UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "Japan die . I Ne Ja are you doing misunderstood without permission Japan "

This is the reality of Korean Ban Ki-moon

1 : kitchen sink ( soft bank ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 00:56:44.92 ID: lVKij14f0 BE :1681333193-PLT (12000) Award points
The 28th , at a press conference in The Hague, Netherlands , UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Japan in history recognition problem
For the Japanese government showed to question the remarks themselves were asked to reflect themselves
I said, " Unfortunately there is a misunderstanding in Japan" .

Mr. Ban about the true meaning of the statement
( 3 countries) ( of both countries , China and South Korea and Japan ) , " political conflict history and recognition problem is political leaders
Was vindication , "said that should be resolved through dialogue with a strong will .

Mr. Ban relates to conflict over historical issues at a press conference in Seoul on the 26th
Said "political leaders and the Japanese government 's need a vision to Looking back themselves very deeply , foresee the future international " he said.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations


" . Japanese octopus die there 's Ja are you doing misunderstanding without permission ", UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Source:

27 : Kidokuratchi ( Kanto Koushinetsu ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:04:22.47 ID: Ovex7PxEO
1 >>
This waste Chung quality w as usual
Ban Ki-moon w such as Japan attack while excuse
For the world this fool Ban Ki-moon 's retire early anymore

Japan this out dismissal motion of this fellow Ban Ki-moon to the UN General Assembly at the United Nations Charter Article 100 violation
Japan Do not be paying any financial contributions to the United Nations to take up the neck of the guy Ban Ki-moon

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Abe Come to war with the enemy Shinachon the General Assembly of September

42 : Folk attack ( Yamagata) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:06:38.11 ID: e5wSLfIDI
1 >>
I I want to blame the Japanese do whatever Ban Ki-moon !

83 : knee cross hardening ( Tokyo) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:34:32.97 ID: LTuSHLKc0
1 >>
This guy Ban Ki-moon w I or Jan was Japan criticized anti-Japanese bare from the time you are in South Korea 's Foreign Ministry .

163 : Kyapuchudo ( Okinawa) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 02:44:00.92 ID: awkOyxKt0
Ban Ki-moon Jan has clearly singled me " political leaders and the Japanese government " .
Per who thinks excuse of 1 >> is -class and sure that you singled out is a limit of Na Korean Ban Ki-Moon .

204 : poison fog ( Kanagawa) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 03:00:30.12 ID: kgWINtcS0
1 >>
Bread you , did you run away easily .

Even so , in the situation America is me you alluding to attack Syria , Ban Ki-moon is the top of the United Nations
W or are you saying that the reason for what I do not know

216 : Torasukikku ( Tibet Autonomous Region ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 03:04:58.28 ID: uljN5TPtP
204 >>
Bread you do run away in Innovation slimy When you enter the particulars
It is referred to in the media of America 's eel asshole

210 : Kidokuratchi ( Kanto Koushinetsu ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 03:02:35.78 ID: Ovex7PxEO
1 >>
Mere facilitator of the United Nations Secretary-General though it is ,
Ban Ki-moon w just south of Pansy Chung Chung base harm you ranting by self-proclaimed world such as President (laughs )
Was cut to rot until the mere anti-Japanese organizations the United Nations has been appropriated to this guy because of this fellow Ban Ki-moon

Ahh ... , Annan and Gali - Naa was decent

220 : Neil kick ( Niigata and Tohoku ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 03:06:25.13 ID: c175DwIsO
1 >>
Ban Ki-moon guy probably useless at the time of the statement that nothing take only so and also misunderstanding

330 : Kidokuratchi ( Kanto Koushinetsu ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 04:19:22.76 ID: Ovex7PxEO
1 >>
Ban Ki-moon sure you hate unilaterally Japan with all one's might ,
Ban Ki-moon base harm Chung Pansy w to blame Japan while excuse ugly and bad Japan because misunderstood remarks
Ban Ki-moon King of debris just

5:32 sentence Rocket Launcher ( Osaka) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 00:58:40.16 ID: C5sXpLdR0
Dismissal of the United Nations Secretary-General Korea origin

6 : Two- stone pile driver system ( Aichi) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 00:59:30.70 ID: PuXr804E0
Ban Ki-moon wwwww too much is impossible to be too complex even if the magic of the false

9 : Kinniku Buster ( Chiba) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:00:16.17 ID: PSA1NZ7w0
Public work is impossible in the lowly without pride Korean

14:16 kick statement ( soft bank ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:01:29.11 ID: 2Ql6XMOu0
I still or dismissal of one incompetent Ban Ki-moon past

16 : Dragon screw ( Kanagawa) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:01:41.73 ID: U1ryqkVD0
Ban Ki-moon is Na has lingered in the post well without this excuse can only

19 : Rolling Sobatto ( Fukuoka) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:02:44.31 ID: bNkWfW8A0
United Nations Secretary-General 'm a Korean why ...
Guys picked this fellow 's the fool ?

The ax kick ( Fukuoka) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:05:09.05 ID:: 31 wF9QQlOS0
19 >>
It is said that well , but Ban Ki-moon people incompetent rather Nde chosen . Seriously comparatively .

324 : Gloria ( Kagoshima Prefecture ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 04:09:47.29 ID: u/uUwFHZ0
19 >>
I always even what to pick from developing countries with little influence on the country around
Guys you choose , of Ne Ja there that I did not know the misunderstanding sore Korea

20:16 kick statement (Yamaguchi ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:02:46.91 ID: lv20Hvs +0
Ban Ki-moon guy since taking office , Ban Ki-moon , there ' not doing anything until now though it is full of international conflict

32 : back drop ( Saitama) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:05:14.96 ID: LJKkPP6E0
Questioned → Koreans excuse makeshift remarks → world without considering the position is Korean

I wonder if this was a sport Hmm ... Na saw somewhere

45 : Folk attack ( Aichi) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:06:51.81 ID: C + HjGg870
32 >>
To soccer players from athletes Korean , this pattern is Na I love Korea

Guy that is cannabis detection of K-POOP also What was this pattern

33 : Dragon screw ( Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:05:18.94 ID: LBwZjnE80
Koreans because of Mata Japan

34 : hold back drop ( mushroom ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:05:28.62 ID: PT21m/F80
Ban Ki-moon bald Then dare to publish at the United Nations the history textbooks of Korea .

40 : shoulder arm Bleecker ( Kyushu ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:06:12.94 ID: vT20BA1JO
Guy , such as overturn in haste is what may be the top if you feel that it is unfavorable remarks that were to the world the United Nations ?

43 : Double knee drop ( garden ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:06:40.94 ID: Sa8DC0I80
UN privatization completed declaration

88 : Argentina back Bleecker ( Shizuoka) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 01:37:28.31 ID: i8RiK2pr0
Even after being criticized by the Japan singled out , what I'm sorry misunderstanding Ban Ki-Moon
Towards the head of Ban Ki-moon is you that's a shame

131 : Senton (SB-iPhone) 2013/08/29 ( Thu ) 02:07:16.39 ID: + O / byLqqi
Ban Ki-Moon should be guidance to leaders of China South Korea first so as not to put Ichamon in Japan
I 'm a sick such as apology apology to Japanese born after the war

138 : Topekonhiro ( Hokuriku region) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 02:13:58.48 ID: w5/q8IafO
131 >>
Han as a representative of the motherland Korea
I'm just telling the consensus of the Korean people
And China is also to support Ban Ki-Moon
Refrain do not need to Ban Ki-moon

Good wind in South Korea is blowing

148 : Scorpion hardening ( Nagano) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 02:21:56.13 ID: 7pUVMYfz0
Ban Ki-moon Korean indeed . Koreans w Na 's Race to lie to the breath

369 : Nirifuto ( Tokyo) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 05:43:17.60 ID: RUdzjXbp0
Ban Ki-moon 's Na UN Secretary-General successive minimum

372 : ladder moonsault ( Tokyo) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 05:46:25.36 ID: PFqDmrG50
Historical recognition of China and South Korea is because distorted extreme , it it would be difficult to compromise
Although I think among other countries , to have Ayumiyore to about Kizukeru relationship no problem while leaving the part you do not go both consent

But politics or because bad rather than the two countries and recognition of history ...

373 : Torasukikku ( home ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 05:49:28.74 ID: nXXb4JC00
372 >>
Both Obviously a system that it was directly connected to the national interest " anti-Japanese "
They then seem nor knowing the propriety have enough food and clothing ,

It only becomes clear that there is not room to discuss something about the associate if opts with them

386 : Torasukikku ( Kyushu ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 06:02:47.11 ID: gKEM2CMMO
373 >>
Koreans ' s too robbery rape even enough food and clothing

401 : vertical -fall DDT ( Hokkaido ) 2013/08/29 (Thu ) 06:33:04.95 ID: aLje8S1F0
Historical perception that the Japanese side is I'd be doing wrong material at the time of time by Japan infrastructure from being left there can be no 100%
Korean , there ' cut - said so far well and to not even have equipment such as leave record Nante Korea . The scary Koreans foolish It 's not as aware of unavoidable
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σ (` c ' ) < Do not be told ( China ) big brother next Without Korea , is money . Big brother because they have only money

Ban Ki-moon 's disgraceful incompetent

( Kyoto) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) Argentina back Bleecker 19:32:37.50 ID:: 1 p68jdPItP BE :3122281049-PLT (12013) Award points
The China - voice " full of pickles ," " person of the lunch of the company increases " of the banquet photos hometown of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
40 minutes 18:27 August 2013 delivery date and time

August 25, 2013 , according to South Korean media , Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations ( Ban Ki-moon ) Secretary-General
Have been visiting for the first time in two years the Chungbuk Chungju is a hometown of South Korea ,
Photo of banquet that was published in the net has attracted the attention of netizens in China. Beijing Times has reported 27 date .
Secretary-General Ban participated in the welcome ceremony at the home , as Secretary-General of the " United Nations , shall be addressed to the issue of human rights and world peace .
I said this is not an easy thing , but the great support of the Korean people is " be my strength .
In addition , it is assumed wants that you want to struggle to protect the equity and justice of society , Korea will develop further at the same time .
In addition , photos of banquet at home was published with this news , " just pickles "
Has become a hot topic among Internet users in China " towards the lunch of the company is better " or .
The following part of the comment .
" It's put out to Secretary-General Ban such a thing pickles . 1 hot pot pickles and cold dishes of 6 ? "
" Winded really poor . Superiority of socialism is still clear "
"I do not want to see pickles . Stomach 'll get Chijimiaga~tsu "
" Person of the lunch of the company of which it is defintely better "
"What the Secretary-General of the United Nations eat , but frugal than the mayor of the village of China "
" Suicide is a translation to many people in Korea ? Wonder just this . When donkeys fly If you eat these kind of things every day "
" I hope I (China) big brother next door if there is no money . Big brother because they have only money "
" If you look at this way , officials of China from a very should try to spare patterned after this "
( Translation and editing / Kitada )
[ Image] http://img.recordchina.co.jp/imgout.php?m=5&img=20130827-0000057.jpg
http://www.recordchina.co.jp/group.php?groupid=76063&type =

Do not be told ( China ) big brother next Without ・ σ (` c ') < South Korea , the money Source: . Big brother because they have only money

( Hiroshima) 2013/08/28 (Wed ) Dragon Suplex 10:21:29.90 ID:: 43 7CuoevIy0
1 >>
Korea is probably the country show .
What 's gonna live it ended up being such a fool to China you are despised .

( Kanagawa) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) ankle hold 19:34:08.04 ID:: 2 KusrSnq70
And he is and why now home
World President w I go such as Egypt such as Syria

5 : poison fog ( Fukuoka) 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 19:35:45.82 ID: EhxxiUfZ0
Mon guys were angry I say even Egypt 's Syria When you say that 's not go golf with disaster ignored. Too inconsistent .

( Gifu) 2013/08/28 (Wed ) 00:40:59.22 ID and strip mask :: wAgn/qkj0 37
5 >>
I do not complain otherwise If you 've been back to South Korea in the rest
Recently , do not I were stating a political something from Korea
In the world President whether the off whether the on now

( Kanagawa) 2013/08/28 (Wed ) 11:56:44.64 ID chair attack :: yDfXLX/e0 45
5 >>
Anyway if disaster of scale by local governments to paralysis , Bakachon would not a work of Prime Minister softening local flood control .

6 : Torasukikku ( Kanto Koushinetsu ) 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 19:35:49.69 ID: L9vSrEVs0
The wwwww I go Egypt such as Syria

7 : Riki lariat (Miyagi ) 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 19:36:48.92 ID: p9yMuXih0
Toast with tonsil

Kimchi appetizer

In dog meat main

The Butechige to vinegared

( Potato ) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) Argentina back Bleecker 19:42:58.86 ID:: 18 Ucm8fHXuP
7 >>
So to eat at any timing Hontaku ? w

( Kanagawa) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) Milan work Dodon Suzusuroun 19:39:22.10 ID:: 12 DIjHg + OQ0
Koreans from a very do the Koreans no matter what it prearranged

( Ibaraki) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) full nelson suplex 19:39:48.61 ID:: 13 ingv4siC0
I 've got something to homecoming why , but will jam cousin to go
It is the United Nations for anything ! Secretary-General 's !

16: (? Catv) Shooting Star Press 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 19:42:12.28 ID: E7u045330
The guy I 'm in home country why when Syria is tense ?
World by the White dismissal quickly

( Kanto Koushinetsu ) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) Torasukikku 19:42:46.12 ID:: 17 9fNxCRrM0
Laughed at the level " after-prom party in the village community center ," more than expected .

( Tokyo) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) Stardust Press 19:43:31.28 ID:: 20 s3nIO0A / 0
I do know a small photo
Do not be tempted to run away to say , " Because there is a plan a little "
Such as pot to hot fucking

( Kanagawa) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) ankle hold 19:44:41.43 ID:: 21 KusrSnq70
Food court 's too country a " steamed blessing of the earth "

(SB-iPhone) 2013/08/27 ( Tue) Argentina back Bleecker 19:47:58.22 ID:: 25 g6ISqZuOP
Do not president 's wide world Ne to work

It will do those stupid is good news for the United States well , but probably too stupid ('・ ω ・ `)

( Tokyo) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) soccer ball kick 19:50:57.25 ID:: 29 ekNIYBH10
South Korea> Ba Na then not only food culture that seems to pot is not try from the perspective of Japan and China Well

( Kagoshima Prefecture ) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) King Kong Lariat 19:52:31.01 ID:: 30 8U2Y9Lat0
World President have time too w in Egypt and Syria LDK

( Tokyo) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) Argentina back Bleecker 19:53:51.71 ID:: 31 HziVhdG + P
I 'm happy as long as there tonsil
Tonsil and 'll Nida~a to drink it and rattling !
Nika not Nome is tonsil of Uri ?

( Mushroom ) 2013/08/27 (Tue ) Argentina back Bleecker 20:18:53.33 ID:: 34 SRHD1WZHP
Do not 's a seedy diet certainly
Te pot in six plate pickle
I Think balance

( Xinjiang ) 2013/08/28 (Wed ) stretch Plum 10:12:57.53 ID:: 40 qbxmcL3W0
I'm what is in South Korea and the safest doing anti-Japanese action at this time
I'm your mouth to arbitration to go in Egypt or Syria , Stiff
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Korean UN Secretary-General issues statement " Highly questionable " the Japanese government Attitude to questioning Pangimun

Korean UN Secretary-General 's incompetence

1: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:19:29.56 ID: sXyrZvFF0
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting , Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan , is a problem with the attitude of the Japanese side over the historical recognition
Remarks of Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations showed the idea that ,
" It feels very questionable whether or not in on the recognition of the position of our country "
You said , we showed the idea to check the true meaning of the statement .

At a press conference in Seoul , Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations , and China and Japan and South Korea
Political leaders "Japanese deeply in relation to that conflict and around the understanding of history
Said need to search one's heart and " some , such as on the side of South Korea without taking a position of neutrality
I have a remark unusual stand .
For this , Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary , position of " Abe cabinet at a press conference after the cabinet meeting is
" It is necessary that each other leaders to exchange views for the sake of peace and stability in the region "
The thing that , Prime Minister Abe and should go conduct dialogue among which there is a concern
Are calling . Remarks this time , in that you are aware of the position of those in Japan
It showed discomfort whether or not , and " feels very questionable .
Then, once you confirm the true meaning of " the Secretary-General , Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan continue
Said " we would like to explain , such as the UN 's position , through the United Nations Representative of Japan ,
Check with the true meaning of remarks , such as the United Nations General Assembly to be held next month , the Japanese government
I showed the idea to explain the position . NHK

Attitude to interrogate Pangimun " highly questionable ", [ international ] Korean UN Secretary-General remarks Japanese government problem Source:

107: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 14:30:19.48 ID: roMuWKTQ0
1 >>
Japan to take measures such as not pay the contributions pan until the apology
Japan I do afford to be a good child are forever

4: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:21:55.67 ID: 0s4aO10g0
Ban Ki-moon is too low degree . Exposed skin of the Korean people .

5: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:22:15.33 ID: Q8p0wwpl0
Those seeking fairness to Koreans mistake

7: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:23:34.74 ID: VMNPIxFIP
No choice but to war Japan

8: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:24:09.19 ID: bJrjr3ba0
Ban Ki-moon world of advertising tower fool
But to Ban Ki-moon

11: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:25:56.29 ID: Oa0CvYZJ0
Of this is Na accustomed to UN Secretary-General well ? Or bribe ?

16: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:28:02.38 ID: bJrjr3ba0
11 >>
Yea , the work of the permanent members in the hope of letting you fall the authority of the United Nations fool is a fool exposed
It because I could not move permanent member of the Security Council to ensure think Annan original president is too talented .

15: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:27:26.96 ID: Ln15/hh20
Koreans Na then it Aborigines nation or made ​​retroactive law , highest organ of justice or international treaty without .

17: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:29:03.22 ID: +086 osOA0
The United Nations 'll waste Japan even if the objection from being stained black in another slush fund lobby of Korea

18: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:30:25.46 ID: ZbzpKG430
I give the seal of approval of the United Nations Japan with bad Ban Ki-moon . This is the same technique as in the comfort women

27: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:33:13.16 ID: v99mHUeD0
Olympic , World Cup , WBC, United Nations
Transform someone as the significance along the values ​​Koreans use
The word parasite comes to mind

30: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:35:45.32 ID: r3nkafpE0
W Na dude
This Jan spree law invoked
W that fall to the ground even in the United Nations and involved with South Korea still

32: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:36:24.33 ID: ZiRNai/I0
U.S. magazine Foreign Policy , lacks the presence and leadership , among other former Secretary-General " Ban Ki-moon ,
Ww cartoon and critically "said the meaningless organization of the United Nations

39: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:39:01.29 ID: CH/2A8WrP
Koreans priority to the interests of South Korea is natural
The blame for this cultural behavior , large mistake humanely

60: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:49:09.77 ID: 2mZ4czcj0
39 >>
Do not the same as bread , you also www blood is not Arasoe

47: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:42:36.54 ID: Pt70B5EO0
Ban Ki-moon 's too Korean .
Ban Ki-Moon is a fool so surely is .

International responsibility of the Koreans will not come out again.

Do not play a quality punch line of South Korea itself , not individual 's this .

50: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:43:45.53 ID: ZiRNai/I0
Newsweek , showed no interest in refugee issues and " nuclear issue that the bread assistant Ban Ki-moon ,
The walk to collect an honorary degree in the world , and issued a statement that nothing remain in storage in a wonderful degree ,
Spends in wasting precious opportunity that may have to reach its influence as Secretary-General "

Ban Ki-moon 's are the same as dog work ! ethnic tonsil expected www!

56: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:47:03.75 ID: FIesADed0
The settle if plus to Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations responsibility is not functioning .

58: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:48:04.10 ID: m6VpSF000
Pan kun he does not look like you understand the position of Secretary General of the United Nations .

59: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:49:08.45 ID: Xhz3GC/u0
58 >>
Ban Ki-moon Nida that I thought To proceed with Secretary-General 's can do anything

62: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:49:25.43 ID: 7uhOUCzB0
Do you seek the fair in the Korean impossible

65: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:54:08.74 ID: K8 + jRxT30
Japan Is not henceforth put the votes have been asked to Korea at the time of the Secretary-General candidate .
Koreans ' s race to return in revenge on really .

73: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:57:21.70 ID: tfet7e960
Ban Ki-moon 's remarks as expected .
Ban Ki-moon, I rubbed it around this well . ( Laughs)

78: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 13:59:30.84 ID: PH6VL87h0
Secretary-General asked to neutrality , big problem to be resigned at the time of speaking , such as with the shoulder of the other hand
Japan should issue dismissal motion

85: Ψ 2013/08/27 ( Tue ) 14:07:54.52 ID: vPt/TV0o0
Increasingly Japan 'm angry Koreans because such things
South Korea Do not seem to have cornered equivalent
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