Koreans w Na was lie it was - or - Coverage " invite Prime Minister Mrs. " [domestic ] comfort women facility " Groundless false story " high-ranking Foreign Ministry official in Japan


( Sat ) ( ° ω ° ) o otherwise Shimasu ◆ vfQArepS7o 2014/03/29 00:04:26 ID:: 1 Mmyc4650a
The 28th , the Korean media and [ Seoul = Tatsuya Kato ] Yonhap facilities near Seoul that Korean women former comfort women are living together
When Yasunobu rights director of "House of Nanumu " was met with Kyoji Yamamoto Regional Policy Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan , et al on the 17th of this month , the " Prime Minister Abe Akie Mrs.
It was reported that he had told the intention of a " like to invite you to the facility .

Coverage , are the Japanese side and according to the " tell the country " to the safety director .
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan executives denied as " groundless " for coverage . " False story is what was told why , it has been confirmed facts " and
I showed discomfort .

Mr. Ahn did on the " well-known in Korea Akie Mrs. and I have an interest in Korea " in Korea media about the aim of the invitation ,
" May be able to sympathize as same sex if we could talk to her grandmother at the facility , able to play a role in some sort of comfort women issue " and
It said.


" Groundless false story " high-ranking Foreign Ministry official news of Japan " invite Prime Minister Mrs. ", [domestic ] comfort women facility Source:
( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:05:07 ID:: 2 5aWn5f5Ml
" Sure did not say such a thing " of today

[ Lv = 93, bat your cousin ] 2014/03/29 ( Sat) Ninpocho 00:14:00 ID:: 4 wDjWntRbH
Koreans stow it because the coverage you do not need absolute Once you have made ...

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:17:36 ID:: 6 kZFXktbp8
Japanese w haste or negative

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:17:53 ID:: 7 Bv8ryi70q
Koreans w Na was lie it was - or

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:19:17 ID:: 9 cs2dwNnzl
Koreans typically to tell a lie to the breath
South Korea media would be a false alarm , but it would be fake , but it drips unabashedly .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:20:44 ID:: 11 bli9m8BgK
're Cornered Koreans ? Are works ? w

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:21:37 ID:: 12 j8YXMJJNk
Although I think it's a good deal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, I get angry
Really , Korean I do not know the reason

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:27:04 ID:: 16 9bqIsvMl1
12 >>
Te~yon " Nida who had said that officials Nida . Was communicated to officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ' s Prime Minister Mrs. invite and consider at home "
" Did you say that ? It? " The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Yamamoto, chief ! " Fuzakun'na teeth ? 'd Say ! "

I'm sure this kind of flow

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:31:24 ID:: 19 j8YXMJJNk
16 >>
Oh , I see !
Nida said Disney would make Disneyland in Seoul ! W or story of the system
This , wonder if the Spoken in two of the past maybe , Korean and see where you use many times ...

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:28:44 ID:: 17 dAsNqgp9v
Koreans that lie
I 'm do not think anything

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 00:33:12 ID:: 20 QcgbqFUYV
You know who South Korea also was lie , w is not a mon off guard even chance also it was quite Korean

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 01:14:41 ID:: 22 i6PiolCUT
The only be used even shows a half-hearted in good faith Chosen people .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 01:18:26 ID:: 24 e34xz0vV5
Korean I ready, willing and able to be used . Humble person is ( ° д ° ) , Phet

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 01:19:04 ID:: 25 NluthUCUY
Country of South Korea is over there
Kusosure , of the same level as ever Demasure
That's hype . Koreans have the whole country

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 01:21:49 ID:: 27 lbXJXCR5j
Koreans juvenile off-base
I blast is from a country of justice

Best to quarantine

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 08:59:00 ID:: 30 jlQtUhQuC
Home = Kisen care facilities Namul

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 09:07:47 ID:: 31 5Hmbla9GU
Skip this , to Chief Cabinet Secretary briefing 11:00 Monday morning
Nida Nida supposed to be effective , if always too early ,
Sankei is useless Nida extreme right-wing newspaper , believe

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 09:10:14 ID:: 32 U9xhUyuop
That's normal operation , it no problem anything because I just false reports about desire Korea media

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 10:37:14 ID:: 37 oamhJ5gF0
Korean guys tell a lie? Barrel why now?

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 10:42:22 ID:: 38 4dskgMZSF
South Korea 's , and when they lie about for themselves get complacent , Korean I Is not it pretty level .
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South Korea Do not misunderstand 's comparable to Japan and the United States ? - Were hammered into Japan Korea diplomacy [03 / 29]


[ Lv = 35, Dragon Zombie ] 2014/03/29 ( Sat) Ninpocho 07:14:54 ID:: 1 6ZX9JFWrU
Yamaguchi Iwao Far East consulting firm representative director

I remember the following impressive pictures that have been delivered along with the BBC article reported that the US-Japan -Korea summit meeting still .
no title

President Obama in the middle is a look that happy in its own way . Abe is a big smile of Iwanbakari fog in the mind is sunny . On the other hand , the face of President Park appears to stiff as opposed to the US-Japan summit . What is the difference in this expression of wonder on earth caused by ? Would be worth a try to imagine .

■ President Obama
That Korean leaders went to the same table the day it can be said to take on Obama diplomacy I repeat runs , as well as cats and dogs in the mediation of President Obama this time was certainly meaningful . It set the stage for discord between Japan and Korea is the failure of policy on Asia largest in the United States towards the settling , for he cited tangible results .
( Snip )

■ Prime Minister Abe
Are China took advantage , in South Korea the draft there 's blowing between Japan and the U.S. visit to the Yasukuni Shrine since Abe's a fact . I was barrage by the VIPs is " irregular remarks " led by NHK Chairman ( snip ) put the boot in like .

Former Prime Minister Koizumi of bamboo to see the wind of political revolt against the Prime Minister Abe in Tokyo gubernatorial election immediately , forces opposed to the " right of collective self-defense exercise Authorization" from political speculation in the LDP in response to this flow but I emerging . Absence of a " growth strategy " is Misukasa of the Abe administration also sign " Abenomikusu " , Nikkei average fell down also one percent from the beginning of the year .

The TPP participation is a concern along with the Kajiwokiru in Japan-South Korea normalization of relations , got to come to Japan as a state guest to President Obama as originally planned , along with the show the world the deepening of Japan-US relations Under these circumstances , the Abe administration and should you want to locate the core of the growth strategy TPP participation by making arrangements with the President Obama . This time , all of which is as was the speculation as Abe's . Because that mean that several of thorns that pierced the throat that came bother Abe had left missing at once , you can understand a big smile .

■ President Park
On the other hand , had been drawn the shorter end of the stick alone , or was not a President Park ? It is summoned to The Hague far just to take one picture above . It would be humiliating story is taken up in Korean high ( snip ) Pride .

Prime Minister Abe beginning of the meeting and greeting in Korean , I appealed to the world Abe who wish to improve relations between Japan and South Korea shrewdly . President Park had given to the world a stubborn cardinally impression was stiffened face contrast . ( Snip )

President Park came to maintain the approval rating somehow by inducing anti-Japanese to the dissatisfaction of the Korean people until now . However , I feel you are coming to the place Ikantomoshigatai longer is a superficial response to these increased South Korea , personal debt is as shown . ( Snip )

President Park came slander Japan on the pretext of the "comfort women" If you open the inaugural aftertaste . However , the Korean government has the convenience similar to the U.S. Army after the war . And , did lead by example as president it is Park Chung-hee who is the father of President Park .
(Http://japan.hani.co.kr/arti/politics/15985.html snip )
I think this fact will become the BBC that around here to report towards the world without leaving the Sahodo time after arrival of President Obama probably .

On the other hand , there is a centralized management of intellectual property in one of the most important items of TPP. Evidence submitted is a painful story to take to South Korea more than Te indeed such circumstances , POSCO , and organizational technology theft ... Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals . To predict this matter is also to promote for the world sooner or later the same comfort women issue , that it becomes that the essence of South Korea over the intellectual property is exposed to the light of day .

■ kamikaze of taking the Abe administration of Ukraine problem
Have led to solve the problems that led by Japan-Korea relations Abe administration came unmanageable it would be a good idea to understand the Ukraine problem represented by the Crimean annexation by Russia . In the situation of real financial collapse Ukraine . Of the funds necessary for the survival of the current , Japan is expected to financially support 1,500 million years what .

It is significant to project compared to the financial support of the IMF the United States , the EU and the entire $ 14-18bn of ( \ 140 billion to 1,800 billion) . As a result , it should re- evaluate , and so on in Japan and " Japan is reliable when Getting Help" United States of America, as the EU. I guess likely than such circumstances , President Obama was scheduled to visit one night schedule of the 2nd also switched back to the state guest treatment of three days and two nights of original once is high . On the other hand , that the tell-tale diplomacy of President Park was failure is certain .

2014.03.28 Huffington Post

Quoted source : it was hammered in South Korea and Japan diplomacy [03 / 29]

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:22:30 ID:: 2 AGCgY4HHB
How can you get matter of winning or losing before because I do not have contents from the beginning Nantes foreign policy of South Korea

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:35:27 ID:: 10 wIOckrBTy
2 >>
It was too folly Pakukune I mean Korea is projected .
Even in the same anti-Japanese , I wonder if not made ​​a appeal to Prime Minister Abe boldly if Roh Moo Hyun ?
Stock-in-trade of politicians though it is talk , stupid Pakukune and w that has been throw it away

[ Lv = 1, Dakutororu ] 2014/03/29 ( Sat) Ninpocho 07:23:47 ID:: 3 6ZX9JFWrU
Hey presto modern and cook the same thing

[ ] Gendai President Park also incoherent [03 / 27] Abe diplomacy fake smile in Korean stunned ...

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:26:56 ID:: 5 FColwhmZP
Koreans w Na that need to be anti-Japanese more
Koreans ww to me sickle grandly

6 : Ella communication ◆ 0/aze39TU2 2014/03/29 ( Sat ) 07:29:22 ID: RalbhUJKr
By the U.S. media that
That's the sentence that contains a safe harbor Theron induction on Japan .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:58:50 ID:: 15 sLa3eE6JS
6 >>
The w because there I have one ATM Idei to spit out the bill generously in Japan is "necessary" as candy 's of course the sky

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:33:57 ID:: 8 gm6Lw3Sht
Koreans No you doing to say that what tepid ?
Hundred times ebb of Japan has just begun .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:35:52 ID:: 11 qve4KDPcS
Kunekune is to do nothing over the past year domestic affairs , Korean I no activity has occurred in diplomacy .
Second year because it is time to evaluate the first year , the plating is just come off Koreans .

I but I think the person who for securing approval rating , was carried out the forced conscription of Japan early than a day is the good Ohakune .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:47:12 ID:: 13 ey303WFX7
South Korea Do not misunderstand 's comparable to Japan and the United States ?
Are you issuing the reserve currency alone and I just Japan and the United States .
How can you get natural Korea you have stretch by misunderstanding Nantes pull the short end of the stick .
Koreans pressed against each other as the home country does suffer damage countries without the ability to provide only the battlefield , because finished the role
Are you .
Are not been pulling each other .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 08:02:03 ID:: 16 Ra03ial9k
Lessons for Koreans . Koreans humorous Pride missing in national power .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 08:19:31 ID:: 23 eW190AiSW
Now , everyone in South Korea opposition will criticize the weak-kneed of Kunekune
Koreans do not cause a fast intense anti-Japanese

( Sat ) @ Ponkan smartphone 2014/03/29 08:28:21 ID:: 25 KgdEYBAcQ
As the Japanese side , were we? Something ? w

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 08:30:28 ID:: 26 kAyMWrItB
Kunekune remarks at visit to Korea after Obama came to Japan I'll be a sight to see .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 09:15:08 ID:: 30 MTZB2VZX1
Worldwide presence is probably much 10:7:1 if U.S., Japan, South Korea
Koreans but would ruin another is impossible Tata~tsu and as you'll 2 1

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 09:54:03 ID:: 32 BKX1XKGDA
Here, it is outrageous such as Tsushima invasion , such as unthinkable , I want you to do is to Kunekune
Now , Koreans Kunekune ww Makeruna 's anti-Japanese

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:02:53 ID:: 45 kkjCrM0nx
Have you ever wanted first and foremost to read this article , that that Na is tricky ( Obama administration ) of the United States right now after all .

49 : consumption tax hike opposite 2014/03/29 ( Sat ) 12:57:26 ID: 9BOIgXVkd
Although do not think Japanese also won

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 16:06:53 ID:: 57 hGAmKCole
In winning or losing before , Japan was just a natural diplomacy
Itself to be compared with the BBA that can not be taken for granted even diplomacy is nonsense

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 17:07:11 ID:: 60 4E6r0KQfx
I work best to not help you a default on the verge Nde not against Korea in winning or losing previous
After that, two years after the withdrawal is completed in Japan occurred obligation of military service tax is resident registration in Korea USFK .
South Korea is preparing completion of asset confiscation and recruitment of Japan by law maintenance anymore .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 17:22:19 ID:: 62 cs2dwNnzl
That one?
The Do not you think that tone is close to Akahi I Huffington Post .
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He ww is Urisuto teaching system is definitely new religion - Japanese pastor prayer in [ Chosun Ilbo ] comfort women girl image before ( Photos ) [ 03/ 29]


( Sat ) ◆ aoV9UPlvFw 2014/03/29 11:38:14 ID in a pinch without saying this :: cKGEb8TWu 1
Afternoon on the 28th , in the Japanese Embassy in Korea before , Jongno-gu, Seoul pastor who founded Tokyo Horizon Chapel , plains Koichi ,
In front of the girl image that symbolizes the comfort women , and prayed of confession ( confession ) and circulates the history of the past .

Prayer of the Japanese government apology I must apologize [ Yonhap News ] Japanese comfort women pastor image before [03 / 28]
Tokyo Horizon Chapel
Missionary : Rich Chang
Senior Pastor : plain Koichi
Curate : Nobuo Watanabe

Quoted source : Japanese pastor prayer in the Chosun Ilbo ] , [ comfort women girl image before ( Photos ) [ 03/ 29]

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:38:56 ID:: 2 oamhJ5gF0
Kana pastor of the Unification Church ?

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:44:35 ID:: 3 ynXxmHZpD
I 'm think I apologize to human liberty and that it not be at your own risk , and I just want yellowtail good man after all .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:46:35 ID:: 4 AGCgY4HHB
Te rich Chan ...

Are not you teaching system Urisuto new religion ? This w

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:49:13 ID:: 5 iJsMsq0pD
History of Horizon Chapel

Ww is Urisuto teaching system is definitely new religion

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:50:22 ID:: 6 kn9BOP77T
('・ Ω ・ `) Korean It is a self-made kno usual

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:58:13 ID:: 7 lWX7IyxHS
You think I was thinking the same thing everyone at the time I pastor

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:20:35 ID:: 9 oycnqpnfO
Koreans white confession the squalor to request your place of apology and compensation

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:30:47 ID:: 10 8cIRuSQdn
Korean pastor × = Urisuto religion wwwwwwww

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 16:34:15 ID:: 11 jb7LDNkxy
W to be too early for you guys to end
W and a little more Tanoshimeyo

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 16:49:13 ID:: 12 iJsMsq0pD
11 >>
In this cult greed , www How and enjoy

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