[JoongAng Ilbo / editorial]Teach firmly on the Korean War You can have students who answered in the Gangnam Yasukuni Shrine is not to be disputed distorted history of Japan and China [06/23]

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It shocked the older generation survey results 70% of teenagers have answered "Northern aggression" to recent Korean War is issued.
It was clear to these results has out to respondents a considerable number of a mistake as "invasion of North Korea aggression = North Korea".

I still clearly visible reality the youth of South Korea has not been studied decent modern history.
When the Korean War happened, students who do not know what day or anniversary is 3.1 in many cases.
Some students who think that it is the poet nine gold (Kim Gu), replied Yasukuni Shrine and whether it is building in the Seoul Gangnam.
It's why today you have two days before the 63 anniversary of the Korean War, modern history education that live feel it as soon as possible.

A neglected historical perception of young people because of a neglected history education above all.
National history were excluded from the required college entrance examination from 2005. National history examination rate was 28% fell 6% last year.

Japanese history exam rate of college entrance test takers in Japan reach 40%. It is thanks to the majority of Japanese universities is specified in the compulsory subject the Japanese history.

It is looking to while resented Northeast process and Chinese modern history distortion of Japan, South Korea has been neglected history education for the future generation.
There is no other to become a straggler in the history war in Northeast Asia and if it. Specify again to CSAT compulsory subject the history of a nation,
You must also change practice of history education center of memorization.
Youth must be mastery of historical fact actively through in-service training to the pilgrimage hard-fought field of Korean War.

There is more. You must venture out barefoot to the war dead remains excavation and repatriation of POWs in North Korea for Korean War education alive.
The United States sent back under the family unearthed 400 pillar remainder remains of U.S. troops killed in action in North Korea for 10 years from 1995 to pay 33 billion won to North Korea.
U.S. government to teach patriotism alive in future generations through such efforts.

The South Korean government made it clear when ex officio investigation civilians present situation that were being taken forcibly to North Korea during the Korean War in the 21st.
It is estimated that civilians were abducted to the north at the time of the Korean War and more than 90,000 people. However, abduction victim ever revealed but only 2265 people.
"But 歎 Noriyuki night time", and to understand the current state of human government is latched on the rising north directly from any now, you must leave as a record of history.

It is important to what may make history textbook is the core tool of history education.
You shall know the truth of history to young people to faithfully describe historical facts by eliminating the point of view that was deflected to the left and right philosophy.
It should not be left any more from being wrapped on the political debate.

Left-wing camp and some teachers as against "measures to inculcate anti-North Korea consciousness" to claim that attempts to strengthen the Korean War education.
It is a small number, but people who would propagate the recognition the wrong stick to the "north 侵説" still remains.

But, the reality was authoritatively and has admits that even China and Russia is "Nanshin" for the cause of the outbreak of the Korean War.
I only hurt the idea of ​​itself rather if you are going Hikkurikaeso an obvious fact to shield the idea.
Philosophy that guides the wrong facts will be shunned from the people and history.


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The stow, and stow

The smuggling of Korean-Japanese and Korean comfort of the Korean War at the time,
It's going to be what kind of treatment?

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>> No, no one, to distort the history Korea raised create a history of their own already, since we are to do snafu

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(88) is "to say in prepared to be killed. Should stop history fabrications such as forced comfort Koreans" confession Korea Professor

I am 88 years old. "We would like to talk about the facts anymore. My [Choi Kiho Gaya visiting professor at the University of] Korea end was born in 1923. Partly because of South Korea, nor for Japan another" fact " We would like to talk to.
It requires a considerable resolution. I am prepared for the risk of life. However, we believe it is the mission of me.

I lived in Seoul. And, sometimes, I went to Tokyo and Pyongyang. Korean at that time was "Japanese Japanese or more".
Leader has abetted "anti-Japanese" in order to turn off desperately, the impression that "Japanese friendly kind".
By comparing the history of education in Korea and Japan, speaking Japanese and distortion of 10%, South Korea is 90% distortion.

It is used as it is not taught political corruption without the normal end of Korea, independence could be Japan unless involved.
"Education", "medical", "industrial", "social infrastructure", has been developed by Korea-Japan Gappo. That it could foundation of the modern state is a clear fact.
You shocked to Korea to condemn as "!'s Product policy of aggression of Japanese imperialism" the track record. Feeling to comment on the claim "Sun Emperor! Was stagnant industrial nation" and also eliminates even more.

Who killed the ethnic industry is the Joseon Dynasty. Advanced thinkers argue that the modernization and rebel, until relatives were also executed.
Korean yelling and "abuse! Sexual slavery! Day of Emperor," but I can not be trusted. This is because you know the truth of history.
It is a screaming old man of 88 years old right now. real image of Emperor strength Zhan day period that has not been taught in the school of truth-emperor era day What do you think? Do not know


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To begin with reviews some layers do not think "Korean War" is,'s civil war of its own
Chung elementary school and then be convinced that the "war of independence from Japan"

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Not even historians Unlikely then history also Jan vassal state history? The interest will stop baby
And I wonder wanna show-off my homeland and I was great
> The faithfully describe historical facts by eliminating the point of view that is deflected to the left and right philosophy
Jan impossible this first, in commenting pride Jan do not understand in the way
I Oke doing in Samson history

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After this finding is correct, how education in this country what is Seriously?
Ww trap want to know
Instructor was like Koreans, sometimes, like Confucius say such as Korean origin Kanji
University Professor and claiming occult theory of monthly mu shame
Article is out but, until now, there is a sense the same as the east is Oira Sports
Although I thought I just blowing conch talking on aim professor receives lens louse Professor Takeda such like,
ww If you look at a place such as Yasukuni Shrine break the ice in the Gangnam district, south of Seoul
Ww does may have to say seriously unexpectedly

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>> If you are going Hikkurikaeso an obvious fact to shield one philosophy

The history of Korean philosophy takes precedence over fact.

When confronted the facts in Japan, fend for sentimental reasons.

For example, historians talk

Era of "imperialism, not the national defense in order to resist the invasion of Western powers Japan
Is there any negligence of Joseon government? "

"Is such a way of saying Japan, offend the best Korea" Korea

Conversation is not engaged at all.

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The Because I teach with and even deleted dropped the atomic bomb fighting Japan South Korea and the U.S. through cooperation, the (content that Japan was an independent Korea from Qing) Article of the Treaty of Shimonoseki, system in this white person to understand manner is impossible.

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History to tell the Japanese, is the study.

History to tell the Chinese, is politics.

History to tell the Koreans, is the desire.

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The w 's not that era forged education Underdog is Spoken

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History and?

Stack of American = fight
Stack of British = tradition
Stack of Japanese = fact
Stack of Chinese =propaganda
Stack of Korean = lie
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