[Korean] military "Can we support during the day in the F-15" Also plan to model another next fighter, a part [08/21]

Koreans have misjudged the enemy

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/21 (Wed) 12:55:54.05 ID that came back: 1:??
Schedule of future next fighter (FX) project is "comprehensive evaluation model": only "defense business promotion committee final decision by (Chairman Secretary gold Hiroshi Town Ministry of National Defense)" it became.
F15SE U.S. Boeing is the only manufacturer that meet the criteria of the total project cost has become the final candidate for virtually at the moment,
I found that Eurofighter European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company EADS NV and F35A of U.S. Lockheed Martin in excess of the project cost (EADS) has also been the subject of comprehensive evaluation continues.

If a person of the remaining two models got a higher score than F15SE in comprehensive evaluation model, there is a possibility that heightened voice and "is appropriate as the next fighter F15SE"
It seems determined that there is likely to be re-examined from the root business If that happens is worked.

According to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, regardless of whether conditions are satisfied of the total project cost, and being able to manufacturers who participated in the bid to meet the comprehensive evaluation of all models.

For the next fighter business of this time, different opinions have come from, such as the National Assembly and military expert.
For example, Park U~ongon professor of Korean Eastern University did on the "time of retirement is approaching the F4 and F5 fighter more than 30 years have passed already been introduced," and
It claims that "three models of this time because he meets the requirements of both test and evaluation, that no matter what the model, to be introduced in early anyway time is the top priority" he said.
If you start over the next fighter business, there is also a view of the required 18 months at least to re-election of the model.

Away Ojima and: (Takeshima Japanese name) stealth fighter and Japan "China Dokdo lawmakers of the National Assembly Defense Committee belong: When flying over the sky (Chinese name Su reef), the radar Korean army Can you find them,
Also said "no choice but to wonder if you can deal with F15 even be found, and shows the view of the need to re-examination of the business.

Another expert has proposed a "split purchases on you re-examined from the ground up business".
It aims to introduce 60 aircraft in the next fighter business of this time, but as a fighter of Boeing part of them, and the rest - they will be introducing a fighter with stealth capability and try again the business.


Quote: Original, [Korean] military fighter next "how can cope during the day F-15", proposed to model a different part also [08/21]

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:59:46.57 ID:: 13 0vMxswfw
1 >>
> Stealth fighter of China and Japan

N? Korean Bakachon is whether they forgot to have war with North Korea?

38: ◆ 65537KeAAA 2013/08/21 (Wed) 13:09:17.69 ID: uu1vq87y BE :32616825-PLT (13051)
13 >>
No, it 's important to be ready to assume the worst always as military
Japan and South Korea and China also because I do not ally

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:04:31.23 ID:: 27 ftGFt1 +3
1 >>

"Can we support during the day in the F-15" Q.

The "Can not. Originally quality and amount is not enough," A.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:25:46.03 ID:: 90 UJMN3Tre
1 >>
In, Koreans wonder leave in Japan maintenance? www

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 14:05:49.44 ID:: 194 wKN7z87z
1 >>

Koreans Know Minohodo! ! ! ! ! !

Hey guy, etc. whether they understand what his own country, 's national budget? ? ?
If you do not foreign bonds issued in ongoing, country to me is not Tachiyuka Korea ...
National character of bluff and show the Korean people are reflected vividly and then ww

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 18:54:39.75 ID:: 368 GQmJvzDS
1 >>
Then, Koreans Ya White nomination buying it from Tsu first.
Boeing it is hanging out with me to have no incentive to buy is I feel sorry.

(Water) data analyst 2013/08/21 19:03:25.06 ID:: 375 lRoUB521
368 >>
If you look at this related article, do not I quite suspicious of me F15SE this is what really sold

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 19:53:28.30 ID:: 404 nWAUoLFj
1 >>
What model of this part of another ...
Koreans w Na not bother to training and development

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:57:11.30 ID:: 3 zmYQv9b6
In other words, the strategy is wrong Korean

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:57:34.04 ID:: 5 icFLFuUX
Korean I oppose what the Chinese of my master ...
The Koitsura and who I'm fighting Koreans ('A `)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:29:03.11 ID:: 105 TOXr8dje
5 >>
Maybe Koreans such as Kakeru and front war in China and Japan opponent while gaining the full support of the United States Armed Forces,
W Do you wonder'm not drawn to the thought Urinara fantasy unaccountable

Koreans and Korean War Owarasero quickly when there is a time to have a pipe dream.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:58:47.88 ID:: 9 2zXQJe3n
Koreans whether I want a gas-Man Man to fight Japan?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:59:24.62 ID:: 11 D1vDPKdc
Wonder Koreans do not you assume why North Korea

Korean Hey Did I forgot shelling incident more

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:02:12.52 ID:: 17 56VLZk7m
It recommended to the Japan-Korea joint development seriously
This is a chance to independent security from the United States

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:03:37.55 ID:: 22 zmYQv9b6
17 >>
Korean wonder issuing full?
Not equal, Koreans w Na's begging

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:05:52.63 ID:: 30 menGdCUd
17 >>
It is a translation put out a composite material, the Avi ionics relationship from Japan, but what South Korea can provide?
Koreans're not is to bring the engine of F100 class P & W at the very least, as a co-development partner for Japan
'm Not attractive at all.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:19:00.78 ID:: 67 56VLZk7m
30 >>
Providing excellent brain of Korean

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:21:10.71 ID:: 73 6Yt + HHS3
67 >>
Korean or accomplished something What with the brightest minds?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:22:52.55 ID:: 78 56VLZk7m
73 >>
Shipbuilding steel semiconductor smartphone consumer electronics
Reality would be painful, but it is long from Japan no longer win in South Korea

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:26:32.44 ID:: 98 X + uAf7R1
78 >>
Shipbuilding www Koreans www it can be restored on it was stared in Germany by submarine rose
Www Korean steel because it is immature metallurgy, iron and steel www you end up gun barrel of a tank rupture
hazardous materials that smartphone smartphone www www Koreans were between explosion of individual
Key components of consumer electronics www Korean consumer electronics products www made in Japan

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:32:03.54 ID:: 113 Tkzu5g3h
98 >>
Koreans semiconductor processing equipment and wafer exposure device depends on Japan. Koreans were Mote share, only a memory of simple structure.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:28:38.94 ID:: 104 GpHx / wDX
78 >>
Are you die that it is not pouring away delusion What Koreans?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:08:07.98 ID:: 36 cYY + dVtM
17 >>
Koreans unreasonable request from the terrible habit of not give money in that country myself

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:10:26.96 ID:: 43 UzmCGfPo
36 >>
At the time of the World engine joint development, Korean I was told to engineer of Mitsubishi

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 13:02:12.59 ID:: 18 zmYQv9b6
Basic strategy is it wrong Korean.
But bad country'll collapse, Korea asserts.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 18:01:52.86 ID:: 323 7EVjuFB1
Koreans motivated ww and Japan
How Japan I've got to by taking into account such fellows

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 18:03:03.21 ID:: 325 twJgNHWw
Well, hey, since South Korea is being placed under the influence of north smoothly.
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[Korean] Air conditioning automatic stop at 26 degrees in the power shortage, Tourists screams - "Mount Fuji eruption theory, second only to Sakurajima eruption" is in the news for some reason in the media [08/20]

Korean look away from reality always

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/20 (Tue) 23:45:42.41 ID that came back: 1:??
Who knows, but also might be more because it is previously reported Korean media multiple,
Since the Korean government is doing an energy policy that limits 26 degrees or more at room temperature current power shortage,
Foreign tourists that are familiar air conditioning visited Korea, that have complained the heat everywhere.

It is noticeable at the hotel is equipped with central air conditioning system (central heating) in particular.
"You are expected to office to observe 26 degrees is policed, fine (300 million won) is imposed \ 260,000 worth"
So situation no choice but to protect the temperature setting as the hotel owner. Since the temperature setting is not canceled even at night to fit the power demand,
Tourists anger shaking.

According to interviews with business hotel by South Korean media, tourists Canada where we stayed previously
And or "had told that it not go to Korea absolutely summer to friends".

Power shortage of the Korea domestic, forged a performance test results,
It issues a thing that the nuclear power plant defective part is mixed with a number of stops, but thermal power plant fails or by chance,
That power demand forecast was not hit forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency is also a sudden change reason.

However, power shortage in South Korea is not a story that began this year. Power is destroying the supply and demand balance of winter last year (2012),
Some areas of Seoul is a big power outage in September 2011 two years ago, rolling blackouts in the city have been made in haste.

Eg, "impact on South Korea by Fuji explosion theory," which was the pretext Sakurajima eruption or to distract from the heat in the South Korea media,
Japan information really matter are also a lot of flow. Such article also wonder what has become to flow it is too hot.
I said imported beer from Japan are selling very year in Korea, the impact of policy blunders of power and heat wave this sore is large.

Although this year's Korea of ​​emergency in many ways,
In order to be a heat stroke to just skimp on the embedded hotel also possible in the trip in such a situation, it is necessary to be careful. (Hydrology and Editorial)


The attack-aversion remarks to news of Sakurajima eruption [Japanese and Korean] "celebration explosion" of Japan "country dirty the planet's most", Korean netizens warped [08/19]
[Gourmet] "North Korea's delicious," "carbonic hard but there is no taste" beer of Korea Seoul kid of a long line to ... Japan-made beer

Quoted source: air conditioning automatic stop at 26 degrees in the [Korean]-power shortage, the tourists scream - in the media for some reason the news "Mount Fuji eruption theory, second only to Sakurajima eruption" is [08/20]

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:48:01.39 ID:: 3 rJ4y3GVj
1 >>
> Limited to 26 degrees or more
How can you get set temperature small profit in heat stroke measures in Japan.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 09:38:55.14 ID:: 159 fjYYmrcz
3 >>
26 ℃ Nante normal setting in Japan. It's 28 ℃ power saving, that's cool biz support in Japan. Korean Chung cedar use the electricity originally waste.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:23:07.58 ID:: 47 z4HYMnoV
1 >>
I wonder if this is true? Hey cause or not that oil shortage

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:27:35.71 ID:: 50 rk2gC9me
47 >>
Doing just this, and that's still fuel shortage?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:31:18.54 ID:: 56 z4HYMnoV
50 >>
Therefore there is no oil reserves in South Korea, and Jan terrible thing.
And of not it can not publish the Korean government?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:43:04.91 ID:: 58 H + i6jT8A
>> "But a South Korean state of emergency in many ways" 1

Upper story of Korean is always emergency.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:04:13.90 ID:: 181 0BQxu83t
1 >>
Why, Korean've got to leap without the volcano.
I do not know well thought route of Korean.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 15:12:45.56 ID:: 198 cepYZhfA
1 >>
> Japan Information cares are also a lot of flow. Such article also wonder what has become to flow it is too hot.

Although wrapped in oblate this
Expressed in this straightforward

Head did him stomach heat Koreans

W is not it is that

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:54:15.76 ID:: 7 + vO6UYMR
Power over here I'll breathe over and the Democratic Party of Japan! ! And i know rite did you Oideoide the peninsula 's.
Companies that have gone to be fooled, there 's really dumb.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:55:41.07 ID:: 11 vsWCUSAQ
> To Sakurajima eruption or to distract from the heat in South Korea media
> Eg, "impact on South Korea by Fuji explosion theory," which was pretext,
> Japan Information cares are also a lot of flow.

I wish from confusing me trigger the attack of mad.

> Such article also wonder what has become to flow it is too hot

The yo think all the time, Koreans and that kind of feeling.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:09:57.51 ID:: 26 UpSZ0IFF
Yet? Korea Chung blackout?

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:10:14.06 ID:: 27 tABV07QU
(◎ __ ◎ ;) but of which is 26 ℃ dry,
Itself is comfortable.
South Korea's uncomfortable,
It may be another reason.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:12:36.53 ID:: 33 ammxf3RH
Heck That's Ja settings should be sufficient 28 degrees?
About some time to turn off in about a little cold sometimes

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:15:39.63 ID:: 38 1edp5ywT
33 >>
Koreans ze is the folk to tamper with the performance testing of the components of the nuclear power plant?
To think air conditioning is cool to the set temperature as it is not sweet or a little? w

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:31:34.55 ID:: 57 9H26m6Gq
> Eg, "impact on South Korea by Fuji explosion theory," which was the pretext Sakurajima eruption

Once in a while, countries other than Japan also Milo Korean.

72: Terrorist Ahn 2013/08/21 (Wed) 01:29:35.58 ID: GNZ3Pjo2
South Korea smell, dirty, annoying to watch cruel, hot, but it was added (laughs)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 01:36:00.16 ID:: 76 GpHx / wDX
> The issues a thing that the nuclear power plant defective part is mixed with a number of stops, but thermal power plant fails or by chance,
> That power demand forecast was not hit forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency is also a sudden change reason.

"Failure by chance", "predict sudden change",,, this is wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nobody would not believe

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 02:02:33.73 ID:: 81 fRR0Jw2S
76 >>
Maybe this is a typo of "failed once again".

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 09:04:51.46 ID:: 144 J3ThYjb2
> Tourists in Canada, "was quoted as not go to Korea absolutely summer to friends"

Roughly, what they see? Hey I went to tourism in South Korea.
There is not anything, boring place.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 09:19:43.12 ID:: 151 NSJmQ8TH
What do you do family and relatives who live near you if if it has trouble with something?
I want you to really help, but he has not said anything and I thought no good if you put the inconvenience to you.
On ashamed to own that were not raised immediately aware of the family in trouble if people of Europe and the United States, I'll help in the best whatever you put after that.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 09:23:18.49 ID:: 153 iCfNhQjf
151 >>
The Japanese who are stuck in Sakurajima eruption, Korean, huh What minimum Korea to the news, such as wait impatiently Mount Fuji eruption.
On ashamed to own that were not raised immediately aware of the family in trouble if people of Europe and the United States, what you put then
And to help in the best also.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 09:33:50.64 ID:: 158 mSNySIXO
151 >>
Korean I'm not mind at all if others

Especially if such as fraud combed thief

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:18:59.94 ID:: 186 uHvzBeVT
Oh, Koreans started to say, but now more than ever such as Sinking of Japan such as recent brain radiation
Do you only have eyes averted from the issue of country of South Korea
ラベル:the power shortage
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[Korean] "To the dog food is the uncle to the knob of liquor" Dog food philosophy, Do not eat dog meat in status recently [08/20]

Koreans do not take care of their own culture
Korean to promote a steal culture


Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/20 (Tue) 23:25:48.28 ID that came back: 1:??
English newspaper China Daily dated 20 China (electronic version) reported that Korean people for "dog food" philosophy.

International Student Class of Seoul National University, it was when female teachers is a description of the "meat".
Australian students curious has to mouth the word "dog meat" in Korean.
I Sawagidashi where female teachers have tried to shed light, international students that the other, whether the meaning what.
This international students to explain in English, the voice of surprise immediately. Foreign students in Finland and the United States have been stunned with one's mouth open.

Teacher asked "country eat dog meat?" And Chinese students had given him a hand sheepishly.
It seems I thought the teacher and eat some people in the country of Mongolia close to China. To Mongolian students
I called out "you guys also?'ll Eat," but, she in a loud voice
I returns "that we eat do not eat! dog meat is the same as eating the flesh of friends" with.

Teacher smiled look like trouble. And, in a small voice
Explained, "It is our" uncle "to eat dog meat in South Korea. Married at the age of 40 before and after, I got to the knob of liquor" he said.

Image on drinking while eating dog meat, sing a song that's life in a traditional style of the Korean nation is strong.
But, do not be seeing a dog meat restaurant where conspicuous Seoul recently.
Held World Cup and Olympic Games (W Cup) is drove from the main street a dog meat restaurant.

Recently, do not eat dog meat that has become a status in Korea. (Edit translated Azusawa Noriko)


Quote: Original, [Korean] "to the dog food is uncle to the knob of liquor" dog food philosophy, and do not eat dog meat in recent status [08/20]

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:25:04.10 ID:: 42 FKUzTf0 /
>> Ra or-1's
Ninen Ju over that way of thinking does matter pros and cons of dog food, but not eat Koreans from becoming status is shifted ('・ ω ・ `)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 10:23:02.28 ID:: 75 zCp5lZ2V
1 >>
Female teacher, convenient just because worsens, Do not be teaching lie

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:30:35.48 ID:: 9 5Wr8Go1z
Koreans Nida, which is a whole bunch rejected if you are going to Makikomo students Mongolia

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:30:47.34 ID:: 10 HwmPcbh +
Koreans w I I wish to Irya by imposing more

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:34:26.83 ID:: 17 O31ekl8k
It will not matter Koreans also eat the dog separately,
It is given that they have the culture of the country.
Koreans from hides it in reverse, and wonder become funny.
Koreans do not understand even the Seoul National University culture is what is,
South Korea's ignorant people www nation under Korea really

(-_-) ◆ sIESzI2jc2 2013/08/20 (Tue) vinegared 23:36:06.98 ID:: 18 EV6Eh8va

The left bury their own culture doing this, Koreans after a complete loss after a while
You screaming out to have been stolen was robbed.

(Fire) 717 ◆ IPIjV/Dn8Y 2013/08/20 23:36:46.53 ID:: 20 t + EfxImR
Koreans must've Toritsukuro~tsu because it is white like before but excuse not pinching, it w copper to Koreans have denied though it is one of the few traditional culture

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:39:43.32 ID:: 23 GmTzsauY
I wonder if you pretend What Korean Nde not eat
In the habit of eating even whale, Koreans want Ya said Gonyogonyo to such as came into the network without permission

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:44:36.89 ID:: 27 DVUJ + nJH
×: recently, do not eat dog meat that has become a status in Korea.
○: Recently, it has become a status to eat dog meat in the shadows in Korea.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:46:10.74 ID:: 28 sUVCtVdO
The dog was said in Jean iron pan to be really delicious to say incense meat.

But Do not heard dog meat pot of Korea, also has not been managed as a meat hygiene properly.
Such as the same as the raw beef meat once

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 23:57:02.23 ID:: 34 DVUJ + nJH
Kimchi also Na'm not decent food and you think calmly Well
Nan willl 's punishment game.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:05:43.39 ID:: 35 B98rezIx
Na I have had this before Tonsurusure
Koreans will even Ne F dog eating something when compared to the real shit sake

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:05:59.83 ID:: 36 nERYEn7S
~ Or I think some edible dog ranch in South Korea!
No future in South Korea to forge history!

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:13:00.03 ID:: 37 a + U5eam5
Something about Koreans saying is responsible for their own war nor does the experience,
Dog piles Tteka It does not matter in not exactly the generation of me?
Koreans w Na's kimchi brain it is convenient lot

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 00:35:06.18 ID:: 43 mTy7tJZM
Koreans now fact of shit-eating has become clear,
I wish even if the dog eating negative at this late hour

51: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 (Wed) 01:33:56.31 ID :/ HGEpMgj
What animal rights group, do not I do not understand only the country of gold.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 03:26:38.49 ID:: 53 8T9QZLcO
I said not to nitpicking to eating dog meat. It 's too culture.
However, Koreans gradually over many hours to leave out fear of dogs could be made delicious
That 's just too cruel or beaten up, or increase to let the bleeding by hitting it with a stick.
It's absolutely useless.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 04:13:23.39 ID:: 55 kSoHVKNf
Status do not eat (laughs)
This means that from being eaten by the general public about it
It is a translation tries to find a value in the "do not eat" Korean (laughs)

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 04:46:32.59 ID:: 60 lUU9taV4
I wish to fly Tch What status do not like eating something, Koreans seriously.

Koreans will say, should I Eat imposing Tara delicious in dog separately. Newcomer in Europe, but I try to face what. The eyes of around This is how
Koreans It looks there have been self-defeating consciously in excess. Well culture I do not grow in Korea.

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 09:23:39.61 ID:: 64 mx + sBr0T
The freedom of individual eats dog meat nor innocent, Koreans, I wish I do it please explain to international students with pride if ethnic cultures.

But legal in Korea, dog from a very have not been included in the meat animal. Koreans w I do not know what to do if Hokore In this

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 09:51:46.07 ID:: 71 a6Mk10sW
> Explained, "It is our" uncle "to eat dog meat in South Korea. Married at the age of 40 before and after, I got to the knob of liquor" he said.

Koreans in other words is the food of the common people are familiar! W is to be Speaking
W it given that they have eating Mont popular The point

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 10:15:55.99 ID:: 74 ipr2d + hW
It would be dog separately, but will say, do I Eat to love, then I'm not going to complain about the food culture of the country Korean
But incident graze pet person's happening fairly frequently I wish not good

Is this to say truly and Koreans

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 10:36:46.21 ID:: 78 1WXadu + k
I think it's pretty Getemono eating What Japan but I did not eat the dog and wonder it is little wonder
I wonder did you or eat before the decree of mercy Tsunayoshi

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 10:38:15.32 ID:: 79 D1vDPKdc
78 >>
I was eating normally

(Water) <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/08/21 12:17:09.49 ID:: 82 I5klJAbB
There is also a factory farming of edible dog Shi some dog meat restaurant anywhere in the region regardless of place in China

It will say, usually
ラベル:dog meat
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[Korean] Happiness level of company employee 55 out of 100 [08/20]

Korean is happy ethnic

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/08/20 (Tue) 17:23:11.86 ID that came back: 1:??
Samsung Economic Research Institute in Seoul [Yonhap News] Korea private think tank which was issued on the 20th
According to the "Research Report on the well-being of office workers",
Happiness level of company employee was estimated to be 55 point average in the 100-point scale.

The institute corporate life meaningful factor of the business, such as relationships with co-workers or boss to target in April, 849 people company employee,
I investigated online for a total of 16 items of daily life factors such as family relationships and economic conditions.

20s is the lowest in 48 points, 53 points 30-39, 56 points 40-49, 50-55 years old and 61 points in the age group,
Happiness levels rose with age is up.

happiness level office workers feel the General of life while it was 64-point average in the 100-point scale,
Happiness level you feel in the corporate life was low relative to the 55 point.


Quoted source: in happiness level of 100 points, [Korean] company employee 55 points [08/20]

Tuesday, 12 anniversary smartphone ◆ SvOijYnhmI 2013/08/20 Hiro Tan 17:26:01.63 ID:: 2 1A + nIrYV
Still, Koreans w Na or happy
Korea Jin De ww example or from now on enjoy

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:28:15.65 ID:: 3 ei6fRXry
I heard the people of Employed to Samsung this.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:30:20.67 ID:: 5 Byg / HsYG
Indeed, this ape Hitomodoki to seek only money and status.
I've got to rape and arson Te Shiko~tsu Koreans' s not happy.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:30:47.67 ID:: 6 zUsF05Sz
I wonder to what extent the fall to come to South Korea Jin.

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:34:52.74 ID:: 8 Z3GjmvII
Korean I do I import from other countries well-being resources

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:48:02.66 ID:: 10 ay2miveQ
South Korea w Na okay still
Koreans want to do my best to thrive on anti-Japanese

I'll do my best Japan aims severance of diplomatic relations!

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:52:26.22 ID:: 12 fEKspUQT
Well I so, Koreans most guy known only to a narrow peninsula
Who was enemy, the peninsula is the safe outside and then South Korea good country
Koreans wonder's being taught this way

Person of ignorance is that happiness, than the know-it-all is true

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:59:08.75 ID:: 14 wr5evB2k
You do not mean to be happy in a society that has been hardened and filled with lies

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:59:28.87 ID:: 15 92XGXOht
I Ohakune
Is you still Korean people in the vinegared
Some, but has caused demo
Korean is a minority of "the ~ surprised women"
Park Ohakune and w em pounding the vinegared without care

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:17:14.63 ID:: 17 tggYPeZJ
Korean is 100 point level of happiness in the day of the rape

(Tue) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/08/20 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 19:13:40.25 ID:: 18 MG0K/p5d
Korean It is the state Haven arson
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Korean reporter "I had the Japanese government data shows evidence of forced recruitment of comfort women" However, article the wrong Korean press Facts The "I reaffirmed the record that the death penalty in Japan soldiers forced"

Koreans do not know the facts

Korean reporter
"I had the Japanese government data shows evidence of forced recruitment of comfort women"
However, article the wrong Korean press
The "I reaffirmed the record that the death penalty in Japan soldiers forced"

1: ass slip φ ★ 2013/06/24 (Mon) 11:04:32.00 0
The Japanese government, have argued that there is no direct evidence to visiting the comfort women issue of the Imperial Japanese Army, to prove the forced mobilization, but it was found that he had kept the article in the International Military Tribunal in this regard.

According to the place where Japanese Communist Party has announced the 23rd, and said, "Japanese government is keep a record" and "Batavia drumhead court-martial" in answer to the question of Akamine government Ken Member of the House of Representatives of the party is the Japanese government that. The material is that after you get to at that time in 1993, the Japanese government has announced apologized observed for forced recruitment of comfort women the "Kono discourse", was investigated, and and was kept until now.

1944 Japanese troops, from camp three locations that were in such as Java Semarang Indonesia (then Dutch), record of Batavia special court martial, forcibly hauled to comfort station a Dutch woman of 24 people at least In order to carry out the referee was a prostitution, for the so-called "white horse case", it's record of court-martial was held in Batavia in Indonesia after the war. The military court at the time in 1948, guilty of four civilian employees and seven Japanese military officers were found, death sentences fell for one person. It was concluded that "the Japanese military forces taken to brothels the Dutch women were forced into prostitution due to intimidation," said the trial at the time.

Japanese government has claimed that while being kept related materials, during the plea of ​​the National Assembly, document showing the direct enforcement authorities mobilized the military and the "not so far. Akamine Senator claimed that "I have continued to answer the wrong Japanese government had kept the relevant records, but in 2007 after the First Abe regime, that there is no Related Documentation" section. On the other hand, to conduct an investigation about the incident by the former Japanese army forced mobilization as comfort women the Dutch women in Indonesia, the Dutch government has also published a report in January 1994. A survey at the time, it is estimated 65 people were forcibly taken to the comfort station.

Tokyo-car science Mine (Cha Hakupon) correspondent

Chosun Ilbo / Chosun Ilbo Japanese version

The 4: Save up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 11:13:56.39 0
It is illegal in the judiciary at the time

I'm a country to be given heavy punishment in the one person that the death penalty

There was no evidence, such as forced recruitment of comfort women this

The 9: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 11:19:36.85 0
Would not be helped mortifying evidence of forced recruitment of comfort women of South Koreans are not out.

The 10: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 11:22:03.12 0
I do not know what Korea and whether there is a possibility relationship
"I should have been Nida also peddling because there was such a thing is!"
You want to say right?
There 's
It Is Ne's death sentence in the military court if the country to do that

The 14: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 11:31:09.87 0
It, probably Indonesia.
Indonesia with the BC class trial
Civilian personnel reduction or ze was involved Nikki is the death penalty.

In, of the problem, Korea but what.

The 15: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 11:36:51.61 0
It is unrelated And I also sought to Kojitsukeyo force that a judgment has already been
that Japan was Yarakashi was judged firm immediately after the war

To try to favor Korea to perpetrate the unreasonable demands of the territory and gold
Began to various fabricated from getting after problem around Korea

The 19: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 12:10:15.42 0

Japanese troops at the time of → that is placed on a helicopter but I do not have.
Japan army → those days kicked in boots but does not employ.
Since no such thing as Christmas in Japan it was hard to busy at the time of → Christmas holidays. I do not even use the word Christmas.

What is here, confirm.

Between 1990 to 1945, and that of comfort women was organized by the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) and ROK forces.
During the Korean War, in addition to the captive female guerrilla women and soldiers of North Korea, or is judged to be co-workers of North Korea and China side, by taking forced the Korean military, Korean women who delay escape is, to comfort women was.

Also referred to as "special comfort Corps" in Korea army, from operations to incorporate the mobile comfort women system or fixed.
(It is backed by Human Resources and Administration is the official record of Korea Army Headquarters was compiled in 1956 of "backward history of warfare", by the testimony of witnesses)

The 20: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 12:14:15.66 i
It also denied hiding especially She would not Hakuba incident

- 22: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 12:20:14.27 0
Again and again, even in the already refuted in a whole different story and forced taking of Korean prostitutes
I because I seriously opponent is broken at some point if Chirase yelling the same thing as many times as mad
Korea Hitomodoki

The 24: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 12:27:20.50 O
Meaning you do not know
When you say easy to understand What it
The judge has to arrest the murderer, "Japan
Japan is a nation murder "
It will mon such as those you say
I will do the impossible's me trying to understand the idea of ​​a madman

The 28: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 13:27:16.18 0
You mean you punish criminals who coercion, will What does it can not force something taken away.
It 's too fell to talk

The 31: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 15:27:19.20 0
Na though, that you have taken as Japan forced the Korean nation
During the Korean War, South Korea was the comfort women to force the Koreans w Do not but it is true

The 39: Save Up! 's oleoresin me, (month) can not be after I'm nameless 20:12:04.17 0
It solicits people seeking individual compensation in the "Act on the day-to-private right to claim compensation" in 1974 in Korea in passing, but comfort women do not come forward at all when the
I mean, wwww 1982 年 Seiji Yoshida is the author's published a "war crime" My, because the 1990 fire "comfort women were abducted" or is is Telling

It's my oleoresin, (fire) and can not be after I'm nameless 15:58:50.90 ID:: 42!!! D2rUVpPc0!
Do not ridiculous I'm serious.

Semarang incident representative example of the so-called "good participation".

Officials have been disposed of comfort stations will be closed by the authorities that problem.

Bakasayoku is not discern the "deviation of the end" and "policy" often,
It is despicable if intentional, and lack of intelligence if unintentional.
ラベル:comfort women
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