Even this www professorial - [ Chosun Ilbo ] "Japan is resolved white history because it is self-esteem issues ," Yonsei University Professor [03 / 28]


( Sat ) ◆ aoV9UPlvFw 2014/03/29 02:34:03 ID in a pinch without saying this :: cKGEb8TWu 1
Is intense debate about the " Korea-Japan a future-oriented relationship ," " Changes in the situation in Northeast Asia Korean Peninsula ( the Korean Peninsula ) unification " in forums that took place in the 27th
Are deployed .

Tend to drift to the right and out of what strong "Japan and " whether it is wrong when the economy is good "Japan Kim Sang Joong professor of Yonsei University .
I pointed out that Korea-Japan relationship currently , and " is in the form Japan will drift to the right first , eventually it vicious circle Korea reacts . Professor Kim
There are a lot of parts that can be coordinated such as China and North Korea's nuclear problem is a problem in the " Korea and Japan , but you are in it can not be but could not get past the wall of history .
I said because history is a matter of self-esteem , and " hope that Japan solves .

While " there is a history -related remarks misleading when viewed from South Korea , Japan also are concerned " said Nishino net也准Professor of Keio University is " Park Geun-hye
He pointed out tensions between the leadership of the Abe administration and ( -hye ) administration , and " have adversely affect the public sentiment as well as relations between the two countries . Nishino
"Right now , feelings toward Korea of Japanese are much worse . Associate Professor extremely be considered the relationship between the Korean peninsula after unification with Japan this further
It , "he said would give a bad influence . "Now , from the leadership of the two countries , Tetsuya Hakoda editorial committee of the Asahi newspaper how the game of Korea-Japan relations
He pointed out voice is advanced , on where to put the final goal is " not hear .

On the other hand , Kang TakashiSachi of Chosun Ilbo ( Kang Hyosan ) edit -General repeated the words and actions to deny . History that can be resolved if the Japanese " sincerity " and " Korea-Japan relationship
I pointed out the Abe administration is " suffices to show in words and deeds , and that it is not returned. And " Prime Minister Shinzo Abe , Kang -General recognized the comfort women forced mobilization by ( Imperial Japanese Army
Apologized ) also Kono discourse , rather than dispense with just words of " inherit" , it refers directly to the core part , the colonial rule and aggression
Said the possibility that if you take the attitude that reflect that it gave pain to the neighboring countries by , Korea-Japan summit meeting also realized with " some .

On the other hand , in Japan Korean women 80 generations of Korean Residents Union in Japan ( Mindan ) is looking for comfort women as civil servants " Japan for Suzuki KaoruYu members of the Liberal Democratic Party
Sometimes for Yoshida Seiji , who was , I heard the story ( about the forced mobilization ) when they met in practice . Were asked what is the " think about this . Suzuki lawmakers
It said, " If you look at only the legal situation ( Japan ) that the government was taken away or you can contract to force has not been confirmed ," said .

Tokyo = AnShunIsamu ( Ann Joon-young ) correspondent

Quoted source : " Japan is resolved white history because it is a problem of self-esteem ", Chosun Ilbo [ ] Yonsei University Professor [03 / 28]

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Oh my God ... ...
History I 'm not really know somehow , Koreans Koreans .

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Still , I was surprised the name of Yoshida Seiji has to come out

What meeting ?
This discussion , do you mean there ?
Seems stupid

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> Sometimes for Seiji Yoshida said , I heard the story ( about the forced mobilization ) when they met in practice .

Wwww Yoshida himself to saying that it is a lie

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:38:50 ID:: 2 m2QOTsClB
Country anything roll over in public sentiment truly w Na different Korean
There was no idea Nantes problem of self-esteem History

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:44:08 ID:: 4 z2xF30nH2
As a matter of self-esteem , and I w to give priority to the self-esteem of Japan

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:44:59 ID:: 5 CZUxpP38E
" History of self-esteem problem w "
Koreans Korea to talk just delusion without looking even article truly history

Even if he did self-esteem Japan because it is country "History grab the entire history of the materials prepared that can not be unified all " of ^ ^;

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 02:49:14 ID:: 6 IYEv2dd7c
It w I am that guy " over ! Not there to love Korea "

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 03:16:19 ID:: 9 KFU9jzdEE
He www and professorial even this

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 03:22:54 ID:: 10 lbXJXCR5j
The What is sincerity lie , for forgery ?
If you had , you might want to a parallel line forever

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 03:31:27 ID:: 11 GnqZMrkWW
Result is the same number of times when you debate with a similar lineup .
(* ・ Ω ・) Bruno infinite loop .
Did you collected at the punishment of the venue all something . I scary .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 05:06:05 ID:: 14 i6PiolCUT
Koreans probably lie out of the gate .
What Koreans became Emperor insult remarks and Takeshima illegal landing of Myung-bak .
Koreans did you hate terrible in the WBC ?
Koreans placard in the Olympic football ?
The comfort women Koreans ?
The Rising Sun Flag Koreans ?

Korean you guys would 've been allowed to drift to the right in Japan .
Korean 's something much better than China .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 05:20:18 ID:: 16 B54oRsX2k
Surprise !
Whether there was a self-esteem to Chonko !
If I look at that origin forgery churning , and I thought Koreans and has caused mental collapse long ago .

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:05:59 ID:: 19 HaVTQOOo3
Scholars what would and what is self-esteem issues history Koreans ...
The history of any country , too 'll be something beautiful and if derived from the self-esteem yeah . But I 'd much Kokusho Mino age if it is allowed . The era after the character was able to at least , history will should be one empirical for scholars .
Oh, is that so? Wonder if there is a relationship shallowness of thought level of Korean and the shallowness of the history of the word Hangul Korean ...

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:16:50 ID:: 21 0GtB8Wajx
Koreans because not confessed that the scammers have a fraud
I wonder do a still better

But it's impossible forever and academia in Korea
Koreans Keep your mouth lost a lot of things in place of the anti-Japanese

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:32:21 ID:: 23 xF5CMq1vr
Self-esteem ww
Koreans whether they recognized their history Korean is implicitly pale in it?

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:48:56 ID:: 24 PJQVbzDrj
History www 'll stack of objective facts
Such as self-esteem www, history of Naittsu 's fantasy to be built by emotion

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 06:56:03 ID:: 26 0GtB8Wajx
I will verify the history in the primary article first

Zeng Koreans Antara this major premise is that the Chi missing
Even if there are differences in the interpretation of some on it
Koreans and not accepted as fact the facts first

But I 'm learning I history
W Wakaranka Nya Aborigines

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 07:54:45 ID:: 41 TjP37P7DX
National organization to pursue national interests

Self-esteem takes precedence over national interests , foreign base who force to other countries it only Minami鮮

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 10:04:22 ID:: 54 VDqxGePVc
If you have a self-esteem Koreans
Koreans observe the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty
Koreans white compensation to their citizens Korean

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 11:55:38 ID:: 68 j8YXMJJNk
Koreans w I 've said that even a matter of self-esteem is alleged historical issues

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 14:22:48 ID:: 82 8VtyGrVAw
Korean Do they even forget that you cover up that it is not a lie already

( Sat ) Nameless 2014/03/29 15:10:38 ID:: 85 BKX1XKGDA
Forgery is I 'm self-esteem I Te~yon
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