[Korean] It apologized for the sexual assault charges Cha Seung Won, son of Noah ... The voice of sympathy from netizens [08/04]

Not guilty in Korean

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/05 (Mon) 13:46:19.56 ID that came back: 1:??
Actor Cha Seung Won, is under investigation on suspicion of sexual assault against minors
The apology through SNS own in conjunction with the issue of son, the voice of compassion is strong among Internet users.

Afternoon the 3rd, Cha Seung Won, through (micro-blog service of Korea) me2day their
Before is "Cha Seung Won is a .... Actor Cha Seung Won, as a father not fine,
I apologize first. Regardless of the authenticity of all, as the father of the son that is currently discussed
It has felt the moral responsibility, it does not exceed sad. And "We apologize to head down again,
I apologized about the incident over the Cha Noah's son.

The Seoul Central Court, high school Mr. A had been dating the son of Noah Cha Cha Prior to this,
Complaint imprisoned by sought farewell, and sexually assaulted has been filed, investigations are being carried out.
Cha Noah has denied the charges this regard.

"If my son Okase the crime, the parent will be the only sinner" net user
I've been looking for love "," best "recently, Mr. Cha Seung Won, but was a favorite actor's image is also really good ...
I'm sorry it ended up doing this. Cha Seung Won's! ~ Please still not forsake son "
"I feel like feeling as father understand that there is the same son-Cha's! Please Cheer will"
"My son has committed a terrible sin really, but you blame to Cha Seung Won's Let's stop.
What could you teach, white sexual assault as a father? I'm leaving a lot of voice of sympathy, such as, "but I think that it is much more than anyone.

However, some Internet users to blame the mistakes of home education of Cha Seung Won, on the other hand.

Prosecutors, plans to consider closely the contents of the complaint of Mr. A, to discuss the direction and investigation of the case in the future.


Truth of the alleged remark "anti-Japanese" Korean actor past co-star in the Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

Quoted source: for sexual assault suspect - [Korean] Cha Seung Won, son of Noah from the apology ... Internet users voice of sympathy [08/04]

3: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 13:47:11.97 ID: dEo9DucT
It's a fine Korean him (smile)

4: Ninpocho that began Urushihara Hanzo corrupt priest @ trumpet [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (4 Tasu0:9) [87.9%] TEPCO ◆ hakaiM9XNY 2013/08/05 (Mon) 13:47:30.59 ID: yEfY8Aq2
This is probably lack of parental supervision.

7: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 13:51:21.82 ID: 56EPgxxM
"Japanese said that when you do wrong" Cha Seung Won

Do not have a feeling this child with this parent

11: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 13:55:06.78 ID: oCiuoTFo
7 >>
Oh, 鮮人 of that remark
Anyway, I wish it because common sense in Korea

15: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 13:59:22.03 ID: r7cjNaG8
7 >>
"Nida you do not Katare a Japanese father because he is famous!" Son

12: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 13:56:36.58 ID: WH / Riehs
He though made the right upbringing as Korean
To be beaten to compatriots

19: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 14:08:22.06 ID: 56EPgxxM
> What could you teach, white sexual assault as a father?
That it can not be said that there is no this is terrible

21: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 14:10:48.06 ID: SjWcUxNr
He be anti-Japanese actor said in a TV in Korea to be "say is Japanese After that bad"

30: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 15:12:25.06 ID: 76ZIdRuw
Seung Won is poor Nida rape though it is a national sport

37: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 16:07:27.14 ID: I3gOHmno
Predators usually Nante daze ultra-light offense in Korea,
Just wearing dressed to apologize because I know he will be allowed.

39: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 17:45:11.16 ID: W3N7QNnd
This is not it can not be helped Well if national sport of Korea.
I do not have to this and that socially if Japan.
ラベル:Cha Seung Won
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[Chosun Ilbo] "But the future is not in the race you can not remember your history" - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Deputy Prime Minister Aso Shimomura arts phase case understand the victim's suffering [08/05]

Koreans believe in the history of false

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:20:44.82 ID that came back: 1:??
Weimar Constitution "Germany, had changed the Nazis Constitution After noticed one day.
I changed anyone go unnoticed. Why do not you learn something to that modus operandi "
Listen to the thoughtless words of Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Finance Minister that, I remembered the words of when Hitler invaded Poland.

August 22, 1939, Hitler said to "kill many without hesitation" gathered commanders of the German army.
Is it still thought commanders might be hesitant perhaps, but added the following words.
"Will there these days people are talking about the overthrow of the Armenian people".

"(After Turkey) Ottoman Empire slaughtered one million Armenians in the First World War"
Voice of criticism arose later as, although there is little evidence to prove this,
The thing that is mentioned that it is unanswered to not be convicted.
It means even if the kind of brutality to other neighboring countries, ethnic groups, and that I once you play dumb.

About the process of Weimar constitutional amendment do not know well in people with moderate knowledge about world history
"thoughtless words of Japanese politicians what is rooted to ignorance to history" If you look at the place where Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso have mentioned
I see that pointed out that is a mistake. Not enough to Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso is not a historical knowledge, it would be feeling that give a lot of thought to the victim's suffering.

"Ito Hirobumi's a great person (in Japanese) is respected. (Japan and South Korea is) should mutually respect each other" for Ito Hirobumi ahead
Also Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that originated in reckless remark that, Ito Hirobumi served as the first Korean Tokan,
Could not have did not know that it has laid the foundation of the Korean Peninsula (the Korean Peninsula) invasion. Problem of Prime Minister Abe also not a lack of knowledge about the history,
It 's not in the brain has the power to imagine that our nation has been forced to pain nearly half a century because of Ito Hirobumi.

You can only claim to learn history properly, you will not be able to change the mindset of these people.
Drooping head to temporary international community if warning, but because he has repeated the act of damaging the neighboring country again after a while.
You should solve the problem in a different way and if it. They have to do to be able to imagine as your own the pain of others.

Visit "Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition" the (-9 May 22, June 22) last weekend, taking place in the Hall of Seoul and the arts along with the family,
Thought about universal values ​​that everyone sympathize if human. in front of the original of "My Neighbor Totoro" Miyazaki Hayao drew,
It was after talking and sister Satsuki Find sister Mei that was missing, the sisters wait for the bus stop to go home father.
Feelings of the protagonists of the Japanese anime film is not difficult to sympathize.
This is also because trying to draw a universal emotion that can be understood by, regardless of the nationality of Miyazaki anime.

Last month, "better man missing the idea is not tampered with something called the Constitution" a free booklet of Studio Ghibli issue of "hot air" is such a director
It said "I shall compensate properly apologized properly (snip) the issue of comfort women", and criticized the historical perspective of Prime Minister Abe can not be obtained the sympathy of the international community.

Writer Haruki Murakami of Japan has managed to set a universal theme of "overcoming the wounds of youth", to obtain the sympathy of people around the world.
Currently, running fire was first place bestseller in Korea, "When you create a multi-Saki does not have the color, year of his pilgrimage" is novel Murakami has announced this year.
Murakami was told a line such as the following to the characters in this work.
"Even well hide somewhere storage, even submerged well deeper, it is not possible to erase the history that it brought."

"No future in the nation you can not remember your history," South Korean supporters raised in East Asia Football Cup Korea-Japan game the other day
It is a purpose similar to the contents of the banner called. Hirofumi Shimomura Education, Culture, Sports, Science and phase for South Korea supporters
But instead of emitting absurd remarks "the cultural standard is called into question," said
I ought to think why South Korea and supporters Japanese writer or are you saying the same thing about the history. I scolded also Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Prime Minister Abe.

Kim Tae-Hoon (Kim Tefun) culture Deputy Director


Quote: Original still-[Chosun Ilbo] "no future ethnic you forget your history," Whatever understand the pain of the victims - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Deputy Prime Minister Aso Shimomura arts phase [08/05]

12: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:25:37.89 ID: RDBaJCda
1 >>

What's language skills of Koreans
It's really poor.

Koreans fool w.

27: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:33:41.40 ID: DL3Kb8ZB
1 >>
Koreans w to laugh at the social standing of Bakaminjoku that do not have even the history that you want to forget
Korean'm Horobiro hurry

34: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:36:16.47 ID: vSlT78fq
Of simply because there are guy to say something like >> 1 endlessly, it's inter-state treaty.
The Kangaenaose again what Koreans.

35: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:38:09.28 ID: uXSCtvCV
34 >>
Why properly called the "Korean" and "Korean" that their
It is the first person of a mysterious people who not call.
There is no need each other the Japanese come to such a designation.
Let's call "Korean", "鮮人" and "Chong" correctly.

63: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 20:10:25.09 ID: 2Ll78 + A8
1 >>
> The process of Weimar constitutional amendment do not know well in people with moderate knowledge about world history

It is enough to come out After a little research, Korean'll study more historical recognition cloud of others people before you say it

78: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 20:49:31.54 ID: 1Md7gwY5
1 >>
Koreans are you with the accusation by Korieito to fabricate history and they better their
First White understanding. And, there is no future what countries that do that

Koreans first throw away the stupid fantasy view of history to say alleged nationalist view of history
Become as can be objectively based on evidence

90: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:14:33.80 ID: BNdEwYbk
1 >>
The guys are saying Hideyoshi is over I Ne Ja pain still.
Usual, it's 恨.

108: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 23:21:07.40 ID: 7LfLTfvQ
1 >>
Giggles only w Na does not come out saying Chung every time every time so be immediately boomerang

Simple thinking that seems to be doing the country to be hatred in compulsory education that specific country of Koreans is correct slaves get really auspicious

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:05:33.94 ID:: 118 efDeoelP
1 >>
And I can agree that the treatment of the Korean Peninsula in Japan, says the Koreans if the same Koreans of doing the Vietnam War and Korean War

In fact, Japan Jan did you favor Koreans

If you are Urama that it does not come, it is not unbearable

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:07:54.45 ID:: 119 O3w6VO + y
1 >>
where it is thought that Speaking "victim's suffering", Japanese and even apologize is'm ill-advised people rich N k

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:08:06.50 ID:: 136 Ar5aFND1
1 >>
I'm a what Minjoku that crazy discard the history of one's own country as South Korea www
South Korea lost or deliberately even official documents of the era of genome Tan
W or get a copy from other countries or without original document historically significant

W would not be far from reality in the future trumped race you do not know to leave a history as South Korea

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:46:12.47 ID:: 145 HO5IKFj +
1 >> nobody I do not think the victim from Anta. It was not only self-proclaimed victorious powers in the first place if you Ann? ww

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:06:54.75 ID:: 150 BwTLcGk3
1 >>
> Even if you hide well somewhere a "memory, even sunk firmly into the deep,
> It is not possible to erase the history which it has brought. "

The hidden storage well that you guys were indebted to Japan, even if sunk firmly into the deep,
Population history of the Japanese occupation era such as has doubled, of such as have not turned to the private sector compensation from Japan, there 'not disappear.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:08:42.61 ID:: 152 3dHVDmSI
1 >>
One "Treaty of Shimonoseki"

One "Japan-Korea Basic Treaty"

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:08:49.29 ID:: 153 EQnvk0b4
1 >>

It to be really if you keep saying the lie Korea

Korea now the perpetrators suffered a mask of victim definitely

Korean war crime country speaking in the war

"Vulgar," "Korea lacks manners," "no future in Korea you forget the Chinese characters" in the anti-Japanese banner in China [version] Twitter Soccer East Asia Cup Korea-Japan war

4: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:22:56.17 ID: MxFRXxQg
The mass media because affirmative This is how in Korea, I'm not fool not have to bring politics into sport.
Korean is foolish to South Korean media because he is shit.

5: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:23:14.08 ID: nYKqIpDE
But he no future to further ethnic to forge history.

7: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:24:09.55 ID: PSkkjKE +
Koreans thought material is or reuse of past articles w or gone already

16: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:28:57.18 ID: uXSCtvCV
South Korea to appeal the annexation to Japan pain be shit too reluctant
And ask them to improve all of life from education from infrastructure
Keep in asked to treat as equivalent to Japanese
In the "colonial rule" or is "pain".

Whatsoever of the reasons country of South Korea is the life

22: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:31:30.18 ID: RHFE / fcU
Japanese people that are attached complaint as Ichamon that there also doing various Na is a feeling victim this.

28: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:34:02.55 ID: zmQsMIjl
Any Nante sentences south 鮮人
"Urinara victim, perpetrator Choppari" So
I do not need to read to the end.

55: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:58:40.07 ID: uXSCtvCV
Korea National Historic textbook

T ~ X chapter: 1996.3.1 original publication / Y ~ \ chapter: 1996.9.1 First edition issued

Note: "History of the textbook series @ Korea new edition of the world - South Korea National High School History Textbooks" Akashi Shoten 2000

■ T ~ Y chapter excerpt only certain parts of the implications in Japan

■ Z ~ \ chapter full text

ttp :/ / members.tripod.com/textbook_korea/fr_2.htm

I want you to look to you guys that you have much distortion, modern history is particularly bad

Success of South Korea Guangfu and military-to-day declaration of war

Along with the Kuomintang government, the Republic of Korea provisional government was repeated movement, but after you have settled in Chongqing, was put in place systems for the recovery of lost territory of the mainland government organization.

And integrated into Korea Guangfu military junta under the armed forces around the country that were scattered, I strengthened the military power.

Pacific War occurs, expand the foreign activities immediately, announced the declaration of war against Japan, the Provisional Government was allowed to compete as a member of the allied forces in Korea Guangfu army.

Then, the enhanced international status by the declared war against Germany.

To counter the Japanese colonial rule in league with the Chinese military in China, South Korea Guangfu troops which entered the Second World War, was to carry out a combined operation with the British Army sent Myanmar, to the Indian front.

In other than to directly participate in combat, Korea Guangfu army which entered against Japan warfare, also participated in psychological warfare hearing of prisoners, creating a propaganda leaflet encryption and translation, such as counterintelligence Huairou broadcasting.

In addition to participating in the war against Japan with allied forces in Southeast Asia over zone and China, South Korea Guangfu troops in order to win in our hands the Guangfu of the motherland on the other hand,

You plan to deploy the full match against Japanese troops to enter the country directly.

The center commander in chief pond PFP, and Detachment length Li range?, Korea Guangfu army to organize and domestic Teishin army in charge of the mission of recovery of lost territory strategy of the country allied with the United States Army was stationed in China,

We conducted a special training, you have planned the organization of the squadron.

However, the 15th August 1945, it is welcomed its Guangfu without can achieve domestic entry plan was being prepared by the unconditional surrender of Japan, South Korea Guangfu forces try to run in September that year.

ttp :/ / members.tripod.com/textbook_korea/8_3.html # 8_3_4_7

I no choice but to laugh again

98: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 22:08:11.79 ID :/ xwi6V43
55 >>
Germany and that is that it has war been declared war, it is that we fought together
I'd love to hear your impressions in the United Kingdom.
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[Japan and Korea] Plan also refused to rent temporary occupancy during construction the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, the new [08/05]

South Korea country of uncivilized

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:38:13.17 ID that came back: 1:??
Japanese Embassy in Seoul [Yonhap News] Seoul, but it is promoting the new building,
It seems that looking for tenants where the rebuilding is in rough going.
That rally and demonstration is performed often in Japan embassy, ​​said that the mood building owner in the neighborhood to avoid rent.

Japanese Embassy demolished building currently in the junior high school-dong, Jongno-gu,
It plans to newly built third floor underground, in the six-story. Embassy officials
Speak "for points to inconvenient Built in nearly 40 years many, we have been planning a new building for several years now building" he said.
Approved by the building change from Korea Cultural Heritage Administration recently, I have promoted the working-level talks and Jongno.

On the other hand, where to move temporary new construction does not seem to be secured yet.
Rent personnel building with around tried to rent two floors Japanese Embassy "A few months ago,
I made it clear building owner is reluctant, and "did not lead to agreement.

The Japanese Embassy before, rally to encourage the resolution of Imperial Japanese Army comfort women issue every Wednesday is open.
In addition, civil society gathered to protest every time the Dokdo-related news and issues statements of politicians in Japan are reported,
Sometimes extreme performance is carried out. in front of the Japanese Embassy building to move one o'clock
Such a rally and demonstration, press conference if done, that protest take place or from other tenants, image building or worse is a concern.

Also real estate agents, Jongno-gu, leased area is also no greater long-term lease's the embassy,
I explained more of the disadvantages is often as lessor.

Japanese Embassy side is avoiding specific reference with respect to renting tenants temporary destination.


New building opening ceremony of Mindan [] Embassy of the Republic of Korea, ". Koreans in Japan assets of both countries in the bridge between Japan and South Korea to the base of the Korea-Japan friendship" Ambassador Lee [07/31]
[Korean] ~ Korean conservative groups "protest against the thoughtless words of Deputy Prime Minister Aso", throwing eggs at the Japanese ambassador's residence (curry failure) [08/03]

Plan also refused to rent temporary occupancy during construction to [08/05] Japanese Embassy in Japan and South Korea-[] Seoul, the new Source:

28: Anri ◆ laZuLi/Jn2 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:47:34.00 ID: kcshilAg
1 >>
It's not like I think Embassy and want to return home and fold the other.

31: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:47:40.07 ID: QlBcKLAB
1 >>
Www be no choice but to go home or

45: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:50:11.55 ID: lEuFKBVm
1 >>
No, once closed normally?

80: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 22:04:47.50 ID: ssNdkOBt
1 >>
There 's nothing to back Embassy in South Korea need anymore.
Making "Korea Branch" in a room of the Japanese Embassy in Ulan Bator or Beijing bucket there if business.

101: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 22:21:01.47 ID: QKenyX73
1 >>
Was cheers for good work. Please return home soon.
no further value to the Japanese in Korea.
Because it does not stop you better So if a Korean, please pull the hand from Japan.

160: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 23:36:40.43 ID: I9YYsCiJ
1 >>
It 's got to break-off of diplomatic relations anymore, embassy Nante will not need

The w Go and get pulled in all Japan

163: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 23:41:35.11 ID: CKmJLJGZ
1 >>
Does this be built in the Korean I mean?
It is in danger of collapse shoddy, and I'll only do not know what such as shooting and theft eavesdropping or kicked it

164: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 23:42:00.11 ID: CevyH1Mj
1 >>
That I, such that South Korea 's do so against Japan You say to treat low in embassies and consulates and then I wonder if not it been raised?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:06:49.51 ID:: 166 B3nK5zHD
1 >>
Jan does not need
The Come back all embassy employee without any reason you are here is to harassment

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 02:19:11.16 ID:: 196 iJdCerGo
1 >>

How can you get enough if you are in Beijing! ? www

If you what to do in Pyongyang! ? w

2: Ta152 H-0 ◆ Tank/Ja2RQ 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:40:31.24 ID: PNzINX6j
Anyway, since I'm a cousin, such as do I have to warning from their You say "Do not approach it from becoming the most dangerous place" when the Japanese require embassy most, can not you need.

11: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:42:40.55 ID: utwGaKRF
Japan Embassy takeover transfer to the Blue House? ? ?
Unpleasant or seizure of debt?

Do not'm a really me there is no money to Korea under

12: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:43:37.51 ID: pEwpvOFT
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Tokyo super luxurious against it

13: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:43:56.99 ID: TQ250Gwp
I wish I doing just silly negotiations
Incompetent man cut neck, I Chimae closed
Waste of tax waste of labor costs

14: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:44:10.41 ID: FvXoL60m
How can you get enough if I put bill me "embassy" to put one phone connected to Japan.

20: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:45:28.50 ID: e4XoXNEH
It's not good to do just legation

21: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:46:03.20 ID: nYKqIpDE
If you had problems in Korea during returning temporary in Japan After closing
where you run into the first thing out of his mouth disappear.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 04:23:52.33 ID:: 226 Zr/1qNwI
21 >>
Japan was a misunderstanding or sometimes what is coming to the Japanese Embassy in each country and please to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Customary be turned away from

24: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:46:43.42 ID: Wygx +9 rp
When closed, the Japanese are going to Korea or travel work Might trouble.

But, yeah I'll be closing.

26: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:47:23.69 ID: TNdlhPql
24 >>
The vague is'm gone because there is embassy badly

29: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:47:35.11 ID: utwGaKRF
Temporary embassy smiling ship in the Han River? ? ?

Disease fire people 's lives Hey moved about in confusion if I change location every so often? ? ?

33: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:47:58.12 ID: yGrNtUWT
Can imagine it has come to rely with the "Nida to wait a little" Once the to be vacate

40: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:49:42.14 ID: tXoyDPQU
33 >>
You will be interesting if Hikihara~tsu embassy fact

46: Anri ◆ laZuLi/Jn2 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:50:21.15 ID: kcshilAg
33 >>
The www or is not it I think you should shake it off

42: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:49:57.33 ID: xYV/1wZZ
Such as installing the image belittle the country in front of the embassy, ​​which is a representative of the country
I do not need to put Nante diplomatic facilities in the country of Guess ethnic head is crazy a vile character
I'm white rupture in Hikihara~tsu

44: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:50:10.61 ID: utwGaKRF
After checking daily and rented to the Constitutional Court? ? ?
Specter of Roh Moo-hyun wonder come out ...
Fellows of the enemy is me being trickles

52: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:53:27.84 ID: f / VvlSMH
Protesters or protests to Japan Embassy of the Republic of Korea
If what you Nagekomo one pet bottle
Japanese police is to prevent at best

It is commonplace in international
that it can not be towards the whole world
"People of our country is not the international"
"Against countries that has diplomatic relations about put the embassy, ​​our country will not allow such a behavior"

And, I would do such reason that South Korea has been touted
Korean Naa would've been proud

54: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:54:15.50 ID: TNdlhPql
52 >>
It was also the car rammed the Japanese Embassy in South Korea

65: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 21:57:43.11 ID: uvhEPsI4
Closed because it is too much, you will say, do I move.
Is the Taipei area.

72: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 22:02:23.77 ID: AGRVvjj +
65 >>
No, I'll have a place better.
If you ask the visa revival, guy wants to come to Japan because Na do not have to take the embassy visa to go.
The Japanese government because of that "legitimate state on the Korean Peninsula is Korea" and, no problem in the legal sense of the word that you put the "Embassy of the Republic of Korea" in Pyongyang.

81: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 22:04:51.23 ID: yFN6DbG +
How can you get good in closing another

Korean government is uncooperative in new construction of Japanese Embassy, ​​I White announced the closure reason Therefore, forced relocation because not even temporary.
Harassment comfort women image of Japanese Embassy before, then it is left without much state also remains removal of illegal installation.

87: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 22:09:08.05 ID: rTGurrwh
81 >>
This construction has also received harassment, was the building of about 10 floors When it is initially planned
South Korea has started to say one more thing height limit, I'm reduced to either a third floor
Building next door to wwww is over 10 floor

96: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (-1 Tasu0:9) 2013/08/05 (Mon) 22:17:32.74 ID: CkfsB7sF
87 >>
Oh yeah, hey ~ there was also such news
Country of hate as we know I do not think for show.
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[Korean] Ripples in psychopaths qualified person frequently? Result of abnormal psychological testing of the net is terrible Also snorting and "psychopaths and we snaffle" [08/04]

Korean guys crazy

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/04 (Sun) 23:41:51.35 ID that came back: 1:??
Severe earthquake is running in Korea. 19-year-old boy is killed after rape a 17-year-old girl on July 8,
Was arrested for damage to the body and even.
Boy of the perpetrators of such wear sent to friends by e-mail of the mobile phone photos of the damaged corpse
"Eccentricities" (murder itself but a whimsy enough) we have, and that has attracted attention as a "psychopath murder" in Korea.

In response to this incident, "Psycho Path test" although he said that in vogue currently online in Korea,
This item is really interesting.

1, break it well with the reason the promise.

2, is commonly employed to use the human charm of their own.

To push forward three, interest and frame This may look dangerous

4, there was a brutal hobby when it was young

5, the appeal to be a victim lying

6, jealousy and Psyche heart is strong

7, is trying aperture or entice others to persuasively

8, deceive well a person does not represent the feelings of their own

I believe 9, everyone is a tool to help be a doll puppet

10, it is easy to lose interest

Hide nature to behave 11, fatuously

12, I have a good calculation of interest

Although I have used is that it is psychopaths in the corresponding 10 or more of the questions of more than 12 items,
people 10 or more would be true of that they are one after another in Korea.
The person does not think so, but you can say what you do ... be considered from the perspective of many others.

The settlement, which some people write to opinion that snorting "We Koreans Is What all psychopaths" or in the inside.
Little upset that is spreading on-line, such as SNS.

This psycho path test, What do you think? By the way, I'm all right ... was.
The fact that this (test because it is kind of rumor on the net only, and since this is the case
Does not mean that psychopaths)

(Statement Mitsui Reiko)


[Korean] teenage boy hiding at home in a bag pickled kimchi a bone to throw toilet meat of killing corpse in an attempt to assault of a woman [07/10]

Ripples, [Korean] psychopaths qualified person multiple Source:? Result of abnormal psychological testing of the net is terrible snorting and "psychopaths and we snaffle" also [08/04]

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:47:41.41 ID:: 18 f3ZXPJWP
1 >>
> "We Koreans Is What all psychopaths"

What, Koreans w do you noticed by now

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:52:10.18 ID:: 32 Y7dmetjz
1 >>
The Taro is said to be psychotic terrible even from abroad you guys
You Did finally noticed

61: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 00:04:20.34 ID: WCYNrIv5
1 >>
What is this ...

I'm Korean test of just?

77: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 00:10:25.62 ID: c/gUtxh5
1 >>
Koreans www there was not anything we could realize up to now

89: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 00:16:52.51 ID: gwIuLjAN
1 >>
This Ken Invisible only "features 12 items of the Korean people" from where no matter how you look at it.
You even said in me not the Koreans number you choose if 11 or less.

124: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 00:30:54.37 ID: J8Rwfbcs
1 >>
I mean, people who do not fit into this in Korea, I wonder if not you become psychotic or bullied to death?

Reversed in specific Asian countries other than a person with such properties from becoming criminals or society is ineligible treatment, but it is purged from society

128: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 00:33:51.63 ID: 9htJIipw
124 >>
Koreans with a good heart, the current state of South Korea since utterly corrupt,

In like Japan, thought processes to think rather than to improve as good, to try changing jobs in the worse or better yet is strong.

Therefore, he or turned to bullying side.

In short, the bullied child is, can not live in Korea first.

In order for him to live, because there is a need to be to bully.

He din to have a mind of their own evil.

133: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 00:37:16.65 ID: PXd53ey +
1 >>
Are not many Koreans that do not fit this 11?
Person in question will are you doing to seriousness, but I just look like an idiot me when you see from the outside.

284: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (2 Tasu0:9) 2013/08/05 (Mon) 06:35:06.40 ID: c/fzTuj7
I tried reading >> 1 again, but probably 1-2 piece even if it usually true of ...
This do not you isolation ward level 10 or.

331: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 08:35:34.89 ID: z72LFuiF
1 >>
This test, Na is missing Questions 0

0. It is a Korean Chung

377: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 09:35:55.49 ID: x7Reb9GQ
1 >>
It'll lie. . .
Some people Tsu apply multiple to this item. .

Koreans all of my true to 5 most Although understandable as realize. . .

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 02:46:02.68 ID:: 514 yR7TK9vI
1 >>
> 5, the appeal to be a victim lying

For example, this Koreans in the ...... apply to all to a man
What I mean Korea, society history politics education culture emotion also everything
This is not in the base all?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:43:25.80 ID:: 2 0dfK02iF
This is not a www or Korean test rather than a psycho path test

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:43:36.83 ID:: 4 + BOvz20j
W're right to be good is to to Desutopia of full management Korea after all

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:46:38.68 ID:: 13 a9EN6wDU
Characteristics of Korean
1, break it well with the reason the promise.
2, is commonly employed to use the human charm of their own.
To push forward three, interest and frame This may look dangerous
4, there was a brutal hobby when it was young
5, the appeal to be a victim lying
6, jealousy and Psyche heart is strong
7, is trying aperture or entice others to persuasively
8, deceive well a person does not represent the feelings of their own
I believe 9, everyone is a tool to help be a doll puppet
10, it is easy to lose interest
Hide nature to behave 11, fatuously
12, I have a good calculation of interest

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:47:58.36 ID:: 19 3HynVi4f
Can not be helped because it is Koreans this

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:48:35.84 ID:: 20 TwMjlp / o
However, w whether there guy also apply to this one

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:49:02.98 ID:: 22 EyBYFxpD
Villainy degree

People in countries of the South Korean >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> other psychopaths >>>>>

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:52:02.09 ID:: 29 b7jyk/zH
I also one also does apply ...

I think really What was good in Japanese.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:53:14.75 ID:: 34 zHlyoaMq
I'm What You say more than more than 10 in this question ....

Therefore, over that found Koreans do's unabashedly And Takeshima invasion.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:54:13.21 ID:: 36 1qosboh9
I do know the official diagnosis
It's a mad race at the genetic level is certainly

46: <丶 `∀ '> (Sun) 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:57:19.63 ID: wI1r +9 yb
This item is also added to the Korean

13, great fancy, I caught up to daydream
14, inquiring mind to the truth or falsehood is thin
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Spread corruption, such as acquisitions of payment to the government, intimidation, and sports to expand in the international community "Lobbying" [06/28]

The lobbying all
Spread corruption, such as acquisitions of payment to the government, intimidation, and sports to expand in the international community
"Lobbying" [06/28]

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/06/28 (Fri) 12:26:30.24 ID that came back: 1:??
There is a Korean made the phrase "the lobby" when literally. This is a Korean English who came from the English "lobbying".
Speaking to achieve a specific purpose, and to solicit people to have influence or parties hear not bad.

However, Korean people do actually the "lobby" means that without choosing means about threats ... gift or monetary award, and embrace the side a complete a person targeted.

The gift, flesh and blood are also included among these. By providing the purchase of one night of the famous singer and actress, to express "sex entertainment (loss chop tape)," said in Korean.
What, are interrogated on suspicion of Under Secretary of the Ministry of Justice had received sex entertainment habitual from Builders and Contractors recently.
Prosecutors in the interrogation room, about resulting in sexual intercourse with a woman of the suspects because of the country "generous", I wonder if not surprising.

If it is somebody age of about me, let us remember rocked U.S. politics in the 1970s, "Korea Gate Incident" (aka, Park Dong Xuan incident).
In order to keep the movement of the U.S. forces withdrawal, it is a big gift strategy Park Dong Xuan Mr. Korean lobbyist-deployed. This was called "for national defense" is "compelling purpose" yet.

However, South Korea after that showed in the international arena "lobby" is, just that there is no relationship at all with "life and death of the state".

For example, if you look only sports field -.

Seoul Olympics attract (1) of 1988
Interrupts and co-hosted the World Cup (2) of 2002, a judgment call in Korea played games
Scores of Korean players in various international competitions (3) Figure Skating
(4) 2018 Winter Olympics Toshihira Akira attract
Taekwondo survival that I pushed away as wrestling (5) Olympics events

Believe to be "funny" guys. Critic of Korea has just a wry smile that "will have decided what I was behind the scenes".

Is called in Korean English what by now, reality is illegal, immoral bribery legacy of the peninsula. Koreans say the "rebate", it's bribe itself.

It's started, "If I get the rebate, even good How about people's lives" and to just, but delivery of the (failed) counterfeit parts to the nuclear power plant.
Ya this is discovered, nearly half of the 23 nuclear power plants in South Korea in the running stop for replacement parts, industry is trembling in fear of blackout.

Voice to condemn the rip-off of technology by Korean company's while growing, but one of the USB memory, it is not so much rip-off completed if in hand to pay the rebate.
Should have been deployed at multiple levels of the lobby "national sport", in the course of the know-how taught practical.


(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:29:17.38 ID:: 6 p3g4YvfJ
Seeing dough be too sweet award of FIFA, too throw it

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:29:38.43 ID:: 7 2Y12TQRG
Lawmakers of the United States to receive it as well do not forget!

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:35:45.89 ID:: 10 KJIpkkTW
TV industry in Japan so cruel
You then have preferential Korea abnormally

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:36:06.39 ID:: 11 9C5n8RDc
It was a strange press the other or do not write what this

ZAKZAK from a very did not of entertainment

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:37:44.98 ID:: 13 CSABIwaB
Well, do not do not think it 's article Koreans wrote ......
Impossible 120% of the self-cleaning.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:38:41.28 ID:: 15 gFnoDilF
If there afford to give a slush fund and Korean stemmer, and ...... I em by reducing the Korea people you are suffering from depression

The first thing out of his mouth are squeeze from taxpayers and state budget? Say Coe

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/06/28 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:19:54.59 ID:: 32 luGIE6T1
When Park Leonardo visited the United States at the beginning of around May, I accompanied
Spokesman had run away Yarakashi the national sport in the United States
Is but there was an incident Actually, all follow-up is at all What the ...
So I do not.

There too whether the outcome of lobbying after all?
Obama also did received money smell kimchi?
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[Korean] "I protest against the thoughtless words of Deputy Prime Minister Aso" - The throwing eggs Korea maintenance organization, the Japanese ambassador's residence (Curry failure) [08/03]

Discipline is not in the Korean

1: HONEY MILKφ ★ 2013/08/03 (Sat) 17:44:08.74 ID:???

Representatives of civil society organizations of maintenance-oriented protest against thoughtless words of Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Finance Minister, the Japanese ambassador's residence
I was throwing the eggs.

According to the Seoul Seongbuk (Seongbuk) police station, Oh Chondo representatives of the Patriotic National Movement coalition in the afternoon of the 3rd
50 At around 12:00, the walls of the Japanese ambassador's residence in Seoul Seongbuk (Sonbukugu) Seongbuk-dong (Sonbukudon)
It is taken to the police suspicion that you throw an egg at (misdemeanor punishment law violations), it was returning home disposal.

Oh representative this day, Deputy Prime Minister Aso of purported learn the techniques of the German Nazi regime has neutralized the Constitution
Rebound in remarks, caused the demonstration in front of the Japanese ambassador's residence and the banner and banner.

Throwing the wall one of the two eggs that had been prepared in advance was subsequently been put in a plastic bag
You are trying to pretend withdraw the curry, but received a restraint of police.

"Japan must learn the appearance of Germany to reflect on World War II. Oh representative, Nazi
It was found that it has claimed to be "Do not learn German.

The official police, more than 10 people police that resides in the ambassador's official residence near the "blocked your representative, the" cases
I talk after finishing the study in minor, and "sent home disposal.

Source: NAVER / Seoul = news1 (Korean)

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:53:10.33 ID:: 24 GDLAhkGD
1 >>
South Korea w> Comunidad Na come chew anywhere
Do you is the solidarity of Nidaya and Jewish ...

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:54:23.96 ID:: 25 9yHtmzO5
1 >>
> It is taken to the police, it was returning home disposal.

Is this not the most acquittal.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:12:54.99 ID:: 87 JCif2JwU
For Japan what one thing >> that will rampage Korea This is how

a dream come true and then, so actions beggar is hated without permission.
Japan Yoshi's left untreated Namaatatakaku from a distance and Korea and somber after

95: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Sat) 18:20:01.45 ID :/ JHP2ULX
1 >>
I'm a question
No sauce of what to do to Chung as there was a (dare write down) faux pas of Aso by the constitutional amendment in Japan?
And I do not know what that is making noise

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:45:39.89 ID:: 329 jSETDjR9
What weak head, what Koreans then know that everyone ... will live and spread on their own

Or Oh, w yourself and do not disturb, Bakachon of 1 >> because be laughed at

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:05:45.16 ID:: 382 jSETDjR9
And then from time to wonder was anti-Japanese = maintenance
What is this >> 1, it will say, friends sphincter, group, and activities such as poor Dan

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:45:14.99 ID:: 421 6KRuefYz
1 >>
Koreans, have to learn to prior history, is important to the food.
South Korean government from being taught a lie, Koreans do not know the history, there is a part can not be helped.
However, they have to the poor the food is no good. It represents the low cultural standard of the country.
When you consider the hardships of people who have made the food,
If you should not be in the food never poor, and taught from parent if Japanese.
It's a story of family education before up to elementary school.
The Koreans, not educated infant waves of Japan.
Before you say difficult, Koreans learn civility minimum of as human.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 20:54:07.29 ID:: 433 oatGbIIM
1 >>
Koreans laugh at ethnic cultural standard is low because such a thing.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:03:46.72 ID:: 491 c3ftZDyr
1 >>
Koreans as self-destruct and sprinkle paprika airport like previous
If you multiply to myself curry
Was to laugh

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:58:23.08 ID:: 497 CBZi8y / D
1 >>

Really, Koreans savage people.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 15:34:28.78 ID:: 536 BP17skLX
1 >>
Would it was the curry really?
It than wonder if something like curry?

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:45:31.99 ID:: 2 WAoGIQTA
What are you making noise for no relationship these guys

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:48:43.04 ID:: 14 8WRksHM /
> You are trying to pretend withdraw the curry, but received a restraint of police

This ww whether the curry really
If you in, what Korean I made in co-Nazi remarks. Whatever It looks okay, w something reason

(Sat) black sheep of Suruga 2013/08/03 17:55:03.18 ID:: 26 OFZR4005
14 >>
I do not know why either, but the Koreans Hey from sown curry powder even when Shindo members of the Liberal Democratic Party, Inada lawmakers, Sato lawmakers were denied entry

"Entry opposition Liberal Democratic Party member" of Korea escalated! I vent curry, pepper, and salt at the airport

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:50:32.96 ID:: 18 OngSgO6h
Koreans let the food go to waste (laughs)

You guys, wonder depends on imports for most food? (Laughs)

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:52:23.06 ID:: 22 YvT8NMTV
You can kill a pheasant, or a bee stuck to the whole body, Korean or commit suicide only a little
Many things I delight doing

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:56:49.21 ID:: 30 ASbNgJxz
South Korea draw closer to the CCP and awful much or by Nazi Tibetan Uighur massacre
Koreans how to say Nde somehow president of their own country? ? ? ?

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:59:05.21 ID:: 37 nNBTFXp4
30 >>
The Chinese Communist Party before, one-way speech only allowed South Korea itself is information control, the national socialist country almost.

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:57:51.36 ID:: 35 4UTcz15p
This, how can not be delivered to the world with camera installation.
It is sure that "every day is mad look" to receive

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:40:09.03 ID:: 151 KfjRF13 /
35 >>
W a must live camera of the current South Korea Japan embassy

It ww a ーーーー wonder difficult connection something Wednesday

(Sat) Large Yes absolute ◆ moSD0iQ3To 2013/08/03 18:10:11.27 ID:: 76 ET4lnIYk
That Japan itself and the Nazis that were allies
I'm not at all in evidence in relation Korea?
South Korea also part of Japan at that time
So if you admit that that was complicit in "war of aggression"
There are also related Korea
Although you have the right to prattle such as to not repeat the same mistakes.

South Korea Do you acknowledged that it was a perpetrator rather than a victim?

(Sat) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/03 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:29:28.36 ID:: 116 ex56OfxR!
Do not dumb,, Koreans for clearing! ! !
Democracy become Gotham principle as the German people of the Nazi regime that was said Aso
Do not just like! ! !

same low brain of German Nazi era itself that the Koreans are doing now! ! !
Stupid nation!

563: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 09:44:08.43 ID: ZQIcZgaE
Heck Japan Ja I do good if you fold another embassy
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[Soccer] Queiroz director of Iran rejects the match against South Korea I hope for a game against Japan [08/06]

Korea is hated by people all over the world

1: Zoo φ ★ 2013/08/06 (Tue) 23:56:45.40 ID:???
August 05, Monday, 2013 43 minutes 19:00

Despite Qatar Football Association have shown willingness to pay the travel and accommodation expenses of Iran, Carlos Queiroz director
I refused the offer of a friendly match from the Qatar Football Association.

Carlos Queiroz coach of Iran said it would like to make a friendly match with a team of AFC (Asian Football Confederation) that's Australia and Japan.

There was an offer of the game from South Korea and Iraq, Carlos Queiroz director refused. (Snip)


Quoted source: hope Queiroz, director of [soccer] Iran [08/06] the game against Japan rejected the match against South Korea

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:58:22.79 ID:: 5 K8xoBhpc
1 >>
How nice
Let 's enhanced game upon standing South Korea

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:19:10.85 ID:: 89 AO1ntUIz
1 >>
U~erukamu! ! ! ! !

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:42:08.72 ID:: 161 587RsgFA
Queiroz >> 1 GJ
I want to make a game fun and Zach Japan Arc de Queiroz in the game by all means
Then there is the oil from the old connection with Iran and Japan,
Do not forget the desperate struggle of Johor Bahru
Darvish of baseball and then came out to be a recent,
This Might rise

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 01:35:52.60 ID:: 261 grsaR + og
1 >>
W things you had to say in the story was really
Do not it would naturally come so well.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 01:42:26.29 ID:: 274 qaIqQGtV
1 >>
To match with Japan it does not matter, and that it was me kicking the Korea is worthy of praise
I wish 'em if the game is because I'm me say Qatar and even give money

(Water) Hieda Ason rude 2013/08/07 08:14:16.30 ID:: 459 QjuN5diM
1 >>
In fact, it was abolished, such as East Asia Cup,
Sun, who open tournament Australian, the three countries have become strengthened.
China and South Korea are not suitable country, association, both audience Trinity as the host country.
I can taste the atmosphere of a real away stadium of Iran 10 million people enter.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 08:46:36.35 ID:: 482 xRS9aQbr
459 >>
Korea Association of wonder in charge 's East Asia Association?
I think Japan is What I Shimae they leave hurry
Japan Na's tournament with Southeast Asia Panpashi, if Asia friendship and diplomacy if strengthening After that

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:57:53.91 ID:: 2 0YQheixv
Is his man discerning

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:58:18.54 ID:: 4 RqRmx93O
South Korea would like w the game against Japan on it is rejected
I'll Ru Fabyo, Shikorian w further

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:58:42.40 ID:: 6 h2/dH4Kt
Game against South Korea dirty win or lose

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:59:19.60 ID:: 7 VDeHRkdO
Wwww deployment as expected

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:59:40.90 ID:: 11 r8V5kfVC
Na do in Nagoya Queiroz
He's probably want to do with Japan

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 03:22:43.70 ID:: 349 mNFklGA2
11 >>
Oh, it's short, but what was in his Grampus

Aichi people'm not familiar with football,,,
Local Chunichi fucking newspaper, because not only coverage Dragons to be directly linked to management.

Did not know about me is Grampus was won.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:02:22.52 ID:: 17 btlHUWxf
Cho ww
This, or a Football Association of Korea a while ago
Indeed w Na I had announced "rematch with Iran has decided to fall" What

Also, I do w "did not say such a thing"

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:06:17.32 ID:: 35 aEOKW27U
17 >>
Korean Association and "I try to do"
"Well consider" Ira Association
"~ I do with it" Korean Association
Korean press the "yo ~ to report"


Ira Association "if South Korea?"
Ira's "Yarane"

I flow like that

(-_-) ◆ sIESzI2jc2 2013/08/07 (Wed) vinegared 00:05:00.30 ID:: 30 BWbFUUZb

In fact, I then is unavoidable if it was just a weak place Well.
Without getting the goodness of strange people, even though Japan may be rejected without making a fuss bout with weak countries such as South Korea.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:09:18.23 ID:: 47 O5PizLNb
Do not because it 's original meaning "Iran" What we "country of Aryan".
Drumstick is Na hits a Korea are saying Nachisunachisu million years.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:09:48.18 ID:: 51 2Lr0LhJf
Iran In the fist potatoes OK, and doing game with OK wielding Rising Sun flag, when it finishes without any problems, claims of Koreans I think we can understand that it is also accusation FIFA Japan?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:09:51.64 ID:: 52 dj9TGU / 3
"I can buy Where exactly? Guys will hate me if you swing this flag?" Queiroz director

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:12:37.67 ID:: 63 v0U0zJyJ
I wish if to be like that "negotiating" game if not fixed also officially Football Association of Korea
It Might not be able to expose a shame because had gone something like "decided".
Well, even in the media feel like revenge of the other day even if the friendly against South Korea as keep it
Do not answer it and quit because potential players Shi also inflame supporters going to break the Iranian players.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:23:05.25 ID:: 102 Qz4DdvW6
All, Nida you have fled from South Korea scared

2013/08/06 (Tue) 15:51:58.47 ID: 708 Name: [sage] Posted Asad @ 13 Anniversary:
I forgive 'em you guys
Are you will see from the evaluation of the world in one shot mule to see this

Soccer FIFA International A Match Day

Representation from Japan
The 14th August (water) vs Uruguay representative
September 06 (Friday) vs Guatemala representative
The 10th September (Tuesday) vs Ghana representative
October 11 (Friday) vs Serbia representative (AWAY)
October 15 (Tuesday) vs Belarus representative (AWAY)
(Reports and negotiating with Germany, Spain around in Europe) Friday, November 15
November 19 (Tuesday) (〃)

Korea Republic
The 14th August (water) Peru representative
September 06 (Friday) TBA (※ Iran canceled)
10 September (Tuesday) TBD
October 11 (Friday) TBD
October 15 (Tuesday) TBD
November 15 (Friday) TBD
November 19 (Tuesday) TBD

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/07 00:27:48.78 ID:: 120 FM65G9Sh
102 >>
The world is starting isolated from Korea. w
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Patent litigation] Refused to import injunction of U.S. Trade Representative Apple products "Final determination of the ITC's unacceptable regret" Samsung Electronics [08/04]

Korean products are counterfeit goods.
The history of Korea is the counterfeit history.


1: ◆ Ozawa / / OSI @ 壊龍 φ ★ 2013/08/04 (Sun) 11:46:10.81 ID:???
Refused to import injunction of U.S. Trade Representative Apple products

The 3rd (local time), [Washington] Yonhap news the U.S. government were to infringe the patent of Samsung Electronics
The instruction was to ban the sale and import of older product of Apple U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC)
I exercised a veto.

Froment Representative U.S. Trade Representative of (USTR) is the impact on the U.S. Consumer and competitive conditions of the "U.S. economy
I explained that "considering. On top of that, I have emphasized that "patent protection voter can claim the right through the trial" he said.

By instruction of the ITC is denied, (multi-function mobile phone) Apple smartphone "iPhone
Older products that are produced in China and tablet devices (iPhone) 4, "" iPad (iPad) "and" iPad2 "
I can continue to import to the United States.

June this year, ITC is a patent infringement of tablets and smartphones Samsung Electronics sued Apple
A problem that was sued, and the final decision to admit the claim part of Samsung Electronics, had recommended to the government.

USTR decision of this time, determine the presence or absence of veto within 60 days of the president to the recommendations of the ICT
The thing under the provisions of the must. Since 1987, the recommendations of ICT to have been rejected first time in 26 years
Is, and is seen impact on industry and politics is greater.

Blatant lobbying against the government has been performed in politics and industry in the United States in part for this decision
Be pointed out. The USTR, 4 person Democratic Senator, Republic of both parties related to the import ban on Apple products
In addition to sent a letter to the effect, prompting you to carefully consider the public interest, the U.S. communications giant AT & T also veto
It was pressured obtained.

Samsung Electronics is that the "Apple infringed our patent, they did not face the good faith negotiations to license
I issued a final determination of the comment that ITC recognized the unacceptable and regrettable ".

聨合 News: 2013/08/04 10:07

Quoted source: Samsung Electronics denied the import ban of instruction, [patent litigation] U.S. Trade Representative Apple products "final determination of the ITC's unacceptable regret" [08/04]

(Sun) Hieda Ason rude 2013/08/04 12:12:16.85 ID:: 22 AFWf1vAJ
1 >>
> I can claim the right through the trial
The usual practice of Samson to stretch the time in court
Or the fact, with the U.S..
Is this part of the Samson busting.
Among small does not almost nothing rice.
It has become in existence, such as threatening domestic industries,
Come pounding relentlessly.
Japanese companies was do it once.
Samson or withstand it.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:52:28.80 ID:: 4 IG + IGH + w
The USTR will be. do not have admitted patent infringement ITC was recognized because standard patent

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:54:20.58 ID:: 5 pSi5fnf3
Where this arrogance of the United States would come
It is dangerous TPP Seriously
Enemy of Japan and South Korea 's common America

(Sun) Papa ◆ BWv2julAoY0T 2013/08/04 11:58:15.81 ID:: 9 FuaBb2X4
5 >>
It claims itself to give the ITC ruling is funny is a translation have been clarified as a rule.
And veto with a claim.

It is the act of street of law, and it just is said patent judgment Samsung is funny.

Where the arrogance of America?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:57:57.02 ID:: 7 MeiAmyTN
The opinion that Samsung side is forced through by doing bribery and Hanitora executives of ITC in what some see as
Of Ne Ja that the U.S. government was Tsuppane What?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:59:29.53 ID:: 11 EX6S5779
America and w in such feeling, Do not bend from the person who made himself finally
And brandishing a justice, the United States will make the road to perversion to say for all of their.
Samsung is making in mimicry It is clear, but the American way is lowest.
W Do not I know well the United States is from being hated from all over the world, looking at this matter

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:35:48.34 ID:: 29 MFFnaRbG
11 >>
Although I was told that there is a country that is ruling out the impression let alone bend the law?

58: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 07:21:52.59 ID: y3n7znGH
11 >>

Na I Some countries have creation history.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:01:31.76 ID:: 14 2/JSVv6v
America w me say that Jan refused
Is the opponent w given that they have Chung
Trade Representative GJ

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:03:35.40 ID:: 16 4CSECaSS
It's a blatant lobbying I'm a cold country
But such funds seem to have become less Korea soon

Korea wonder if dont get along that it does not return the Koreans in Japan in Japan soon?
Population would be good increasing Once allowed to return home to Japan to South Korea?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:13:49.66 ID:: 23 pjJ1xrEd
Due the president ordered and protect the company from rain Korean companies, bribery has become waste.
But all right, it is not a big deal. The I's, Compared to the treatment under the Korea country receives from now.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:24:19.63 ID:: 26 VfQbbIOS
Samson also be sued if this is through

Samson w do not know is that

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:50:59.99 ID:: 32 MeiAmyTN
Law because it is law to protect the interests of the country
This determination is reasonable

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:10:36.94 ID:: 37 faMGqA4N
32 >>
Soiya, South Korea and the United States also national laws was it above the treaty?
What made such a wonder between countries when Yaria~tsu.

TPP in Japan but out of the question from there.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:31:40.80 ID:: 40 MeiAmyTN
37 >>
It is obvious but more military power is strong wins
It is correct in any way Korea if to cry

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:19:50.12 ID:: 38 ctfziUk9
This looks good. Samsung Is but may have patents, That is why you have dabbled in such patent because Tsu Park the Apple products.
I had thought to take a patent in the copy products, such as the original attack, and is contrary to reason.
There is only detrimental to society of such.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:03:38.25 ID:: 42 Jc5c/CtR
In the United States dubious instruction was just released Korea to lobby the ITC
The company would have to lobby USTR.
Thing that never U.S. companies lose in the lobby of South Korea if the warning.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 15:06:49.85 ID:: 44 ZF4xlSAO
Because it is produced in China, is was also pressure from China?

49: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 00:47:13.14 ID: 6d7OfXlZ
It's the result of this depresses my shoes in the country of people? Is this gonna be Na strive in vain

54: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (2 Tasu0:9) 2013/08/05 (Mon) 07:05:43.46 ID: c/fzTuj7
Sanctions breach of international law Nida! Starting embargo on its own and
Expect development until about Korea is added sanctions.

56: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 07:13:36.62 ID: mym +6 hkt
Even though Samsung won by ('・ ω ・ `) patent trial
Say still treat me as before now Apple products
I do a decision of the U.S. President, but if Comunidad's do?
I'll protest official from the South Korean government?

61: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 07:25:59.93 ID: NLQAwIX4

>> June 11, 2009 Korea trial international incident the Japanese press was hidden desperately ... it was fun

"Samsung Korea and come out of India!" Translation of the large-scale demonstration generation to destroy the Korean products in India [India]

Crane barge Samsung Heavy Industries was thrust in India tanker off the coast of the port of South Korea, anchored. Thangka
A large amount of crude oil leaked from over. Why this accident? Crane ship "Samsung, the situation sea states
In spite of the warning forecast, and so that the straight rising PITA a detour by the reckless voyage, the port authority to bypass
Warn but straight to ignore it, erect India tanker anchored in (heavy Spirit issue) as it is
Included, a large amount of crude oil (2.6 one thousand tons!) Large outflow. I gave a great deal of pollution damage to the fishermen of the coastal waters. "

South Korean maritime police, arrested mate and captain of India tanker for some reason. South Korea and the court in prison a year and a half
Judgment, huge fine payment instruction came out. To ignore the instructions of port authorities, why, to win the tanker Bukkake
Crane barge Samsung made or would not be punished? . The reason is simple, Samson government
I was Nasuritsuke the responsibility of all to move the India. It even government Korea Court of Justice also in cahoots.

Incident was the playful Nasuritsuke responsible for India, has been news all over the world through the United Kingdom. Element
Upgrade does not now that South Korea was little of India, painful tit for tat comes later on. In addition, the world shipping industry
I have developed that South Korea is abandoned from inter Tanko etc..

The Indians, who defeated opponent a prison sentence of jail, South Korea, was a "son of former Admiral of Indian Navy"
means, with the discount. Government of India and the Indian Navy to offend, South Korea has lost full credit from India.

It develops into a boycott movement of Korean products by 200,000 sailors Indian family seafarers union. Samsung India
Demonstration of 500 people also occurred "Samsung Electronics South Korea and get out," said in an e-factory before. In India
It was the beginning of the anti-Korea.

63: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 07:35:21.58 ID: NLQAwIX4

"Truncate the Korea" insurance company in the world and the [Indian] UK Lloyd's insurance under the case of India tanker

Crane barge Samsung was plunged in India tanker. In India the full responsibility. Compensation to all Lee
Command side pay, compensation number of instructions of millions of dollars (several tens of billion yen) was out of the Court of Justice of Korea.

In this judgment, against a ruling sportive of Korea, the United Kingdom Lloyd's insurance insurance for Korea versus ship in the future
Notice that it is not the elephant. In vending flaps dirty South Korea to make pay compensation to insurance companies in court the playful of Korea,
I decided Korea also boycott insurance companies around the world. Future, the world's against everything vessels and Korea
Major insurance companies no longer be used to take things in Korea. For starters, South Korea ship uninsured shape
Become a state, vessel without Lloyd's insurance can not be port of call to port anywhere in the world.

In addition, the UK Lloyd's notice not accepted as a new insurance Korean waters for. International shipping industry Intata
Barranco, Inter cargo development to move to remove the water from the South Korean port of call. The line to the dangerous waters of covered by the insurance
Ku ship was no longer. How waited longer than the Korean government to guarantee accident insurance in the future. Accident
That to compensate Korea itself is when I got up. However, the accident occurred in Korea waters, Korea others
There is no such ship to go to South Korea of ​​Outlaw adjudicate Ru pickpocket with a responsibility for all.

Major maritime union inter Tanko of [Indian] world development ... FT UK paper report in the Korea Bo~ikotto go voyage

Korea can not ship port of call anywhere in the uninsured state Korea ship [Korean] Korea is a fight with the British Lloyds
ttp :/ / blog.livedoor.jp/mameran7/archives/8049006.html

64: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 07:40:09.71 ID: NLQAwIX4

>> Main maritime union Inter Tanko cargo of world Bo~ikotto Korea go sailing ......

Port of prosperity Nida Japan has downfall port of [Asahi Shimbun] Korea becomes the hub port? January www ・ ・ ・ Asahi Shimbun in 2009

Busan Incheon Port of South Korea becomes the hub port of Asia, Japanese ports and the downfall, article, South Korea beat Japan
I was a proud of. Asahi Shimbun of January 2009.

Major maritime union inter Tanko of [Indian] world development ... (UK FT paper coverage 2008.12.30) to the Korea Bo~ikotto go voyage
Inter Tanko such as developing the movement to remove the water from the South Korean port of call. British Lloyd's insurance insurance vs South Korea waters
I was removed from the elephant. I'll be responsible Nasuritsuke accident If you encounter something in Korea waters. Also non-life insurance company
It is not a thing that you have accumulated. There is no such ship to go to the port of South Korea the playful.

Hub port of [Korean] South Korea in August 2009 transformed to rattle state boycott of inter Tanko Cargo World

Incheon and Busan of the hub port of South Korea in August 2009, Asahi Shimbun was proud was transformed to rattle state.
It is not just a port logistics to the transshipment of luggage simply a hub port. South Korean public hub port and enter in 2010,
Was asked to sell itself accumulated deficit swells, but it has fallen into a state in which buyers have no idea.

Shipping and construction industry, with long-term depression of the [Korean] Korea to restructuring, such as ship-building sale (JoongAng Ilbo 2013/06/28)
According to the business community of the 27th, in the case of the shipping industry of the recession, you have survival by selling the ship of capital. In the beginning of the year
I secure 24 billion won (about 2.1 billion yen) Hanjin Shipping is sold in a manner "re-lease after the sale" a medium-sized container ship
In addition to the, Hyundai Merchant Marine to work the sale of ultra-large crude carriers 290 000 9000DWT of (goods weight tonnage) class
Is advancing.

66: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 07:44:12.06 ID: XFf0aUV5
Did not you did not pass through primary insurance? Chong Kun

W Do not a country you are picking various

69: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/05 (Mon) 08:18:32.72 ID: TB2R + nfg
The will did not quite flourished until tanker accident before me hub port of South Korea?
Japanese ports have him with South Korea in a halfway size everyone softening
Obviously a you had to say words to that effect. I had already forgotten but that tanker accident
It is not really thinking consequences w 's Korean Na wonder what a w It looks there was a fatal
W anything that yo to that dirty ad hoc or runaway immediately
ラベル:Patent litigation
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[Korean soccer] "Dissipated friendly match with Iran, in the cancellation notice one-sided the other side" [08/06]

Koreans liar

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/06 (Tue) 10:09:21.65 ID that came back: 1:??
A friendly match with Iran was scheduled to the 6th next month, South Korea national football team performs in the country
The 6th, Sports Seoul was reported that failed virtually unilateral cancellation notification of the other party.

Officials of the Korea Football Association, the newspaper
The "Iranian side has informed the friendly match canceled unilaterally because of a different schedule this before," said
"Society has requested official documents along with the protest, but was silence" I said to.
After all, it was found that the association accept the fact that internally, you are searching for other parties.

Football Association, in this newspaper
"It is not a situation like wrote a definitive agreement with each other, length of the Association both have created a simple agreement" and,
"Therefore, the request for cancellation penalty unilaterally, will not be easy" revealed with.

To match the A match duration that was scheduled, we are looking for the opposing team, but the Association, for the remaining time is less,
It has been found that they are struggling. In particular, in September, and in the region other than the team of four decided to finals
For W Cup qualifying takes place in every continent, to negotiate the evaluation opponent some level of it is a more difficult situation.
Given place setting be determined even if the opposing team, and ticket sales, the newspaper said the time is not enough even now.

There was a sense of friendly match more than just against Iran next month. South Korea previously,
It lost all fighting twice in Iran in 2014 Brazil World Cup Asian qualifiers,
June 18, was also engaged in a war of words or with us the behavior of common sense outside of Queiroz director at the time of Ulsan final race in particular.

In addition, after the game, Iran and give off a "guts pose" Queiroz director toward the bench of South Korea,
I caused a stir in the attitude unsportsmanlike. Therefore, football many fans,
I expect revenge in the return match with Iran, but was determined to be due to sudden behavior of Iran, to forward to the next opportunity again.

Source (Korean)

Quoted source: ・ [Korean soccer] "dissipated friendly match with Iran, in the cancellation notice unilateral other side" [08/06]

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:09:59.64 ID:: 3 RmNkd1pE
1 >>
Koreans may be because players hit Iran

Tuesday, hyper over succubus Tan ♂ ◆ nlbVtkkhNY 2013/08/06 10:23:50.24 ID:: 65 gj552hQQ
1 >>
> June 18, was also engaged in a war of words or with us the behavior of common sense outside of Queiroz director at the time of Ulsan final race in particular.

> Also, after the game, Iran and give off a "guts pose" Queiroz director toward the bench of South Korea,
> I caused a stir in the attitude unsportsmanlike.

Korean or have forgotten really act from which they did ...
Korean is the unprocessed material things to their convenience only remain in memory truly

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:10:18.23 ID:: 176 pwaIO8XS
1 >>
In the competition last time you guys, and w I did forgot to have shot elbow to Iran player just has approached

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:18:48.88 ID:: 197 kbr1I2RH
>> Read the 1,
Korean, or so I think whether it suggests is Shiorashi is to measure the relationship repair in any way,
Nuance and a typical want to lower Ryuin Munakuso is remains still bad Nde to win only I do not transmitted but fools ... these guys?
Or between the lines of my reading comprehension or just childish ...?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:25:34.53 ID:: 210 TocauX + h
197 >>
You might guess when you have not written that in this article, was hit
Koreans do not think also it is! Fragments was a bad thing

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:22:12.12 ID:: 204 + NVQhm7W
1 >>
>, Penalty request cancellation of one-sided, will not be easy
Na no deadline penalty against South Korea in WC2002.
Or two, Na no compensation these guys, and apology, only shit.
Of course, this is is the root is 恨 of Korea.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:33:45.72 ID:: 224 L19RNZMr
1 >>
This www I was not fixed after all

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:41:27.10 ID:: 242 L19RNZMr
1 >>
> I was also engaged in a war of words or with us the behavior of common sense outside of Queiroz director.

South Korea 's or are you talking like this still
South Korea silence completely that he and others scattered people were provocation
South Korea went to news reports by extracting only place where South Korea think on its own that it was bad for the other
Memories of Koreans rewritten in this manner Korea
It is the process of Korea continue to Korieito the history just

That South Korea did so that only Iran has provoked all gone In three years after

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:19:00.20 ID:: 285 GvzRacPc
1 >>
Originally, it would there was no such story.
Fake people.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:24:29.39 ID:: 292 H + JYIoFt
1 >>
The Nika is supposed to be Korea or Iran hit player, was hit PET bottles was not?

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:36:11.81 ID:: 306 c5Bs/arI
292 >>
As a result of orchestrated a friendly match in order to that there was no South Korea but I refused.
Of course, South Korea and w that was talking like a fait accompli from the front to go with the story

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:48:52.58 ID:: 378 B3nK5zHD
1 >>
Korea www country where both have, or is not me doing the friendly match
I wish Korea is inevitable weakened even if you not a serious game, and when it is no longer the international game Kume

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:11:27.96 ID:: 11 vWKQuN34
W You will say nothing 's benefits to the game in South Korea ... Iran or one

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:11:53.62 ID:: 14 25i9dTwg
> Length of the Association both have created a simple agreement

Actually have or did not have such a thing

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:12:30.97 ID:: 20 20AxB14a
As South Korea, the agreement between countries
It's not that the guys you Dotakyan because one-sided 15 minutes before say

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:12:49.12 ID:: 22 tPSB5ey /
Iran Na was decent

It then was a strange Iran or receive the game why

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:14:05.35 ID:: 30 20AxB14a
22 >>
This is normal.
JFA to continue to receive the game also break the players to be insulted are crazy
JFA too obsessed with earnings of Japanese and Korean war

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:16:54.06 ID:: 36 elvE9z4K
The news that it has hit players of Iran, that it was hit by throwing plastic bottles and cans to the staff and players of Iran through.
Jan course Nante guts pose the supervision of the winning team, yet then'm a away.
In criticizing this news is unsporting and if we have not questioned the violence of the crowd and staff of their abnormal

Where the country is, or wants to spear and such country Nante "friendly match". It will only unpleasant win or lose.

Tuesday swastika 2013/08/06 10:19:48.56 ID:: 49 a9VXnRvm
Tips, Larry Page

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 10:20:50.32 ID:: 53 RdrXXk6a
I do a deployment of the best here, Japan and Iran's friendly match to me, but I wish I w

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 11:49:50.13 ID:: 261 6eN/4CpU
South Korea has rejected Iran handshake held out for "friendship.
That's not cricket in this matter I person of Iran rather than Korea. "
The wonder going around the world and cry about.

"Iran has been sued, and Iran Players by South Korea, which is also to staff it
for the final goal "to manipulate the impression of violence against.

Really good with Ken of the Rising Sun flag, Korean I'll do well.

340: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Tue) 13:04:21.50 ID :/ MlFAUGx
261 >>
Even if it is not planned, Korean Might not use so eventually.

You find fault with the other, Koreans evildoer → it Koreans barrel → accused their opponents with a loud hoax → Korean If it is not!

To giant advance comfort women, from Rising Sun flag, Koreans repeat of this one pattern always.
They Troubleshooting or only in Japan, I will without Mai placed China and Europe, the Middle East would be now.
Monster white self-destruction.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/06 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:06:41.79 ID:: 345 + JU9H3eL
340 >>
South Korea is a mass of inferiority complex the figure itself in the country.
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[Korean economy] Expected heat wave in the end of the rainy season, Fear of the power situation worse ... [08/04]

South Korea country of uncivilized

1: 壊龍 φ ★ 2013/08/04 (Sun) 11:58:07.04 ID:???
Heat wave in earnest starting from this week rainy season is over. Japan Meteorological Agency it comes to intense heat in excess of 30 degrees throughout South Korea
Have expected. Power flame is also approached as a reality in front of me for this. Electricity demand will surge this week, the government
Power of one million kilowatts or more and is equal to one minute based nuclear power plant is not enough to have to take any action
View that is also out. Zheng Hong Hara (Chung Hon'u~on) Prime Minister to open the national policy coordination meeting on the 2nd, in the summer
I inspected the power supply and demand situation. When you rise up to 77.67 million kilowatts of electricity demand will be this summer up to this week
Was expected. However, supply will not keep up with this, standby power and fall to 1.03 million kilowatts minus
Seen. To reduce by up to 15 percent power consumption of large companies by the end of this month to Industry and Trade Resources Department In response to this
Summarizes the power-saving measures such as.

49 minutes 11:04 August 2013: JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version

Combat Organization
Prospect of a serious power shortage power-saving measures in full swing [Korean economy] from the 5th, one cup of August [08/02]
In [Korean economy] Korea in August ... nuclear power anxiety stop sense of crisis [07/29]

Quote: Original expected heat wave in the Korean economy, [] end of the rainy season, fear ... Korea [08/04] of the power situation worsening

2: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω;`) (day) 2013/08/04 (`c ')' s 11:59:36.79 ID: CECwNO / 5
Never mind

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:01:06.53 ID:: 5 6pb9OVMy
How can you get Samson 's large companies?
Country of geek Once you do something,
Probably from collapsing?
I ey cut from air conditioning in public Korea
I think it is good

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:05:20.52 ID:: 10 xMDcUb9g
Anyway, if you do not stop the transmission of Japanese companies that have local advance ...

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:06:41.35 ID:: 13 ULg3hcP +
W I'm fine
Masayoshi Son is WIF a nuclear power plant developed countries, electricity developed countries give one's seal of approval? w

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:11:01.02 ID:: 15 SngTw7b3
Koreans probably self-generation love

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:18:50.26 ID:: 22 H + PBx5d /
Japan has put a hydroelectric power plant at the time of the East to the north, I get a flexibility from there

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:23:02.73 ID:: 24 PtQm2i7l
Koreans because ethnic excellent world
Na Do not be the same in about without electricity say?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:25:28.04 ID:: 25 r7tBIFgS
South Korea will just need to double the electric bill

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:03:00.20 ID:: 31 N82qyp24
25 >>
Too sweet Nante that twice.
Originally because I'm a super power company deficit prices in South Korea, 20 times in and for proper.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:24:48.66 ID:: 35 O9MApuXQ
31 >>
B lie. There is no reason that the deficit power company holds

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:27:49.86 ID:: 36 X4vAoGQl
35 >>
South Korea I'm made up of countries to cover deficit minutes
Power company in Korea

Electricity bill of the common people from Japan will be cheaper to the statement Korea

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:50:54.93 ID:: 43 gzJdqnAI
35 >>
South Korea is that the electricity bill sell at below cost by law
Are required.
The losses covered by taxes.
However update of facilities Mamanarazu So because there is no profit,
W rolled out in the loss of decrepit

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:43:14.90 ID:: 27 X4vAoGQl
Is it not dawn 's rainy season still

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 16:18:23.62 ID:: 52 0IbUZu0N
27 >>
Seasonal rain front is Na from up north pretty quickly this year.
With such as 51 days in Seoul, Na seems length record.

South Korea because it is coined sense or something statistics terrorism,
And terrorism (Chanma's Korean) rainy season which surely
It will not be long to bring up.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 12:56:09.95 ID:: 29 dSe8YoG2
I can cope on their own Korea given that they have developed countries.
I'm not worried

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:03:56.99 ID:: 32 kTFCDDH6
South Korea be good if the lights Tomose by arson electricity if not enough
Koreans probably arson love?

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 13:07:37.72 ID:: 33 XyAfc1w8
Is there not another gold fix nuclear power plant to say the Korean government 's have to take any action
How and white for no other funds to the South Korean government

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 14:08:36.91 ID:: 44 7hzcw0Sp
Black-out cycle ━ ━ ━ (゜ ∀ ゜) ━ ━ ━!!

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:40:29.99 ID:: 58 bKaPWpCW
To hear that there is a country that became a primary stop natural disasters but not happening

Meshiuma ww saboteurs if reduced

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:13:38.56 ID:: 61 0zXMAhN5
Self-proclaimed IT superpower is w there is a degree such as power shortages, even Comedy story

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/04 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:09:35.95 ID:: 63 Svbb / QFm
In the first place
> Meteorological Agency was expected to be intense heat in excess of 30 degrees throughout South Korea.
Hit this itself is whether the (correct)? (W
ラベル:the power situation
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