Sexual offenses of teachers from 168 cases in five years ... To high school from kindergarten [11/06]

Koreans beast


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○ over five years to high school from kindergarten ... 168 sex crimes of teachers et al = Korea

Kim Hyonsuku members of the ruling party Senuri belonging to the Korea National Assembly female family Committee on the 6th,
The "sex-related fraud disciplinary current state of the five-year" materials submitted from the Office of Education of the local governments
Result of the analysis, the sex crimes special school teachers and primary and secondary school, the Kindergarten caused,
It was found that the amounts to 168. South Korea more than one media reported.

According to the announcement, occurred 34 each 2009-10, but the '11 is 39, '12 is
It was on the rise and 46. Looking at another school, crime by elementary school teachers and 60 of the
However many, 56 is middle school teacher, high school fifty teachers, teachers of kindergarten and special schools
It was one each.

In another type of crime, 14 rape, three cases attempted rape, as well as quasi-rape, physical contact
79 is such as sexual harassment, sexual harassment is 29, such as by words, 14 is prostitution, adultery is
25, was that became the 3.

However, dispositions received after the incident was light on the whole. In the case of rape also, 4 is dismissed,
4 is dismissed, and one is pay cuts, there was a disposition to open content with two cases castigation. Physical contact
Also acts such as sexual harassment, three cases dismissal, dismissal is 6, 5 are pay cuts, castigation and 12
Disposal content has not been constant.

Kim said, the worst crime of the teachers that make the sexual harassment and sexual assault against student
Pointed out that while advance cause, are not only received the disposal of warning about the thing to be surprised.
Join women and external to the Office of Education disciplinary committee of "local government, it was in the public eye line
I argued that "should be disciplinary action was certain to be made.

□ Source: searchina

Quoted source: a five-year period from high school to 168 ... kindergarten sex crimes, [Korean] teacher et al. [11/06]

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Na there is 100 times this fact because it is number of reported cases

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Sexual offenses of female teachers and I often ^ ^

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From the cradle to the grave house

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Better than Japanese AV customs pedophile and sex with minors are widespread

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11 >>
Under Korea, and w AV or compensated dating, than sex, I'm a better prefer sexual harassment and rape
W to understand well that it is not a decent country

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Gifted education.

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What www kindergarten

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What from kindergarten
Infants will not it hurt far from it you put dick adult

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19 >>
Size itself is as you know.

Not of 9 centimeters essence of prisoners flow as long as you can rape the corpse, or even hit age without gender, clans of Toa know, is located in Hitomodoki you are wearing it.

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Abnormalities of Koreans overwhelming Nida

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I because the lot green

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That teacher that was in the hallway Shiko~tsu in doubt and anger also what are in the number?

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Rape of the 80's many people, and there is also to gang rape of elementary school students perpetrators Korea,
doctor to lead to rape in hospital the victim hospitalized
The whole country is really funny

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32 >>
When the woman attempted suicide were also found such as indecent assault in ambulance
I thought of where I'm hell

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I because national sport
Rape woman commonplace prostitution man

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Do not be paid from the University of

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15.8 people in Japan Koreans to 5.5 people thugs Japanese number per 100,000 police in '16. To be eliminated were violent Koreans

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[International] Philippines rage ★ 4 as "!'ll Not only national flag of South Korea" Korea published a poster of support thanks

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44 >>
Even Missionary "Ugly Koreans" ~ MBC "PD Notebook" Philippines local reality accusation

Korean pastor sexual assault charges in the Philippines

Have built luxury villa in the Philippines - to the outer prostitution where "prostitution" party [2008/06/05]
http://news.mk.co.kr/newsRead.php?year=2008&no=356934 daily economic newspaper

Philippines: Korean student, a kinky sex, child abandonment of some ~ MBC "PD Notebook" local reality accusation

Philippines: shame international, sex slaves of Korea 5,000 (JoongAng Ilbo)
http://japanese.joins.com/article/article.php?aid=33402&servcode=100 § code = 100

Philippines: Philippines authorities, the country woman "Korean Beware" (JoongAng Ilbo)

South Korea to change by country and interests assistance to South Korea [ratio] affected countries
The catastrophe of a friendly country Philippines indifferent [11/13]

Attacks on Korean successive ratio in [Korean] Philippines ・ ・ ・ ★ 2 [09/02]? "Or, if not a solution"

10 public eye this year Koreans are killed again in [international] Philippines [11/07]

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[Korean] "to secure Seoul realization" 1,000 bike carrier of Seoul, protect the safety of women from sexual crimes at night [11/05]

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How can you get Ninomai of Colle ...
↓ ↓ ↓

[Korean] The rape also received at the pharmacy obtained a high school girl, with the help of "rape victim is raped one after another to the taxi driver and the arcade clerk afterwards (Dong-A Ilbo) 07/03/03

Such as pharmacy employees and taxi drivers who raped a schoolgirl again seeking help to a victim of rape was arrested by the police.

Mid-January, it is said that you can view a movie (25) Lee unnamed person he met in a chat, and millet waiting for Busan city's Song (16 years old, high school two years) is
I went to the place was. Lee took to a nearby hotel's Song to be "seen a movie in love hotel", his gang
Was raped and threatened 's members.

Song's noon of the next day, was worried about the pregnancy, visited the pharmacy near his home to buy I heard from a friend the "post-contraceptive". But pharmacy
It took to the dispensary's Song and "'ll teach you how to use the contraceptive", Park hat employee (28) 's was a rape.

Then, while you look for in a chat partner confide troubles, committed to know Mr. Kim (25 years old, game center employee) and the Song-san.
Believe Kim showed me the kind of figure in the chat several times, Mr. Song confided all the history up to that.

Mr. Sung met with Kim to believe the story at around 4 am on February 10, it'll comfort you have also consult face-to-face. Big Brother Mr. Kim
While drink Mr. Kim recommend, Mr. Song I thought as is, fainted.

Song-san wake up at around 11 am the same day, money and goods of 560,000 won worth of mobile phones and money to was gone after having been raped.

I took a taxi right away to file a police report, but the Song, who feel to have been deceived, the driver who asked me why go to the police station
Mr. Zheng (35), was talking about the situation in tears. Zheng He drove the car in the basement parking lot of the apartment by pretending to comfort, Mr. Song is sleep,
I was raped Sung's.

On the other hand, so-and-so Choi had known from the usual and Song's (24), and know the fact that Mr. Song is sexual harassment to Mr. Park of pharmacy employees,
The threatened Mr. Park to be "delivered to the police", was Odoshito~tsu 200,000 won.

The police interview, Mr. Song said, "all men are like a beast, terrible and comes out out" he said. (Snip)


To say "risk of sexual assault," he said to the woman crying in the [Korean] way in luring the motel sexual assault [09/22]
Daughter gave birth after being raped - at the expense of over two generations [Korean] mother and daughter, from the son of the man who raped rape victim and (Chosun Ilbo) 5/23/10
a ride in the trunk passengers [Korean] taxi driver was sexual assault, killing business (JoongAng Ilbo) 3/31/10
In the "collectivity assault" consciousness of guilt none heinous nature of the crime [South Korea] Korea, 10 times the size of Japan, 2-fold to half of the United States (Chosun Ilbo) 07/04/09
[South Korea] to rape magic Korean society of "heaven of sex offenders" reluctant concession punishment without victims (Chosun Ilbo) 07/06/18
[Korean] "When you cum semen in rape, can not be adultery certification Without sperm" in a two-trial innocence determined (JoongAng Ilbo) 07/07/07
[Korean] In the assault course disabilities successive ruling "not guilty rape to a minor disability, beaten" is (Chosun Ilbo) 04/09/16

That's really country, such joke. . .

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Serious in Southeast Asia [] "hate Korea" Southeast Asia! "Bride forced labor", "bad behavior"

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Over five years to high school from 168 ... kindergarten sex crimes [Korean] teachers and colleagues [11/06] ← (New!!)

The end to attempted without 40's male-erection invade from [Korea] porch, and tried to assault a junior high school girl of probation (Jeonbuk) [11/04]

50s Korean men who tried to assault pushed down of the Korean women in the main street [U.S.] of midday, in the attempted rape suspect arrested [11/01]

[Korean] female captain "If sleeping together one night, I'll make it the easier the military life" - was suicide, it has been desired sexual relationship from his superiors [10/25]

The sexual assault on teenage women [Korean] guest house management, the guests, the next morning again assault [10/25]

A breeding ground of sex crimes, occupy more than half of the crime in the entire 3 1 day on average [South Korea] Seoul Subway [10/20]

Incident to the human flesh Onaho in some take-out home with rape → rose bodies → → kill rape occurred in Korea (10/20)

The rape (10/19) was born with the rape (hey) nephew daughter (with intellectual disabilities)

To arrest the 40's (Xianyang police station) [Korean] "attempted sexual assault in the 80's the old woman threatened with a weapon" - [10/16]

Serious [10/14] The surge to 13 times more sex crimes [Korean] by teens, in 10 years

Four times the number of teachers that have been beaten to [Korean] student, in four years - "School is not disciplinary" female teacher that has been molested in boys [10/14]

Police officer was dismissed, dismissal and rape [Korean] prostitution, or bribe, in three reinstatement one [10/13]

Sexual offenses in the [Korean] railway within doubled in five years, and there are only nine police officers lack of institutional as well [10/10]

Is referred to as a crime [domestic] treatment, arrest and Nakano this manipulative nurses touch lower body undressed women's underwear RiSakae煥 the (Korea cough) - Kitakyushu [10/03]

Man of the 50s was sexually assaulted the 30's man who drunk [Korean] liquor (homeless) [09/30]

Apartment residents who have been raped in order for several years, "sex slaves with cheap apartment" failure women (9/25)

[Korean] - of attempted assault "1 hour wait in the women's toilet of the hospital" (Seoul) [09/16]

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(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶 `∀>' [] Posted Date: 116 name 2013/11/04 (Mon) 23:36:57.38 ID: Qb4G7Y0T
Sexual assault victims - [Korean] under the age of 13 "per day on average three people" [02/21]

1 in Asia] [Korean rape incidence rankings, South Korea! those malicious child to be a target [07/07]

The "there are things that have been sexually assaulted," 50 percent of [Korean] adult women, [04/16]

39.2 of 10 per million population, the number of rape [topic] in Korea more than 40 times what the Japanese

200 000 per year if you include the minute it is not - sued to about 2-fold in 10 years in South Korea: South Korea] of crime? [07/29]

Sex crime situation in South Korea to break pure love image 10 times that of Japan of "Winter Sonata" number of teenage rapists of Gendai] South Korea [05/05]

[Korean] rape, indecent incident, in four years increased by 25 percent [09/07]

"Terrible child" who committed such [Korean] rape, arson, two years more than 600 people [09/03]

Were many times [110] Korea of ​​assault, from official statistics. And for the first time - (including attempted) rape victims nationwide survey 2.2 thousand people in adult women [05/30]

Damage, 80% [Korean] anti-female violence Campaign - women do not report 98 percent of rape victims [05/14]

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(`C ')' s '(・ ω ・`) <丶 `∀>' [] Posted Date: 118 name 2013/11/04 (Mon) 23:37:48.92 ID: Qb4G7Y0T
The daughter of 12-year-old [South Korea] and 21-year-old for several hundred years straitjacket 9 [08/09] a sexual assault ... father Kim certain

Habitual sexual assault [08/21] Korean missionaries [India] orphanage run by the girls of teenage

"Light punishment. Uncle of horrible next to, most of the child sexual crime" people know ", most only probation" [Social media] Korea

Korean international students rape ... America the boys of 4-year-old girls and a 6-year-old Caucasian family homestay

[Korean] man who assaulted of elementary school - "'ll get good food" arrest (64), [05/30]

The binding on the 74-year-old sexually assault [Korean] girls to 6 years "'ll get those delicious" (Incheon) [04/17]

The invitation to drink shochu [Korean] children - "'ll get Tonda~tsu" sexual assault (Suwon) [11/13]

Invitation of immorality [10/26] the children [Korean] in the neighborhood - "'ll get noodles"

Invitation of immorality [05/16] [Korean] In the junior high school boys - "'ll get rice"

To run away from home, living on the streets girl [Korean] of generations - 10 "... raise the money-rice" sexual assault defenseless [04/02]

To middle school girls sister [Korean] twin - "... raise pocket money" sexual assault [01/09]

Daughter in elementary school with the [Korean] intellectual disability extortion [10/9/20] the acts of sexual harassment about three years Kinky

Father [Korean] "Daddy'll make the sex education that mom could not be" the beast in human form ~, the daughter of real-nine years of assault (Incheon) [09/06]

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Sexual assault attempted (Busan City) [12/15] the other party [Korean] of traffic accident "... to say that it'll be sent to the hospital"

Mr. A disgruntled been sentenced to imprisonment After beating the mother of [Korean] 60's, on the morning of New Year's Day sexual assault [06/29] the mother

[Korean] teenage boy hiding at home to put in bag kimchi pickled bone to throw down the toilet meat of killing corpse in an attempt to sexually assault a woman [07/10]

Sexual assault [Korean] now - "... I'll have the help of abortion" is [06/21] pregnant women

Dad complained [Korean] as "a severe punishment to a person who has sexual offenses daughter", the next day sexual assault [12/21] daughter

Restraint [03/24] the father was addictive immorality daughter-in-law of the [Korean] junior high school, the daughter of a real two-month-old

Legal reform sexual violence against men and stand out so not only [Korean] women

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