Tiananmen near the car burst into flames Toll restraint five suspects [10 /30 ]

Chinese have a news blackout

[ China ]

1 :壊龍φ ★ 2013/10/30 ( Wed ) 20:25:11.84 ID:???
In case the car was up in flames and the thrust on the sidewalk near the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China , China Central Television of state-owned ,
I told five suspects had been detained as already has been involved in the incident in addition to the three people who died in the car .
The five people were detained , both are seen to be a Uighur from the name .
China Central Television has to have been constrained to about 10 hours after the incident about the suspect of these took place on the 28th .
The investigating authorities , graduates of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was involved in the incident In addition to the three people who died in the car in this case
I was increasingly the view that there is doubt .

33 minutes 19:30 October 2013 : NHK News

Combat Organization
[ China ] Twitter edition " TV Asahi whether the empire ... resentment bone marrow treatment of evil without denunciation of terrorism ," " necessary corrective " Tiananmen incident rush , the coverage of Japan dissatisfaction [10 /30 ]
One o'clock after another Delete restraint net also posted [10 / 29] reporters and BBC AFP that was covering [ China ] Chinese authorities , the Tiananmen incident inrush
Screen of NHK news broadcast [ China ] rush Tiananmen incident pitch black , or regulatory agencies [10 / 29]

Quoted source : toll restraint five people, [ China ] Tiananmen car burst into flames near the suspect [10 /30 ]

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 21:25:25.91 ID:: 31 55A4JnC +
1 >>
Kill because it is the same as the ethnic protest suicide : Shina Communist Party !

Such as the flow of

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:31:36.60 ID:: 3 KGwoCclw
Chinese 's stupid .
If Tose just a traffic accident , the Chinese what you did not in turmoil .

Or , Shina people wonder if I wanted to make a pretext of something .

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:31:51.80 ID:: 5 s8XDKJxb
Indeed , " criminal " is a translation I was caught

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:32:39.56 ID:: 6 UNu8JZ2y
Criminal chosen at random

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:33:23.06 ID:: 7 4MNYBCHt
Chinese from a very simply Uighur crackdown on the plea that this

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:35:58.14 ID:: 10 6Ae76 + / H
First you need to have governance Japan split the Shina
Tibet should be completely disconnected from the Shina

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:37:08.23 ID:: 14 xyRPMLWd
The only introductory chapter of the book counterattack by minority

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:39:28.74 ID:: 15 Jyw0OvfU
The Chinese now have a criminal

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:40:59.87 ID:: 17 XSpltK + j
We can not degassed with the Chinese anti-Japanese
The wonder do in Uighur
Japanese government White China siege over pressure the United Nations

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:43:04.26 ID:: 19 o9ekfJ6 +
Masugomi of Japan
" Incident resolved, you can travel with confidence in China "
"In the future China coverage and contract will be subject the way employees " www

22 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 (Wed ) 20:53:31.78 ID :/ iq/S87A
Air of Beijing worried about it than

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 20:59:57.90 ID:: 23 IsWsSrnB
Criminal be dead
'S who

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 21:00:55.15 ID:: 24 Pg + QUBgu
23 >>
W Na 's fake

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 21:06:01.52 ID:: 25 xmLgSj4O
Possible cases

Just an accident actually @. Communist Party , made ​​up terrorism as Uighur chance of oppression .
As announced A Communist Party , and terrorism by Uighur really .
In Han , B perpetrators thing only a little bit better than the petition - riot that occurred frequently , but since a large problem in the incident in Tiananmen Square is the center of politics , and trumped-up terrorism Uighur .

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 21:23:46.98 ID:: 29 pONv9jDl
Uighur is Hey I come out well plonk convenience Chinese

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 21:25:10.20 ID:: 30 bqFO7Yas
Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cry of the heart from the Uighur Tibetan Na hear me to sanction China

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 22:45:21.83 ID:: 32 BBaKR/1s
Chinese wonder that over the Uighurs a frame-up .
Actually have or had suicide bombing of Han Chinese were deprived of their land . W

( Water ) <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/30 23:02:16.63 ID:: 34 b7HWtZxT
With removal are not barely examined , Chinese Hojiro and assertive and Uighurs
Chinese state what they say In that white as you say their with or restrain the press , such as BBC

36 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/31 (Thu ) 02:19:38.53 ID: CJDcTDi3
That said China such spree authoritarian imposition matter how artistically authorities too good .

There was strange from the beginning , but this is terrorism itself Ja I own kno ?
Then it is only to be no power in the car bomb .
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" Whatever the clear election intervention " " The Park Geun Shimono " " Election invalid" Light of the candle of 10 005 thousand gathered in Seoul Station ) [10 / 28 ]

Pakukune 's incompetence
Korean chose Pakukune 's incompetence

[Korean presidential election ]

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/10/28 ( Mon ) 23:22:08.68 ID that came back : 1 : ? ?
Candles that were lit by denouncing the presidential election intervention of the National Intelligence Service
I is expanding in anger ' overall presidential election intervention of state institutions ' .

7:00 pm on the 26th , at the Seoul Station Plaza
' National Intelligence Service and the political maneuvering presidential election intervention truth civil society situation Council for reduction or hiding suspicion examen ' ( situation conference )
But I set a candle 15,000 people gathered in the 17th Pan- national candle culture festival was organized .
People more than 10 000 people followed last week a translation gathered among the autumnal chill temperatures dropped significantly .
Police estimated 2,500 people to rally the number of participants .

I watched the meeting over 200 citizens who could not enter the venue to upstage that is prepared to square this day gathering .
Voice was initially denounced the election illegal intervention of the National Intelligence Council , in the context of intervention other organizations such as the military become apparent after another
I expanded to cry that it must reveal the fraud overall . Army Cyber ​​Command including the National Intelligence Service ,
(Currently , safety administrative unit ) to the National Veterans processing , Public Administration and Security section in front of the presidential election last year
And due to the fact that to believe that a manipulation of public opinion to force someone in '従北' the opposition was filed one after another .

Was rolling role : ( under Warrant Officer , on the boss Yakuchu ) under fighters with military service as a soldier in '33
( 67 , Gyeonggi Province , Yeoju ( Yoju ) city) Shin Jae said if you look at the military service disciplines which I made with " Presidential Decree ,
Army even though it has already been that it is unable to intervene in politics , it can not be said to be a military to not keep it too .
He added that instead of the ( manipulation of public opinion ) Comments if soldier who love country really , and " Is not it natural that what came out here today .

You can wear a coat and scarf gloves , thick in the meeting of this day ,
Figure of citizens came out in preparation for the cold beforehand and prepare a hot pack there were many .
Citizens ' National Intelligence Service full reform ' election intervention to the Ministry of National Defense is not enough in the National Intelligence Service ' ,
It has a hand notice board ' illegal winning Park Geun ( Park Ohakune ) Shimono ' etc. ,
I strengthened the voice to criticize the silence Park Geun ( Park Ohakune ) and government manipulation of public opinion by the state agency .

Cho Unfa who participated in the candlelight vigil Gyeonggi Ilsan from ( Ilsan ) along with the daughter of middle school students ( 46 , female), Mr.
Unacceptable to the external pressure is applied to the "When Yoon Sogyoru special investigation team leader to lead the investigation .
In addition, I feel the anger that has continued to silence Park Geun President consistently . Even a small group how much ,
It 's what a leader is responsible problem is if you Namazure , but if you consistently pretended not know even if I set a candle people came out like this ,
I spoke with " what does not mean that does not qualify as a leader .

Solidarity for Participatory Lee Tae-ho Director-General "If the government has intervened in the election in an organized manner in the budget of the people going up to the stage ,
While the reference " the Constitution was defined by common sense unfair election , the election is that it is election fraud
Watergate scandal of " the United States as to expand the issue of President Nixon from the problem of Nixon re-election committee of the original ,
I spoke National Intelligence Service problem and " has expanded to issue Park Geun ( Park Ohakune ) president himself now .

Activists Kim Jiyun even up to the stage ' ( all together ) worker solidarity Ta Hamuke '
It is referred to as more ' National Intelligence Service gate ' "This incident is no longer .
Is an ' overall election fraud gate ' Are you sure should not be referred to as ' ( Park Ohakune ) Gate Park Geun ' .
That all state institutions and military rise all together in Park Geun ( Park Ohakune ) president made ​​, that committed the fraud and corruption but has become clear to Mantenka ,
He added the government and " are crackdown the resistance of workers appointed public security prosecutor to National Intelligence Service investigation team leader is trying to hide cover managed to incident , has become an obstacle to the progress of their own .

The candle cultural festival of this day , the KCTU union members and civil society organizations denounce the labor and repression pledge discarded Park Geun ( Park Ohakune ) government also participated .
KCTU opened the tournament decided to denounce the repression of the labor government in the same place prior to this .
KCTU trade union now " all civil servants 'union , and the teachers' union is entirely obliterated the competition ,
Savage will not end here if you do not unite .
I have declared the current government to push the maintenance of society in general and neo-liberal policy and " will face the opposite of offensive people .

Kim Hyoshiru , Lee Jae Wook reporter

Citizens who participated 10.26 candlelight vigil the night of 26 , was held at the Seoul Station Plaza in the " National Intelligence Service election pledge intervention , destruction and labor repression denounced pan- national convention candle "
I'm listening to the speech that requires an apology Park Geun ( Park Ohakune ) President . Lee Woo senior reporter

32 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:47:10.58 ID: gF9P4dqq
1 >>
> KCTU union members and civil society organizations

Demonstration is to ~U ... infighting Dano like, but left-handed and w

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:36:14.91 ID:: 72 skEHETOG
1 >>
Pakukune the www is that you just do not like this anti-Japanese because not enough

2 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:23:02.44 ID: B + snjhK /
Anti-Japanese remarks Dozo like crazy Squiggle

3 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:23:26.90 ID: 5MeEbiBx
Pakukune and w Na 's turn of the tank

5 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:24:27.05 ID: Eja0W8MI
Korean I wonder a country that will go in ruined himself
Koreans can not be ruled by themselves Korean
Korea Innovation Na wonder a tributary million years

6 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:24:44.39 ID: 5pEH3i16
Over yet Korea version Tiananmen Square incident

7 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:25:50.79 ID: iFg7TAB1
Pakune I 'm not to sacrifice the predecessor ?
Yaro Why ?
Even though annual event ...

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:07:40.70 ID:: 54 kStjZKyA
7 >>
Perhaps slow timing , but Pakukune public opinion in making

The 49 trillion won injection without MB Builders and government business economy study
38 ' Bridge of rattle ' ... but invested 38.2 billion

8 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:26:02.69 ID: bhya9wMx
W formal beauty of South Korea President

Just a different place and usually , the Pakukune is supposed to use the anti-Japanese card for impeachment avoidance
Pakukune from a very place where it had cut its card already . There is also a heritage of Akihiro but w

11 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:27:16.58 ID: hRQFqNWr
Candle system What was North Korea sympathizers .

12 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:28:05.33 ID: nQQbkSvv
Chief what are you doing
Pakukune you would when you use Now is feats that I inherited from his father , the armed suppression

15 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:30:23.99 ID: 199dlMpZ
I wonder though interesting Once the Democratic administration in Korea at this time now

Park Ohakune President interesting for sure! Too fun !
But sub-junior champion Apartments is 'll declined more in the Democratic Party of Korea !

20 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:36:12.74 ID: T3zSz4rX
Pakukune end already? Pakukune short w Na was political life
By the way, What was What is the inaugural achievement in Ohakune ?

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:31:10.98 ID:: 81 AY/x8y4N
20 >>
Debt relief of the people looking at . → Kunenomikusu .

21 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:36:24.62 ID: AXXyRC11
The www too late wonder who is nothing to do in view of the current situation

28 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:41:56.12 ID: 7HEML + + E
Do not would have been assassinated and not anti-Japanese speaking more and more Kunekune
Unpleasant feelings of Korea Japan has accelerated at a stretch thanks to Kunekune
If you do have my luck is still on Kunekune

29 : horse-load horse-load horse-load 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:43:03.62 ID: Oj238EtG
The administration is Pakukune end state, it is ww followed four years in the future

Pakukune and w will not have means to the anti-Japanese , can only turn out the public discontent

37 : <丶`∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (` c ' )' s 2013/10/28 (Mon ) 23:53:06.09 ID: r05vJEy /
Do not cut 50% soon
What lived Leonardo 's

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:08:28.34 ID:: 45 bFoIz80n
We're Gonna come out still .
Pakukune Maybe you are concocted a fraudulent election .

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 01:07:24.85 ID:: 53 G68NSGsJ
Korean 'm angry why ?

When it was work of Barre Samson , Koreans Jan Hol What was even advanced information warfare guys

Koreans lobbying abroad also other then a proud ,
If you think rampant referee acquisition of sport that takes place from the middle school as well , whether article or blame , Koreans were to me even formal manifestation of the spirit that does not succumb Yara passion to win Koreans

Korean 'm angry and only this time why ?

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 03:51:13.95 ID:: 59 GIENdF9z
Do not tease the Kune -chan!

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:37:51.42 ID:: 93 LMemvEAI
59 >>
Violently agree

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:05:26.87 ID:: 63 x/NcO4Sx
Korean government to push the envelope in the Korean national policy and national expenditure .

Underclass and information weak layer is fitted to the Korean primarily in each country .

I have a favor and interest in Korean and South Korea temporarily .

Or checked on the net for Korean and South Korea ,
You can learn the Hangul , or the Korean travel ,
I or you can exchange or contact with the Korean .

The " The country to become a hate know about knowing , it is South Korea "

Parent Kanha is through intellectual Kanha in each country over time
It becomes unpleasant Kanha , disagreeable Korea will increase steadily .

\ The whole world goes in isolation from Korea (^ o ^) /

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:53:38.99 ID:: 77 vBcJYeM6
Na there is no way that is left only to Japan severance of diplomatic relations no longer Pakukune

Pakukune I go up approval rating in Japan After me doing

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 09:11:52.93 ID:: 79 BH74iZ0m
Next I Could dispatched election observers from the United Nations Korean .
Koreans wonder to run for the next election and World President .
Numbering cares just to show off the carrier .

(Tue ) <丶`∀ '> 2013/10/29 (` c ') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 21:30:35.87 ID:: 91 0vx8X4Zs
Then there was also eavesdropping problem Pakukune
Pakukune dare approaching the alliance released severance of diplomatic relations and the United States to Japan soon as the last trump card
It is agreed and against the will
Pakukune I wonder nuclear shame Tsu red in Nakitsui Comunidad me to stop after all the control rights issue like
ラベル:Park Geun
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Without having to overcome the Korea-Japan conflict in Japan and South Korea summit Cause because Japan has lost afford in the development of China-Korea [10/24]

Koreans only to blame others
Koreans do not reflect

[JoongAng Ilbo]

Work Konakatta original voice actor φ ★ 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:02:29.77 ID that came back: 1:??
A quarter of a century "end of history" is enjoyed in the termination of the Cold War. Expected that it would spread to the global trend was not a few.
But, now in Northeast Asia is far from the end of history is "resume".

History of Northeast Asia in the Cold War period virtually had been "stop". History of the Northeast Asia that has been shut down, it seemed, I found a clue of "end" in the Cold War.
If you think that the future Korea-Japan partnership is proposed, in Korea-Japan summit is whether regular basis,
This is because the movement, such as the Northeast Asian Community has been quickening. But, it even for a moment. History has begun again in Northeast Asia by the drift to the right and Japan emerged in China.

Korea-Japan relationship is also teetering on the wave of this history now. This is because of the revisionist movement of Japan's past history.
Was not without historical issues even during the Cold War. However, conflict has been or is stitched in the security dimension at this time.
And was to some extent in Japan willingness to co-exist, bypassing the history.
It was a margin of developed countries Japan the preceding modernization and consciousness of Atonement vague to colonial rule and aggression war as pointed out by scholars in Japan.

But, to expect that it has so from Japanese politicians postwar generation, including Shinzo Abe it has become difficult.
This is because Japan was wiped afford "provided" of modernization in the development of South Korea and China memories of the war are weathering.
Japan's enjoyed (疾視) bashing of Western Europe in the economic success even for a moment.
Is snorting in Japan that has become a (annihilation) nothing or Missing (disappearance) emerged in China is passing (disrespect) in economic malaise,
That we're made to appear as a powerful political flow nationalism that drift to the right.

Under these circumstances, the United States has approved the right of collective self-defense of Japan. It is a message to the main security partner in Japan.
It's looking that South Korea is alienated from the United States that must be the traffic police role in the Korea-Japan conflict.
"I gave indulgence to Japan in the delicate situation that history recognition problem is to issue" Abe's Cabinet as the story of South Korean government officials
The purpose is to become a thing. The problem is foreign and security impact. Korea between China and Japan-US alliance as pointed out in the media
The purpose is to could be relegated to the "crossroads of selection". It may become a "circumstances of the sandwich in the foreign and security Following the economy".

Japanese movement close to "despair" in the eyes of South Korea. This is because the feature "really amazing" of Japanese politics that move the other extreme from one extreme.
Nakane Chie University of Tokyo professor emeritus of prominent former social anthropologist has throws a fit. Japan is sometimes referred to as "vertical society has no moral mission".
And said it is dangerous to go out case for the international stage. Thought Kissinger was also similar.
I spoke in a meeting with Zhou Enlai in October 1972. "China has a universal point of view, but sensitivity to others is not a narrow-minded keen in Japan" he said.

By the way, I feel that this "sensitive non-sensitive" is flowing extremely in Japan now. Japanese scholars of some acquaintance concerned about this has been conveyed the views of the own detour basis.
It's that you know the reason why the Japanese people are feeling the complex to the U.S.. I said it's not because of military power and economic strength of the United States.
It's a thing called for the restoring force of the American society, which has been successfully recovered from the situation of extremes slavery and the Statue of Liberty to coexist.
But thing that there is no such a restoring force in Japanese society unfortunately.

Park Geun (Park Ohakune) President has emphasized that it is the most important action and understanding of history in Japan to solve the "paradox of Asia".
I have been in direct opposition of what Japan is whether the problem for this. I put the nasty history or recognized as not different from country to country.
It is expanded reproduction of Korea "Japan fatigue syndrome", the Japanese "Korea fatigue syndrome" is Ri is engaged for this purpose.

However, recognition of the seriousness of this problem does not appear so strong on either side of the leadership of the Korea-Japan now.
You are without decent can also interact to solve problems. It is in these reports, working class "Korea-Japan diplomatic dialogue line" would be restored.
Would be welcome, but the problem is not of the nature to be resolved in practical dimension never. This is because it is a political problem that only summit put out things solution at least.

Korea-Japan summit must be a dialogue realistic lower the strong words now. In reality that is important relations with China is a close
I look back to the suture of the security dimension, such as in the past also not easy. Do not miss the timing for that.
I can say now that the two leaders are getting high support and proper time. If you miss the timing of this proper time, and to control the nationalist public opinion in both countries it may be difficult.

Zhang our weight (Chang Darujun) Seoul National University professor emeritus, political science diplomacy


Quoted source: do not have to overcome the conflict in Korea-Japan-[JoongAng Ilbo] Korea-Japan summit meeting because Japan has lost afford in the development of China and South Korea - due to [10/24]

7: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:06:06.31 ID: GKyuNt01
1 >>
('・ Ω ・ `)
No, because I was beyond the line that South Korea must not exceed.

8: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:06:27.97 ID: + pO5IbS0
1 >>
It'll be a long-lost 1000
Woman chief of your house because I said so

20: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:10:05.21 ID: 8on0RdtG
1 >>
Not deserve history clouds to Korean guys have forgotten even the Korean War we are said
Koreans worked hard as a vassal state of China at best

49: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:22:07.09 ID: 4vsY3R9w
1 >>
And I have not read it 's long for the time being
I think my head is funny Korean

68: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:33:01.36 ID: XHwi2UAf
1 >>
Korean I do also be willing to speak 's situation you are saying such a thing Moaning
Koreans but would be nice if the economic collapse on its own. Bakachon I myself Omoishire that Koreans' s not get admitted to the neighboring countries

73: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:34:20.38 ID: VoRYD + kk
1 >>
Anti-Japanese Korean people, day Anado, Vu~oke I blame you guys 卑日

76: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:36:36.10 ID: u0hMG3ev
1 >>
The fall from grace if the harassment.
It's that simple.

83: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 19:38:55.08 ID: fM5UGQOl
1 >>
Koreans also w do you have to say unemployed by the deed of human
The bitch Do not be talking 999 years after w will not at a later 1000 yet.

132: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 20:01:36.10 ID: okHWKDqb
1 >>
Korea perish then it is ignored and in Japan
Korean Once you have perished, "what you asked for," "destruction in the silly decision of their own" forever
Carved in human history and, without a thing to pity, it will be the object lesson.

12 anniversary @ home PC ◆ HIRO / m.jqg 2013/10/24 Hiro Tan (Thu) 20:02:44.84 ID:: 134 KkcmUoqR
132 >>
Also, Koreans at best
Will not have a good example to the summer "and take the piss, what follow what the fate of Japan" of,, www server to Korea

[85.2%] Kyushu Electric Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT] (1 +0:9) kab safety Saki upper lobe @ FREE TIBET ◆ QkQSXfDuoo 2013/10/24 (Thu) 20:05:58.83 ID:: 139! CyC +7 kqW BE :113538233-2BP (3335)
134 >>
Koreans Minohodoshirazu I mean ... ^ ^;

The Korea you out reverse [international] in the Japan-US alliance strengthening "you were, so you Musubo an alliance with China"

151: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 20:11:43.23 ID: 3mUnlTCK
1 >>
Korean's irresponsible to me noticed that it 's because of the stupidity of their own! Japan-US alliance is why
I've got to use contradictory with the alliance?

166: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 20:19:22.55 ID: uF / Et / UA
1 >>
Door of dialogue would have cramped Tsu open.
Koreans say to this woman chief with you there.

180: <丶 `∀ '> (' ・ ω ・`) (`c ')' s 2013/10/24 (Thu) 20:26:11.82 ID: XiTzN0iV
1 >>
Koreans do not know what you're talking about myself

183: 2013/10/24 Takeshima territory of Japan-specific (Thu) 20:29:18.17 ID: FYbW2FoE
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Why, is one of the reasons why Japanese that you have made anti-Korea

The 14th, President Lee Myung-bak on the 14th August 2012 requests a reflection for past events Japanese colonial occupation strength in Japan Akihito king.

This morning, President Lee to participate in the responsible teacher workshops for school violence eradication opened Chungbuk (Chunbuku) Kiyohara in (Chung won) Korea Teachers College,
Sense of "" Tsuseki it as "probably should apologize from the bottom of my heart to go to visit people who died with the independence movement Sun King (emperor) If you want to visit South Korea, '"
I need to come talk If you come armed with one word, such as the "no.
It's the answer to that asked Dokdo (Doctorow) deep emotion visit 10 days attendance who are leaving.
Original: http://www.hani.co.kr/arti/politics/politics_general/547122.html

Remarks of President Lee Myung-bak
Sun King (emperor) if coming to say that one word, such as "deepest regret", does not need to come.
The Come Sun King (emperor) If you want to sincerely kneeling down on the ground in Korea people.
Let someone apologize it rubbed against the ground by stepping foot in the head in the hands and feet tied to the person felony.
Felony person does not even kneeling down on the ground, it's story you have fun if you are just apologize in words.
Such a stupid story fall flat. Then I will not allowed entry.

I'll not forget absolutely remarks Lee Myung-bak said the "apologize by kneeling down on the ground to His Majesty the Emperor!" !

The act of insulting the emperor, do not forget as a Japanese!

Never forgive forever!

Fish print of the first article

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I read to the end to be patient, but their own or that wrong, their own or that poor Koreans Korean
Koreans from a very do not think even speck

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Koreans whether In decide in the tonsil?

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As long as you blame the Japanese, Koreans w Yo insurmountable forever

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 00:14:57.99 ID:: 344 X5ZHiO5A
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> Korea-Japan summit must be a dialogue realistic lower the strong words now.

Why? Korean'll tell you why neat not just conclusion.

>> I do not know at all why do you have to interact even read one. Of Japan and South Korea
It not like each other, there is a writing and doodling (not bad for South Korea) that it is in Japan that cause Koreans
The only reason that requires interaction is not mentioned at all. Only conclusion comes out abruptly Koreans.
It 's stupid to put only this poor piece of writing What is professor emeritus of Korea.

355: <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) (Fri) 00:40:56.25 ID :/ wMFsVY +
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Professor of fool do not know what do I want to ever
Na's tone.
What South Korea's the motivation short?
Japan is determined by the "not to partner China and South Korea".
Things to do in South Korea or compromise with Japan, as before
'm There are only two selected or spurn.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 02:32:50.64 ID:: 367 BYYZqLoV
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How Koreans try to analyze Japan but it's selfish, but it leads to national interests Japan is keep at a distance and Korea.
Japanese government, too've all placed finally noticed that.
Have you ever come to not even six years in the five years Nante Japan-South Korea summit meeting.
Japanese also spend gently that way.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 18:53:27.44 ID:: 407 bWIpjUp3
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It is easy
Koreans should be able to meet Abe If you appeal a "thank you"

2013/10/25 (Fri) Italy 58 ◆ AOfDTU.apk 23:32:54.05 ID:: 410 l5QvKsSZ
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> It's easy
> Abe should be able to meet if you appeal a "thank you"

I'm going to become conditions Korea, and not put the army in future Takeshima waters.
I Yarakashi because those guys.

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:47:52.36 ID:: 419 f1qGY6Dz
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That is not want me to say Nidanida converted to daytime cans Anado the anti-Japanese and Japan have seen is, have seen better days economically Articles >> 1,
Do not have fallen the parties to talk.

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 06:58:31.83 ID:: 384 kn5XpVH8
I do Which of 's Professor of Korea or stupid, or insanity, or insanity a fool

(Friday) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/25 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 17:14:09.68 ID:: 403 s8zbvbrk
Nida you'll got your money Korean <丶 `∀ '> When you apologize

Wwwwwwwww just this always

(Sun) <丶 `∀ '> 2013/10/27 (` c') Mr. ('・ ω ・ `) 08:41:24.77 ID:: 418 wDCbS4HM
If you're economic development as Japan is upset, there not a problem anymore.
Koreans will say, I have Irya Chichikuri each other in Korea.
Nor does not cut-such to get along just because it is next to,
Nor to have to discuss.
"Nothing" South Korea and Japan Well, because of that reason not in trouble, is straight, this should Ja peace?
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