Fear of false accusation in Korea travel, Suddenly arrested, The prosecution insidiously In the deterioration of diplomatic relations, "Japanese sniping", South Korea police running to earn points [1/7]

Abnormal justice and abnormal spirit of Korean


1: Niraikanai ƒÓ š 2014/01/07 (Tue) 13:20:22.55 ID:???
Ÿ arrest suddenly ... fear of false accusation fraud in South Korea travel, to pay fine indicted insidiously

End that has been falsely accused of fraud in the local (66) Men of Osaka city that I went on a trip to South Korea,
I found an interview of this newspaper may be detained, had been paid 700,000 won fine (about 70,000 yen).
The monitoring posture creepy to sloppy investigation -.
When you hear the whole story, that you also to travel to South Korea is afraid.
This man two years ago in December, visited Busan, Korea on a tour trip with his wife,
To be bound by police officers suddenly at the Immigration Bureau of Busan International Airport, it has been arrested.
Suspicion of fraud. And that had been international wanted insidiously what.
Is taken to the local police while not to know the reason, it was put into solitary confinement.

The next day, local consular officer is under the special presence of police officers Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency came,
Interrogation began.
The two months before, a wallet someone dropped on the subway station in Seoul, according to the description of the police officers
that there is a doubt that this man has defrauded.
Now, men have been entering South Korea in the past you are engaged in the trade agency,
The same was in the station at the time of the incident certainly.
However, I only asked them to guide you to ask the way to the station staff, and remember not picked up the wallet.
Then men landed at the airport in Seoul, police officers, the gait to arrive at the hotel
I have shown in detail in the pictures taken by the security camera.
Moment someone dropped the wallet at the station is captured, then, and station men side by side in the image
It was confirmed until the scene you are walking in the field nearby.
Man makes a request as "Show me an image that took the purse," police officer "I'll show you if you recognize the fact"
Persistently of. After all, the end remains interrogation the suspect denial, I was released on the same night.
I heard the prosecution and decide whether to "trial.
Was a sign by checking the contents of the confession statement properly "(men)
1 year later. December last year, you go on a business trip to South Korea, was detained at the Immigration Bureau again.
February the same year, men Seoul District Court not to remain informed of the person have been charged with fraud what
It is as if we had issued a summary order of 70 million won fine.
Opposition period of 7 days is provided in the summary order, but never know the man who is in Japan.

We protest the prosecution of course ". Then, (it was not from the news) they did not know the address of" Japan "
And I say. Man added, "would was written in passport.
It is said to be "not to leave it and not pay the fine", and that was paid in the form to be compelled to accept the end.
Then, prosecuted fact was found.
About 2.3 million won (about 230,000 yen) may not contain the wallet of "problem, was picked up and station staff that were with men.
Look at the station attendant is the picked up the wallet, the men claim that it is a thing of it yourself by means of gestures,
I defrauded the wallet "

As before, do not remember you picked up the wallet men.
On the contrary, that the wallet had fallen also, I do not even know that the station staff has picked it up.
If this is the case, the prosecution charged with railroad crossing in such investigations about the court a summary order
The fact that were going where I do not know deposit of "defendant" is horrible.
"Japan-Korea relations in the delicate time, and, if I hit the Japanese like me
Male police authorities also "might be ran to earn points. Say in a row.
"I am afraid that the point-by-point, action in Korea I was being monitored, such as security cameras than it."

(In general terms) "false accusation case because also occur in Japan Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Safety Division,
It is not always even and does not occur even in foreign countries.
Once convicted, and deny entry visas can not be issued depending on the contents of sin
It could fall into adverse situations.
(Through the public institutions of Japan, and police station courts and local) I want you to complain of innocence if innocent "
I'm talking to.

Photo: Men = Osaka to resort to be a "was allowed to criminals while do not know"

January 7, 2014 ZAKZAK

Quoted source: fear of false accusation, arrest suddenly, [South Korea] ZAKZAK travel, insidiously worse indictment of diplomatic relations ... "Japanese sniping", South Korea police running to earn points [1/7]

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:26:49.29 ID:: 28 TDAbEoRJ
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"Going to South Korea death flag" w what they should do to it with more and more source alleged "delusion of Netouyo" that

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:38:31.58 ID:: 91 PV0ogpQR
1 >>

Anyway If you go at work, is not South Korea tourism.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:53:54.32 ID:: 142 ed7CO6JL
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Ha? False accusation? What are you joke
This decision Japanese guilty

This hero to kill Japanese
Why not

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 14:04:23.99 ID:: 188 sGss7Nql
1 >>
> About 2.3 million won (about 230,000 yen) may not contain the wallet of the problem,
Do not be too suspicious is not it? There is no description attached to the payment of the contents.

Wallet guru and station guy dummy, dropped?

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 14:37:07.43 ID:: 275 biDlXca6
188 >>

If Narae Examples of wartime prostitutes, "apology and compensation is need" is
Not a do begin now?

+1 Weeks stay per diem expenses + + alimony (correction coefficient) + round-trip travel expenses Japan \ 230,000 x1.8

1 year after compensation was insufficient, additional need

Additional compensation emotional wound is not healed quite one year later is need

Children too? Come out "Life is crazy without that money," one of these days I?

And likely to continue indefinitely

It probably did officially recognized N

The overtake plus Ÿ 6v6/Tdo7q6 2014/01/07 (Tue) 14:22:46.05 ID:: 239 wAA7CVRC BE :1429092285-2BP (3581)
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Thats was the risk that originally

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 14:28:31.34 ID:: 250 + ox0zPDf
239 >>
As well as the story that was in the bad eye is built factory over there
It is to such situations has not been known only in part.

Excursion remains ignored risk remains, such as is
I want to continue to manage the current situation.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 15:01:57.07 ID:: 362 NibCveHU
1 >>
Do not because small Chinese, and Ariel.
In addition, also police connivance, that tolerate crime to Japanese
and to South Korea's there.
‘Nl biting because would-infested, Agetoku.
Wonder if the rip-off taxi.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 15:30:07.94 ID:: 404 tWrRxXPi
>> Do not Kanen do if one Korea
Does not allow absolute such as 15 million claim to body delivery
Does not allow absolutely not remember I called distress relief in the mountains

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 15:44:54.83 ID:: 420 Tw48 + Cv +
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, soon, you will not want to miss the travel specified risk areas nephew.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:21:13.65 ID:: 2 r / AfWDWb
The first place I'm wrong at the time of the Korean travel

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 14:40:18.70 ID:: 290 EsJ6rPgz
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The Ya but it rubbed, such as jumping into the safari park in unarmed

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 14:44:45.19 ID:: 312 Pahb9zu /
2 >>
Hey Yeah Well.
Those who go to the headquarters of ethnic crime I wrong.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:22:31.91 ID:: 5 3PM1F9n9
When the trial in Korea,
Partner is even much worse,
"Absolutely" lose just some in Japanese.

When have a written contract with the Korean people,
The sentence "trial is conducted in Japan" and
Putting always.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 14:09:59.99 ID:: 204 At3KxeDI
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How can you get no use me write a brief note to the guys that do not also protected international treaty
It's that you do not matter anyway

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 14:12:17.80 ID:: 210 + ox0zPDf
204 >>
And guess what I need to do to do not matter?

By the abuse victims, not'm able to defend those guys
I think that it would be to disseminate the kind of incident.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:23:14.14 ID:: 7 6ZnM9sco
Patriotic innocence!

O~tsukaneena. Do not worry can not transit, absorbing it.

13: Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT (1 Tasu0:9) 2014/01/07 (Tue) 13:24:08.43 ID: 2ZjmdNYT
Japanese hunting Northern „ª „ª (‹ Í ‹) „ª „ª!!

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:24:57.97 ID:: 16 6ZnM9sco
South Korea is not such a hassle I mean, I wish if the Japanese entry ban. Do not you Why?

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:25:06.21 ID:: 17 B / + qH9tJ
Because it is written Te business trip, I wonder there is also a work-involved.
Do not blame so much.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:25:33.24 ID:: 20 T2uA5jXw
Under the influence of the anti-Japanese Puropadanga if from Korean
Japanese guys I to take anything and everything from Korea to craftily
Image I guess has been established.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:27:13.75 ID:: 33 6ZnM9sco
20 >>
I think a place called remains, of the recognized even in contact with the Japanese real is dumb.
W Do I trusted more of propaganda than his own experiences

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:26:15.45 ID:: 25 deDx7 / / d
Are you going to It should be stopped. should Thailand was also on doing white travel attention to Korea certainly.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 15:31:32.56 ID:: 405 2MVP67Le
25 >>
Thailand is my ...

Are you to ban entry of Koreans and I knew France ...

And I knew Korean hunt or is occurring in the Philippines ...

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:28:19.40 ID:: 41 4MUh/Y/v
Although I thought you and Mai says the want to induce to ruin
Japanese tourists will be zero definitely now.
South Korea, I'll w to full support of this action congrats

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:29:45.41 ID:: 46 7EJor3A0
Guy to go to the country holds true for prostitution and fraud and bribery in society undeveloped such like South Korea is bad
Even without evidence Nantes in Korea at the end of the national society century always million years also order law also common sense not
To the Japanese hunt in the same way as the witch trials that can be sinners only oral
Does not become a crime even if committed any crime in the Japanese partner in Korea for a long time
Countries where social order barbarians rule of lawlessness only applies has collapsed to'm Korea

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:30:34.99 ID:: 51 gv9miEWD
What too late ...
People who know the South Korea's'll assume in about some things that police do in Korea rape
Possibility of staff steal your luggage at the airport even to assume it in normally

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:35:22.03 ID:: 68 1SqIYrte
Security camera is going to help to reverse. If I do not have that guilty.

The ordeal a person with an activity sensitive Maybe something unpleasant, but they want much you are taking much in the sense of something I

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:37:09.44 ID:: 81 2x2EyVyI
68 >>
It means Japanese bad I even know it's accusation of Chung VTR is left

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:36:04.01 ID:: 71 KVuClpBL
The thing is not to go

To be Kuwasa spit phlegm and food and beverage outlets

Woman to be raped

To get hosed

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:36:18.78 ID:: 74 tadaFIFe
Japanese like to travel nowadays Korea Yet "one of the few Korean parent",
You said that I changed to "IyaKan" bother it ...

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:37:06.00 ID:: 80 cEC0c9LQ
That's terrible country
I'm doing at the national costume of lies, forgery, fraud
I do not like legitimacy that Koreans claim

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:37:14.27 ID:: 82 8aTY7xGN
South Korea police hang in there
w until the day that Japanese tourists make oneself invisible

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:37:26.46 ID:: 83 FTEokVlM
Tourist woman arrested false accusation rape man

It is a country of South Korea next door.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/01/07 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 13:42:32.82 ID:: 110 7EJor3A0
~ Drats? ?
The Thats doing Haste Haste and beach Climb to Japanese partner in Korea
And by thorough discrimination in Korea genuine discrimination of society
I'm about to discrimination there is no gap to the Japanese demo

Japan has been accused of discrimination, but discrimination in Korea is the home state of
I wonder be exterminated by heinous discrimination before you complain against discrimination

It's really bad country 's Korea
The person who does not go to Korea is such heinous discrimination nation, is good.
'Cause I'm to a country that worshiped the great evil criminals are trying to Matsuro the image of the terrorist m

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