer, w I or reversal in progress

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:52:04.97 ID:: 44 KRZDOkQE
31 >>
Hated the mixed race with China and Japan consanguinity theory therefore is news to me.
Because we presented to China uprooted young beautiful woman in Korea,
And though I thought marriage with close relatives and I was increasingly reluctantly.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:24:36.74 ID:: 33 wyPVZ + sQ
W They're coming Korea People's Liberation policy

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:28:47.53 ID:: 36 ydS1Crik
The North and South were divided ww is Na Though China
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[Korean] To protect the safety of foreign tourists To the "tourist police" new [07/17]

South Korea is a dangerous country

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/17 (Wed) 18:56:32.70 ID that came back: 1:??
Korea National Police Agency (NPA) for the resolution of problems and crack down on illegal activities aimed at foreign tourists,
I build a new "tourist police" in large cities many tourists. The 17th, the agency said on Tuesday.

Starting with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency from October,
After you have installed the tourist police to Metropolitan Police Foreign Affairs Division that has jurisdiction over the main city Busan, and Incheon,
Maintaining order and patrol for crime prevention in major tourist destination,
It is planning to carry out such enforcement, investigation of illegal activities aimed at foreign tourists.

At the same time, with the support of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and local government jurisdiction,
To carry out administrative guidance for unfair billing of restaurants and accommodation facilities and taxi.
In addition, to provide the necessary information such as traffic information to foreign tourists.

Seoul Myeong-dong, Itaewon, Dongdaemun, Insa-dong, Hongik University, Jongno, the main base for the activities of tourist police corps, Busan Haeundae,
Areas such as Incheon China Town, Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry has requested the activity.

Police and police officers of foreign language special recruitment no problem to communicate with foreign tourists,
It is a policy that singles tourist police around the human resources with excellent language skills.

In addition, Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization for the smooth operation of the police force,
Configure and related organizations such as the Seoul City "tourist police Promotion Committee" to discuss the way of operation of the police force,
He plans to receive offer facilities and equipment, such as the required budget.


Assassination of human concern after another Park Geun President to measure the security collapse flee abroad in the [Korean] economy worse ★ 4 [07/17]
Multiple-entry visa issued by China and South Korea [South Korea], expanded to 30 million people to attract Chinese tourists [07/17]

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:01:46.65 ID:: 20 oRfX9SZj
1 >>
Tourist police force to "fall in love ... because I'll protect, do not know the rest?"

"The woman after take, ww I'll protect respectfully is Oretachi" tourism police force

Such scene only reminiscent

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:23:24.86 ID:: 69 OtDeN + le
>> Attitude and strive to protect the safety one I great
Korea was Notama~tsu such as security is better than Japan, but Korea see the reality slightly finally ('・ ω ・ `)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:26:10.48 ID:: 74 m2MGoZ9r
72 >>
The Jan know well.
How can you get you might say try to make the organization one like >> from dangerous world.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 20:16:40.42 ID:: 133 M6IWUbaL
1 >>
Guy from Draper too?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 20:30:43.58 ID:: 140 RGOFWJk0
1 >>
Members a man of Korean?
How do you harden in the rapist.
Do not be hired foreigners.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 21:33:12.11 ID:: 162 HYzv / TVn
1 >>
The ~ by just looking it until after all even happened to be rape scene
Of what South Korea police such is whether that useful.
Or cover-up personnel of the incident?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 22:01:00.81 ID:: 167 7nmEQfpU
1 >>

Japanese, are not part of that foreigners be protected anyway. (W

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:30:40.05 ID:: 256 1bxQE7Bg
1 >>
> I build a new "tourist police" in large cities many tourists.

It will do Ne ginger to be done but, w's like touting the rogue state
You do not subscribe to our sha because it true that w

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:00:19.70 ID:: 259 qH + hJF2a
1 >>
Is it some money to establish or rather?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:57:22.83 ID:: 2 WWOkjXxE
Ochi the police itself is dangerous

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:07:37.63 ID:: 40 6cmY1gdv
2 >>
Do not would rape in questioning

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:57:50.03 ID:: 3 i45Tbge7
pattern These guys commit crimes in foreign partner

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:58:35.49 ID:: 9 7PW2R + / k
Crime increased by spoofing

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:58:45.96 ID:: 11 hEkUaAhR
Nde, feeling that foreign tourists are beating this cop comes out

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 18:59:48.22 ID:: 14 rA + J5TcB
W If you do not also made organization to protect tourists from tourist police force

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:01:18.10 ID:: 19 Czme6D8T
You'll get stepped on second thought just me land that can not be tourism and does not make such a thing

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:03:31.35 ID:: 27 cfV0HXO5
19 >>
Do not story that is impossible in developed countries.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:03:27.96 ID:: 26 6od19gax
※ But limited to Japanese surprising

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 20:08:39.65 ID:: 128 sdnJGK2q
The cover-up multiple rape ⇒ aimed at foreign tourists in Korea
>> The 26th, young foreign women of six people in only late last month will enjoy the tourist in front of Hongik University According to the travel industry,
> I had a sex assault from a man from the identity of the unknown.

Tip of the iceberg .....

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:04:46.49 ID:: 29 d8LZN1Il
Japan will also be cooperation for neighboring countries.
Japan conscription and travel restrictions can feel free

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 20:28:56.57 ID:: 137 NzW3cTYu
35 >>
• It is rape
-Bora is the taxi fare
Food, rotten leftovers
- Plastic surgery fail trouble
Impossible it is to manage all this

You can not just tourists, the first place I'm white something about security of Seoul,,,.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 20:30:31.97 ID:: 139 MVCiwKbA
137 >>
Before, and Korea had to survey new Seoul mayor disguised as Japanese tourists,
The Jan What does it has not improved anything.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:07:20.02 ID:: 38 aFxD / Ubr
It is easy It is not good if tourist fun in the Monomonoshii security

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/17 19:07:23.26 ID:: 39 B/T5Um1P
Japanese damage, outside the jurisdiction
ラベル:tourist police
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Kim Secretary of Defense "The U.S. positively consider control rights transfer again postponed to the ROK forces" [07/18]

South Korea country of delusion

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:42:44.44 ID that came back: 1:??
18, gold Hiroshi Town of Korea Ministry of National Defense (Kim Gu~anjin) Secretary in consultation with the ruling Grand National Party and the government opened the National Assembly,
The date of contingency operational control transfer to South Korea Army Korea-US Combined Forces Command officer from (USFK commander additional post)
For that it has proposed to the United States to postpone the end of 2015 from the original,
I said, "the United States, is it not? To consider positively" he said. Senuri party officials who attended the talks said.

Officials of the U.S. Department of Defense for the coverage of the United Daily News (local time) on the 16th
I made it clear ". Both governments proposed the postponement of the re-emergency operational control transfer is the South Korean government has been discussing this issue" he said.

For this, Minister Kim explained, "the contents of the. Discussion discussions are underway in the U.S. interior seems to have been reported" he said.

Minister Kim was held in Singapore one day last month, visited to attend the 12th Asia Security Conference (the Shangri-La meeting)
In a meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Hegel, it was proposed to consider the postponement of the control rights transfer.

The threat of North Korea following North Korea's nuclear problem still worse ▼ ▼ Korean navy patrol vessel of the "Cheonan" sinking after the incident as a reason for the proposed
▼ delay of responsive force ensure Korean military and other intelligence capabilities - are mentioned.


[US-ROK military] Korean government, the United States proposed [07/17] re postponement of emergency operational control transfer

100: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 20:29:00.10 ID: 9oBOBIF0
1 >>
That one? And Jan had been turned down softly.

4: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:44:11.14 ID: xN29iisS
Did not Negi~tsu the presence of U.S. military budget?

5: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:44:21.88 ID: VVmtfFRp
that you say is huge,
things to do is shoboi.

6: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:44:24.55 ID: OG9clqck
> About what was proposed in the United States to postpone the end of 2015 from the original, said, "the United States, is it not? To consider positively" he said.

Jan desire

7: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:44:27.32 ID: mhaK5yZV
W Is not wishful thinking

10: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:45:39.50 ID: y1CUeYVb
"I come to ask from people of America" ​​Chung
Candy "A §?"

Chung such fucked up in the head too much really is anti-Japanese

14: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:47:39.96 ID: HvSKmNWt
What w even positive?
Softly, w Do not take is not the only to have been refused

[US-ROK military] Korean government, the United States proposed [07/17] re postponement of emergency operational control transfer

Pointed out the transfer of emergency operational control authority, officials of the U.S. Department of Defense and is showing that the Korea-US alliance has entered a new stage.
Through the elite of a (military) capability, it is possible (domestic security) take more responsibility, "Korea should take more
The "said has reached the level that would like to take more, and reaffirmed its position and to transfer the emergency operational control.
The official stressed that "(unilaterally) make a decision that you can damage the security of South Korea, the United States is at risk is not" he said.

15: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 19:48:00.02 ID: FHz3nfj1
> ▼ delay of responsive force ensure Korean military and other intelligence capabilities - are mentioned.
↑ ↑
It is under Korean forces me "useless" in short? (Laughs)

184: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 22:33:49.03 ID: fNzgqOgf
W will not combed positively consider even candy because I have not said a word such as South Korea is funded by the extension

188: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 22:45:09.23 ID: 2ymKB7xu
Do not wonder it was weather keeps on like this even before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula

190: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 22:51:31.32 ID: h3JwY64p
I do not have that guy say like "! Get out U.S. forces" in the country of these guys?

191: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 22:54:45.30 ID: FjGGAV6Q
190 >>
I have. You are down or pull bronze statue of MacArthur in Yarakashi even in Seoul at the time of Nurarihyon no.
Result of turmoil at that time, it was a chance to wartime control rights are transferred from the United States.

195: Ninpocho [Lv = 4, xxxP] (1 Tasu0:9) [TEPCO 72.3%] 2013/07/18 (Thu) 23:09:58.66 ID: Db7hTA3r
190 >>
From being or fled the country U.S. troops causing accident in South Korea
Did not sing songs or something die Americans PSY?

193: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 23:06:45.90 ID: zOPM / Jla
North Korea collapse, the U.S. economy collapse collapse of China, civil war, and about the same
Do not you're already a patent anticipation Adai confusion

U.S think Japan and want to increase even as defense wall to the Pacific Ocean will also

196: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/18 (Thu) 23:12:27.54 ID: 2X43kjVN
What that country has the supreme command of their country will massaged the [positive].

It's conscription of what for?

south were Horuhoru in kimchi such as Eagle Urinara Aegis Bakachon w of what it 's for

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:19:54.66 ID:: 199 P3LYq2NQ
U.S have signed cease-fire agreements with north ., south do not have a valid cease-fire agreement with the north, immediately hostilities After the U.S. military withdrawal was supposed to buffer setback from the 38 degree line of U.S. forces, in the return of the supreme command It's not wonder What time north reversion even under attack, I wonder if who rush to realize that that this time?

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:20:44.38 ID:: 202 umDkm9VG
Proposal w

Chung w strange words as ever

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:31:42.23 ID:: 203 ujtsnwNC
The habit was Gyagya rejected by much hungry increase Ya~tsu fucking at most 90 billion yen raised dot,
What I wonder w wonder is too late Get Started

2013/07/19 (Fri) 12 anniversary ◆ SvOijYnhmI Hiro Tan 11:50:17.11 ID:: 211 rP93RaOe
207-209 >>
Oh, w that thread has gone started.

Even so
"Do not say such a thing," Japan and the United States also ruthless and ♪ Hey come support ... Bishi Bashi to the server over Korea

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:08:47.90 ID:: 213 wb9bH5Pb
Guys came smoked sesame seeds to go to China during this period with a Obviously a which I Nakitsuki in America now more ...

'S scraps guy really
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[Nikkei Business] "Is the United States or China." Korea began cracking public opinion (Suzuoki Takashi) [07/19]

Korean is wrong basically

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/19 (Fri) 00:16:15.41 ID that came back: 1:??
Dong-A Ilbo dated 1 July an article that concerned about the "rapid tilt toward China" has appeared: Suzuoki. 1 and the other, interesting column was ride in the same paper.

"Obama, Xi Jinping, Abe's next" is the chief editorial writer wrote.
It is argued, "In consideration of the national interest discard the feelings, boast in Japan-South Korea summit meeting" and. These articles began to ride to the other newspaper.
It would, such that part of the "correction of China 1 point buy" that Mr. A is pointed out. And now China in mind,
I think the United States because we are working to improve relations between Tokyo and Seoul desperately, and was reflected in it.

A: even if there is pressure in the United States, it is questionable Park Geun President or receive a summit meeting with Japan.
There is a great misunderstanding Park Geun President in Japanese.

There was a close relationship between Japan and Park Chung 熙元 president is his father, Park Geun president is the generation that received the anti-Japanese education.
And, simply because there was a deep relationship with Japan is father, I inevitably to anti-Japanese.

Suzuoki: Even against chaebol also to North Korea, one shot, Park Geun President and sympathy the lead-off First,
To get out to the strategy to Kikaseru to say to the other party. It is the same for Japan.

On the other hand, there is no atmosphere to open the summit with South Korea and Japan side. I recently received a question about the currency swap of China and South Korea from officials of the Japanese government.
after I explained that Korea had held the power of life or death in China
"In the process of getting to extend the swap, South Korea may get hit with a substantial unreasonable demand from China"
When you say, Mr. officials had muttered "Well fine".

I think Japan is moved "so that it is not incorporated in China, so you Naoso signed a swap and South Korea," and when it was 2 years ago.
It is turned into a cool attitude "If you like China so much, once, please see is to encounter scary eye to China" and.
Recognized "Korea's go to the Chinese side anyway" and then also is widespread.

Consciousness "towards China risk is much greater than Japan Risk" and is is dark in Korea a normal person: A.

It is that the industry of Korea in the global market began to crash notable. Iron and steel and shipbuilding, from passenger cars,
Compete with each other to become violently consumer electronics and communications equipment, such as smart phones is sure.
Smartphone and consumer electronics Korean companies are beginning to be expelled to the product of Chinese companies in the Chinese market already.
Speaking from the industry side, South Korea, China is not a "good partner" never.
Opinion that pragmatic, from the historic problem is deep-rooted in the economic world, but can not say out loud in front of the anti-Japanese administration.

It has changed: Suzuoki. Problem occurs between Japan and Korea something, the South Korean government has struggled to appease it Koreans usually are angry in the past.
Of course, there was that the government to take advantage of the anti-Japanese movement.

It is anti-Japanese government-led now. This may Syngman Rhee regime since.
After all, since I speak openly president of South Korea "I do not want to see the Prime Minister of Japan" and or "blame the 1000 Japan".

On the other hand, Japan. Apology to request since the day the king and Takeshima landing of former President Lee Myung-bak, the average person is angry from the bottom of my heart for South Korea,
It may be the opposite movement occurs if you start to say Prime Minister open the summit with South Korea temporarily. This situation is also the first time in history.

I have a question to Mr. Suzuoki: A. Do you think why, the South Korean government has become firm stand against Japan.

I think the confidence that we have obtained the backing of China: First Suzuoki.

"I'll he there are China behind South Korea. Nippon isolated. Japan apologize to reflect, Aratamero a drift to the right" in the Korean paper
Article of the expression may be found year round.
At the same disdain that of "Do not a big country 's Nippon" and recognition that "no longer required to Japan", was widespread in our society a few years ago would be great.

(To be continued)


real intention of Koreans Korea Korea Intellectuals [Nikkei Business] "China tilt" began afraid talks [07/18]

2: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/19 (Fri) that came back 00:16:38.76 ID:???
1 >> More

There is the: A. Samsung Electronics has knocked the electrical machinery of Japan.
I grew enough not apply to teeth, such as Mitsubishi Motors Hyundai Motor was also a teacher. Shipbuilding also one in the world is now South Korea.
I have seen far below Japan. I was shoulder to shoulder to Nippon Steel POSCO was also a teacher.
And the first time dismay of the Japanese government in a large earthquake and Senkaku. I was reversed at a stretch to it, and had been highly unusually Japan.

It is such that there must be proof of something of recognition "beyond Japan" referred to as "do not have to hold back Japan" as South Korea: Suzuoki.

Apology request to the king and Takeshima Day landing of former President Lee Myung-bak will be one of them. Young Koreans have confidence for Japan ...... somehow.

A: In order to show the "proof beyond Japan", the South Korean government so-called comfort women issue,
I must try to upset the promise of the past with Japan.

It is not reflected, "It's no state governments that do not keep their word Korea was regression to" Chinese world "still." And when viewed from Japan there: Suzuoki.

Unless in extreme circumstances, relations between Tokyo and Seoul is probably fatal. What is decisive, in Japan
It is recognized that "Korea is not a rule of law in China as well", "South Korea is a minion of China" and is widespread.
Suppose also, South Korea tilt to the continent - also changed the 従中, Japan-Korea relations will not return to the simple.
Because is why there is a root to "従中" non-Korean to "卑日 policy".

It is a fundamental question at the end. After all, South Korea or go to the continent, do you remain on the ocean side.
Just Mr. A was said to be "back to the U.S. side US-China confrontation becomes violently". If that happens now, you may return to the United States.

But, if the possession of nuclear weapons North Korea has become more reliably - this is is the story of the near future and Ariel,
South Korea Would not it is no choice but to neutralize.
If North Korea Odose Korea against the nuclear force, of course, South Korea will ask to be "want to suppress the North" in China.
Then China has decided to answer, "If you want to eliminate the core of the north, would be streaks come to ask from out of the U.S. nuclear umbrella" he said.

Dong-A Ilbo also as pointed out, among Korean summit or not requested so implicitly China (see previous).
Korea I would say "NO!" To it. If you answer "YES", but it means the US-ROK alliance destroyed.

A: Because it is a part of the continent to say the peninsula state, likely to be drawn to the continent practically After neutralization is high.
I also have seen South Korea enters the sphere of influence of China in the long term.
Theory is of no meaning in front of the reality Nante "alliance to both the values" or "freedom and democracy".
In any case, you can clearly Korea or remain on the ocean side forces over the next few years, and whether to go to the continent.

That's right: Suzuoki. North Korean leader inexperienced young led is shaking. Or out on the hard-line means externally,
Or internal disruption can potentially is growing. At that time, - would be that South Korea bites Fumie "or China, or the United States" from China.

Korea began to crack as early public opinion. Zhang our heavy Seoul National University professor renowned as a scholar in international politics, the
(Coordination "in Korea, too hasty palm returns JoongAng Ilbo July 4 date) that preached the" Be careful, "Park Geun administration to advance to the" Korea-US during negotiations ".

"China has been found that it is not me moving to own way of Korea in South Korea summit and then the United States is not willing to" Korea-US negotiations in "" The reason
I gained some thing. It seems to us important Professor Zhang that are pro-American group, we have to care about the intention of the United States.
But, there is also a kind of sense of security reverts to the bottom of the heart of Korean, I do not know a halt or take in China tilt.
before that Park Geun administration also fueled the "Korean-Chinese honeymoon period" only this, stop the foot go will not be easy.

A: about 120 years ago, South Korea The results were moved about in confusion between emerging Japan, the Russian Empire, the old powers Qing,
Failed to select partners, we slipped into the abyss of the ruined country. It has not been repeated, all're worried about is those who think of Korea.


(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:41:48.46 ID:: 51 PHhoMySz
2 >>
> A: about 120 years ago, South Korea is a result of the emerging moved about in confusion between Japan, the Russian Empire, the old powers Qing,
> Failed to select partners, has been plunged into the abyss of the ruined country. It has not been repeated, all're worried about is those who think of Korea.

The development of the now blurred 's no After failing
do think Japan has been doing education investment and how much, Korean after all

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:40:59.28 ID:: 388 yXINighu
51 >>
'S failure
Korea was Japanese treats a few decades
After Korea learned a comfortable living
In addition, Korea was back in the days you eat shit
If you can enrich your life on their own
He was never to merge
Korea was happy to be able to spend in the slave from the beginning to the end
Back willing to slave, good guys in this he.

2013/07/19 (Fri) Italy 58 ◆ AOfDTU.apk 07:14:32.84 ID:: 339 o4dXwgNi
2 >>
> Suzuoki: It is such that there must be proof of something of recognition "beyond Japan" referred to as "do not have to hold back Japan" as South Korea.
> Apology request to the king and Takeshima Day landing of former President Lee Myung-bak will be one of them. Young Koreans have confidence for Japan ...... somehow.
> A: In order to show the "proof beyond Japan", the South Korean government so-called comfort women issue,
> I must not try turning over the promise of the past with Japan.

Things to do is a lawless, a translation tried to practice, the common sense of the Chinese world of right, but with a power.
It is a serious mistake, but modified Na would be impossible.

As a consequence, South Korea would be terrible, but Japan should not be or sympathy.

(Gold) Korea identity 2013/07/19 ingratitude, of humble birth mutual hostility ethnic prostitute 12:49:17.98 ID:: 605 c8jBqrvt
2 >>
> There is also a kind of sense of security reverts to the bottom of the heart of Korean

Na's worship of the powerful bare
CCP vassal state is most appropriate.
Tibet of north in company, and Xinjiang Uygur is desirable

To say the geopolitical, principle of freedom, democracy does not suit the continent authoritarian principle.

In, stay away forever!

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:55:11.90 ID:: 857 j6OrKPyd
2 >>
> A: Yes, there is the. Samsung Electronics has knocked the electrical machinery of Japan.
> I grew enough not apply to teeth, such as Mitsubishi Motors Hyundai Motor was also a teacher. Shipbuilding also one in the world is now South Korea.

In, are you In the screaming Korea crying what just became a little bit weaker yen?
It's not do I fuck it If you are you won? Wonder know? Even "virtual image".
When compared to the bubble period, depreciation of the yen even Japan, the yen 's still.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 04:17:38.65 ID:: 960 a6FqjglK
2 >>
Even Mr. A is said to be experts of this South Korea, w It looks do the anti-Japanese thought basically

>: About 120 years ago, South Korea is a result of the emerging moved about in confusion between Japan, the Russian Empire, the old powers Qing,
> Failed to select partners, has been plunged into the abyss of the ruined country.

Without reason that the Russian Empire is a white nation is to consider the person of color,
Koreans would have been forced to emigrate to Siberia around if it is annexed to Russia.
Would have been no current country Nante Korea of ​​course.

If it was annexed by China, the entire peninsula would have are as North Korea.
Or in anti-factor would have been executed thoroughly as Tibet.
Would never still the country Nante Korea in this case of course.

Thanks merged in Japan, South Korea'm able to exist as an independent nation today.

Even the Korean said to be the experts, Korea not able to accept this reality.
Korea might be asked of the pro-Japanese crime in Korea you accept this reality

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:39:17.78 ID:: 46 16AaDaKK
1 >>
Is it can not determine the right and wrong things in the previously anti-Japanese, and pro?

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:44:37.41 ID:: 165 ZVr413Fo
1 >>
the same as Lee dynasty of time that had Binbi
And now also president and then a woman

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 03:04:56.04 ID:: 219 Lw8n + jhp
1 >>
Do not even think about, and w the treatment is very different w How can you get America
Even if slavery in the United States, gold would be Mushiritora but, until life is not taken.
However, last, gold be taken After slavery in China fool,Korea land taken, w'll it's nothing Nante place good in, I to the massacre in the name of ethnic cleansing
Well, do you do like if have suicidal thoughts into play Korea w

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 03:40:00.11 ID:: 241 RKK7b84l
1 >>
> USA or China?

You are discussing seriously is the only South Korea,
W hilarious What's a good present even if the United States and China

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:16:29.84 ID:: 311 EMUKwdNN
>> I was wanted to read one, but I Do not I'm looking for a country that will always tributary to South Korea 's

318: Ella communication ◆ 0/aze39TU2 2013/07/19 (Fri) 06:33:35.06 ID: Vt / YMFZB
311 >>
When Korea change the nibs into the bargain, against an opponent to the fall,
To achieve a kill like crazy.

Na, but there is also facing me, to do so the fear above all that Korea have a comeback momentum, it is revenge.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:38:31.91 ID:: 321 Z1kNmifu
311 >>
Irresponsible, w I'm good if Kurere choose the road of independence and to stop it from other countries to gather

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:38:33.59 ID:: 322 MBf4fo / 3
1 >>

South Korea is to integrate and force north in mediation of Shina. And Shina is the territory like the peninsula.
Back to Li morning was the vassal of the Qing.

Shina's aim then it's Japan. Dream of Shina is'll no longer dream.

Japan is in the same position with Israel. All around the enemy. Japan can not help but become a military powerhouse.
It does afford to count on the United States. The United States because not only works on national interest.

333: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9) 2013/07/19 (Fri) 07:10:49.40 ID: lEbnAMTP
1 >>
Korea do break the opinion and suffering Because think in the U.S. or China?
Korea do think this way.

Or those who have Ru Japan or who have not Na Japan

Be easy?
In the pro-Japanese traitor Nida guy chose those who are in Japan of course (laughs)

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:13:55.80 ID:: 420 TWaWPIQ7
1 >>
> In consideration of the national interest discard the feelings, and boast the Japan-South Korea summit meeting

Is not it thanks to the anti-Japanese education came in the national policy.
That said Koreans' s collection of fool how much
The wonder Ika is to blame feelings of the people all?

Even that it has been brainwashed by the anti-Japanese education unaware Well
Korea just be brainwashed, and also because only a fool wwwwwwww

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:55:45.54 ID:: 688 29EuCe72
1 >>
> There was a close relationship between Japan and Park Chung 熙元 president is his father, Park Geun president is the generation that received the anti-Japanese education.

I wish because there blog Ozonfa professor.
Korea Was lined with anti-Japanese education, and then a Park Chung-hee.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:44:03.32 ID:: 821 VLUC6PAl
1 >>
A: about 120 years ago, South Korea The results were moved about in confusion between emerging Japan, the Russian Empire, the old powers Qing,
Failed to select partners, we slipped into the abyss of the ruined country. It has not been repeated, all're worried about is those who think of Korea.

It is abnormal Koreans and have a recognition of this side
You have escape from reality you do not want to see
Although success would be to choose the Japan even just by looking at statistics and photos
Closer to a decent life from the life of a beggar as good, and the population was also 爆増
Japan has also taken over the national debt
Or, ww do you wanted to select the slave life

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/19 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:18:20.43 ID:: 902 6J4zcgRy
821 >>
It's treated like a human being a beggar, I'm was a mistake of the first place.
'm Glad slaves, Koreans.
Because of that, foreign home base is ridiculous had made.
Racial like to think resentment even to reach out, helped
I did not expect to be present in this world. Koreans' s a really off-base.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 02:07:28.20 ID:: 954 m7Q/2g9l
1 >>

> "The U.S. or China?"

On that issued the U.S. military victims of many in the Korean War, North Korea and Americans, the military defense of China from
From South Korea should have been allowed to terrible trouble is "ally", such as put a fork with China
Would be a dirty imitation, would that Little did I dream.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 02:15:36.23 ID:: 955 5wzkIPWX
954 >>
What it seems Chung
Japan is fighting the war as a fellow from the peninsula annexation
In the palm of Japan returns from getting forced to abandon peninsula in defeat
W Jan the same as has been earnestly against the injustice of the country should have been fellow
You only have acted in good condition at that time when the
You just need to look down 1000 When it is lowly squalidly ethnic Chong Japanese for the time being

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 03:37:21.26 ID:: 958 GEsXEaMp
1 >>
It's surprising more than anything,
On shown themselves to have become stronger, to perform the "act to break" the treaties and commitments, arrangements of past
Opinion willl Korea need things.
Except that the re-knot promised, nor re-signed, it says ignored and discarded unilateral and proof of strength.
After that it is real intention of the heart under Korean lightly this is ...
The thing is in the guys it just power relationship of strength, of what such arrangements and rules also mean worth You say do not feel.
There are ethics to protect promise and pledge in Aborigines society.
Under Koreans, there is no only be called the most inferior sub-race of Aborigines following.
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Virtual enemy Japan

Roh Moo-hyun said to America to enemy certified Japan
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Asia security conference in Singapore. Although the 1st June, the three countries of Japan and the United States and Korea issued a joint statement to urge the abandonment of the nuclear program in North Korea,
The defense ministers of South Korea and Japan was looking for, can not be opened is rejected from Korea. Even when Japan and the United States and South Korea conducted a search and rescue training in the Sea of ​​Japan in mid-May,
South Korean navy had participated in the conditions of the private training. Self-Defense Forces executive "would be determined cooperation scene with Maritime Self-Defense Force Once reported, and of receiving a backlash from South Korea public opinion"
I explained. However, the deterioration of relations with military aspect of Japanese and Korean were to surface, it is not just the tip of the iceberg.

Kono's visit to Korea Katsutoshi maritime chief of staff of the Maritime Self-Defense Force top had planned a meeting with senior officials of the South Korean navy in the second half of the long weekend in May is the end of April,
It was canceled suddenly to become the final stages of the schedule adjustment. Because the spring festival of Yasukuni Shrine, parliamentarians There were a great many worshipers,
That there was contact with the "unacceptable. Visit became the inconvenience" from South Korea military side.

Fact also that a month ago, military dialogue with South Korea Army director of two of the Ground Staff Office (Major General) was planned, had been canceled one after another.
In the beginning of this year, for the Ground Self-Defense Force, "visit of Lieutenant General over Hopefully refrain," said South Korean army has been notified unilaterally.
For this reason, it is determined that the "if Major General lower than lieutenant general, should also accept the South" and (GSDF executive) in the land act,
Allowed to visit Korea the two operational support manager and equipment manager, I was going to exchange views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, such as nuclear and missile development in North Korea.

If the Ministry of Defense, by the Self-Defense Forces executives visit Korea, and since last August that South Korean President Lee Myung-bak (then) went ahead landed in Takeshima,
There was a aim to normalize relations with South Korea military cooperation has been a lean at the scene, such as a nuclear test and missile launches in North Korea.
However, refusal to accept that successive, at the direction of "the Blue House (South Korean government), Self-Defense Forces executives as crushed birds elite officer training course of military,
The past few years, the status of the military has been significantly reduced. Are analyzed and "can not strengthen the relationship between the Self-Defense Forces if there is no understanding of government troops.

Until now, even when both Japan and South Korea the government has odds over sovereignty over Takeshima floating in the Sea of ​​Japan,
Even when public sentiment both deteriorated in the issue of historical perception, such as comfort women, was not the relationship of Korea army and the Self-Defense Forces may be impaired.

That due to the good relationship between military "safety device" is beginning broken, was published in December last year
Korean "2012 defense white paper edition" is supported. Self-Defense Forces officials there have called it "It was something which I want to doubt your eyes".

The over Takeshima South Korea called Dokdo, Japan and South Korea both have claimed, but the white paper, the first Aegis of Korea Navy "King Sejong",
Design of the security activities of the island by the fleet has been highlighted in a large photo. In the last "'10 version Defense White Paper",
A map showing the possession with a photo of Takeshima was only one sheet at a time, a total of four has also been published at this time.

In the description of the defense cooperation and defense exchanges with Japan, "without a doubt Dokdo is a Korean territory in international law and, also historically geographical"
Did on clearly marked, in order to develop the cooperation and defense exchanges in the future of "Japan and Korea,
I'm writing so far as "must break the unjust claims and misconceptions of Japan's Dokdo.

It's as long as infuriating, but not that for the behavior of a Itakedaka Korea, and resent it off the deep end, what you need now, in a calm perspective,
It pointed out that cooperation with South Korea and the Self-Defense Forces troops, that is more important than anything for the peace and security of South Korea, it would be awaken of Cheong Wa Dae and South Korea military,.

During conflict has intensified Day over the sovereignty of Okinawa Senkaku Islands, what is now, the significance of U.S. forces in Japan and Japan-US alliance is present,
It is often thought of as keeping a deterrent to China, and after the war consistently, its main purpose is to prepare for the Korean Peninsula Crisis.
Structure of U.S. forces in Japan and the SDF, in the framework of Japan-US alliance based on the Security Treaty,
In order to defend South Korea is a U.S. ally, and has maintained a strong peninsula emergency shift.

More specifically, in three locations north of Hofu fortification capital Ashiya, Fukuoka, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan Air Self-Defense Force owns the runway of 1500-2000 m-class,
If you match it with (Fukuoka) Backed base Omura (Nagasaki) of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, eye Tatsubara (Saga) of the Ground Self-Defense Force, high 遊原 Kumamoto, Japan U.S. Air Force uses,
I have also dotted seven locations of the air base in the area, which is very limited at the northern Kyushu.

This event, the second Korean War upon failure, be used as a base for transport aircraft and fighter of the U.S. military to start as well,
It should be also used as a base acceptance of many civilians that not only American and Japanese, come to escape from Korea.

(To be continued)


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First place in the Korean War machine after the war, began with the invasion of North Korea, Self-Defense Force was established as a national police force,
Ports and airports throughout Japan, became the base, such as U.S. forces sortie to South Korea for the defense.

It not only for the war initially, and roll back the specter of a North Korean offensive, before the landing to Incheon, Wonsan due to the U.S. military,
Instruction by Allied General Headquarters of (GHQ), Japan organized a special minesweeping forces,
I was engaged in the removal operation of high-performance Soviet mines North Korea has been laying around the Korean Peninsula.
Active, sinking to one thunder vessels touch, 1 crew members were killed and 18 people are injured unfortunately. Japanese people he has killed in the Korean War.

Nevertheless, even after the truce, is recognized on the basis of the Japan-US alliance, the Self-Defense Forces that have continued to support the peace and security of South Korea,
South Korea would not it too too dilute. The evidence, it is Korea in "'12 edition defense white paper" is,
Although featuring "countries that helped South Korea in the Korean War",
As a country that provided the materials of $ 50,000 worth, Japan are simply taken up only just one line.

July 27 this year, hit the milestone of 60 years since the armistice agreement of the Korean War.
Of course, confusion of the Korean Peninsula is a situation that directly in the peace and security of Japan, Peninsula Crisis shift of U.S. forces in Japan and the Self-Defense Forces are also for Japan.
However, if the contribution devoted to Japan and South Korea defense he has not communicated properly,
That to recognize firmly it, do a pillar of diplomacy to Korea for the Japanese government.

There are other reasons why you must return to the original as soon as possible, the gear began deviation between South Korea and the Self-Defense Forces troops.
For the movement of a new base construction and enhancement of the first time South Korea military in recent years, because the Self-Defense Forces are growing increasingly distrust it.

"Until '08 edition Defense White Paper", South Korea, was positioned as the "main enemy" North Korea is a military threat of external once.
However, expression of the main enemy disappeared from the '10 edition white paper, it has been weakened to the expression "North Korea North Korean regime and military enemies of Korea" and.

As response, the North Korean army with the land forces of more than 1 million, despite the fact that confronted across the 38th parallel,
Currently, the land force of about 550 000 people together Marines and the Army in Korea,
It's naval power has been considered in the direction of significantly reduced to 400,000 people about 22 years,'s enhanced on behalf of it.

Since 2008, South Korea Navy other (currently, three ships eye test in operation) was commissioned and one after another the two Aegis ships,
And established a nine vessels attack submarines suitable for ocean-going. I have created a task force for the first time, including six destroyers.
Purpose of the organization is has set "support of national foreign policy, defense of the sea lanes, deterrence against North Korea," and

"I think Korea does not want to lose to Japan is strong. Maritime Self-Defense Force where executives should I use submarines and Aegis of the number of just that.
The suspect in the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (Rim of the Pacific Exercise) other than South Korea is "never seen as a result of training in the Pacific Ocean.
Although owns 16 aircraft also patrol aircraft such as the P3C that in mind the Anti-Submarine Warfare,
Surface ship, such as attack anti-ship missile to be mounted in the "Harpoon" is not found in North Korea army.

(To be continued)


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Stranger, it's not just it. One said that the construction of the naval base a large Jeju Island, which is located about 200 km west of Sasebo.
In the next few years, Air Station P3C also is attached, including the large landing ship, South Korea Navy come up with plans to deploy the task force.
Ministry of Defense executives confide "Jeju Island is a front base for an eye the Sea of ​​Japan East China Sea capital, future, awkward Chinese navy and would like to port of call" he said.

In addition, South Korea, has been limited to 300 km range of a ballistic missile in the agreement with the United States so far, in October last year, it was extended to 800 kilometers this.
Described as the distance from the northern end to North Korea South Korea southern tip, but West and Osaka enters within range completely. In conjunction with the extension of the range ballistic missile,
The deployment of land-based cruise missile launch type (range 1500 km), South Korea has announced that it is equipped with cruise missiles of 400 km range in the submarine and destroyer.
It is the order to attack North Korea, but the Self-Defense Forces View "imaginary enemy is Japan" and not a few.

US-ROK alliance and Japan-US alliance. Japan and Korea have focused the stability of the Korean Peninsula through the U.S. each other.
Even when the domestic bisecting over the base facility and U.S. forces in Japan, after the war, and putting money into materials and many, Japan has maintained a peninsula emergency shift.
However, understanding of the efforts of Japan is poor in Korea, Japan does not recognize the importance of the role that they are played.

Now, North Korea is pursuing a nuclear and missile development, China will be activated marine advance while capturing the South Korea to poke the gap,
It is over to shake alliance that centered on the United States.

For what, Japan and South Korea set an alliance with the United States, do you have built trust and cooperation while the foundation of the alliance each other.
When I lost sight of its origin, peace and stability in the region will collapse.


Shigeru Katsumata through (Hidemichi, and also)
Yomiuri Shimbun survey Research Division, Senior Researcher

The Yomiuri Shimbun joined in 1983. In charge of the Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Forces in 1993. Enrollment as a civilian for the first time in the National Defense Academy Comprehensive Security Studies, Master of.
Incumbent from October 2011 through editorial board, and director commentary and editorial writer.

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Far (eye Naa was telling America Nom phlegm to enemy certified Japan

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Ostensibly have to pretend in a good, but they fix the arms by enemy certification in the back
This means that Japan and South Korea Cold War from a very gonna be has already begun

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It 's Cold War rush already
Gave all-out national "comfort women lobbying" has become the very beginning

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:31:22.68 ID:: 13 9xgtifU4
You should change of policy Chung was no longer a friend anymore. They always Tsushima offensive

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:33:17.36 ID:: 15 Pt5NeCYg
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At the moment when the force has moved to the south, Dear Leader ll come southward.
Nida w reproduction of a scene that was a decade ago yeah

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:33:05.07 ID:: 14 WMNSGszl
Now, all you need is to isolate as reality Korea, and will that encourage reflection?
Stage to persuade the other has passed.
The stage you have to let that say in fist this time.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:38:29.62 ID:: 25 eqrG8Kt0
The other, I do good Ja By What enemy of the international community taken together the Korean Peninsula? www

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:41:54.82 ID:: 29 ZJmXC3Xj
How can you get anything without also a virtual enemy. And then I have continued to force occupied the territory of Japan today.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:02:18.78 ID:: 79 cSIOCo4m
Do not have messed Korea finally.
Rather than the anti-Japanese of expedient to organize the country, it has become the anti-Japanese seriously.
Perhaps because it has been moved to generation that grew up in the anti-Japanese education?

What'll be by shifting the force in Japan opponent.
Become situation South Korea set up things and Japan to have even U.S. forces in Japan?
America will stop.

What I do think though it is always checkmate state capital.
Leonardo also wonder then I like real anti-Japanese line. The Korea I have been completely degraded.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:06:15.54 ID:: 86 cSIOCo4m
If you go as it is, Yeah started running in the direction over there and such as, partnering with China to beat Japan.
Though it is Japan and that should not come attack absolutely, you want to win by attacking. Talk of the system such as self-esteem over there anymore,
Do not because it rubbed identity itself Korean people could have in anti-Japanese or rather.

Result now the world of various Korean is being come to collapse, it was re-examine their own
The foundation of the existence of its own? → It Nida to win the Japan!
Have you made any in it or something.

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March 1949: South Korea military, amphibious training start in Busan. 24th Army U.S. Army is determined to exercise for Tsushima landing

MacArthur who knew the military exercises of Busan rage.
The exercises that are intended to Tsushima obviously, betrayal and judgment to MacArthur who was defending Japan.

It leads stop of military supplies, and to the withdrawal of the 24th Army. This fact appears to have been hiding in Korea.

May 1949: MacArthur, stop military supplies aid to the Lee administration

June 1949: 24th Army body American withdrawal to home country
600 United Nations observers only stay in Korea. I lose a direct backing on defense

So-called, the Korean War broke out that emits North Korean supreme commander Kim Il Sung, the overall southward strategy instruction: June 22, 1950! ]
(From Inchon landing and (top) Seoul surprise history Gunzo series 60 Korean War)

↑ Chonko is bad everything
It seems to be now, Chonko is useless if you do not rigid discipline is not known is his position licking shit!

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:09:47.45 ID:: 96 Ksh39c6W
out to compete for the small countries face distorted much in mighty country,
And that is becoming a punch line to lose sight of the real enemy, and be swallowed in China and north behind.
America then it Miemie would like abandoned Korea soon if there is no U.S. forces in Korea.
Attitude myopic invisible only 500 km radius of his own Korean state-specific You're crazy.

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What the heck, but the presence of U.S. forces in Japan guys then, right missing from the head completely.
To-day war can not be that it is not the Bunter Hund sleeve and the United States at least, but there
"Every country to support that to attack Japan, the enemy of universal!" That it is set
Hey because it feels basis.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:20:55.54 ID:: 132 O0Ta925M
Do not'm stupid Seriously What Korea
Use only waste money on armaments by the virtual enemy Japan and for no reason war with Japan Nante be more than are on the Korean and Japanese America
if there is no missile to put to import weapons and devices that can be used failure to develop what you can not also show that besides not assume combat only because armaments
It's what I and any point in time left for the capital of becoming a sea of ​​fire in a field gun from the north only has armistice Wow

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:32:59.59 ID:: 170 OYUVm + LP
In Japanese pear, South Korea I would not even war in matters worse

(Gold) Netouyo 2013/06/21 20:42:18.39 ID:: 188 tyAoDNAC
But, even though there is Article 9 of Japan such as a virtual enemy? w

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:49:03.51 ID:: 214 I/mG2wOo
188 >>
I mean jus sanguinis
Japanese creatures you Semekomu to other countries aggressive cruel manner to DNA
W that seems to think

So, and no matter if I say do an ostensibly
And even no good if you do not vigilance from coming crowded attack which also

For ourselves and w anything in peace-oriented DNA basis, and also, are you recognized ethnic excellent

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:49:22.76 ID:: 215 8/Uh8djw
Do not be saying inexplicable mystery

Media bet "Korea is fix the arms as a virtual enemy for many years in Japan," What a dignified.

219: Ella communication ◆ vxNqNtgefm54 2013/06/21 (Fri) 20:50:08.27 ID: ng9pbPlB
To become a bat between the United States, South Korea, I'm decided to mainly enemy Japan.
It's a meaningful policy, has been determined from 1994.

Human weak current state recognition to consider room for discussion and, some, white dismissal or removed from the site.
You have selected the "to fight with Japan in order to survive as a nation" they.
Even if hit by what benefits and definitely hostile.

Rather than hatred based on abduction mythology, such as in Japan, and the cool-headed survival strategy,
Because it is a strategy that takes into calculation also fluctuation of Japan inside, I'm troublesome than the Yomiuri Shimbun thinks.

So, is regarded as their enemies, Japan must expel its sympathizers and Koreans.
Golden Bridge for turning back is necessary to them, but if you do not intend to cross, or exile to South Korea or kill,
And there is only one.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/21 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:56:41.33 ID:: 238 t9fKOlGp
> I can awaken the Cheong Wa Dae and South Korea military,.
'll Waste
Results which have been doing it for decades already
Because I'm a miserable state of this now
The almost too full, Japan Taro was a gentleman
Another, Korea Nante, not matter really
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