Koreans drinkers the world's most powerful nation, Alcohol consumption of distilled liquor twice the Russians, Four times that of the American Violence by drunk to multiple [02/15]

There is no decent liquor in Korea
Not about the alcohol culture in Korea
South Korea media performing "coverage of lies"
Abnormal spirit of Korean


Work Konakatta original voice actor ƒÓ š 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:09:12.80 ID that came back: 1:??
February 13, 2014, according to the U.S. Time magazine,
amount of Koreans drink distilled liquor with high alcohol content is that it is the world largest. Modern Kaiho was told.

A survey market research firm Euromonitor, went to target 44 countries,
The amount of liquor that Koreans drink a week filled with 11.2 average. Russians drink vodka in about five cups,
Half of the Korean. Americans even less, do not drink only the amount of one quarter of Korean.

Amount of drinking of spirits extraordinary Koreans, a sign of feelings of Koreans love white rice.
Because Korea distilled liquor that is a raw material mainly white rice,
It is because accounting for 97% of the domestic wine market of South Korea.

By Koreans drink in favor of the spirits as strong as this, violence did on drunken frequently,
Has become a social problem. For this reason, South Korea and health welfare section in 2011
It is implemented in a big way a campaign calling for the public to be "Let's drinking Omotte abstinence". (Translation and editing / Hongo)


Quoted source: The study, [Korean] 2 times the Russians, four times the amount of drinking American drinkers the world's most powerful nation, the spirits - but the violence by drunken multiple [02/15]

38: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:30:58.17 ID: MOnZ8jWg
1 >>
Koreans only if there is no moderation, enough with just being drunk alcohol ...

148: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 09:10:58.30 ID: Za2dD91m
1 >>
Tighten the ¦•³'ll eat Hontaku drinking tonsil anyway Koreans. It is in sickly or try belly dance.

¦•³ look good together is the most in differents like Korean! Ww Keep your mouth eat shit life

159: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 09:31:18.53 ID: 3l02lBvk
1 >>
> Violence is drunk by multiple

Do not drink alcohol without a relationship?
I have an image, such as those set fire is violence on a daily basis, but Korean w

174: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 09:52:02.44 ID: Xhrd4/yT
1 >>
Koreans say whether anything if the world?
Koreans' s not race that drinking world roughly
Koreans' s Ne w or race you are drunk on alcohol world

208: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 16:55:36.33 ID: qjGneekE
1 >>
> Violence is drunk by multiple
Do not would be one of the factors, no doubt also that the quality of the liquor is bad this.

7: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:12:30.33 ID: fIbQgf8L
<˜¤ `Í '>" Nida you flew to hear that tonsil "

[K-POOP Summary] template latest version 13/12/01
E Human waste liquor of the feces liquor] Korea tonsil "tonsil" - KOREAN POO WINE (© NEW!)

Cat also used as the material is sold also available / current human waste liquor of the traditional Korean "tonsil"
E [Sashimi marinated skate in human excrement] Hontaku
E [The change to entertainment health diagnosis and after licking shit] ¦•³
And training of Korean military to wash your face with shit for some reason
E "Delicious poo" picture book Korea
E Korean picture book that you want to make him eat shit Magoga to bedridden grandmother
E [I] antipyretics of human waste and dry-yeti [in the throat of the singer], [Kuso-sui for the treatment of serious diseases and food poisoning], human excrement juice shit gun, money juice [manure weapons of Korea militia]
[Fountain] human excrement | Joongang Ilbo | JoongAng Ilbo (South Korea)
South Korea Army Training Center caecotrophy incident
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/% E9% 9F% E5% 9B% BD% E9% B8% E8% BB% 8D% E8% A8% E7% B7% B4% E6% 80% E9% A3 % 9F% E7% B3% 9E% E4% BA% 8B% E4% BB% B6
E "Poop is all sorts of disease agent"
E "Poo puppy"
E [I added a small amount of human waste for fermentation promotion of human excrement] Kimchi Kimchi
E [Such as salmon roe and shellfish oysters, and scallops seafood human excrement]
-Man rampage and sprinkled while eating what you mixed with miso and shit opposed to same-sex wedding (© NEW)
[Korean] The book "shit's rice" [14 July 2012]

10: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:14:24.49 ID: L6Si5ynw
Koreans will not be doing it unless drink ...

14: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:15:31.04 ID: k5Bwcv +4
> Korean love white rice

Korean 's thanks to the Japanese colonial rule. Koreans habit was only sorghum.

19: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:17:01.54 ID: aCpChkyi
The majority of soju in Korea, because the guy that was divided by water beverage alcohol, Koreans would not use something the United States.

23: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:20:33.10 ID: + zQvFRV +
The first place and whether the frequency with shochu of guy like Korean and vodka?

27: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:24:57.25 ID: 62Kww77D
In Korea, I from being sold shochu made in whiskey and water state.
I do not think Koreans also strong in alcohol compared to the Russians truly.
Alcohol Similarly, Korean This number also I guess has been "inflated".

33: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:27:47.57 ID: pgz4r3D9
In my experience, there is no strong liquor to Koreans.
But Koreans to absurd to pretend strong.
So, Koreans strong in the drinking you do not think about consequences.
Korean cause a problem then, but it is because of Nichitei.

39: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:31:59.02 ID: ughp32eA
Koreans also mean strong liquor, liquor of Korea is neither necessarily delicious,
Simply, Do not you means more than just self-control force is, there is no Korean?

43: Shunpu-tei strange Taito Ÿ netuyo / RT 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:35:11.41 ID:. CeZm +2 Ld
39 >>
W that has made this site to us why foreigner
ttp :/ / blackoutkorea.blogspot.jp /

W I site a collection of photos of drunk Korea

40: Shunpu-tei strange Taito Ÿ netuyo / RT 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:32:57.94 ID:. CeZm +2 Ld
That one? It was to also use other than rice I Soju
The first place w 's dilution formula I shochu of Korea
This means that Koreans w it's the drink you diluted bother frequency is higher

@ 12 anniversary smartphone Ÿ HIRO / m.jqg 2014/02/17 Sukapontan (Mon) 02:34:55.01 ID:: 42 jYTCkivz
40 >>
I'm a substantial safety sake, the array ww The material basis

46: Shunpu-tei strange Taito Ÿ netuyo / RT 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:38:59.06 ID:. CeZm +2 Ld
42 >>
And I'm so even if the rice wine
Sake of Korea junkst basically
But there are exceptions, such Ho-shu like
And to not sell liquor drunk in general and not cheap
That amount, and there is also a w Shi liquor they sell and diluted depending on a thing

44: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:36:20.53 ID: yfmrh4IK
Koreans violence even as tight as a drum, with or without.
Violence Korea origin.

49: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:44:38.44 ID: dSVEA9a2
[Korean] Korean government, "Liquor Tax Act and drinking habits Japanese colonial residue" and justify the tax increase (Korea: My Daily paper) 05/09/14

14, ™Ä—Ç Hitoshi (Byun Yangyun) Planning and Budget Secretary that it is reasonable soju tax hike
For that seat in the press conference to the effect, it has been described as "remnants of Japanese colonial soju is (Soju)", many
People are puzzled.

In the seat of a press conference of the 14th, ™Ä’· officer sake of the common people "soju According to media reports
Came out in her grip on the liquor monopoly right day emperor to eliminate the tradition of Japanese sake, became is, of Japanese colonial
As "he residue, to settle the over-drinking culture that was forced by the" Japanese imperialists, the liquor tax adjustment
I explained that "inevitable.


> Soju has became the drink of the common people, it comes in to take the liquor monopoly right day emperor to eliminate the tradition sake of our country,
> As "he residue of Japanese colonial rule, in order to settle the over-drinking culture that was forced by the" Japanese imperialists, and ....

Although I doing teach the preparation method of shochu in Korean, Koreans w I'm gonna check mutual hostility
In addition, Koreans I "over-drinking culture that was forced to Japanese colonial rule." . . You fool! !
Koreans in the habit you are Hozai "Japanese colonial era, Chosen who had been forced to live no better than slaves," I usually from you guys,
Koreans or w Tatte to drink enough to take a drink in fact
Korean 's slave ethnic playful. . .

Evicted brasserie of [domestic] Tokyo "Why Korean" ...? Koreans must be remedied 'binge drinking culture' [2/5/10]
URL: http://yutori7.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4plus/1265351158/
"You are not allowed to be brought into the kimchi, red pepper paste, shochu in restaurants overseas" [Korean] international business etiquette (Korea Economic Daily) 06/09/04
Of Korean tourists to the "Ugly Korean" sore expostulation [Korean] Swiss ambassador is [uncut News] 06/07/04
[Korean] "ugly Korean" to stop it - Germany, Sunday and Nakasan countries candid advice Consul General of residence is (Yonhap News) 07/03/11
I saw in the [Korean] foreign "not only Korean on the planet people through shorts, slippers figure in the lobby of the first-class hotel" (South Korea Flash Report) Korea Tourism and Culture - [07/05/23]
In breach of manners of [Asian] Korean travelers Asian countries cringing [07/09/25]

92: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 03:50:18.60 ID: UgY8J3IM
49 >>
> Japanese colonial rule is to eliminate the tradition of our country liquor

Japanese I'm tried to make him quit Korean tonsil because he is filthy.
After all, Koreans probably it 's the real cause of the curse thousand years.

[The harsh colonial rule by the Japanese colonial]

Na eat! !

È ___ È pen / / / /
¼ (, # '„D `),, then J / / / /
Oh Lee È _ È (Roh and pi-)! A very fine Unkonida! !
/ / | To tonsil immediately 'So œc Y Ü Y * `„D'> E E E E
/ Bruno / | \ œc while (
__) __ R /, and / R / R /)

52: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 02:48:22.00 ID: qUP/6emG
Liquor, kimchi, shit
Brain but they get completely broken Korean

67: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 03:04:59.21 ID: 7W3UkRgn
South Korea is not only drinking fool.
Penetration rate of stimulant drugs too because abnormal Korean.
I do not come out in the news for some reason do you less likely to be caught.

74: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 03:11:06.88 ID: VfmWzWe3
Korean double or more by the power of the liquor but there is a deterioration of fire disease gene in sober.
And rape and violence sake, I'm Tonsura Saikyo.

97: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 05:24:43.04 ID :/ fix0BTJ
Heavy drinker pride w
Of this kind does Hen-ra the saga of DQN with childish pride.
There is no big deal about a guy bragging quarrel with wine and women, yet manners over drinks is bad.

108: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 06:07:31.65 ID: iI4lZhtg
Koreans but would only animal of monkey following there is no "self-control".

Korean woman nor drinks politics economy Korea eh anything.

116: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 06:42:05.77 ID: 499d1wxP
> Amount of drinking of spirits extraordinary Koreans, a sign of feelings of Koreans love white rice.

« This is the correct answer
Drinking amount of tonsil extraordinary of Koreans, a sign of feelings of Koreans love the feces.

126: <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/17 (Mon) 07:24:47.39 ID: kCsXpREd
Korean ethnic drunk sake of world's worst

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Abnormal vindictiveness of Korea to keep the diminished Ohno player Salt Lake Olympics ('02) still ... corresponding first time in an adult of Ohno against the stunning [02/11] no.2

Koreans do not understand the sportsmanship
Koreans ignore the Olympic Charter
Abnormal spirit of Koreans annoying in the world

[Sankei Shimbun]

Work Konakatta original voice actor ƒÓ š 2014/02/12 (Wed) 12:05:15.02 ID that came back: 1:??
Abnormal vindictiveness - Korean. It seems unchanged over the Winter Olympics even "historical awareness".

Short track event of the U.S. Salt Lake City convention in 2002.
U.S. players, Apollo Anton Ohno Nisei you have finished the race in 2 place in the men's 1500 meters
To matter who won the gold medal by the interference of course St. Kimuhigashi of Korea that goal in the first place
South Korean side is for the "recognition".

Korean side protest and appealed the foul gold AzumaKiyoshi over-action to Ohno to win the gold medal.
Continued to slander Since then, Korea JoongAng Ilbo paper at the time (electronic version)
I reported, "home page International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been paralyzed completely in protest of" bomb-mail, "" he said.
In addition, there may also e-mail contents to be threatened Ohno himself, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that began the investigation.

In addition, South Korea World Cup of soccer that is open in the same year (W Cup) Japan and South Korea Competitions - AHN is you decide the game-tying goal against the United States,
The mimic the action of the scene that Ohno is interlaced with gold AzumaKiyoshi in Salt Lake City Olympics, and drew cheers from supporters Korea.
W Cup short track may have been held in South Korea the following year,
Cyber ​​attacks and threats to Ohno is one after another, the United States the whole team, including Ohno became the non-participation.

Ohno competed in the Olympics in three consecutive tournaments until 2010 Vancouver tournament four years ago,
Earn medals total of eight, including a gold in Salt Lake City. I was retired in April last year.

More than 10 years have passed since the "incident", the person in spite of being retired,
I dredge up the story every time the "Winter Olympics" approaches. Moreover, intimidation and slander himself went,
The way to tailor the "bad guys" and Ohno without any, to reflect on cyber attacks, there is something in common with the anti-Japanese attitude somewhere.

Ohno appeared as a commentator for NBC Sports in the United States Sochi Olympics kicked off in (the early hours of the 8th Japan time) on the 7th.

In order to win after three gold medals at the '06 Turin Games, JoongAng Ilbo (same) leaking from the Korean national
Ohno is "the most beautiful skater in the world" the AnKenٻ to compete as a Russian representative in Sochi this
In an article to introduce that you have praised the tournament in Salt Lake City, "Ohno Hollywood action (over-reaction)
The show, won the gold medal while disqualified gold AzumaKiyoshi, I bought a Korean fan anger.
I posted a text snide Ohno will start faster than the rival players in Turin Games, and "won the gold medal.

Rarity of ethics suggests the attitude that demean the person you want to praise the players of Korean.

On the other hand, Ohno is "Do not be misled by the uncertainty of victory" business insider of the U.S. news site
Comments "If there is nothing to try to incline something passion, we should pour our best to it 100 percent," the article with.
At all, it does not touch the Salt Lake City Games.

Ohno of "corresponding adult" and South Korea continue to have to root the "past" one-sided in the "accusation".
If Kim Jonah called "sister of the people" in the figure skating of Sochi have lost to Mao Asada,
Will you come with a kind fate.


Quoted source: Supports the first time an adult of Ohno against ... the extraordinary vindictiveness of Korea to continue the diminished Ohno player Salt Lake Olympics ('02) still, the Sankei Shimbun [] impressive [02/11]

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:09:10.78 ID:: 5 aXSK3aMx
And guys like Koreans continue resentment that this trivial,
Not that you can get along is probably Ne.

"Let's get along with the people of South Korea"
Guy she saying is, you will not want to miss this face such a reality!

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:10:01.85 ID:: 6 Gc / VQTcm
990 years

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:32:45.20 ID:: 29 3lyJG37Y
6 >>
Korean because it is likely to be reset each time it is something, in 1000 Jamaica forever?

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:12:33.39 ID:: 10 pzUL9xaL
Chinese, but also said, "The Japanese should you have a grudge against the United States have dropped the atomic bomb. Retaliate in the United States always" or
It 's really implacable What people of China and South Korea

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:17:09.15 ID:: 15 glILM0rV
10 >>
I mean Koreans and implacable
Because are not able to resolve the problems of both government incompetence
Koreans that have to continue to divert over there by creating a different enemies always the eyes of the Korean people.
Complaints because you would explode toward their Korean at a stretch Koreans Otherwise.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 23:59:23.65 ID:: 97 7vxKR4DA
15 >>
Moreover, Korean I to run in capital punishment immediately because it is the last straw cultural standard is too low
Korean's guys inferior to African tribal society really

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:16:59.04 ID:: 13 MPG56Oxk
Guy I've just lunatic I Koreans

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:19:35.27 ID:: 19 CJLKtkrw
Koreans Korea Do not you tell us morality ....

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:27:59.97 ID:: 25 Oj4O7PBL
19 >>
Koreans humans who also teach Koreans

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:32:37.67 ID:: 28 MtNfzkXq
Koreans continue grudge forever
Resentment is amplified as the year goes by Koreans

The terrible oh

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:37:51.49 ID:: 33 qLEPrDcQ
Ugly Korean w

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:39:55.20 ID:: 35 J543se / t
Koreans wish I had best by pointing and academic art, technology to improve its tenacity.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:44:08.89 ID:: 36 TFXbqufe
Koreans pathetic Yo No ethnic

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:46:00.43 ID:: 37 waY3Bri7
Korean or bring up again Ohno is to live in retirement.
However, headache and nausea he begins to If you look at the article of this kind of action in Korea, but I guess a normal reaction perhaps.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 12:51:48.39 ID:: 39 LJQPiaTQ
> Extraordinary vindictiveness

It is so to say in the sense of an ordinary human, but the Koreans because they're sick.

It might be about to be isolated if it originally, that it can not be the biggest problem.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 13:00:11.63 ID:: 42 hNpe3W / D
Well Koreans because I'm still coming to say also that 70 years ago, it would've been thought of as events of only a few hours ago Nantes event of Salt Lake
I think after 10 years, Ohno and are tailored to the character that has increased the degree of heel more

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 13:01:45.05 ID:: 44 dQdL8M9H
Koreans seem to want to say Choppari dirty imperialism Ohno in Japanese Americans with a good sense Mike Honda.

I Ya idea impossible only in that country Korea.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 13:05:41.69 ID:: 48 TsB2Jk / b
> To mimic the action of the scene that Ohno is interlaced with gold AzumaKiyoshi, and drew cheers from supporters Korea.

The ow cold one by one

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 13:05:49.12 ID:: 49 bXVnQ6y +
The reason for the objection also good, but what danger that behave compromise.
When you come Suriyo~tsu is most dangerous.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 13:45:05.20 ID:: 61 gX6JnSEu
What too late.
From the Edo period, Japan and Dano something like a thing my Japan Dano envy, distributed to Korean to ’v to current Japanese people do not you have been sticking.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 14:01:40.67 ID:: 68 hk90gTs9
Korean Speaking of abnormal.
Abnormal Speaking Korean.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 14:33:48.71 ID:: 73 rPp9oT / R
South Korea because it is a country like boasts Far ashamed that there is a "culture of resentment"

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 14:50:17.32 ID:: 74 fC9lRxzV
You're not qualified to do sports I Korean
Koreans low brain exactly the same, in the vulgar even skate in soccer

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 15:24:53.21 ID:: 76 fb6aMF6E
It with a pretext to Asada many times already, Jonah was infuriated figure fan of Japan.
Although you appeared on ice show star many skaters is carried out in Japan
Jonah who bought the wrath of Japan sequential schedule and Fugyua Japanese fans I do not come to the show in Japan.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 17:10:29.16 ID:: 83 olED1bkt
76 >>
Excess Mao duster Korean media also boosted, to Kim I hated from the organization and players of other countries
Koreans in that the "sister of the people ()" is in the bocce in the world because of the coverage of the Korean attitude from their
W hilarious anyone's not aware

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 15:35:27.58 ID:: 77 kHrRqmFD
Stickiness is the companionship, I guess to receive Carolyn and Obama.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 22:35:29.36 ID:: 93 LIfLvner
Koreans w Kawana's by far the lowest cultural standard that does not allow the follow-up of the other in the OECD countries

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 23:54:00.76 ID:: 95 Rj5JfAHT
Sometimes when the London Olympics, a determination or anything I do not like, and handed out on the net nude image of fencing athletes in Germany Koreans.
Koreans also countless harassment of Japan national football team.
Koreans unprecedented mad race in the world.

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/12 23:57:57.01 ID:: 96 302/OWaP
I'm beyond category of cultural standard.
That is a word you can feel the possibility of changing something.
Abnormalities of the Korean problem is not solved because personality disorder, and it does not heal as well.
Koreans not human speaking clearly.
Korean is not a people because not human. Like that.
ƒ‰ƒxƒ‹FSochi Olympics
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Former highest point of Hanyu Yuitsuru in the "Sochi Olympics Korea media The thing led by "Kim Jonah division" " [02/14]

Koreans do not understand the sportsmanship
Koreans ignore the Olympic Charter
Abnormal spirit of Koreans annoying in the world


Work Konakatta original voice actor ƒÓ š 2014/02/14 (Fri) 16:49:28.37 ID that came back: 1:??
The 13th, Sochi Winter Olympics is done figure skating men's short program (SP),
(19) is more than 100 points the first ever Hanyu Yuitsuru aiming for gold medal of the men's Japan's first Olympics first appearance
Take out the 101.45-point, it stood in the first place.

In South Korea, the coach of Hanyu that Brian Orser, former coach of Kim Yu Na also has become a hot topic.

Of Japan led the "rising star" Hanyu, author Mr. jumped to the top and break through the 100 point range the first ever at the SP.
Coach Tracy Wilson and Mr. author,
David? Wilson, who was in charge of the six years Kim Jonah has served as the choreography.
For Hanyu, South Korea media led to a gold medal Kim Jonah in Vancouver Olympics
I told that it has received guidance from "Kim Jonah division".

Hanyu won a total of 101.45 points 46.61 points to 54.84 points art technology point point in the game.
After the introduction of the new scoring system, I became a player in excess of 100 points for the first time.

Second place with 97.52 points Patrick Chan gold medalist of the Vancouver Olympics (Canada),
Javier Fernandez (Spain) was the third in 86.98 points.
On the other hand, Evgeni Plushenko listed in the potential winner (Russia) abstained in the injury of the waist.

Free is carried out (early morning of the 15th Japan time) on the 14th. (Editors: RiNobue)


Quoted source: "It's those led by" Kim Jonah division "past the highest point of the Hanyu Yuitsuru in the Sochi Olympics" E [Korea] searchina media [02/14]

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:19:01.42 ID:: 72 f5egTqnD
1 >>
Kim Jonah Division

Brian Orser "huh?"


(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:43:57.80 ID:: 178 uF9Wu25Y
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Korean Did already forgotten it was a fight in trouble parting of gold

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 16:52:13.39 ID:: 5 3LZEyEiZ
Leaders'm great, rather than 's Kim
Koreans had admitted himself like that? ?

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 16:52:42.98 ID:: 8 9zolcmnD
Korean 's poor people of the mind

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 16:55:29.57 ID:: 13 wfrmo8Y8
I do not know the meaning to this country I wonder if not perish quickly

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 16:55:58.50 ID:: 14 5Y74E82 /
Is disgusting is really Korean.

Friday 12 anniversary @ smartphone Ÿ HIRO / m.jqg 2014/02/14 Sukapontan 16:56:13.17 ID:: 16 faEcBzHS
Really, Korean Ya I Chiyau Mindjiyoku Explain all defense mechanism.
Koreans ww is dumping most part, have failed

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 16:56:40.86 ID:: 19 LWTDqcUk
If you think whether the Korean coach it because he like "Kim Jonah division", w and Ne Some one

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 16:59:16.10 ID:: 24 kgmRsAxL
If you have any thing themselves so as not to Hokore Koreans

If you have any thing else will praise Korean
Thanks to their Korean

Koreans this Zama and be able to provide any convincing or cause-and-effect relationship

Hitomodoki who thinks negative emotion is not born in this is really strange
Korean I mon beings that story is not through clearly ...

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 16:59:35.67 ID:: 25 uXSHlxS2
Ww a usual thing uh

(Gold) Men's V Ÿ VEKO / uuXGAFk 2014/02/14 mysterious 17:00:28.31 ID:: 27 4GcYAZaY
Korean I'm want to add to the achievement of their own if even doing ...

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:00:50.19 ID:: 28 VeoIDnZJ
W wonder if not ashamed to be alive I Koreans

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:01:00.12 ID:: 31 hES6oH + /
The'm I think it, and so that is saying himself Kim Jonah Te,'m not great ...

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:04:11.83 ID:: 38 uXSHlxS2
31 >>
No, there are different
Kim w 's amazing
This is the thinking of Chung

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:04:51.43 ID:: 40 rcVOWp5N
Begin with w habit boys to fly 4 turn Korea Nantes absent
Koreans w wonder there is no relationship qualities of the person If you put out a result coach is good

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:05:10.82 ID:: 42 VeoIDnZJ
Concept of Korean

The amazing "Kim Jonah division" Korean people ¨ amazing

Common-sense way of thinking

Brian Orser said, Tracy Wilson, great David Wilson

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:07:12.92 ID:: 49 RmDe368m
Koreans this remark w Keep in beating out the author only and no medal for cod caught

(Gold) Men's V Ÿ VEKO / uuXGAFk 2014/02/14 mysterious 17:11:06.86 ID:: 55 4GcYAZaY
49 >>

Once upon a time, I Was saying Borokuso with traitor treatment at first, Koreans "real victory Korea won in Japan because it is thanks to the RiTadashiNaru" Japan team when winning
What too late to guys that I made noise in the heroes, returning such as palm.

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:08:38.54 ID:: 51 WPXUaZna
Korea origin theory of w Na leave the hub Yuitsuru soon

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:11:52.62 ID:: 56 FdpgI853
How can you get Canadian stick? This means that performance of Kim I'm good at it and I can not be in Korea leader?

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:12:59.78 ID:: 59 mmvfuHbv
Was much better Hanyu has gone to the author it would be fact
But hey w Korean relations
Feeling bad enough, Koreans still

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:13:36.69 ID:: 61 Pr2IMLPp
Parasite www Seriously Comunidad
Country of shameless Nantes probably impossible so far?
Koreans are saying in this serious?

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:15:44.98 ID:: 63 kDELENoF
We must not forget that there is a Korean Food in the shadow of the activities of Ichiro! It was also for me.

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:17:21.43 ID:: 68 Bo3WaMVv
Brian Orser said to have been released unilaterally contract to coach Kim Jonah
Announced, while in the relationship resolved after it has developed into a mudslinging contest mutually accused each other
Bad feeling you would say "Kim Jonah division".

Too much you are going to tie myself to somehow take credit for the others, like South Korea
Insanity nation that would say unabashedly that embarrassed.

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:21:53.04 ID:: 79 uobfesVR
W Do not likely to Horuhoru by adding the number of gold medals Korea If he can take the gold medal

Japan has been a generational change, but steadily, Korea wwww anyone such Yo does not come out except to Kimoyona

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:31:50.68 ID:: 102 eJgZ1AX3
79 >>
Because Kimoyona is to leave
Koreans what you're taken to crush the other

(Gold) <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/14 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 17:36:19.63 ID:: 111 W7opC7MT
That is,

Or that Kim's natural for figure is that thanks to colonial rule (laughs)

ƒ‰ƒxƒ‹FSochi Olympics
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