Even this www professorial - [ Chosun Ilbo ] "Japan is resolved white history because it is self-esteem issues ," Yonsei University Professor [03 / 28]


( Sat ) ◆ aoV9UPlvFw 2014/03/29 02:34:03 ID in a pinch without saying this :: cKGEb8TWu 1
Is intense debate about the " Korea-Japan a future-oriented relationship ," " Changes in the situation in Northeast Asia Korean Peninsula ( the Korean Peninsula ) unification " in forums that took place in the 27th
Are deployed .

Tend to drift to the right and out of what strong "Japan and " whether it is wrong when the economy is good "Japan Kim Sang Joong professor of Yonsei University .
I pointed out that Korea-Japan relationship currently , and " is in the form Japan will drift to the right first , eventually it vicious circle Korea reacts . Professor Kim
There are a lot of parts that can be coordinated such as China and North Korea's nuclear problem is a problem in the " Korea and Japan , but you are in it can not be but could not get past the wall of history .
I said because history is a matter of self-esteem , and " hope that Japan solves .

While " there is a history -related remarks misleading when viewed from South Korea , Japan also are concerned " said Nishino net也准Professor of Keio University is " Park Geun-hye
He pointed out tensions between the leadership of the Abe administration and ( -hye ) administration , and " have adversely affect the public sentiment as well as relations between the two countries . Nishino
"Right now , feelings toward Korea of Japanese are much worse . Associate Professor extremely be considered the relationship between the Korean peninsula after unification with Japan this further
It , "he said would give a bad influence . "Now , from the leadership of the two countries , Tetsuya Hakoda editorial committee of the Asahi newspaper how the game of Korea-Japan relations
He pointed out voice is advanced , on where to put the final goal is " not hear .

On the other hand , Kang TakashiSachi of Chosun Ilbo ( Kang Hyosan ) edit -General repeated the words and actions to deny . History that can be resolved if the Japanese " sincerity " and " Korea-Japan relationship
I pointed out the Abe administration is " suffices to show in words and deeds , and that it is not returned. And " Prime Minister Shinzo Abe , Kang -General recognized the comfort women forced mobilization by ( Imperial Japanese Army
Apologized ) also Kono discourse , rather than dispense with just words of " inherit" , it refers directly to the core part , the colonial rule and aggression
Said the possibility that if you take the attitude that reflect that it gave pain to the neighboring countries by , Korea-Japan summit meeting also realized with " some .

On the other hand , in Japan Korean women 80 generations of Korean Residents Union in Japan ( Mindan ) is looking for comfort women as civil servants " Japan for Suzuki KaoruYu members of the Liberal Democratic Party
Sometimes for Yoshida Seiji , who was , I heard the story ( about the forced mobilization ) when they met in practice . Were asked what is the " think about this . Suzuki lawmakers
It said, " If you look at only the legal situation ( Japan ) that the government was taken away or you can contract to force has not been confirmed ," said .

Tokyo = AnShunIsamu ( Ann Joon-young ) correspondent

Quoted source : " Japan is resolved white history because it is a problem of self-esteem ", Chosun Ilbo [ ] Yonsei University Professor [03 / 28]

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:12:36 ID:: 30 UVm8c9ZmG
1 >>
Oh my God ... ...
History I 'm not really know somehow , Koreans Koreans .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:43:23 ID:: 39 IB97x9prD
1 >>
Still , I was surprised the name of Yoshida Seiji has to come out

What meeting ?
This discussion , do you mean there ?
Seems stupid

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 17:00:21 ID:: 86 NPbeON8Oi
1 >>
> Sometimes for Seiji Yoshida said , I heard the story ( about the forced mobilization ) when they met in practice .

Wwww Yoshida himself to saying that it is a lie

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:38:50 ID:: 2 m2QOTsClB
Country anything roll over in public sentiment truly w Na different Korean
There was no idea Nantes problem of self-esteem History

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:44:08 ID:: 4 z2xF30nH2
As a matter of self-esteem , and I w to give priority to the self-esteem of Japan

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:44:59 ID:: 5 CZUxpP38E
" History of self-esteem problem w "
Koreans Korea to talk just delusion without looking even article truly history

Even if he did self-esteem Japan because it is country "History grab the entire history of the materials prepared that can not be unified all " of ^ ^;

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:49:14 ID:: 6 IYEv2dd7c
It w I am that guy " over ! Not there to love Korea "

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 03:16:19 ID:: 9 KFU9jzdEE
He www and professorial even this

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 03:22:54 ID:: 10 lbXJXCR5j
The What is sincerity lie , for forgery ?
If you had , you might want to a parallel line forever

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 03:31:27 ID:: 11 GnqZMrkWW
Result is the same number of times when you debate with a similar lineup .
(* ・ Ω ・) Bruno infinite loop .
Did you collected at the punishment of the venue all something . I scary .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 05:06:05 ID:: 14 i6PiolCUT
Koreans probably lie out of the gate .
What Koreans became Emperor insult remarks and Takeshima illegal landing of Myung-bak .
Koreans did you hate terrible in the WBC ?
Koreans placard in the Olympic football ?
The comfort women Koreans ?
The Rising Sun Flag Koreans ?

Korean you guys would 've been allowed to drift to the right in Japan .
Korean 's something much better than China .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 05:20:18 ID:: 16 B54oRsX2k
Surprise !
Whether there was a self-esteem to Chonko !
If I look at that origin forgery churning , and I thought Koreans and has caused mental collapse long ago .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:05:59 ID:: 19 HaVTQOOo3
Scholars what would and what is self-esteem issues history Koreans ...
The history of any country , too 'll be something beautiful and if derived from the self-esteem yeah . But I 'd much Kokusho Mino age if it is allowed . The era after the character was able to at least , history will should be one empirical for scholars .
Oh, is that so? Wonder if there is a relationship shallowness of thought level of Korean and the shallowness of the history of the word Hangul Korean ...

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:16:50 ID:: 21 0GtB8Wajx
Koreans because not confessed that the scammers have a fraud
I wonder do a still better

But it's impossible forever and academia in Korea
Koreans Keep your mouth lost a lot of things in place of the anti-Japanese

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:32:21 ID:: 23 xF5CMq1vr
Self-esteem ww
Koreans whether they recognized their history Korean is implicitly pale in it?

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:48:56 ID:: 24 PJQVbzDrj
History www 'll stack of objective facts
Such as self-esteem www, history of Naittsu 's fantasy to be built by emotion

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:56:03 ID:: 26 0GtB8Wajx
I will verify the history in the primary article first

Zeng Koreans Antara this major premise is that the Chi missing
Even if there are differences in the interpretation of some on it
Koreans and not accepted as fact the facts first

But I 'm learning I history
W Wakaranka Nya Aborigines

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:54:45 ID:: 41 TjP37P7DX
National organization to pursue national interests

Self-esteem takes precedence over national interests , foreign base who force to other countries it only Minami鮮

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 10:04:22 ID:: 54 VDqxGePVc
If you have a self-esteem Koreans
Koreans observe the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty
Koreans white compensation to their citizens Korean

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:55:38 ID:: 68 j8YXMJJNk
Koreans w I 've said that even a matter of self-esteem is alleged historical issues

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 14:22:48 ID:: 82 8VtyGrVAw
Korean Do they even forget that you cover up that it is not a lie already

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 15:10:38 ID:: 85 BKX1XKGDA
Forgery is I 'm self-esteem I Te~yon
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Korea steal , relentless Country w racketeering , to rip-off [ Chosun Ilbo / Column] There is no country in the relentless " liquidation of history " about South Korea [03 / 29]


( Sat ) ◆ aoV9UPlvFw 2014/03/29 12:22:01 ID in a pinch without saying this :: cKGEb8TWu 1
With an eye on the world , there is a strange thing . It's a point that South Korea country enough to claim to ( obsessively ) obsessively , the liquidation of history as a colony is not found .
On the contrary , countries were former colonies of the United Kingdom , remain voluntarily in the " British Commonwealth " even after the independence . The UK is not always was generous to the former colony ,
And nor was a large-scale support after independence . The phrase " Do not you coward nation in this " still looking at the place that remains within the framework of the Commonwealth
Sometimes I think .

In fact , these countries not only had to settle under the " post-war order" . The liquidation of the history of post-World War II , the victorious powers referee leaders defeated country
It was what was defeated . Misdeeds of imperialist made ​​in the colony , had a target of the referee . For the victorious powers was a country of imperialism , myself
There was no there should be things like strangle the neck of . Peace treaty in 1951 , such as the United States has concluded with Japan , represents the essence of the post-war order . Convention definition
Compensation claims to be more than just the victorious powers , it has not been given to the country was a colony . Japan 's snub to the claims of South Korea also is because the .
It is a translation of " speaking to the United States if there is a complaint ."

However , it will not just because of that . After receiving the compensation , the Philippines and Vietnam , Myanmar , Indonesia , which was invaded by the Japanese , one after another
I was unquestioned in the past . And continue to have a pro-Japanese belief , a person who served as president in Taiwan who received colonial rule was to worship the Yasukuni Shrine .

Great thing about Korea , but the point while still liquidation thoroughly colonial period , that give a what you get . It was unpleasant name of " economic cooperation funds ," but Japan
Gold of $ 500 million , was comparable to the compensation that belligerents became a ruin by the Japanese got to meet without charge, obtained from . At the time, the Economic Planning Council household accounts
If you look you have created to write a " white paper claims fund " , the tears come out . After the construction Pohang Steel Mill (currently POSCO ) , gold chump change no better than the remaining , poor industrial
To assist in the education of high school students , I was devoted to the import of laboratory instruments . I mean to invest for the future of the motherland solely . Shaved At the time, brushed technology
Students is , because it became the driving force behind overtake Japan in the industry face after , the investment is a translation that did not become vain .

Quoted source : There is no country in the relentless " liquidation of history " about - [ Chosun Ilbo / Column] South Korea [03 / 29]

( Sat ) ◆ aoV9UPlvFw 2014/03/29 12:23:13 ID in a pinch without saying this :: cKGEb8TWu 3
On the other hand , and looking at the world , there is no country that has liquidation enough colonial rule about Korea . Korea was recognized in the international community and because the . But on the other hand ,
It must also accept the fact that has been criticized for that . Even though it was possible to overcome the past , why until now the " case apology " and " compensation case "
It's that or to argue with . Of course , objections Republic of Korea , because Japan has a history , tinkering with attitude swings and roundabouts basis is something reasonable .

We understand the claims about " settlement of the past " is the United States saw the criticism of South Korea for the Abe administration of Japan , the manner in which we are known in the world comfort women issue
It is possible to think of , came to . However , the United States is to criticize the Abe administration , rightward tilt of Japan that pose a threat to security in Northeast Asia
I because he understood the claim of South Korea . The purpose is to also 're tuned to the comfort women issue , you accept the claim comfort women issue is that it is a universal human rights issue .
Because it was not issued to the front perspective of South Korea called " liquidation of the colonial era " , South Korea was able to win the battle .

And this also suggests that the opposite case can occur . Controversy over history , it reaches to a level that shake the security of Northeast Asia ,
Now it 's the point that Korea could criticized . History is a translation that transformed into a " burden " and " power " . Where would be the the border line .
Japan is a pillar of the security arrangements in Northeast Asia that the United States has created . The fact that Japan is hateful , if you try to move away from the order that made the United States , that moment ,
South Korea would be down to "weak linkage " in the security arrangements in Northeast Asia . And hospitality of China that issued to the front history , emotional Korean to it
Awareness solidarity Na , it is necessary either are sending what signal to the international community , reflect on .

Who all is said and done , South Korea would be to go fighting to say that " compensation case " and " case apology " . However , it should be clearly delineated also limit that fight .
It can be said that " self-hypnosis strategic " swallow also be dirty , that kiss with the Devil , it's national challenge that must be worn by all means at the stage of unification .

鮮于Show ( John Woo ) International Director

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:22:34 ID:: 2 8947XpQhq
In , and , to the bankruptcy for the third time also Koreans .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:26:19 ID:: 5 gGh1TGuoc
Koreans steal , relentless Country w racketeering , to rip-off

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:27:04 ID:: 6 OsAf0zxFO
Yeah , extortion racketeering just it

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:29:07 ID:: 9 AZ5rwA1w5
Of Raitaihan , Koreans compensation and apology .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:29:20 ID:: 10 yNXT0LuvW
Koreans seem to want to apply the brakes to the anti-Japanese , but Koreans and Kunekune article in a roundabout way of this degree
There is no reason to stop
Katoitte , Korean , but I wonder beaten when I write crap and the anti-Japanese directly

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:36:07 ID:: 16 GUCdVzjcd
10 >>
The w in over such
Tomorrow , Koreans at the counter of this ,
Koreans will come from writing anti-Japanese articles in full force ,
Ww will not need to think here Toyakaku

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:44:00 ID:: 25 wIOckrBTy
10 >>
The Kusashi Borokuso in Japan , Koreans since the article by inserting a real intention , such booger like after them ,
Does not make sense what eventually .
Koreans reading this article will not want only a lukewarm anti-Japanese articles , and Japanese w will want to unpleasant

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:31:35 ID:: 12 eW190AiSW
You fool ? Southeast Asia "Japan is Japanese ? Do I have to apologize because it to me fighting for us , you will not receive the compensation , but I will receive if as support " If Japan offers a reparations no right to blame the Koreans making the class B class C a number of is a defeated country side is the Japanese at that time is otherwise with the
Koreans Shiyagare a compensation up to the example in Austria or rather

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:34:51 ID:: 14 0GtB8Wajx
Race to the extortion collection as we put the fate lie in Daro , not Korean
Korean I do wrong

20 : Ella communication ◆ 0/aze39TU2 2014/03/29 ( Sat ) 12:41:09 ID: RalbhUJKr
To be honest ,
Its contributors and Korean or massacre ,
Or do you believe that there is no choice but to break-off of diplomatic relations in 1000 in exile together .

Future outlook is , I 'm not see me by all means , create the future together .

99% of humans during Japan 's What to extinction because of the Koreans .
Only that you Korean forces expelled , one percent remaining , the hedgehog of .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:46:07 ID:: 29 0GtB8Wajx
Although I doing an independent long-awaited
Koreans Kosae as the debt mountain
Koreans have sent the report to the throne Cabinet me to the merger also four times
Koreans ask you for merger meeting binary one of 1/ 10 of the people
The sent me a telegram of a lot
Japanese is pressed against the United Kingdom and the United States
Japanese merged while being celebrated from the original countries of ratification international
Japanese Yari also repaid debt of Korean
Japanese modernized Aborigines state of hell with 4.5 billion yen the 1st
Japanese gives a good thing all in Korean
Japanese but was changed to a human education slaves beggar Koreans
You exploitation of colonial
Is it hard , so

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:48:30 ID:: 31 cs2dwNnzl
Lol lol wwww Swarovski soot key
However , compensation paid to individuals Hey Nantes was included in the the money .
Koreans www Na was deceived by the South Korean government fairly

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 12:50:38 ID:: 32 Sa5MeBMKE
> Who all is said and done , South Korea would be to go fighting to say that " compensation case " and " case apology > " .

The End ? I wonder of that fight that the Koreans over there is in trying Takaro

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 13:04:49 ID:: 44 LyFWACRCA
Koreans ww 've got to understand that you got money once

Despise a coward , the other countries to settle the framework of the post-war order , Korean and w Elias Korea , which was allowed to solidly from Japan
• In , and ... We'll try to refrain from it in moderation because too little to do , the public eye is because I have become suspicious Koreans

It's such a feeling In summary , the Koreans I used multiplied by the chicken track of this much Yokumoma

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 13:08:25 ID:: 46 wIOckrBTy
44 >>
Koreans I soooo Korea to defeat it Gonesse trample promises , treaties , laws , became a major economic power Te turtles a lot of money from Japan
W is not it article
Koreans and to praise such as ( wise men ) to say such as ( tactician ) people to benefit to beat the trust and commitment with others characteristics w Confucian ethnic

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 13:07:02 ID:: 45 0GtB8Wajx
> Who all is said and done , South Korea would be to go fighting to say that " compensation case " and " case apology " .
Koreans " self-hypnosis strategic " swallow also be dirty , that kiss with the devil ,
It can be said to be a national issue that must be worn by all means at the stage of unification .

Korean 's magic of devil cult anymore
Koreans whether this happens because it is thought of Communist Party members of anti-Japanese cult + Kita従

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 13:38:31 ID:: 54 TcPnI0au7
Korean I'll be Horuhoru the money obtained in racketeering vice Acts begging well

Koreans Taro was difficult when it was sold to Taiwan waste trucks

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 14:00:46 ID:: 55 KFU9jzdEE
Koreans probably mistake Qian Geba

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 14:25:42 ID:: 56 5nL7J4nZh
So Koreans ey settled in China .
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Koreans given that they have textbooks just lie , is no change to just lie when you corrected Korean . - Correction [03 / 30] the 292 Dokdo -related content [Korean ] Ministry of Education , textbooks


(Sun) Shirai Kuroko ◆ KuRokoMU3c 2014/03/30 10:44:42 ID:: 1 IeFVtSTl8
I was correct , " Dokdo ( Doctorow ) mistake " 292 textbook
Small middle and high society textbook revision and supplement such as " sovereignty over Dokdo claim of ( Doctorow ) problem → day"

It is confirmed that narrative facts and wrong among went to school textbooks society such as small , medium, and high Dokdo ( Doctorow ) Related content to come close to 300 cases .

Prisoners mistakes , such as say a deserted island where people do not live the ( Doctorow ) Dokdo or use the expression that there is foundation of misunderstanding without clarifying the point many textbooks that push the envelope Dokdo in Japan ( Doctorow ) territorial claim were .

The Education Ministry narrative in was included in the ( social , history, Korean history and East Asia , Inc. , South Korea Geography, various Appendix ) elementary, middle and high school social studies textbooks recent Dokdo ( Doctorow ) Related According to the 30-day education authorities I have revised and complement the 292 .

Junior high school textbook the largest number of 174 , 117 high school , was 1 elementary school .

It was written to wrong the objective fact year , such as the area if you look at the Education Ministry has sent to the scene of the school " school textbook Dokdo ( Doctorow ) Related content modification , the supplement Sheets" the course , Japan I found that there were quite a few problems of narrative , such as put on as it is to push the envelope of claim .

For example, " Russia , Sunday, during the war , teaching company terra nullius Dokdo ( Doctorow ) with the description " Russia , Sunday, during the war , was defined as uninhabited Dokdo ( Doctorow ) " and (below), junior high school history was re- added, " is defined as .

" 1965 , civilians started living in Dokdo ( Doctorow ) first " in 1981 - residents could be " a , Doosan Dong ( To~usanton'a ) junior high school society ? A is a resident registration Dokdo in 1981 ( Doctorow ) was complemented with " was Dokdo ( Doctorow ) residents were transferred .

I was correct " human habitation is less " in junior high school age fifteen 's society ? A be represented " people did not live " Dokdo ( Doctorow ) still the island .

Points Dokdo ( Doctorow ) is that it is our land or the expression " Dokdo ( Doctorow ) problems," and the cases associated Dokdo and ( Doctorow ) to government guidelines that it is not disputed area Dokdo ( Doctorow ) textbook that did not delineate clearly there were many .

Listed " Dokdo ( Doctorow ) problem " in the case of international conflict our country but very junior high school education society ? A has changed the wording " Dokdo Japan ( Doctorow ) territorial claim " to .

Junior high school math 's society ? A also fix the " arm-twisting Japan's claim to Dokdo ( Doctorow ) sovereignty ," the expression " Dokdo ( Doctorow ) problem " and .

Straighten " Korea is territorial until now " and " established after the Republic of Korea in 1948 - , South Korea has been dominated until now Dokdo ( Doctorow )" and teaching , Inc. High School East Asia 's " recent Dokdo I was removed from the initial wording that " are more clearly that ( Doctorow ) is a territory of Korea -specific .

"Japan wonder that how you have incorporated into their territory Dokdo ( Doctorow ) is very high school education Korean history ? "How Do Japanese might have been illegally incorporated into its territory Dokdo ( Doctorow ) the " ? I was fixed in " .

Holy Land cultural history social studies map , genius history textbook ? @ Sanwa ( Samufa ) publisher History Department also expressed from the beginning Dokdo ( Doctorow ) to map very East Asia 's education ( high school ) , and the like ( or more junior high school ) was expressed in one or no point was pointed out a problem .

Not only appropriate textbook Dokdo ( Doctorow ) Related content input your contact a specialized agency immediately pointed out that there is a problem of eight high school Korean history textbooks Dokdo ( Doctorow ) Related narrative Education section prior exits have you set out to work to correct the mistake of more than 110 kinds of textbooks elementary, middle and high schools were all subjects .

Hankook Ilbo ( Korean )

Correction [03 / 30] the 292 Dokdo -related content and [Korean ] Ministry of Education , textbook Source:

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 10:48:42 ID:: 3 c99kA2Dd0
Koreans but please also described Been to torture on you abduction , confinement and that you have pressed the unilateral I Syngman Rhee line properly , the fishermen of Japan .

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 10:55:04 ID:: 4 To6i69Mo1
Before say a lot of things that you guys in Korea , So much Oke know minimum .

What is Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula ?
tp :/ / agora-web.jp/archives/1565597.html

Why Korea Did rewrite history
tp :/ / agora-web.jp/archives/1559562.html

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 10:57:43 ID:: 5 Gs5t4FbPl
Do not because the country club stupid is there such as I Doctorow part club activities , Koreans I guess there is no confidence considerably Korean

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 12:16:02 ID:: 10 2Ap91IKud
5 >>
Given as a Japanese , I do get to the truth if you make such a part .
Korean scary . Koreans capacity shortage and empty head . Arerano truth w Koreans When was imprinted first

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 11:22:02 ID:: 7 bBHNHtHT5
Koreans fabricated history flaunt ethnic Koreans .
Korean gonna settle majestically in The Hague .

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 11:30:36 ID:: 8 2Ap91IKud
Interest in Japanese Takeshima is strengthened as Koreans cry if a shout Busujima .

It 's a good thing really .

Such as shootings such as seizure as ( current 50s ) every day a child ,
I was 've seen that kind of news .
Fishermen to catch fish in the sea to the juvenile mind is being shot to death Why ?
I think that was considered is in the trauma still .

Great weight off one's shoulders a little Knowing the historical fact that Japanese living in now interested in Takeshima .

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 12:09:39 ID:: 9 UjmQLQydV
>> " Russia , Sunday, during the war , and defined as uninhabited Dokdo ( Doctorow ) "

Russo-Japanese war , Koreans did you live in Takeshima ?

(Sun) 2014/03/30 Nameless 12:48:05 ID:: 11 tG5EK4HqV
Koreans given that they have textbooks just lie , is no change to just lie when you corrected Korean .
ラベル:textbooks Dokdo
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