[Korean] 60th Cease-fire, to tell the history of tragedy to young people Chosun Ilbo editorial [07/26]

The history of South Korea just lie

1: earthworm φ ★ 2013/07/27 (Sat) 21:45:30.24 ID:???
Today's the day of the milestone 60th year just truce of the Korean War (Korean War) since it was signed.
Early morning of June 25, 1950, Kim Il Sung of North Korea in the first T-34 Soviet tanks
I've managed a surprise attack on the Republic of China. South Korean army is deprived of Seoul in three days from the start of the war, and in the south a month later
I was forced to retreat to the Nakdong River area. UN forces UN Charter difference provocation of North Korea crisis of this desperate situation
Determined that the anti-, and 16 countries U.S., UK, Turkey, Thailand, Colombia, and Ethiopia, as determined by the United Nations
It was a great opportunity to prevent the attack of North Korea in the war, this is to reverse the military situation. Then in October the same year
China People's Liberation Army (Chinese Communist Army) participates in the war suddenly to. The seesawing of both across the cease-fire line from the next '51
But it lasted over two and a half years nearly, but it has led to conclude a cease-fire agreement at last on July 27, '53.

Today, the 60th anniversary chronicle "UN war cease-fire, leading to more than 4,000 participating soldiers and dignitaries participating country in Seoul
Sense expression "is be conducted. A grand ceremony was held in Korean War Memorial in Washington in the United States, this formula
It is scheduled to President Obama to attend for the first time as president of the incumbent in the Scripture. The 25th President Obama, "the U.S. military
Long period of three years in the Korean Peninsula (the Korean Peninsula), soldiers of the country met, even once I've never heard until then
It said, "fought against the communist army in order to save the people who never was, and declared to be the anniversary 27 July.
Korean War has been the "Forgotten War" so far in the United States, barely legitimate history to become this year
I was led to receive the evaluation.

You name it that large of "Victory Day" the cease-fire anniversary distortion to (distorting) the actual situation, North Korea every year
I've I hold the event a big way as. To mobilize the soldiers of more than 10,000 this year, large-scale by far the most
It is said that preparing for a military parade model. Li source Ushio Vice President of China's visit to North Korea in order to attend this event
The 25th, "morning in the two countries are connected by blood to the Presidium (Kim Young-nam) chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly of North Korea
I said "he was involved. Early last year, Lee morning source said the executive of the Chinese Communist Party after Mr. Kim Jong-un came to power
It is the person who visited North Korea for the first time Te.

China was very welcome (-hye) President Park Geun Korean visited China a month ago. South Korea country to see this
It's one after another and view the wishful "North Korea policy of China has changed in you" and the inside. But reality is
Li source morning as Mr spoke, still an he is in the "relationship that was connected by blood" North Korea and China.

The 25th, in the north-south working-level talks aimed at Kaesong industrial park normalization, South Korea side their demands to North Korea
The threatened "Our army will come again in Kaesong," and because they did not accept. North Korea is fundamentally
As long as it does not change, it should not be interpreted to mean the termination of war and provocation, Pang is perched on a temporary cease-fire system
It's not just while you are. That is the reality of the security of South Korea, which celebrated 60 years cease-fire.

However, the Korean War is a tragedy of the largest in the history of the Korean people, the perpetrator-aggression over the evaluation and meaning
North Korea's abbreviation of course, challenge by force of some you do not want to face up to history, even in Korea inside continues
That. Young generation of 20-30s and the results in the state that you do not know very little about actual circumstances and cause of the war
Oops. In this generation to play a central role in the achievement of unity, and accurate about the Korean War
To allow the recognition, normalization of history education is the urgent task than anything else. Only with the correct historical perspective, integration
It is because can know the correct way direction and towards one.

Source: Chosun Ilbo Japanese version <'60 [editorial] cease-fire, to tell the history of tragedy to young people>

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:16:52.06 ID:: 13 d90YAJxz
1 >>
When Ann, w and yan not a party to the cease-fire agreement
What, are you doing such as ceremony facing parties without permission?

It was the armistice agreement concluded, How can you get UN troops and Communist militia and North Korea?

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:38:42.16 ID:: 20 7y0FEqnR
1 >>
It is impossible ('・ ω ・ `) absolute. Comunidad we was too elated to graces special position.

Virtual image that says South Korea by making up the ignorant people you do not understand at all the war is present.
Is more than a Country United States of America has only made the country up to that if you do not need the U.S..
I can not understand anyone even announced such a fact.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 04:35:38.81 ID:: 40 sFcJmA1v
1 >>

And I came pierced in the history fantasy,
So if you want to place that does not make any sense to come out?
Story will have me out, what 's live? www

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 05:17:12.08 ID:: 41 lfO0LInp
1 >>
> Country have never heard of until then

And of Ne Ja there was in a position to have a long history, to lead the civilization of the world always Korea?
Do not you protest the rain's? ('・ Ω ・ `)

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:50:09.48 ID:: 3 UWGd4/lN
> To tell the history of tragedy

W c'mon

To Korean residents massacre trial state compensation order by the police and armed forces of the [Korean] Korean War, South Korea Supreme Court (Supreme Court) is not observed [07/24]

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:10:36.85 ID:: 44 E5XrOtZs
3 >>
Not a cage in the judgment only testimony of the victim? Definition of Korean-style trial.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:35:52.16 ID:: 59 rXkSdUki
3 >>
Nida that not convey the true history

Na tragedy because that even Koreans

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:50:24.96 ID:: 4 WcigRW4w
> Only with the correct historical perspective, and because it can know the correct way and direction towards unity.

So, w Jan absolutely impossible ('▽ `)

6: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Sat) 21:56:51.07 ID :/ sXikWav
The miserable it is true that it is true places of comedy is also're mixed.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:13:36.46 ID:: 60 Mnq3tBwO
6 >>
• The explosion of a bridge full of civilians to escape from Seoul, isolated on citizen-friendly both.

• The diversion of relief supplies Allied gave me much trouble.

There will be more interesting episode if more people, but what wonder if there is another?

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:57:34.05 ID:: 7 fjL6CW6W
And or our products in it may what country was opposed to the truce, that you say?

Syngman Rhee or yan was rejected truce. Is there a party qualified to Korea? ?

And do a cease-fire ... this? ? I or words of desperation.

I will not that I've had to stop the war on its own. Ya, but there was something that establishment of the cease-fire agreement.

What this mad newspaper, Ya white face up to history! !

8: <丶 `∀ '> (Sat) 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:04:42.83 ID: gcn +2 sfu
It will not mean that countries that do not have wartime supreme command is tie the cease-fire agreement

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:12:03.85 ID:: 10 qk1ekDV3
Was a disastrous soldiers and civilians in the field
I have fled to Japan Nanzo Syngman Rhee

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:19:22.20 ID:: 15 uTus + / US
Is not it war that ended with the victory of North Korea uh
I can not understand

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:21:52.50 ID:: 17 H67b9iK /
Taro Become a Korea that was by now Unification UN forces led by the United States if it does not intervene ...

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:27:47.96 ID:: 19 dPWPefHf
Without convey all the way, from now on, I will tell the north to create a new history of tragedy.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:28:06.86 ID:: 25 HNVdvM7b
I do not tell you that 60 years ago
That of 100 years ago Nida tell

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:46:12.50 ID:: 28 oW2DCuDy
It is a trap of the South Korean government, history than '60, learn that the previous is missing.
Reason of ethnic inferiority will be appreciated.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 03:16:21.66 ID:: 39 IzJSQbrQ
U.S. forces, but were pushing to the north equivalent one o'clock Therefore Korean War,
Can be placed in wartime What the, I do not think North Korea invasion.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:41:46.92 ID:: 46 FnBIYgnh
39 >>
It is.
And then declares "northern peninsula is not a Korea territory" and to continue two and die-Nomutan Akihiro.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:09:47.56 ID:: 43 + M3iHGfl
W? She would obtain one ethnic Incapacity would leave '60 cease-fire in the Well
W Because it's not possible to satisfy even the end of the war negotiations
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[Japan and Korea] Conviction for historical recognition of Japan, lesson-of Eichmann case "Make Japan a war criminal who's who from the pro-Japanese" Dongguk University professor [07/26]

Koreans do not know the true history

1: earthworm φ ★ 2013/07/26 (Fri) 23:14:08.57 ID:???
▲ Han Hee-Won Dongguk Dongguk University Law Professor large

The human race human rights that have been forced by Japan and Germany: (process of arrest Eichmann first part omitted) after the Second World War
And founded the special criminal court in Nuremberg and Tokyo for condemnation against devastation of trampling. Nurburgring
Nberuku court 25 people death to prosecute doctors, civil servants, and judges of Nazi involved in the Jewish slaughter,
I was condemned to life imprisonment 20 people. But Israel was not satisfied. Nuremberg court all
It is because did not punish Nazi war criminals.

Israel was founded after the war to be condemned until the end to track the Holocaust criminals foundation of founding
I put in that thing. Israel to Nazi Germany war criminals from paid attention to international human rights law concept of world jurisdiction
I went out to the punishment of its own. World jurisdiction jurisdiction that can be Shodan in the name of justice, regardless of the nationality or place of offense
Means. There was overseas information mechanism Mossad Israel to the forefront. Mossad Nazi war criminal person's name from
Began a historical work by creating a record.

On the other hand, for the Eichmann trial forced taken to Israel by the private team April 2, 1961
I started from the day. Eichmann had pleaded not guilty. It was just a tool that you simply run the command from above
I was Kyoben was. I have also argued with a punishment by retroactive legislation. It is illegal abduction forced taking, the Court of Israel
I have also argued that there will be no right size. Israel Han their own in the country that was founded after the Second World War to the end
Line is done before that, I was also claims that there is no jurisdiction in Israel.

However, abominable crime that "the accused has made cruelty that shocked the conscience of mankind Israel Supreme Court
Israel has a legitimate jurisdiction over such content. I have rejected the claim and all ". Death May 29 1962
But to confirm, and was hanged May 31 1962 two days later.

Do we really what? South Korea, China, Tokyo war crimes court of the Philippines damage state simply stated
Could not be satisfied at all any sense of justice. Japan Emperor Showa was the chief war crimes course
Be circulated to court also Na is from royalties and other Yasuhiko was the commander of the Nanjing Massacre and N (? Yoshihiko)
Bought. Shiro Ishii was responsible for 731 biological experiment troops also were still Shodan.

Language provocation of Japan politicians, to deny brutality of the past to threaten the prestige of the Republic of Korea today. Anti-Korean
Current Special Account of Japan to be the main driving the demo chanted the slogan Kill the Korean insulted to be a parasite Koreans
To. The past history of the Liberal Democratic Party Prime Minister Abe Shinzo Abe led by Prime Minister in the Upper House election in Japan achieved a landslide victory
It is expected that absurd remarks against you will continue.

Mechanism of information we also under the name of humanity war criminals from the Japanese in covert operations if not IF in history
Do not can be erased through the case of Eichmann honest feelings that I should make a case that was condemned to
Stomach. I made the pro-Japanese dictionary, but who's who, originally, we will have the person of Japanese war criminals list
Or? Rather than pro-anti-Japanese who's who of classifying us together, now and nefarious war criminals from Japan in colonial rule reign
Create a who's who of, I wonder should not be the task of the historical lesson?
It would be that it carving in mind the well-being of people really!

Lessons of the Eichmann case conviction for historical recognition Gangwon residents daily reports (Korean) Japan: source

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:21:14.03 ID:: 6 N + TPAPh3
1 >>
Well, it 's because the defendants are you guys (laughing)

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:46:20.88 ID:: 44 Lcv + AdY1
1 >>
I do it? Perpetrators Na because supposed crime if was done.
But when the perpetrator specific incident itself because he is fake If a particular A
What fabricated resulting in Barre. So A particularly without the specific perpetrator
There is no choice but to condemn the Japanese government. If the there was an incident actually
Not done in fact I w white denounced by identifying the perpetrators of the individual 's evidence fake.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:55:11.44 ID:: 49 3Qy5EThR
1 >>
Woiwoi ...
You guys at the time in Japanese, I was also officer of the peninsula from but ...

Heck, that's what (an hour ry the father of President now you guys

Saturday darkness Sen ◆ ZfXxlDUuVU 2013/07/27 00:16:46.71 ID:: 57 H5VeZy8N
1 >> Although sort of thing it after rupture

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:09:26.35 ID:: 83 Cr9OLDo2
1 >>
For historical perception wrong, I'm not saying only and no

If you can not stand it, and I will sever diplomatic relations
Although I will be to repay the debt of the Japan equivalent

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:14:51.90 ID:: 87 ONYrvWod
>> I turn off through the case of Eichmann honest emotion information mechanism of us also that I should make a case that was condemned in the name of humanity and war criminals from the Japanese in covert operations if not IF to 1 History I can not.

"Covert", "If you make the case" 100 times lie, it Might not do on a whim.

113: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Sat) 14:03:31.34 ID :/ VBLKMeD
87 >>
"Mechanism of information we even if you make a case that was condemned in the name of humanity and war criminals from the Japanese in covert operations ..."

↑ The sweet sweet, sweet trehalose like! . Several years after the end of the war or torture
I was not able to easy arrest, but systems and human resources of Tokko is alive and well
Monitoring and investigation of cockroach of insubordination remaining in Japan had been continued.
Guys, were able to arrest the verge of practice terrorism in Niigata also thanks to that.
(Wonder if that guy tried to burned the consulate or something of the north?)

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:25:20.72 ID:: 92 8rgwUZbP
>> I do not know the circumstance of the story of one, but is it not a random sore which is not to think with the doings of the rule of law around just to read an article ...
I think that's Yuda enemy of mankind that should be destroyed after all

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:31:56.43 ID:: 96 9Xl7Xtu +
1 >>
South Korea When people will side that were punished with the BC class war criminal?
President Park Nante, will there was a soldier of Japan?

Koreans, too Suttonkyo

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:27:27.83 ID:: 112 BFuMKuXn
1 >>
(Such as General Yamashita, such as the General Homma) is not quite the generals were forced to war criminals is in the war criminal
"I think quack Allied" comes out in the table, but rather w

I please get stopped if you want to do.

2013/07/26 (Fri) ◆ 65537KeAAA 23:18:24.64 ID:: 3 yBhNALiZ BE :208742988-PLT (13051)
Nara or Jan was good if you do not sign the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:21:44.37 ID:: 9 YDRPzQxz
Going to reduce the responsibility of the Japanese war criminals separately but have no desire,
It was the most hated in the occupied areas, the Japanese nationality at this time
And be kept in mind that it was Koreans who had
Must. Belongs to the military police, later many of them war criminals

"Japan has been misunderstood" Nipponkyobunsha 1988
(Magazine Paris Match correspondent of France) Alfred Smoular Author
※ Available for purchase at Amazon

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:22:36.29 ID:: 10 YDRPzQxz
■ "What the Japanese army or was in Hong Kong," 1993's critics society Mikio Mori translated Yongguang author

(P.36 ~ 37)
> Two women next morning Kowloon is occupied, was disguised as a figure of the farmer, hit the gate of the house of the famous writer 侶倫 (Genmei Li Lin wind).
> It has been found that if you take the cowl, is an actress who had been evacuated to certain Film Studio 鑽石 Mountain (Diamond Hill).
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> With a drawn face in fear, girls confided the events of last night, which is beaten by grooms of the Japanese army.

> The first few days are uneventful, I could not see at all appearance of "Imperial Army". But one day, five or six people 'beast soldiers' suddenly appeared,
> That was gang-raped actress four people who had mahjong.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> Actress described above was beaten by grooms of the Japanese army, but it was not the difference in Korean and perhaps this grooms.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> Hong Kong during the occupation, Koreans Many wore the uniform of Japan, taller than the ordinary Japanese,
> It was more violent than the regular army of Japan.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> It's worked a sexual assault by burst into a private house at this time, the wrong become a minion of most Japanese
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> It was Koreans who worked.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> Hong Kong residents holding them a sense of hatred more intense than for the Japanese military at that time.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:23:27.60 ID:: 13 IMduWmgs
Korean history trumped mad

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:23:28.70 ID:: 14 YDRPzQxz
Korean Domo you killing by "management" of the brothels Japanese military opponent hired a local woman in the battlefield
Scarper without paying money to women to top it off.

■ 5. Work in the comfort women program ■

By the way, in this program, interview the original scene comfort women out
come, but there was a malicious trick again. In the scene where former comfort women said,
In Japanese subtitles

I was no longer one else Japanese come the end of the war. I was
Blood I was left behind on the hog.

That we're out with, but in fact, in the Indonesian,

That Koreans would have been anyone. There had gone everyone
Is. We thought we were left behind on the hog.

It was had been talking to. Management of the comfort stations are Koreans, war
War is over, and abandoned the comfort women who, it is was blinded the figure.

Comfort women issue (below)
http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/ ~ nippon/jogbd_h11_2/jog107.html

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:24:59.96 ID:: 17 I5QtjcyO
South Korea are you doing affected countries Durango Why? w

Until World War II the Korean Peninsula'll end I was "Empire of Japan"!
Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo, which is enshrined in Yasukuni Shrine in the Class-A war criminals of noble Korean system.
Pakukune father, Park Chung former President,
An elite soldier of the Imperial Japanese Military Academy senior graduation, the end of the war at the time of the Manchurian army lieutenant hall.

Austria was annexed to Germany apologized as "defeated country" after the war.

If Japan defeated nation, South Korea defeated country.
Japan is 'invasion' country, Korea invaded country.
Japan if perpetrator country, Korea perpetrators country.
If Japan to apologize compensation, Korea should apologize compensation.

Korea, you, the victim country Durango
I Ne Ja are you doing a get-out of the country of you!

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:26:32.22 ID:: 18 OQGlxWsv
You Did not interact with the this ...

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:30:59.07 ID:: 23 AwmHKSql
Nothing to do with war crimes colonial rule of the peninsula

(Gold) Pyongyang (AAry ◆ lMFGv5fLY 2013/07/26 23:31:18.41 ID:: 24. 3VY + Xi5K
How funny this guys head, I wonder should I do

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:33:48.86 ID:: 27 5R5EyUel
It is not even a colonial rule in the first place and given that they have merged
I just ruled in the same way as Japan as part of the Japan
Life is painful given that they have during the war palm or per
It together for Japan

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:34:20.68 ID:: 29 Oub08IQV
W majority and it was something or Japanese Korean system

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:35:56.12 ID:: 31 5R5EyUel
It say forced hauled comfort women roughly
they can not one soldier of Japan, the name of the government officials, be raised
This is because because it is fake

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:36:45.99 ID:: 32 OuaATxAv
And I have been through Namaatatakaku from being vague and blame Nihonga
It will end at the source with rebuttal of angry waves if you start blame by identifying a person specifically

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:39:13.62 ID:: 36 pqB1VGKL
Masao Takagi, white good yup original Manchurian army lieutenant probably war criminals list goes decision.
It's a stupid country.

2013/07/27 (Sat) 23:02:24.08 ID:: 117 Name: (`c ')' s '(・ ω ・`) [sage] Posted <丶 `∀>' jj5WgF9n
W be because it is inconvenient name of Korean officer of Japanese troops treated side by side Zurazura After creating it
ラベル:war criminal
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[Japan and Korea] "The clase in Japan" "Do not come forever" Ozonfa Mr. critic, stronger repulsion between Korean netizens [07/28]

Ignorance, Koreans shameless

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/28 (Sun) 19:58:07.42 ID that came back: 1:??
It was found that Ozonfa Mr. Takushoku International Studies Professor, is denied entry into Korea critic from South Korea, had been turned back to Japan.
The 28th, South Korean media reported voice condemned the critical activity of Mr. Wu, rejoice deny entry has been written on the net.

To attend the wedding of relatives, Mr. Wu arrived at Incheon International Airport in the morning on the 27th. However, entry permit is not down, I turned back to Narita Airport in the afternoon the same day.
Even when in October 2007, was returned home to South Korea, Jeju Island for the funeral of his mother, Wu said he is refused entry from South Korea. It is seen critical activity in Japan has affected deny entry.

In the article international magazine that is known to take a tough stand in Korea, it is net delivered on July 25, "SAPIO" of (July), Mr. Wu had pointed out issues that our society has.

In the article, I discussed Koreans not write Chinese characters by Hangul supremacy increased, "the collapse of knowledge" in the back of education and society is progressing.
But, this content is seen as a problem in South Korea, the media blame or "made a statement that spit in the face of the Hangul to be and not take the Nobel Prize because of Hangul supremacy". To Mr. Wu I put a label of "pro-Japanese faction new" or "No Kanha".

According to the Korean media, Internet users to report that Mr. Wu is and was denied entry, had a sense of discomfort in Hangul remarks were cheered.
"Good if you live a lifetime with love Japan", "you should fill the bone in Japan", "you are speaking ill of the motherland abroad", the written opinion, such as "Do not come forever" on the net that was. (Editor: Shinkawa Yu)


Should be excellent in theory [Korean] ultra Education society? But World University rank downturn, Nobel Prize zero. The abolition / Ozonfa ★ 2 [7/27] ideographic kanji background Proceed collapse of knowledge
Influence or denial critic activity [07/28] the entry of Mr. Ozonfa known as a severe critic activity [Japan and Korea] Korea, South Korea

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:23:04.29 ID:: 47 eTOZPfk8
1 >>
Laws and provisions, did you adapt what?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:30:20.84 ID:: 57 bFiCmcXg
1 >>
Such as entry rejected by the creed.
I do not think country of liberalism.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:17:53.56 ID:: 111 + Std9dp7
1 >>
The Korean netizens under the Hikitoreyo in Japan than that.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:52:45.88 ID:: 145 v1c5E1qE
1 >>
Korea of ​​speech repression, w Na no longer be said to be the country that share the values

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:29:45.08 ID:: 156 Xb + KIPy6
1 >>

> Also when you return home to South Korea, Jeju Island for the funeral of his mother, was denied entry from South Korea

Filled with "brute" both deeply it's "area".
Dwells "demon" is a "barrier", it is not the state anymore.

166: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 00:43:25.82 ID: fwi / VBRa
1 >>
People who really think that South Korea is thus crackdown
So I wish I'm a third-rate nation forever even after

201: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 09:06:17.59 ID: GNeMfLmP
1 >>

Only name, democracy, content is the same as authoritarian state in North China.

202: wind Deaf children ◆ ShJy9Hwth7 / Y 2013/07/29 (Mon) 09:06:18.51 ID: AAQC814J
1 >>

"Traitor of the nation"

In Korea, that you get rid of it if you pushed this brand once impossible
I believe only this person, and came Not a forehead in front of compatriots remembrance of Yasukuni
Their brother Remembrance is also to kick from ethnic peninsula as a "traitor of the nation" In addition, the reviled
Is of being despised
Poor thing

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:00:08.60 ID:: 2 78Oib + wk
South Korea country of mad

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:00:28.92 ID:: 4 s/7enmDj
Racist South Korea

(Sun) Netoume ◆ ROTARYvGMk 2013/07/28 you without hesitation 20:01:09.53 ID:: 5 AuWxP + Fs
Well, I wonder if may be a total ban and stay entry into Japan of Korean in the same way?
And to say that Takeshima is recognized as Japanese territory, things that you have signed sworn comfort women problem does not exist and only allow entry and stay ....

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:01:17.91 ID:: 6 yAJwm9h5
I do not not know that 's made the entry prohibited because the creed is what it means?
Aborigines state w

161: ◆ 65537KeAAA 2013/07/29 (Mon) 00:06:36.97 ID: sdDtB + i6 BE :48924735-PLT (13051)
6 >>
And that there is no freedom of thought belief in Korea
Because that guy begins to say one more thing, "Kim Jong-un Manse!" Allowing it from coming out

209: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 09:23:45.12 ID: ZaVpP5yK
6 >>

The Jan not made any way.
It is not making noise for many internationally separately.

How Might not have been

217: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 09:58:22.38 ID: OjxGeV1I
209 >>
The w Do not be used appropriately Nante international

It's Japan, but it should make noise in this right.
Japanese launched a support group, the South Korea at the United Nations
'm Should be a problem, originally.

224: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 12:17:54.64 ID: 6e5qocXn
217 >>
After all, I think it because that it is the same level as the South Korea, those who do not do well it is good.
Is the best way go Tonoi without regard to all.

10-fold return the thing that does not matter to ignore against this country.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:01:26.12 ID:: 7 + OcjxZEK
Do not also could story of his new book.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:01:53.69 ID:: 8 xOn5sU9H
Well wwwwwwww Do not because Japanese would live in Japan
Kimchi cockroach nest of cockroaches
Human in the house of human

12: third generation fox dog raccoon Daimajin ◆ MAJIN/mCI6 2013/07/28 (Sun) 20:03:35.15 ID: A/g9xbFs
Because it is a Japanese living in Japan, it is not also abuse

Japan also against, foreigners anti-Japanese I Is not do good at all deportation and deny entry?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:03:53.85 ID:: 14 tisn5hXe
Though it is the case that leftist media and human rights organizations bite,
Silence regarding Korea.
Betrayal of one's own country the Japanese media discrimination

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:05:08.08 ID:: 16 SMDnZYlH
It's capable like Korean.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:10:05.09 ID:: 22 OkWSy3 + T
Result of Hangul supremacy, Koreans no longer only a childish thinking

The wwwww about reviews have demonstrated the claim of Ozonfa's immediately
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[Japan and Korea] Deny entry of Ozonfa Mr. known as a severe critic activities Korea, South Korea Critical activity or impact [07/28]

South Korea country of uncivilized

1: 壊龍 φ ★ 2013/07/28 (Sun) 09:13:37.37 ID:???
Denial critical activity or influence the entry of Mr. Ozonfa Korea, the critic

Ozonfa Mr. Takushoku International Studies Professor (56) = Japan = nationality is entry into the Korean critics from South Korea
27th was found to be rejected, it was turned back to Japan. Mr. Wu in South Korea over historical issues, such as
Known for its harsh critic activities, there is also a possibility, such as deterioration of feeling toward Japan Korean side is one of the causes of entry denial.

No nothing. Human rights and that it should not be there as a "civilized country. Mr. Wu that same night, according to the interview in the Narita Airport more
To be "want to respond calmly, and criticized the response of the South.

According to Mr. Wu, to attend the wedding of relatives to be held in Seoul, South Korea Incheon 11 o'clock am on the 27th
You arrive at the airport. However, it is instructed to go to the office adjacent to the time of immigration, a detailed verification of passport
I received such.

It was told that it "can not be allowed entry" in about an hour and a half later, "Because it is a command from above," even if I asked the staff why
And that was the only answer and so on. And forced to wait until the flights from Japan to go in another room of the evening, check the seating also on board
Staff that came with it until you.

Officials of the Incheon International Airport Immigration Office checkpoint at Korean Ministry of Justice to the Sankei Shimbun telephone interview,
And said, "can not be answered by privacy".

According to Mr. Wu, the immigration at the airport also in 2007 that returned home to South Korea, Jeju Island hometown for the funeral of his mother
The denied one o'clock, but then that was no problem. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "think about the correspondence by checking the facts"
I have said.

Mr. Wu came to Japan in 1983. Conduct the criticism centered on Japan-Korea relations, "Japan of the opening of the country of South Korea Joi", "wind skirt"
He has published, such as. When you have dinner with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the end of April, it was reported critically in Korea.

Two years ago of opposition lawmaker era, Yoshitaka Shindo affairs ministers may have been the entry rejected an attempt to visit the South Korea Ulleungdo,
Deny entry of civilians found creed and reason is very unusual.

msn Sankei News: 2013.7.28 02:00

10: third generation fox dog raccoon Daimajin ◆ MAJIN/mCI6 2013/07/28 (Sun) 09:18:46.32 ID: A/g9xbFs
1 >>

In South Korea, freedom of expression, freedom of thought conscience It seems no

in the thought that the government wants, critic but not the expression the government want only if you do not admit
I called the suppression of free speech it

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:49:43.70 ID:: 48 YzHWOrTd
10 >>
> In the thought that the government wants, critic not only expressed the government want only if you do not admit
> I called the suppression of free speech it
And, I said she doers of Kyokugakuasei, the patronage of scholars who cater to such a government, but the problem is, Hey'm such that you are not aware of me (which Omone~tsu world) world himself Ali
In addition, Shiji of Sima Qian Source Kyokugakuasei is, "Confucians biography"

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:11:31.62 ID:: 404 bnj1AwG +
48 >>
Found the Q and if Ah Jung ...

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:26:03.63 ID:: 24 sKwPp9gA
1 >>
Well, reciprocity reciprocity w

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:51:19.20 ID:: 155 OOHghJoQ
1 >>

Barbarian nation of cowards full expected

Immediately, you are taken to crush the freedom of speech

I em exposed to the world the figure does the same as North Korea

(Sun) Hieda Ason rude 2013/07/28 11:33:13.97 ID:: 274 OEseXCmI
1 >>
Even when the funeral of the mother before,
Once that had been denied entry.
South Korea is a country that has adopted the electoral system a democracy but only in form,
Ethnicity and government level the same as the north.
But there was something that Japan, it has been stuck in a poor country,
There is no place to change the north otherwise.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:04:36.52 ID:: 383 JVX8s + S7
1 >>
Disregard for human rights, discrimination www exactly

The scream discrimination such as Guarding against Japan in this

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:09:03.48 ID:: 400 yjvhT8ZE
1 >>
This is terrible wwwwwww
It is a project that should be spread all over the world

(Sun) wind Deaf children ◆ ShJy9Hwth7 / Y 2013/07/28 12:22:30.82 ID:: 421 ik9pSYAl
1 >>

"Korean or can understand the Yasukuni one day" Ozonfa teacher
August issue of extra edition rightly, 2003

After the war, Japan invisible figure as a "nation-state"
I Korea not to admit the Yasukuni easily, and there is the essence of the Japanese race at what militarist,
I is for the anti-Japanese principle is the prevailing
No, if we say that there is no essence there, where to find that there is essentially exactly
Be ye grip that does not come in sight there, has become the biggest factor that makes survived the anti-Japanese principle it is also a kind of eerie

In short, the framework of post-war Japan as a "nation-state" is in the elusive in Korea
Earth, whether you are trying to Rinmo the world to have any philosophy, Japan that there is not able to see clearly in other countries
I suspect here, Yasukuni problem significantly from is rooted in that respect

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:56:12.77 ID:: 439 u8xhohDA
421 >>
Do not wonder can not understand Ozonfa.
Separately, just a normal country like the U.S. and Japan is not a flop palm returns.
I will do all that need to change and why me nothing.

Ozonfa is,
Japanese Imperial independence activist and nationalist of Koreans at the time all together,
What I wonder is that it was a huge admirer of the Emperor? ?

● and stalwart, the Korean modern literature, Korean nationalists Lee soo light

I gentlemen love ".
Clinging to name ethnic Koreans dirty, rather than send the survival of attainder,
You should be mortal in the name of Emperor Dainippon people in glory.
What in the death of glory, you are in there is a raw immortal to live cause of eternity "

● leader, Mr Choi Triune independence movement

It is said that there is no fight well in spring and summer from the "old days,
Is it say what by without saying a good fight jihad war of Condo (Greater East Asia War).
Construction of Greater East Asia, the liberation of all mankind,
Going to the holy battle to make the best use of ideal and belief and principle or that it is comfortable mind that what.
And to demonstrate the spirit of Korean boys and loyalty of the Japanese people as
It is up to you hope that you take to the field to the last man "
November 18 Showa

● Korean nationalist Sal Xing rain it was well-known at that time

You must Harasa Now is the product of Ikido yellow race which inherited from generations of "grandfather.
Once, more than a decisive battle, and crush the enemy state is a cancer of the Empire track
It is necessary to push forward to new construction Toa "
December 16 Showa

● leader of the Korean peasant movement, outstanding farmer Lee Hwan-forming
Without destruction Now is stronghold of "greed, the Anglo-American author of white imperialism,
It can not be expected the development of our descendants, etc. "

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:00:24.93 ID:: 440 NxD4K9Yg
439 >>
Hard to say, but she is more Japan-Korea relations history of the time than you probably.

"The road to annexation of Korea" has written on it was found What is the name is also trying of their own country.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:12:27.07 ID:: 450 GOOFVNFx
1 >>
Without good reason, the cases that countries with diplomatic relations was refused entry to the Japanese people.

Yeah. Damedaro w

(Day) ◆ sdKONUKOXQ 2013/07/28 Nuko child 21:01:41.44 ID:: 527 0CXPiYuh
1 >>
So I do things the Japanese government 's not allow entry of anti-Japanese Japanese What this
People of leftist I could go'll fuss in Japan After Ya~tsu this in Japan ...

Voice in what you want to blame this from left-wing not a in?

533: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 07:06:03.20 ID: 8XaGa + / N
527 >>
Also Yoshio Arita and Kang Shochu that said, "Japan is a country insensitive to discrimination and human rights in the world," What,
I wonder not protest immediately Why? w

Japanese tell the inconvenient to Korea and Koreans even a little,
The red in the face immediately, eyes triangular,
The glower at Sanpakugan the opponent lifting his eyebrows,
In, w and to protest on behalf of the voice heard in the Dos brat exposed in high-pitched voice strangely


(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:25:13.35 ID:: 529 bLn3WmzC
1 >>
Discrimination powerhouse South Korea

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:58:07.80 ID:: 532 v1c5E1qE
1 >>
Did on protest strongly to the discrimination against the Japanese government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, over white sanctions

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 14:10:21.53 ID:: 553 U1RoE3q2
1 >>
Remain silent as much as possible in this kind of story, you party like human rights organizations and national media.
It's guys can not be used really.

(Sun) Rokurokubi ◆ Oz5ajCsH3Y 2013/07/28 09:15:20.73 ID:: 3 g4J05jRj
Its crazy. Deny entry in their own people That said original
And w such as no notice of the reasons

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:15:29.96 ID:: 4 g5RFKlh6
Japanese government matters to be addressed in action properly. The white stop without a visa first.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:18:05.91 ID:: 7 TPwcqPdX
It's what the natives such as can not be guaranteed safety from harsh to me

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:18:16.42 ID:: 8 mfh50UyN
Na has been unreal sharpened
End or ... close?

9: <丶 `∀ '> (Sun) 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:18:38.69 ID: e2K +4 IbT
South Chong w Na's level better to seclusion more historical perspective is too good mess

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:19:48.17 ID:: 13 Duz/qXJ0
There is no help for it because Minjoku to go insane and be pointed out the truth ^ ^

(Sun) Wamora 2013/07/28 09:21:44.88 ID:: 20 i7JjKVcq
W Na dude
W 's or even deny entry based national not a criminal in the terrorist

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:26:45.79 ID:: 25 cnd7MPYn
South Korea refused thoroughly the truth involves a lie.
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[Sankei Shimbun] U.S. experts "Korea was ruled by Japan rather than China and Russia it was fortunate" "True story" between Japan and South Korea [07/26]

Koreans turn a blind eye to the fact

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/26 (Fri) 12:50:24.38 ID that came back: 1:??
James ・ E ・ Hour □ Vanderbilt University US-Japan Research Cooperation Center Director

Last month, three days, I visited Seoul at the invitation of South Korean political elders is a strong supporter of President Park Geun.
South Korean politicians, government officials, economic and people, met asked, was also invited to visit the Korean naval base on the northwest coast. Unfortunately, most of the Korean People who have been had a negative perception about Japan.

≪Comfort women is not only rough Korea≫

(Both then) President Kim Dae Jung of South Korea and Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi of Japan in 1998,
I ask you if you had issued a joint statement with the consensus to move forward with put an end to the problem of the past, their opinions were completely changed and obviously why.

The majority of Koreans there was, claiming their attitude has not changed since the '98, and Rather, the attitude of their current,
I answered and position of Japan's Takeshima and visits to Yasukuni Shrine, by officials of the Abe administration and comfort women issue, and,'s such because of the insensitivity of Japanese history to the problem.
I said nobody does not allow practice of prostitution made in China until the end of the war of '45 leaders of the United States Japan, or South Korea now.

The exact number is not obtained, but the number of women of Korean or is sell itself by the will of the parents of the poor peasant, with or were recruited by other means, was providing sexual services to Japanese soldiers,
May be that was larger than the number of such women in Japan and China, from other countries.
But it was not a plan focused targeting Korean, and it all fell victim in this business during the war
There is no doubt that for the pain of true female nationalities suffered, Japan has sincerely regret.

Prostitution is legal, sex services had been provided to the U.S. forces in Japan the occupation period in Japan of this era.
It is a fact that indicates that it is not the fact that what happened was right, and it was different far or not (much) criterion at the time and the current one.

For the Japanese government officials to worship at Yasukuni Shrine, Japanese leaders are not to go to honor the Class A war criminals are Lesse its name to some shrine,
Even more, I said that this is not to go to honor the act of apologizing to other countries as Japan.
Rather, the country domestic criticism trivial (trivial) of foreign Chinese government such that even abhor,
I told that to criticize Japanese politicians to the shrine to shrine pays tribute to the soldiers of the Japanese dead with all the national and, as I think of great contradiction.

≪Arlington and Yasukuni same≫

The Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the leaders of many foreign countries, including rice and president, South Korea and Japan visit.
During the Civil War, is, despite there are those who fought for the South to support the slavery Some of the soldiers are buried.
There is no one person who requested today, slavery is not tolerated in the majority of the advanced world, but they did not have to eliminate from Cemetery soldiers Confederate who believe in it.

Most troublesome problem was Takeshima talking and Korean.
Why, I, South Korea to seem and never while views of Japan's legal basis because Takeshima in favor of Japan is unlikely to change, to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces Japan in order to eradicate Korean soldiers from Takeshima I've heard what not to stop to worry about this problem.
It was something that Korean, Japanese think you should agree that the only answer that came back is attributable to South Korea definitely Takeshima.

There was only one group had never hear any complaints to Japan. It is Ori who visited South Korea naval base. I saw the corvette was sunk by North Korea torpedo (patrol vessel) the "Cheonan".
did not talk politics, but to the behavior of North Korea unpredictable dangerous, South Korea naval officer who met there, told realistically need to cooperate with the U.S. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force of.

≪Contribution Nisshin, to Korea Japan and Russia≫

What can we do to improve the attitude of South Korea.
If you are living in Seoul was born, more than 20 years since graduating from Vanderbilt University, one of the student of my working in Seoul, must patience Koreans to overcome the inferiority complex Japanese He added it would.
I expect unfortunately, it might have hit, but I and President, will be able to come to terms with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

(To be continued)


2: work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/26 (Fri) that came back 12:51:02.59 ID:???
1 >> More

This is something that Japanese do not mouth never,
I can beat the country in 1895 Japan is fighting the Qing, broke the country in 1905 by war with Russia that was from the same reason, and would deserve consideration for Koreans I think.
Japan was not an anti-Korea, but is was afraid to be dominated by Russia, or that South Korea is dominated by the Qing Dynasty.
Qing is when I won the first war if, currently, South Korea might have become a colony of China and Russia if it has won the next war if South Korea may have been a colony of Russia no.
After all, victory of Japan is have led to today's status of democracy free market economy Korea.


77: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Fri) 14:31:55.48 ID :/ 37m94yh
2 >>
Annexation 's debacle
it back to where they were based

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:37:33.67 ID:: 81 dLjuOmBA
77 >>
The guys after some of the cause, but I think they dare with a kill ourselves because it would be way Koreans themselves chose

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:28:58.80 ID:: 138 G8aHPfB /
2 >>
Even if it was to keep the south of Russia not,
Koreans do not understand that this happens as a result, or can not.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:04:52.67 ID:: 162 nrvaxJAS
2 >>
Do not worry.
This time is the third time, because to ignore.
Sorry late about 100 years, has become a vassal state!

It is!'s Like to be kept, and w Na or indeed Chung

5: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (-1 Tasu0:9) 2013/07/26 (Fri) 12:53:04.89 ID: 39QL + F68
1 >>
It's worst for Japan.
You can give back to the Chinese territory. Russian territory even good.
Anyway, please do not go unchecked as an independent country.
Japan is not suitable to their owners.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:56:10.35 ID:: 7 OtRdYk3o
1 >>
it is terrible that Japan would if japan won the war

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:00:18.89 ID:: 8 JVga4OZO
1 >>

Korea victorious powers Nida And then this time're right! ! they yelling Te

Rape by feeding the Korean occupation troops to the person you lost, robbery, murder and all-you-can-

This historical country say South Korea because it is country fawning to those strong bullying the weak!

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:55:27.76 ID:: 89 nHl7Jvq /
>> 1 is a sound argument itself.
However, it's useless to let the preaching Ceylon how much Korean.
Koreans do not have the ears to listen.

Still, Seniors say in Japan.
"Do not be the only Korean opponent (human)"
This was right.
To disappear quietly Korea is bankrupt.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:08:50.17 ID:: 100 ITsCk8hU
1 >>
Your most each time.

However, they can not understand ,the Korean people.
Because it is stupid.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:13:01.13 ID:: 164 Oub08IQV
1 >>
Unfortunately the Japanese Na'm started from there ...

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:33:07.78 ID:: 189 SgoNApRA
>> And if I have a lecture all over the world by all means to one teacher
I want you to publish a book.
No, do just fine era net lecture demonstration now.

(Sun) (tits?) Liked ◆ Tetsupye8Q 2013/07/28 18:46:35.55 ID beauty:: yTC0xfN3 197
1 >>
Well, it does perhaps was good in the rain you guys, but publicly, Japan that got me assumed proceeds at crazy angles,
You guys Nika it did not do so on Camry throwing out Japan is all bad?
Let Ara should move the current sticking to Japan the three countries especially frog to eliminate the responsibility of Gomo rice Anglo-Dutch!

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:51:12.23 ID:: 3 Qdf2n8eP
Annexation was the worst choice for Japan

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:40:03.95 ID:: 83 dLjuOmBA
3 >>
I mean, do not because it is rebellion and even after doing the merged shaving the body

Is entitled to complain about what the Japanese side on the nature white castle to have been danced

2013/07/26 (Fri) Ta152 H-0 ◆ Tank/Ja2RQ 13:05:07.90 ID:: 9 2wXdDbpU
Well, was pressed against the Japanese body well the seeds of trouble is I mon's truth.
Minister of the United States and Britain, which had claimed much the Korean independence NYA last, and then ran away What "baggage autonomy impossible. Nippon ask these guys".

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:07:45.08 ID:: 10 0 + WNlR48
A person is willing to know up to this point I wish Kurere into the center of the U.S. government.
Mare san was great, but he has a had been killed by the Japanese media ...

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:12:25.52 ID:: 13 DLO7MG81
And I thought you were unfortunate for South Korea?
Accepted smoothly in subservience to the stronger basis if other than Japan

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:15:51.65 ID:: 15 N57GXlXl
More you have been dominated by Russia and China had become for humanity

2013/07/26 (Fri) alk ◆ vMmfzZ7ndI 13:23:50.71 ID Nuko:: GUifEH3Q 30
There are 15 >> objection! Nha person who bought Dona Korean Peninsula there is Tsu Nyah for the world.

41: 39 2013/07/26 (Fri) 13:37:15.39 ID: Ef6e1SZM
Japanese a little correction

○ By that dominated the Korean Peninsula, Japan became unhappy

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:37:52.31 ID:: 42 aFoTGZBp
I wish to Rerya dominated by goods Seriously
Far must have been not more annoying it is it to a minority in a real massacre by now Chung

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:10:45.99 ID:: 66 rJEutjPp
42 >>
Chung Korean autonomous region's relatively decent.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:15:50.15 ID:: 68 9E7ytHmV
66 >>
Era there was money and science is Na from long more close to China so great.
In the land that had been promising the people originally, the North Korean side, south Because he was not the state as it is non-discriminatory region.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:49:57.66 ID:: 46 9dEEgz01
Maximum error of Japan. The origin of the law exactly.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/26 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:51:10.02 ID:: 48 FNOGMdur
Another, although they always get to experience the full Chinese rule from now on
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"We do not allow the Japanese flag" Korea lawmakers

Thinking of Koreans, madness

1: knee cross hardening (Aichi) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:33:54.86 ID: QtNJkfN2T ● BE :231672285-PLT (12051) Award points
"The Football Association lost the day of the devil red curtain sued, the reason" Anne Minseok

[Seoul] = Nyushisu Park terrorism reporter
Democrat Ann Minseok Rep. Korea-Japan soccer game at the time the 31st
Was accused of "lost the reason" the Japan Football Association that is a problem the banner contents of the red devil.

Anne Senator calls in the 'news show of Kim Hyun-jung' morning CBS radio this day "
The Whatever it that the Rising Sun flag was Hirugae~tsu Jamsil in Jamsil when South Korea people see are
Spoke with melon limited treatment "lost reason is that it is" as is "can not be tolerated on our country emotion Japan Football Association is to sue the banner rather than apology.

Anne Senator that you can not imagine to be the seeds of conflict between nations tremendous this if Nazi flag, for example "has Hirugae~tsu in Europe soccer field.
I made it clear view as "must be an agreement in both countries that the thing itself the Rising Sun flag and the flag of the Rising Sun is fluttering economy of Japan and South Korea in the (competition) is not impossible.

(Kanto Koushinetsu) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 16:01:25.25 ID Harite:: 4IYsV/aAO 97
1 >>
Rising Sun flag is a flag but also regular Hinomaru also no problem at all
It's a problem this time, only portrait of international terrorist Ahn and hate speech banners south Chung
Just south Chung Even though the taunt Japan in political appeal selfish unilaterally,
Which that averted a topic in Rising Sun flag and Japanese flag innocent, too Do not be in the Odra Which tools

South Chung out when you provoke Japan Portrait of terrorist Ahn was assassinated in abject terror as the first Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi public of Japan
The international community does not tolerate stupid act of praising terrorists assassinated the head of state for any reason whatsoever
Do not allow the despicable football terrorism in South Chung
The fight against the far-right terrorist nation south Chung thoroughly

(Soft bank) 2013/07/31 (Wed) German suplex 16:16:43.14 ID:: 128 JYnxxuQQP
1 >>
> Anne Senator that you can not imagine to be the seeds of conflict between nations tremendous this if Nazi flag, for example "has Hirugae~tsu in Europe soccer field.
> I made it clear view as "must be an agreement in both countries that the thing itself the Rising Sun flag and the flag of the Rising Sun is fluttering economy of Japan and South Korea in the (competition) is not impossible.

I wonder if're saying really, in Korea I cooked in Japan and South Korea against another law

(Kanto Koushinetsu) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 16:21:17.79 ID Harite:: 4IYsV/aAO 139
1 >>
The Kuzuchon Do not be a cheat killer Ahn praise
To receive a declaration of war more than wearing a stingy Flag of other countries
Abe White war and south Chung soon

(Ibaraki) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 17:02:21.11 ID 32 statement Rocket Launcher:: CuSQ34t40 223
1 >>
> The view as "must be an agreement in both countries that the thing itself the Rising Sun flag and the flag of the Rising Sun is fluttering in the Japanese economy (competition) is not impossible

Seriously Kusowarota wwwwwwwww
It 's really mad ,these guys

7: back drop (Ehime) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:36:53.92 ID: PHzRzHBp0
To use the national flag and then Korea provoke terrorists, but Japan and also shake national flag not forgive!

The Korean's really wanted this.
There is no reason to go together a decent absolutely.

(Miyazaki) 2013/07/31 (Wed) stretch Plum 15:37:59.49 ID:: 10 llxhSsmq0
Prospectus as Shibaki Corps

11: Just face lock (Kanto Koushinetsu) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:38:27.92 ID: Q + YmSN1h0
Next is the national anthem

(Osaka) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:38:57.67 ID Genie windmill hardening:: PTuMOnkB0 13
Those guys do you insane so far

(Iwate) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Bomai~e 15:39:57.45 ID:: 17 yFFpzb3g0
Yes sir.
So I hope if that meeting, and the like tournament will be held in Shikoria not all out.
The call to Japan 's Do not without. Do not because in so strange, Japanese flag.

(Fukui) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:40:35.32 ID knee ligament hardening:: CjVMFU6t0 20
"Inexcusable that there is a country called Japan" real intention

(Osaka) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Gloria 15:41:02.14 ID:: 23 XIXWyOIc0
I do not know the meaning already softening

(Kanto and Tokai) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Gloria 15:41:11.75 ID:: 24 ePnBAzy0O
're Irrational and w'll Chung

(Kanagawa) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:42:26.21 ID sneak attack:: Ff8H1/qGP 25
South Korea if we also ban the Japanese flag in the law treats like a Nazi in Europe? Anywhere'm not complaining foreign. And I to don pull.

(WiMAX) 2013/07/31 (Wed) German suplex 15:42:59.62 ID:: 28 hpp5911HP
It either is also a congenital defect in part of the brain responsible for logical nature?
North Korea and South Korea are the weird country

(? Catv) 2013/07/31 (Wed) German suplex 15:42:56.49 ID:: 31 t8y1Y0hOP
Rising Sun flag and the flag of the Rising Sun wwww

Another, "But you only want the Hirefusa Japan" simply.
What you friendly. A level that does not need diplomatic relations

(Xinjiang) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Emerald flow John 15:43:40.33 ID:: 33 f392yEU50
To two requests After one concession, it is South Korea

(Tokyo) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Kuroitsurasu 15:44:08.90 ID:: 35 Ub3d12 + F0
Do not crowd's persistent 's no Ja do bring that kind of thought in football sloppy

(Toyama) 2013/07/31 (Wed) jumping elbow attack 15:44:10.12 ID:: 36 7 +3 tHt/k0
Impossible such thing as equal relationship with Japan or rather
Third-rate nation appropriate to train while trampling feet
The natives after all even if I got in and bless overseas science
It Might not this happen because it is waste that have been living in philosophy without

(Saitama) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Gloria 15:45:12.43 ID:: 40 cmdps8670
Chung both Do not apparently want to see the anger of serious Japanese Seriously is
We're Gonna different level and Chung are Tsu Fabyo the annual event like daily?

(East) 2013/07/31 (Wed) reverse neck Bleecker 15:45:30.67 ID:: 43 H27ML0Nc0
South Korea North Korea from a very less.

51: Just face lock (Kanto Koushinetsu) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:47:17.24 ID: FgIjRYhp0
you say Nazi again
Who in the world 's are doing the same view of the Rising Sun flag and the Nazi flag on earth

(Kyoto) 2013/07/31 (Wed) vertical-fall DDT 15:48:26.72 ID:: 55 G2/7jIfH0
Takeshima comfort women → → → Yasukuni Rising Sun flag of the Rising Sun flag → → → anthem Emperor

I'm fit with claims of leftist traitor full and Koreans, struggling in Japan
Subversion of Japan I guess the purpose of maximum

(Miyagi) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Texas Clover Hold 15:48:38.19 ID:: 56 4dXwSc1r0
they come to say these things of course
That insect they'll come said change design of the flag aboard the tone of which is

(Xinjiang) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:49:02.91 ID sneak attack:: GWY5GPtQP 57
So head ww'll are you doing somehow Abe says values ​​and Aborigines Anna ww would you say are you Chimae severed diplomatic relations with Nante ww Chung countries such as sharing

62: Stardust Press (Kanto Koushinetsu) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:50:16.54 ID: 5 + l3uphaO
Mad Kramer

(Potato) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 15:51:08.39 ID sneak attack:: qcgPfRkDP 65
Seven Deadly Sins monster of truly driving force
Not to deal one by one Na is a correct answer

(Aomori) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Topekonhiro 15:52:05.73 ID:: 69 IKtrgxSh0
National flag all negative

(? Catv) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Bloody Sunday 16:00:43.83 ID:: 95 ff/lXaaP0
Sankei Shimbun I was writing in a column in says Hinomaru 's also no good following,
W I to reflect that it was I thought w would impossible
That is impossible in that country is not w

(Okayama) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 16:04:53.91 ID knee cross hardening:: GGYwpUUt0 102
South Korea
Japanese flag ban
Japanese immigration ban
Japanese products bring ban
Japanese ban
Travel ban to Japan
Purchase ban on Japanese products
Ban trade with Japan

It'll at. And do it immediately.

(Kansai and Tokai) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Tokimeki Memorial 16:13:32.62 ID:: 117 gGa7WMqoO
To claim or a history of not even there or burning the flag of other countries from the school and parents I also If you were born in South Korea
I think that it was good to be a Korean and really think of what would become an adult you do not think also doubt it
Then, you would think I was good and the Japanese Nippon even if disappear even if future
Do not loose or pride

(Kansai region) 2013/07/31 (Wed) Bazuso kick 16:20:50.59 ID:: 138 4SdZFC8a0
And such as did Japan-Korea World Cup and this country
It is only a humiliation anymore

(Kanagawa) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 16:41:17.02 ID Harite:: avEAoApW0 186
Well, this is probably one member of the opposition party in Korea.

they to the enemy Japan to the United States, opposition over there is that mad break the ice to calm such as
The wwww they have a lot

(Kanto) 2013/07/31 (Wed) King Kong Lariat 16:57:01.73 ID:: 215 7s6nd1KLO
186 >>
Although think so yeah
"Victim even after thousand years," President
"Extradition treaty ignored ,Yasukuni arson because it is political prisoners" court "Buddha also Na return" "Japanese companies white compensation,Ignore Japan-Korea Basic Treaty"
It feel there is no great difference too much because it is such guys I think
ラベル:the Japanese flag
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[Korean economy] The power anxiety in August in South Korea ... Sense of crisis in the nuclear power plant shut down [07/29]

South Korea country of uncivilized

1: 壊龍 φ ★ 2013/07/30 (Tue) 00:15:54.10 ID:???
In South Korea the heat of previous years or more is expected, citizens must also be addressed to the savings in August Photo:
(The 25th, in Seoul) there is a risk of power failure

This summer, a sense of crisis to the power shortage, such as large-scale power failure is increasing in Korea. Of reactor parts
In response to such a problem to forge a performance certificate has occurred, of the nuclear power plants of all 23 groups
It is expected in 7 groups stopped, power shortages and up to two minutes at most nuclear power plant. Counterfeiting problem
That such as, safety review of nuclear power plant will be strictly as well as Japan is expected, due to delays of re-operation,
Can impact on economic activity is also a concern.

◆ 2 years power failure also ◆

"I'm particularly hot today," -. 25 days heavy rain came up, downtown, Myeong-dong in Seoul (Myeong-dong)
So severe sunlight was beat down. People who moisten throat juice of sugar cane fashionable stalls
Constantly, people walking in swiftly while fanning among themselves was also seen.

And the end of September, Hyundai extended one month than usual when it ends in-house power-saving. Administrative division
While refrain from the use of such as air conditioning, factory continue to run normal. Production cuts that affect the "performance
In order to avoid, to put up the heat in the office "and (public relations).

This summer, the heat of than usual are expected to Korea, but is faced with severe power saving citizens and businesses.

According to the power supply and demand outlook to the Ministry of Industry and Trade Resources was announced, the second week in August as a peak demand
Supply capacity maximum power demand in Korea (78.7 million kilometers Watt) is the (76.72 million kg Watt)
There is a risk that higher than about 3%, power of 1.98 million km Watt corresponding to two minutes primary is insufficient.

September 2011, a massive power failure has occurred in various places such as Seoul in South Korea. The thermal power plant or multiple
This is because to stop at such periodic inspection, electricity demand soared in the heat is primary. In addition to the disruption of civilian life,
Trouble and come out to production in the industrial park around the country, it was a major blow to the Korean economy.

The government will survive in conserve power shortage this summer. From August, or office building as a power-saving measures
To require a power reduction of up to 15% on large customers with a factory. At home for, and the July-August
Was introduced a system to discount prices and reduce than the previous year usage.

Government agency was set to 28 degrees or more at room temperature, power consumption increases the subway in the metropolitan area
I do a thinning operation in time zone. (Sasaki Ayu Yoshihiko in Seoul)

46 minutes 22:29 July 2013: YOMIURI ONLINE

Combat Organization
Severe power shortage to stop nuclear power plant [Korean] "as going against in the 70s" in the fake parts "though North Korea", if door wearing cooling left open fine [07/01]
Or [Korean economy] blackout return in nuclear power plant outages due to counterfeit parts past power supply ★ 2 [06/27] of the worst level (dat punch line)

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:54:50.30 ID:: 35 BO2a3Dvp
1 >>
country where all is not enough, Korean Peninsula (laughs)

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:25:10.33 ID:: 132 ntAjoZeo
1 >>
Though there is no disaster to why such a thing Korea? w

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:26:21.02 ID:: 133 YhY5V/E5
132 >>
The w 's in there called disaster Korea dust is to manage

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:30:04.00 ID:: 134 ntAjoZeo
133 >>
......... Oh, I see, yeah It 's disaster of mankind up. Besides, it does not end then.

It's there already, Korean I say Oh and Irya been daydreaming at all at the beach or riverbank to give up activities in the summertime. I think damage is less most likely it is.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:16:40.80 ID:: 2 ifuB4N0d
Are you still using nuclear power plant?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:17:46.69 ID:: 4 sWLacpr /
Nante power shortage of Korea will have in the tradition of annual

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:17:51.49 ID:: 5 w11Hj1Tz
It's not good if you do not use electricity.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:21:35.44 ID:: 8 wT6VMnoA
Or something to build data center in South Korea, what happened?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:21:54.99 ID:: 9 FVvN2Pd +
Or the Korean Peninsula from the beginning of the Apocalypse ...

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:22:52.05 ID:: 13 ZUhZmBmH
To Korean collapse w in a large power outage By the tray

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:23:46.99 ID:: 14 xvQda43r
This summer probably cool at a low ebb economy

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:29:13.82 ID:: 18 JYIejSvK
14 >>
Do not will be plenty of cold sweat

You can be something that country 's power-saving stick?
Will only happen riot?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:30:21.50 ID:: 19 Jfbw6Hai
I do not know if South Korea is trying to be.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:32:33.56 ID:: 21 ZhfZtShz
Not it some ice to North Korea? If you go to get it?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:34:09.56 ID:: 22 U8J6TPMy
Electric bill from being suppressed cheap unfair, and will work hard to save power by going to do it by price increases to 5 times.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:36:09.45 ID:: 25 bNXW89I6
Do it
Electric shock the world's first

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:46:22.59 ID:: 31 ZhfZtShz
25 >>
Or transmission line cutting → group electroconvulsive therapy to after the rain
Circuit of the upper story Maybe become decent maybe

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:05:37.56 ID:: 44 bNXW89I6
31 >>
However, power is less than market crash cause

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:39:42.26 ID:: 27 jWqSpJvR
(Note: over and then taking summer vacation and the brain of Kunekune Chan to ~ SEO) no problem this year because it is cool summer

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:46:06.35 ID:: 30 4R5OVjUR
South Korea has the technology unmanageable
I do not not understand it be introduced from elsewhere then it is not out taking advantage
Knowledge and wisdom has neither learn from experience

It is the very unfortunate race you do not catch up with civilization

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:50:33.76 ID:: 32 d47uugyO
Also w Na become hot blackout without notice chest ・ ・ happen

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:54:17.56 ID:: 34 By1oHu3D
South Korea 's enviable
W What good laugh without anywhere to put Mai even three times the value of the Japanese radiation meter
Wow this place is it is called Korean

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:56:26.72 ID:: 38 lDeopU8N
34 >>
Yeah Σ ('Д `;)

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:07:09.69 ID:: 46 Q + QvGMtd
38 >>
ttp :/ / horusoku.doorblog.jp/archives/29165993.html
Throughout almost seems to be radiation dose three times in Kanagawa, twice the Miyagi Korea

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:59:32.90 ID:: 40 8oO9srfZ
North Korea is probably good at power saving. W Minarae'll city's something dark night
ラベル:power failure
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[Korean] "Base of the abnormal behavior of politicians Korean inferiority complex" Mitsuhashi Mr. "It does not become the currency crisis prevention even swapped with the original" ... Korea [07/30] to Ceylon self-destruction

Koreans awkward people

"Tofu" φφ ★ 2013/07/30 (Tue) 16:14:15.92 ID ◆ TOFU / XEczQ @ sweetness processing: 1:??
■ destination regime that has lost composure leads it?

Runaway of Korea that was motivated by "恨 (Han)" to does not stop.
Also recently, the Xi Jinping Jintao of China, Park Geun President in Harbin Station of China,
We asked terrorists assassinated Ito Hirobumi, and want to build a statue of Ahn.

Mitsuhashi Takaaki Mr. economic critic,
Has become the basis of abnormal behavior of politicians Korea or "Koreans, it is inferiority complex basically.
In other words, Dai ('ve had) clause neighboring countries for the "Japan" and both "The Masui (or back) the imperial line of the world's longest! The envious "!" Is what I think of "
It's the power to arouse and to anti-Japanese them "
I point out "more than inferiority complex they are due to the" history ", the end is not the anti-Japanese Korean" he said.

Extension of the expansion frame of currency swap with Japan is effective for financial crisis as a "deterrent" is,
It was necessary precisely in Korea, the Korean government has lost his cool, did not a request for an extension to Japan.
It is "trivial things" for Japan, South Korea accumulation of national capital is insufficient,
Is there is a risk of falling into a currency crisis with a slight chance.

South Korea got off to Japan in the "worship of the powerful" half-assed, it was decided to extend for three years the currency swap between with China.

Mitsuhashi said, "Now that we've expanded the swap agreement with Chinese Yuan Renminbi not even hard currency, does not serve any purpose in the currency crisis prevention of Korea"
When it was hit by the currency crisis that Korea will be next "Actually, China as always,
To proclamation while Kyoben and all, it 'and "will reject exchange of the yuan and Korean won (swap).
Korea is running was fire the way self-destruction.
(Kuwahara Satoshi)

Source MSN Sankei 2013.7.30 07:24

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:48:42.75 ID:: 59 ooreEEUO
1 >>
That Japan should do is one only.

Korea is also in crisis much, make sure you do not make relief absolutely.

Do not even the military in the economy.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:26:25.85 ID:: 63 wI8iUtgj
>> 59
If you think that is doing the guys, until you die in terms of all but rather, to the peninsula at least
I I think it normal to tour the crush thoroughly in place to keep trapped forever.
It then becomes the lesson to Cena.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:19:50.48 ID:: 5 IRBmGymg
The Once the country the Samsung yet?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:20:33.58 ID:: 6 YhjyQMn7!
Well, I'd love to have me said there Nida the help of Japan Me Not when I became a stage to ruin fact
The first thing out of his mouth and Japan to's would help if you said me Nida you'll forgive that it will help.

I wish I fuck it.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:21:11.94 ID:: 7 H1QFvdol
To lose by anti-Japanese is probably too much to South Korea? w
A really dumb people.

Tuesday Umuumu 2013/07/30 16:22:46.44 ID:: 9 oGO6Yh0u
South Korea is the economic meltdown, the eat a split up? It will not be in Japan.
Harassment endless Park aunt because I was flipping the ass.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:49:16.40 ID:: 29 HGMdp4Va
9 >>
If rupture After you have that like war a little, was expelled in Japan, ww nothing to do with you Wameko that it will cry much

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:28:59.32 ID:: 15 ZUhZmBmH
Korean morning in, ww Na go to hell together

Ww "'s Butsubatsu"

The rupture Nida and <ヽ `∀ '> Choppari: 19! 2013/07/30 (Tue) 16:31:23.56 ID: UoorhCdS
It was nice to not born in South Korea

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:32:43.38 ID:: 22 RjFR01Ua
Debt of Korean debt of the public
Country Maybe remain public even collapse?

Debt in Japan, those countries like owe to the public,
As long as the public is not collection, nor the country collapse
(More than 80% of government bonds, domestic capital)

Had come to endure deflation for 20 years as well, thanks to the accumulated wealth of the people.

In the 36 months real estate price declines,
South Korea to plunge into deflation from now,-going collapse from the public

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:34:11.83 ID:: 23 IHU8b5B7
I may not write "No Korean article" separately.
With it if Kurere wrote an article a "neutral" and with South Korea.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:35:10.73 ID:: 24 AO1Etcvb
> It does not become the currency crisis prevention even swapped with original

What will you do if you are paranoid interpretation Do not say one by one, Japan has asks for from its commitment

I Oke said swap the source and Nante such as envy

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:38:15.68 ID:: 26 L559bJsu
(Policy) has backfired completely anti-Japanese education. You will not be modified.
No choice but to adhere to the product.
Anti-Japanese because he is the origin of all, falling from its mom cliff not change direction.
Comical Chung Domo.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:42:25.07 ID:: 27 xARSef / M
Shina'm going to the spearhead of Japan-bashing Korea
I think that to be a counterproductive

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:49:45.84 ID:: 30 LE / M / vbM
Where anti-Japanese in Korea I guess end up

It has become not sure

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:51:42.94 ID:: 31 FhI + M9wo
The reluctant on the road to destruction as ever
Do not that great!

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:01:59.49 ID:: 33 Dnz3Jrol
And I do not want to help seriously even been Nakitsui Become a stage of honest national bankruptcy
That it has continued to imitate that return revenge on for support of the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty and later
It does become dry myself to forgive
The return to the vassal state of Sino obediently

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:04:26.66 ID:: 36 dv3uSY3A
Over there say it's hate at me, here is also despise beyond
How can you get good as it is

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:14:59.05 ID:: 38 Gervb3DB
To which end up in the anti-Japanese the National ruin and war.
The public who have received the anti-Japanese education ever since I was born
Can not be longer calm judgment.
I happen to not care and convenience here Nante war.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:06:33.77 ID:: 76 GC8htPh9
You wonder do not inform the public of the fact anyway Well

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:12:42.32 ID:: 78 QX1BVaiO
>> 76
Nida you asked me from Japan to swap!
People who believe in the Nante is wrong w

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:16:38.69 ID:: 81 GC8htPh9
78 >>
Fake powers

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:24:28.26 ID:: 89 mDB4wQ1j
Do not, but I want to have until 2015 to swap the rest of Japan ends

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 22:46:55.86 ID:: 90 p0watl4n
>> 89
I wonder and then a drop in the bucket to hup. It can not but think withdrawal funds of Japanese companies.
It will do if the total loss if IMF through.
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[Korean] Japan-South Korea war covered with war criminal flag. It was banner of 'sympathy thank Korean warm of the Great East Japan Earthquake' [07/31]

Don't trust what Korean say

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/31 (Wed) 17:54:48.53 ID that came back: 1:??
[CBS News Uncut Yuwan Zongu intern reporter]
War of nerves between the two countries is Hariki in Korea-Japan war support.

Banner that has not yet been discovered buried in war crimes and flags such vortex Red Devils banner has hosted the warmth.

Japanese named leave the 30th Uechi left a statement with the banner photo on his Twitter.

"East Asian Cup Korea-Japan war after the end of Uechi's leave of the Great East Japan Earthquake at that time
While saying banner indicating the appreciation in support of South Korea and "took
I was told that. "That were not reported to the What kind of place is drowned out by the Red Devils banner incident and the Order of the Rising Sun flag" But.

If you look at the banner in the photo he gave
Japanese hand wearing a blue dress and the hand of Korean wearing a red dress is shaking hands with each other.
The black character in the banner of white foundation '
Thank you for the support. Wrote in Korean and Japan 'has to move forward in hope.

Paper cranes to be able to see on the veil pray if disease is cured of folding the paper cranes when it hurts sick someone 'in Japan
I have enclosed a sense of trust that say disease is' cured at the same time as that thousand animals crane is completed everyone.

Fukushima nuclear power plant at the time of the accident, high school students in Hiroshima wish the nuclear-free world
I progressed the project to give a thousand paper cranes in about 190 countries worldwide leaders.

Netizens in contact with the banner photo is "a curtain that thought, the more something. Fact, it's unpleasant unconditionally if Japan."
"Unfortunately buried completely for people listed war criminals flag but there is also the Japanese people to do all right thinking like that",
I think Japan is a country where you need to interact a little more with Japan ".
War criminal flag was wrong, but the curse of all citizens leaving a comment such as "I quit

The Korean cheering squad in the East Asian Cup soccer match against South Korea and Japan was held leaving the 28th
(Portrait Admiral Yi Sun-sin, of Ahn Gishi, such as Quotations Shin Cheho teacher) and large banner
Japanese war criminals flag cheering (Rising Sun flag) was raised.
War criminals flag and banner has been removed, but the competition the way the two countries have a war of words with questioned the support tool of each other.

Japan Football Association has incorporated a political message to the support of the 'Red Devils' first
Continues Even though I sent a protest official document East Asia Federation (EAFF)
Korea Football Association also transmit the archives East Asia Federation (EAFF) as war criminals involved flag of Japan and cheering (Rising Sun flag).

Source (Korean)

[Shibaki Corps] Qing Yoshiaki "Korea supported the banner? Whether to rebound to the Rising Sun flag hung banners political voice of the thing for their football also why" [07/30]

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 17:56:00.86 ID:: 2 HsxhFbyO
It was issued a banner the Japanese side because issued Order of the Rising Sun flag
Is a big lie,
Already played before
It have been installed in the stadium.

http://f.image.geki.jp/640/pics/orig/ppMM9aV174.1.Koki% 2520NAGAHAMA.jpg

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:26:36.89 ID:: 40 NCvEgcSJ
1 >>
Patronizing if they can stop the Masui brazenly fake that?
Condescending rather nasty Seko is not really better. Rot to death. Forever and with you guys
It does not bear such as friendship. I'll I'll kill every last one to play.

4: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 (Wed) 17:58:25.80 ID :/ Ky1E66a
※ are speaking of war crimes flag Order of the Rising Sun flag Only Korea.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:00:19.05 ID:: 9 7FQCPKeZ
You want to escape from the reality that had to antagonize most of the Japanese already?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:00:54.26 ID:: 11 SomxvS8o
Na there is no one place to praise the Koreans of the host country

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:04:59.80 ID:: 14 VWIYZnIF
I do not know well what they are thanks to South Korea
Do not was good is told so if you're grateful Well

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:05:11.85 ID:: 15 pJKPZ7dx
Chung Uri morality, not mercy Uri is not the top

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:07:32.62 ID:: 20 PqWHXQRR
What's warm sympathy of Korea ・ ・ ・ Well, that was diverted to Dokdo movement donations?

21: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9) 2013/07/31 (Wed) 18:07:40.62 ID: R5ar43Zm
Countries that interfere with the reconstruction only in the world, South Korea ...

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:09:26.04 ID:: 24 Y0qsIvEt
More and more Koreans became hate by this
Koreans in Japan a litter in the waste, especially
Shibaki Corps die!

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:11:52.45 ID:: 27 vRweEy / M
(From Suretai of 2ch) South Korea after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Delight "worst day of Japan," "Sinking of Japan", "Japan pandemonium" in one large surface coverage ~ Korean paper 3/12 Great East Japan Earthquake, unusual
"I'm glad than Korea-Japan war game-tying goal," "warm story I heard for the first time in many years," 3/12 South Korean Internet users
Japan, now became a great power in the "6.25 (Korean War) special procurement" 3/19 South Korea the "tsunami special procurement?"
Competitors 3/19 Japan collapses all the earthquake! Acquisition chance in a million!
3/20 catastrophe, bud of "hatred" is out of the idea of ​​unusual warmth of Korean, the "apply" then
11 people seized from South Korea mediation role to achieve smuggling to Japan multiplied by confusion of 3/21 earthquake
Claims of "land of Japan Dokdo" 3/25 Japan ... netizens "It's ungrateful"
Donations decrease to Japan, textbook issue nor an angry phone call to support or influence from 3/31 South Korea
I started aiming to strengthen effective control 3/31 Takeshima heliport renovation
Japan patriotic youth conscription to Foreign Minister Matsumoto castration and "Wanted, Ahn! Second" active poor Dan (Farubindan), of Dokdo absurd remarks 4/2
Sales break received a large number of protest mail Sea of ​​Japan T-shirts 4/6 American brand has produced, from South Korea, "Sea of ​​Japan" do not like
Also refund of donations earthquake assistance to 4/7 Japan received stagnation
Use Seoul Geumcheon (Kumujongu) Dokdo patron activity 80 percent of the victims of the fund-raising 4/7 Japan
Voice with North Korea "should claim damages in Japan" from 4/11 South Korea the "obvious fact to anyone Japan sanctions"
"Importantly, not the amount, but the feeling that was put into it" -'s next turn to Japan meet in friendship 4/20
Scholarship to the earthquake donations "and uncivil Nippon!" Yangzhou, collected 5/7
5/8 Korean government Japanese culture plagiarism Korean Connection event held in France
Lawmakers of 5/24 South Korea, it is inevitable impact on the arrival ... Japan-South Korea relations in the Northern Territory
The protest letter to the Japanese members of the Korean 5/27 Northern Territory visit, that's sovereignty infringement
Donations from 6/8 Korea, the Korean-Japanese victims of the 22 people first
6/16 Korean Air demonstration flight in Airbus 380 Takeshima airspace
Earthquake donation up to Taiwan (300 million yen) minimum Korea (74 million) of Seven-Eleven of 6/21 world
That you live reconstruction assistance by 6/28 K-POP all-star cast, admission has not been donated turned out
Middle and high school students of 6/28 South Korea, "enemy No. 1 in Japan". By far and 45% how. 2 Cry North Korea impression worsening territorial dispute and distortion of history ... 22%
Request to Prime Minister Naoto Kan of the Democratic Party representative 6/29 South Korea, "the support of the Pyeongchang Olympic bid"
Government of South Korea is parasitic to Japan Expo, which was held in France 7/1-3
"Possibility of developing the friction of Japan, China and South Korea three countries" to apply for the extended continental shelf - South Korea, the East China Sea 7/3
The immediate action in the case of extended ... Dokdo contingency air base 7/13 Ulleungdo
Japanese contaminated with 7/15 radioactivity should be banned the entry "to refrain from use of Korean Air ... Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the voice of the boycott Japanese products in Korea
Blame = Korea biting response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "stick to Takeshima Even though the earthquake support" 7/15
"The president is visiting Dokdo base if completed" 7/16 Lee Jae-Secretary

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:13:24.43 ID:: 28 CD6ECF03
Do not you just mad theory ... Tsu revolted

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:14:41.64 ID:: 29 8T9np2SA
> Banner indicating the appreciation in support of South Korea of ​​the Great East Japan Earthquake at the time you leave took

Do not'm not veil the Japanese listed in anyone's language.
If you were Japanese, www you from knowing attitude Koreans took after the earthquake because you insane how
This banner 's faking of Koreans clearly.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:16:59.78 ID:: 31 trSXNelB
Bakachon wwwww 's Parakeet patronizing

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:17:53.24 ID:: 34 UOkK/J5m
News day Anado about the Great East Japan Earthquake by South Korea, donations are repurposed to Dokdo guardian

35: <丶 `∀ '> (water) (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:18:21.38 ID: XcdpJ +2 t
Patronizing of these guys when you come and Masui ethnicity ...
The One Tsu \ 1 does need
Begin with Ssho not spend only annoying, figure and young shit Chung

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:20:00.80 ID:: 36 HsxhFbyO
The Did South Korea help's something? ? ?

It had collected donations gathered to know

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:20:08.45 ID:: 37 36ZyjCoY
What party who was celebrating the earthquake are you saying?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:22:03.64 ID:: 38 ITCeMkGp
Multiple voices further increases larger voice in ww waste Desperation so that it is not filed in FIFA ... It's fighting voice and a footless fight shoulders (・ ω ・)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:22:17.82 ID:: 39 sVR3jzdN
Deployment to bring up something like "including the political message" It Is still for this curtain?

43: <丶 `∀ '> (water) (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:29:45.60 ID: WyJ / +8 rA
How can you get Japanese article What thanked
It'll don't if the image up of Korean
South Korea's did trampled to a rather thanks

47: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 (Wed) 18:36:11.58 ID :/ cQbNpo3
Oh, do congratulated me for sure.
Only Koreans don't forgive.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:38:30.14 ID:: 49 rp6TEtMK
What sympathy warm Chung, or thing of you to celebrate the earthquake?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 18:38:30.49 ID:: 50 oNdQrKzx
Work of Korean and is a lie

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/31 19:57:06.61 ID:: 83 dzrZStTc
there to put bamners from before? Korean curtain
http://f.image.geki.jp/640/pics/orig/ppMM9aV174.1.Koki% 2520NAGAHAMA.jpg
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[Korean] "brutality of the Japanese imperialists," found a lead ball of unidentified Magaibutsu around[06/24]

in Korea, Every bad things be "caused japan"
[Korean] "brutality of Japanese colonial"
"In order to keep the momentum bad feng shui" ...
I found a lead ball of unidentified Magaibutsu around
1: call φ ★ 2013/06/25 (Tue) specialized sub 16:12:21.75 ID:???
While you are excavated ball made of lead after the temple and temple 刹 recent one after another, of Chungbuk Chungju accepted gold surface
On the application (Buddha statues carved into rock wall ※) Phoenix Magaibutsu lead shot is found in (Treasure No. 1401) Peripheral
Have aroused the anxiety for,

Leave the 21st, Phoenix Magaibutsu according to Shim Chang Hyun said the 24th Buddhist cultural heritage professional photographer
6.5cm in diameter inside and outside by the soil of the gap of rock wall that half 跏 thinking image and Bodhisattva statue was carved was washed away,
Two lead balls as ball of baseball of about 1.6kg in weight was found.

Interest's gathered in this time lead ball discovery of Magaibutsu well as a discovery for the first time in Chungbuk area
It was excavated in the Buddha around because for the first time.

I found a lead ball in the stone tower and around the ruins of the temple in 2001, until recently according to Buddhism National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
Location that is the discovery of lead shot will be 60 points all 21 places.

The ground air of Korea as iron stakes driven into the doings across the country of the "Japan-Emperor for applications of lead shot
brutality of the Emperor of the day in order to suppress ", and bullet" was used "Im Dragon Yamato turbulent time in" feng shui geographical
Speculation that such application "in order to keep the bad momentum is out.

▲ Chungcheong mail (can not be after 20:15)


Lead ball unidentified found in and around the tower remains of the temple have been found in Magaibutsu around this time.

The two lead balls in Phoenix Magaibutsu around Chungju accepted gold surface Shim Chang Hyun who is a Buddhist photographer
Came let me know June 24 Japan paper to have found,

4:30 pm June 21, a rock wall in to shoot the phoenix Magaibutsu of the first 1401 issue treasure According to Mr. Sim
I was able to be confirmed by naked eye portion of two lead shot at the soil of the gap has been washed away. The size is
Diameter 6.5cm, is about 1.6kg weight in the same way as other lead ball.

Mr. Sim was buried in the Buddhist cultural heritage around the lead ball with the intention not good that "someone should hold the momentum of the earth
I talk seems "to be" are storing at home lead ball that was found in Fenghuang Magaibutsu around for the time being ".

On the other hand, lead balls and have been found in succession in the tower and around the ruins of the temple in April last year this newspaper for the first time (1143 issue)
Lead ball after was confirmed nationwide look at the current coverage beyond the 60 points too much.

▲ law treasure newspaper (can not be after 10:39)

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:16:31.67 ID:: 13 XxHjNddq
1 >>
> Sim said, "seems to have buried the Buddhist cultural heritage around the lead ball with the intention not good that someone is trying to suppress the momentum of the earth."

And a Buddhist cultural assets around ...
Oh, ... w It is the work of Joseon

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:44:51.16 ID:: 187 6AXOxEMs
1 >>
Where It's uncivilized natives ...

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:14:55.56 ID:: 4 UWvRbl / v
People who do not have a civilization totally
Or resident of the Planet of the Apes,

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:15:10.77 ID:: 6 X83ky2B3
Unfortunately from a very do such because of Japan anything real
Economic status of South Korea now though it is thanks to the Japan definitely

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:15:38.65 ID:: 9 QIqabSqc
It was Tara valuable what era of Tara Korea what later
I'll smiling and having stomach if you start say one more thing

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:42:27.77 ID:: 184 1ifeQdqG
9 >>
The possibility I do big Ja Really?

(Tue) Kamikaze @ anonymous 2013/06/25 16:15:41.90 ID:: 10 Uvo + KEFu
... Can you ...

Or another version of the pile of curse.

Do not wwww's apology and compensation which

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:46:13.72 ID:: 82 3d6V6iJg
10 >>
Aborigines such as exposed pile of curse, Korean piles of survey

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:12:53.44 ID:: 219 FQb8F5 / C
(Towards the coast) method of lead round

Magic handed down from ancient times in Japan. Origin is not clear quite old.
As far as seen in the recording, and as a person were able to freely manipulate the law of the lead round
There is a Takeuchi Sukune. He and Empress Jingu of suppression of internal insurrection by this Juho
I have succeeded with three Korean conquest.
Juho this is inherited in the country since then, in foreign campaign, such as the original pirates and strife in the country
It is paying off is utilized often.
Because it has a strong Juryoku very, dual cultivation of it and manufacturing method of lead round is the secret of in secret
It is not clear at all.
In recent years, the military Showa about the use of the law of lead round for the war situation breakthrough in 1944
Was Sojo to emperor, but your anger Majesty hated the use of Juho is large, a large military
That gave up be used for Juho received a reprimand is the diary of grand chamberlain
Are written.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:14:26.40 ID:: 220 TtsxF2BJ
219 >>
The w'll believe those guys
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[Hankyoreh] Korea soccer banner of anti-Japanese, Let's quit the other 'sport nationalism' [07/29]

Koreans do not know the history

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:01:00.82 ID that came back: 1:??
"No future in the nation you can not remember your history"
Last part of the competition '2013 East Asian Cup 'men of South Korea and Japan have been made
Seoul Jamsil 28 day and night Jamsil Sports Complex field. before the competition whistle sounds just above the 'Red Devils' support seat
Large banner that such statements were Sulla was raised.

It seemed the banners and either be removed by the Football Association traveling personnel, but continue to be raised through the first half, it is removed again before the second half.
It's like the ones directed at the Japanese cheerleaders 'Ultra Japan' on the other side.
I was painting a large red devil who has put a photo of Ahn Gishi and Admiral Yi Sun-sin is also raised in the immediately preceding.
Japanese cheerleaders also shook out by taking out a large 'rising sun'.

Banner is Ya is removed at the end you make the argument with Football Association side, did not cheer in the second half in the meaning of protest red devil.

Korea-Japan war seemed to have a special meaning for the usual fans and Korean players.
National soccer team player who dominated the 1970-80's past has repeated the story of "not lose absolutely only to Japan".

Korea-Japan war in the past that were dirtied in disgrace? Wonder have any meaning to us really in sports,
You must win be sure to remind us of the unscrupulousness Japan far-right forces that do not reflect even causing the war of aggression,
Is it a stage of 'Japan Katsu' like that?

Discussion occurred once Dokdo Park Woo in (Doctorow) ceremony suddenly the competition after the day when the men's soccer game - Korea in the London Olympics last year.
Prohibits any political slogan in the stadium and Federation Internationale de Football Association (IOC) to (FIFA) International Olympic Committee.

On this day, tournament organizers Han - the national anthem prior to the day when war competition
In consideration to Japan and to sing in Japanese direct it made to appear the three children of Seoul Gwangjin multicultural choir belongs.

To just a sports arena Fair Play is required, players fight fair and square on the playing field,
Cheerleaders also want waging cheering tinged heat purely a political slogan opener.

Kim Gyonmu senior reporter


"I will not respond to anti-Japanese banner. Rising Sun flag of Japan side discussions with East Asia Federation" ★ 3 [07/29] [Korean soccer] Korea Football Association
[Soccer / East Asia Cup] "no future in the nation you forgetting the history" cheering Korea, Japan and Korea against suspected huge banner FIFA provision violation of Japan blame [07/28]
[Korean soccer] Korea Football Association, "Japan to raise the issue flag Rising Sun 'flag war criminal', the symbol of Japanese colonial militarism also cavil ... our banner" [07/29]
Large banner of Yi Sun-sin-Ahn that appeared in [soccer] Korea-Japan war Jamsil Stadium (Photos) [07/28]
In East Asia in the Federation banner of protest Korean cheering squad [soccer] Japan Football Association [07/29]
= Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary "extremely regrettable" [soccer] Korea-Japan war banner [07/29]

94: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:47:40.00 ID: QgBVOsEH
85 >>
JFA is Zubuzubu and Chonko. The w because it is Tokotonhetare on it
W you do not even say that "I am IOC and FIFA also no problem Rising Sun flag" to Chonko
One end head can not also be used the authority of others.

By habit the more complicated for the Japanese supporters of most customers put restrictions on it (laughs)
Chonko shape similar to subservience to the stronger to suzerain like.

46: Ninpocho [Lv = 14, xxxPT] (1 Tasu0:9) [TEPCO 67.0%] 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:18:08.88 ID: M6HeC3gC
1 >>
Is the football'm glaring terribly most
You stir up nationalism to say of a "nemesis" Dano "war" is
Sports such as basketball such as WBC will not limited to soccer on anything?

Three yen 2013/07/29 second national anthem circle one way (Mon) 23:29:35.39 ID:: 71 AZopvU7v
1 >>
Uze~e W or subscribe to our one Tsu "Nida! Thank juice! That was doing singing in Japanese"

You would not know that mean host.
Oh, shit kimchi www Haraeyo and full construction costs of the stadium Sassa

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 07:27:56.28 ID:: 154 Gt1ZbecJ
1 >>
As there is religion, thought and ethnic and national conflict, exchanges of beyond that ─ ─
─ ─ explore the possibility of mutual respect and tolerance to understand each other as a human being of life-size
─ ─ I'm to understand the significance of a convention of the sport, but the only South Korea so I do very much different.

Japan and this goes to the other without even human beings of life-size "war criminal nation" However,
It is push the envelope of their claims without having ears hear, and also acceptable respect neither of course.
Bring to the stadium with a clear conscience to beat the rules of international convention it.

Club activities and physical education such as not being satisfied with the school, Yara ethnic emotions forgive anything if anti-Japanese,
I wonder there are a number of factors that become so, but it is not replaced staring from Toko very fundamental
It'll be a floating presence in the international community increasingly is not limited to sports.

I do not think it is a heal in a short space of time where the media is awakening was thus enlightenment.
You are not allowed to lie, it is not a nuisance to people, not hate protect the law, the people, the education that does not deny all the people,
When will it bear fruit you can do from now, as they were doing do I get this.
I'm in despair anymore.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:56:07.78 ID:: 182 qxP5oGIp
1 >>
Why Can you bring a sport other than the place of sport?
Hey Do not you can do only that much?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 15:26:30.57 ID:: 190 H1QFvdol
1 >>
> Ya banner will be removed at the end you make the argument with Football Association side, did not cheer in the second half in the meaning of protest red devil.

What Mr. guys are you coming 's not cheer in the game of football? w
In order to paint the mud in the face of KFA?
In order to paint the mud in the face of FIFA?
It also issues a political message towards Japan, and w I wish it is only a fool from the Japanese that it is out of place
Do not I have the Japanese complex enough to anti-Japanese are not discern the location 's Korean?

2: ◆ 65537KeAAA 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:05:26.29 ID: sdDtB + i6 BE :68494537-PLT (13051)
Well, Koreans Hey acceptance this rightly?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:01:37.09 ID:: 108 n / GjPpTM
2 >>
Eye of Uri seen as are trying to avoid public opinion, the team from the Kurau punishment ・ ・ w wonder if rotting

4: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:06:10.67 ID: 0prpJ/s5
One thing is everything. What weather also, How can you get ... After a while throat?

8: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:07:10.60 ID: B6EC/4Iq
And too late even if I put too late Trumpeter

11: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:08:00.98 ID: qWWiqjOF
Not eligible to open an international match in Korea.

18: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:09:17.83 ID: odoShsal
> Japanese cheerleaders also shook out by taking out a large 'rising sun'.

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwww such is in Japan in Yokohama

Winter yarn completed a match pump!

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:59:30.79 ID:: 125 ZDl/v5A4
18 >>
It is better to issue expected to shake the international game flag is invalid

27: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:11:37.57 ID: 2k/vZnJ7
It's not stop the anti-Japanese Because had illegally occupied Takeshima it'm somehow know
Even so, South Korea recently from a very spree runaway
I do not think can only have done in the direction of patriotism is wrong

34: ◆ 65537KeAAA 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:13:22.38 ID: sdDtB + i6 BE :136987676-PLT (13051)
27 >>
Themselves and not the victim in the evil empire, Korea from other countries, "Japanese colonial"
I do desperate Because it could be said to be "Jan was the hand of Japanese colonial guys"

29: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:12:23.80 ID: aVlut96i
Mon I'm saying Football Association to the point. Do not have nothing

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:25:47.30 ID:: 140 XJfiIsrF
29 >>
If you are recognized as no problem, what I would do was removed, grinning

39: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:15:46.59 ID :/ 2Sig4VZ
Should not use such sports contact with human vs human, basically it's a good race
Such as weightlifting such as archery, bobsled, such as ski jumping if winter if summer Olin,
I do not offend others to anyone doing what I have been doing only sort of thing, husband w
I feel still that seems to do something to, but ...

40: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:15:48.73 ID :/ 7CKQ2cW
www It can not have any, not only to bring notice of big banner
The www Is was the moss FIFA to become integrated Bakachon

Goofy www Ege live What FIFA

51: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:20:34.35 ID: RH4fL0p +
"No future in the nation you can not remember your history"

I thought when I saw this, and message or toward the Korean team
Whether means "I'll not win if you do not received the reality open-minded"

But guys ww is a translation was stupid as ever do Na also unchanged after all

53: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:21:40.03 ID: 2fq2ZEJj
You do not care that he did
Good is to be a victim Pro

62: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:26:32.10 ID: 5YeWQaBh
It 's should I earn the hate as before
Suits it's repeat a history of dirty land dirty

65: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:27:24.92 ID: Be1TLuKq
I'll slow me lined simplicity at this late hour in the habit that has fueled anti-Japanese.

76: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:32:23.45 ID: LmlCLauo
Uncomfortable feeling of not wanting to be brought something extra to the sport that I want you to put the results in a game of skill and pure power is the correct thing
Do you will be able to beat the anti-Japanese sentiment of national policy really?

To begin with, but is 100 points for the first time to derive the conclusion that what exactly is anti-Japanese promoted by the country
In South Korea for now, or that it'll evaluate voice that to protect the international rules of domestic just came out

Oh, w the key football from embarrassing such as one overall score at a level that Good luck a little more thing

93: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/07/29 (Mon) 23:44:52.04 ID: pzUoVMVB
Koreans what are you doing friction of the false defeat yesterday by Kozakashii this

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:33:43.92 ID:: 118 60Vs4gkg
Or two, something football at best whatever happens the real intention
If Re Kenase Japan so it will be good
K-League 's Jean crisis of survival every time you finish the season

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:42:55.16 ID:: 121 6M83/Zir
I wonder shines just Vic Chief Cabinet Secretary and Member of Parliament from up came out

By "consideration to Korea", and I have done in the complicit no matter what it does until now
In Japan are starting another sharp

The slow but even if I put cry Well at this late hour

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:43:54.69 ID:: 122 bp3sYx + A
South Korea is low international cultural standard really, may be excluded from any and all international competitions.
All proceeds smoothly comfortably That way. Olympic Games and World Cup.
Those countries that do not understand you do not know the rules common sense, but people. Is not it poor When you are together?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/07/30 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 02:13:27.67 ID:: 130 7T3ZyYeF
It would be impossible from weak head to say rightly
And then a stupid race to forget in three days
ラベル:East Asia Cup SOCCER
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