Overview history of our 70 000 years The history of Korea 72,390 year rather than 5,000 years [ 08/ 06 ]

This is the historical perspective of Korean
[Korean ]

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Rather than 5,000 years , 1,565 years , delivery country era ofŠº—YTenno it than to Dangun previous history of Korea our
3,301 -year era ofŠº‘Šºˆögod , further , there was a 63,182 -year period beforeŠº‘previously it before .
Thus our history has a history of 72,390 years until Im year of the dragon 2012 this year from 70,378 years BC Mizunoto year of the boar .

History of ( Hongik ) Human Hongik of heaven marks of hemp mother-in-law Harumi starts from 70378 years BC Mizunoto year of the boar , about 43,200
Mr. White nest ,âuŽblue , black nest Mr. HuangâuŽto be first grandchild of hemp mother-in-law Harumi from 27,178 BC a year has passed
It was the era of governing in Wajiro the four clans belonging to such . Three that the tutelary deity hemp mother-in-law Harumi already at this time
It means that to serve God .

Because it was hemp mother-in-law of Castle Pamir also where yellowâuŽhas reigned instead of hemp Harumi mother-in-law , mother-in-law at the time hemp
Generation 's the reason which will hemp mother-in-law grandson age . At that time , hemp mother-in-law castle is the capital of heaven , countries outside of hemp mother-in-law castle relatively
To become a regional country .

The segregation 7197 BC , in four directions in food shortages due to population growth and turbulent media waste port passed to the mother-in-law hemp Castle period last stage
Now that you have , Tianshan , Mongolia , Siberia , Manchuria , to the peninsula of Tianshan Shu Northeast , yellowâuŽtribe blueâuŽtribe
East of the Yellow River south sea of ​​clouds Shu east side , between north and south of the Yangtze River basin , white nest Clan Chemet of the month breath Shu west
Le , to Europe , black nest clan he will have to segregation in India region of star raw Shu south .

7197 BC , yellowâuŽfor a fixed capital in Tianshan located on the northeast side of the Pamir immediately to Koshi years
Capital from the Tianshan mountain Altai Yes Mr. factor that ruled about 1,100 years , were taught the three mark heaven marks are located on the east side also
Natural gift and ruled about 1,100 years as , at this time , all nine family and also , already formed on the east side of the Pamir region
Through the seven generations as the capital the Tianshan in DaXingAnLing mountainŠºˆö, who are taught the three mark is located on the east side also
It ruled about 1,100 years to 3897 BC ,Šº‘era a total of 3,300 years in this .

Eastern Siberia ,Šº‘ofŠºˆöMr. Manchuria in the land between the Heilongjiang capital Baekdu as the center of the 12Šº‘and Group 9
Of a land , to become a true land of Korea was the center of Dangun Korea . The war of the bear family and tiger tribe in South Korea late
Den mark the three genius bastard childŠº—Yadult section is at the behest of interestŠºˆögod Satoshi since it broke out in the upstream region of the Yellow River
ThreeŠëŽRie south region of southwest side off theŠº‘ofŠºˆögod led the herd 3,000 and three nurses Acanthopanax by Professor
The capital to open the city to God underneath gained festival Temple of Heaven in Taihakusan top down from Taihakusan region positioned at the side
At times our country began to open the country 3897 years BC , on October 3, Koshi years as a way of Tenchijin heaven marks
The spread the heaven male way to achieve is in the open sky .

åo–ÞTenno to the throne in 2706 BC moved to the capital of Shandong Qiu blue flame region Emperor ( Shen Nong ) country , bear country ( the Yellow Emperor
I started the blue hills of age in the times our country era open the era of peace lost the war with the pacified hotels Nagae ) etc. 12 princes country .
The son of DanŠº—Ydollar home 18th , Korea Tangun was regent ofå鉤Mayumi bear country (the successor countries of flame Emperor Shen Nong country )
Dangun kingŒis the opening of the country in the Formosan Aboriginal Suitai of ( Ebisu nine ) as the capital of the northeastern Asadaru on October 3, 2333 BC
I reproduce Zaisei Rika , the Hongik human world Te , has a history of 2,102 years until 232 BC .

[ Each time a different calendar year ]
( Koryaku )

(‘‚^roots , 52 years old) [ author profile ] Cho Hongun .Šº•¶of Foundation Secretary-General

Source: Break News ( Korean ) [History opened our 70 000 years ( Hongik ) human Hongik ]
http://breaknews.com/sub_read.html?uid=223615 ˜ ion = sc5

Quoted source : rather than 5,000 years 72,390 years of history history overview - South Korea , our [Korean ] of 70 000 years [ 08 /06 ]

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1 >>
Fumufumu . In , the rationale ?

For example ... , are you such end in this way! ?
It 's not such as following the two ! ! ?

Tuesday vine peta attribute Ÿ d2sFXgbEPw 2012/08/07 22:29:51.68 ID:: 56 UZwMZYgK
1 >>
> 70378 BC

Korean or try to remember that 's There are limits to everything.

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:30:33.97 ID:: 63 4q/vqv2Z
Korean I do not have my presentation in archeology conference in the world by all means such a great breakthrough !
>> And I have not read one .

( Fire ) and Ÿ oa5RGz.P / E 2012/08/07 I come yo old 22:31:57.98 ID:: 76 R82og1Sk
1 >>
Koreans whether the increase is inversely proportional to the history and decline of brain cells ?

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:47:08.10 ID:: 170 Yk3W8hgO
1 >>
> Therefore our history has a history of 72,390 years until Im year of the dragon 2012 this year from 70,378 years BC Mizunoto year of the boar .

Fool genuine .

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:48:23.04 ID:: 179 is1HS/s1
1 >>
Do not dumb me Korean

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:56:53.69 ID:: 230 RU86TLxR
1 >>
Setting as oh well , after , Koreans Na 's story
Because it is missing there ,
Korea thing , not as fantasy Taisei

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:57:57.30 ID:: 238 V8xVyLxs
Because it would not write the big deal anyway , and I have not read ...

Korean I 'm writing add the contents of 1 >> in history textbooks of Korea Now
Useless for work ( creative activity ) , Koreans w is cheers for good work
Children of South Korea , it is hard to have made ​​me remember the history that does not even as good as useless when it comes to overseas future

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:01:49.31 ID:: 270 PbRTT4TD
That Korean is not a so-called Homo sapiens as a certainty , Koreans need to be verified was the life on earth
Do not you came out is ?
>> I hope further research by 1 .

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:21:53.32 ID:: 431 est + E2Sl
422 >>
Do not you Narawa theory of evolution in Korean schools ?

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:27:26.78 ID:: 480 leIEAzRx
467 >> 431 >>
To say you are prohibited from teaching evolution in some schools in Korea before
've Seen news ... w

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:28:40.72 ID:: 488 kCGpgTAZ
480 >>
There is a high school , etc. that is a religious prohibition theory of evolution , but also the United States , South Korea E E E w Na separate entities

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:21:26.68 ID:: 426 ilrqO2FW
I have cursed him to be less without reading >> 1 always , but I 'll forgive today
The w I should not feel like reading I read two lines of this

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:22:17.43 ID:: 435 A/wb78fK
1 >>
The Great Great
Koreans 're good if you walk in Ifurashi in doss to face it all over the world

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:50:28.94 ID:: 662 IkG35PcV
>> I do not read it from the troublesome one but it 's going to set you have been recording how things 72390 years ago ?

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 23:55:18.66 ID:: 696 ilrqO2FW
662 >>
Koreans Nida no problem even if there is no record of 70,000 years ago record of 200 years ago because I do not barely

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1 >>
" History of Korea our " Therefore , because it is 1948 South Korea government establishment , Korea ww is there not only in '64

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:20:44.65 ID:: 5 T6ksH7as
( 88 ) " Koreans must stop history forgery " Korea Professor

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:22:11.26 ID:: 10 YDJskGnZ
Person who was angry with adults of liar 'll good young Koreans .

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:23:18.53 ID:: 19 k0gN/1Sd

This , Jan pure imagination . It 's the news why ?

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:24:23.80 ID:: 25 KsRkfBUb
Koreans were you messing up my peninsula less than seven million years ?
It's unpleasant history .

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:28:39.63 ID:: 47 riyVuVBE
25 >>
Peninsula does not exist

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:24:35.68 ID:: 27 zUAGSVY4
What Korean residents , if thinks of this kind ?
After all , Koreans amazing Nida our Minjoku ! The reason such as pleased ? ? ww

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:27:50.20 ID:: 40 HMU834OW
Origin extension Kita
Koreans w but I do such as the Big Bang previously anyway

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:27:55.44 ID:: 41 kit3Cmff
60,000 years ago the human race 's start was moved to the continent from Africa
The only Korean Nde were you in Korea to 70,000 years ago ?
Koreans did not you think after all Earthlings ? ?

(Tue ) <˜¤`Í '> 2012/08/07 (` c ') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 22:30:24.26 ID:: 62 kYtrsAxd
Koreans this woeful state to Hang 70 000 years
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Discrimination Is it a pastime of the net - "early Korean quality is truly what do can prove to be a hoax self-styled journalist who cut the hoax called comfort women age difference?" Right-wing (14) net

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:52:17.68 ID: work Konakatta original voice actor ƒÓ š that came back: 1:??

Last weekend, Harmonium our original comfort women visited in Osaka, Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto as well as carry out the explanation and every day throughout the conference about the problem, the comfort women issue has re-emerged to come here. At the same time, the false rumor about the comfort women also seemed rampant in the net and Twitter, including the person calling himself Aramaki length @ joearamaki, I was given a hard time by a variety of net 28, the right-wing.

"Filthy Koreans really quality and is guilty of a fundamental mistake that lies can be seen in elementary school age is not in focus"
"I will for the brethren? Wonder a reporter and dare to prove you can have the evidence if say hoax?"
"Self-styled journalist who cut the hoax called comfort women age difference early Korean quality is expected? # Do not you can prove to be a hoax by the way"

And Aramaki length Mr. came imminent that "dare to manage this so" by taking out an article entitled "Women that are comfort women, make sense of age and their own testimony of previously reported does not match" with the gadget communication.

I thought it was busy all the time, but we not afford to overlook as you thought much about the comfort women issue, have a support while poor ability. Sometimes as their own thing, there was frustrating. It then Remarks proved.

Then Mr. Aramaki length through a series of remarks. Was the so-called "escape", but net right wing's such a thing roughly. You can reply in good faith, and not even hear talk inconvenient. Also this time, and I wonder if looking for somewhere on the net or their convenience of their own "truth". However, because there was a similar question from other people, I thought that it's put together on this occasion. It is because I thought you want to solve it if there is a misunderstanding, and the Harmonium who came all the way to Japan despite the passage of time, and hopefully something.

Cause there is a shift in age testified former comfort women, or not because you are using Kazoedoshi Korea is One. 1 year old at the time of birth, it is two years old New Year's Day comes. For example, if you were born on December 31, it's 2 years old (January 1) the next day at 1 year old at birth. When translating an article of Korea, you are always note this point.

Secondly, instead of the comfort women a women, It is likely to have been worked as a nurse and after the end of the war. "It is possible to interpret the intention of the Japanese colonial last or hiding, the comfort women system of Japanese troops to try to exploitation of women labor power of Korea that it has hired as a nurse a Korean woman at the time the war ended." There is also a post with.

Are summarized without a plan and so on. The 29th of the next morning, I've interviewed over the phone to Okinawa Times.

According to the Okinawa Times, similar queries that are coming or How many already. Of the sheet of 22 date in the "social-life", I posted the exchange of questions and answers of gold in Fukudo's rally was held in Okinawa on the 18th. There's the answer there, but the article has not been digitized unfortunately. Question of this time might have been born for that, but I felt grimness of the existence of people who find conflict of evidence of the victim, "only", you try to tool to diminish, even malice you with slightly.

Speaking from the conclusion, Kim, was engaged in the army hospital in Japan for a while after the release also. It is taken to be fooled at the age of 14,

In order to make surgery a military that has the. Injury that was tailored to the nurse of the 10th Army hospital to hide the existence of comfort women is when you greet. War that was moving from the front the various spots "Singapore, Malay Peninsula, and Indonesia , was forced to Kyoshutsu up blood. we had a hard time very much placed in the prison camp of America then "
(Quoted from 19 surface Okinawa Times May 22 date)

I says.

The person in charge of the Okinawa Times, if I was in foreign parts to. Wartime it was not necessarily be to come back as soon as the 15th "August is too, that remain in the local 1-2 years after the end of the war is more of the same old story I was saying the "scene was taken was. Including me, many people have overlooked even such a simple story. Not knowing the war is embarrassing.

The 24th May, the 25th, three days on the 26th, I was interviewed and counter activities, activities and meetings, of xenophobia demonstration of it on Harmonium original comfort women who come Osaka. And people who complicit in discrimination as there is a privilege in Japan, people cuss the comfort women overlap in splendid.

We, I think I have to be in order to women original comfort women spend in a meaningful way the rest of your life, you can now. It would not be to take the firm voice of the victim. It is danced to the hoax about the comfort women is that it also trample the life of her people. (Lee Nobue)



(Water) 2013/05/29 21:55:05.81 ID:: 4: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s HsZzHhyU

Disarmament, the Japanese army, but I was forced to dismantle immediately after the war ...

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:55:25.74 ID:: 5: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s REYhQ1rk

And >> The Remarks proved.
I cry, and ...?

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:56:33.01 ID:: 8: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s hcZXMENw

Lighten the evidence

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:57:37.77 ID:: 10: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2/Md9Yqu

Japan after World War II army because I'm dismantling you fool
Not enforceable
This means that if there is no motivation the person in question is enforceable by the military
Quit the comfort women immediately after the war
There is no Japanese military still have not quit

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:58:54.69 ID:: 14: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s ZG3tJO6 /

> A few years after the war were interned by the Japanese military as a nurse
After the war, Japanese troops'll Ne.

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:59:14.95 ID:: 17: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s PLUbfXG1

6 years old 5 years old age such as inconsistent or in Kazoedoshi,
The such as forced or taken after the war,
Such as the Christmas holiday that should not exist in the Japanese army,
I do supposed impossible and such as were raped in the region that are not stationed in the Japanese army, but above all w

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:04:55.05 ID:: 42: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s uNF6zvz5

17 >>
If you think that it either went to a girls' school young lady of good family was only able to go at that time
W wonder with or been issued to apprenticeship in the house of the rich

(Water) 2013/05/29 21:59:34.18 ID:: 19: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s Iq4w/Y5X

> Why there is a gap in age you have testified, or not because you are using Kazoedoshi Korea is One.
> Instead of the comfort women a women, It is likely to have been worked as a nurse and after the end of the war.

That is why has been criticized No age at the time that the same person made ​​a statement because change Korokkoro ...
Do not you all delusion or two over me "might have been a ..."

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:00:27.45 ID:: Netoume Ÿ ROTARYvGMk you without hesitation: 23 7zxcp9 / n

This one also >> Naa because only making a "convenient truth".
What do not you like this do not you oh E E E E.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:01:14.33 ID:: 25: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s moxkn3RD

If I was detained after the war, the record would have remained in the GHQ.
Do not you treasure trove of conclusive evidence. Do not good and to negotiate with Miss America.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:02:08.90 ID:: 31: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s yzeYJzPx

In other words, Is this reporter I've got to say for yourself that forces me not involved

Do not I do not know You say was said to have been somewhere prostitution

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:02:32.21 ID:: 33: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s PLUbfXG1

1 >> is not saying that only age and fuzz is Bukkake,
Such as discrepancies in the testimony of countless other first, such as the event that does not exist clearly in the Japanese army,
Such as the home or at the same time several thousand kilometers to the last line of distance,
...... W wonder cavalcade of contradiction

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:03:45.56 ID:: 37: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s StI9ro10

Because I was under the control of U.S. forces at the end of the war, if you you were to manage the comfort women of Chung after the war
That trap is the role of the GHQ not think the Japanese military.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:04:38.14 ID:: 40: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 5 + IoOtRP

37 >>
Hey but could I record the Allied side also likely if there had been taken prisoner.

Of age, real name

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:06:35.34 ID:: 48: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s dwjauffZ

Therefore, do not ...
Also, Why do not thoughtless words a complete

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:30:16.01 ID:: 132: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s dWhsC7pE

I do not know where is whether the proof stick

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:36:10.73 ID:: 151: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s FWZHcL9o

After the war, even though there is a historical fact that was dismantled immediately Japanese Army, Japan army of immortal I'm was still several years.
It is great.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:37:41.68 ID:: 158: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s Eo1/6Zq5

> Comfort women were interned by the Japanese military as a nurse for several years after the war

W does become even talk
Immediately after the war, the military is dismantled disarmament> GHQ

Do not 's shallow cleverness of Chung Well

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:38:28.19 ID:: 162: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s iHUJ7qhp

> You have great difficulty is put in prison camps in the United States then

Do not I'm responsible for America If you do I have sold body in that situation really.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:52:07.73 ID:: 200: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 8jdstgXb

Although I want you to tell me if anyone knows someone

After the Japanese army was disarmed war is over,
Although I think I stayed a lot of injuries such as soldiers not move from the medical military facilities immediately
And under the supervision of such as the United States for such a wounded soldier
health care facilities that Japan was using, it uses exactly the medical staff of the former Japanese army
In no thing What had been operated for several years after the war?
Or do you not done that such humanitarian
When would dying it would be wounded, such as it had been moved to accommodate anywhere?

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:54:44.53 ID:: 209: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s R0p + e69q

200 >>
> Health care facilities that Japan was using, it uses exactly the medical staff of the former Japanese army
It should have been taken over by the United Nations forces outside of Japan.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:57:13.12 ID:: 214: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s HsZzHhyU

200 >>
If you go in the common sense theory, but it is considered that case that uses exactly the staff of the military hospital of the Imperial Japanese Army under the supervision of the United States Armed Forces.
Even so, I not under the control of the Japanese military is under the control of the U.S. military and its grasp.
It is to say that it was under the control of U.S. forces if there is validity to the story of this liar whore Baba~a.

(Water) 2013/05/29 22:58:06.41 ID:: 217: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s uoHFSj8J

I wish if not tell me I'm evidence testimony If you do not clear
Then you such as Dotakyan
I think had the comfort women, but I can not trust that BBA

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:03:19.80 ID:: 228: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s fd / xZoS +

The w Na do not do not save clarity over the internet as eternal flow of this series
That comfort women is too suspicious in any fool indeed be seen

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:18:06.19 ID:: 0clyrhvx over frame Ÿ NUKOOSsJck crowded ct: 262

What years, is not it was the only change or so stick one at best to count? w

W It will say hoax

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:27:25.49 ID:: 274: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2cLHkawr

262 >>
the age of 1 year old on the day you were born, two years old this coming year is counted
Extreme story, baby born on New Year's Eve, the 2-year-old the next day
So count years of age plus two years in Man'nenrei

But does not matter such as years and counting from years and years from being fully say this hag

(Water) 2013/05/29 23:53:56.25 ID:: 311: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s DYjafzUa

Testimony (self-proclaimed) comfort women "A" 's
- "Life is poor, maid in the house of the rich. Seoul sold in 100 yen at the age of 12.
To when I was a maid in a well-do mirror Hamun county in 1938, and became comfort women taken to Manchuria has become a scapegoat of the daughter of the house "
• When the "17-year-old, the Korean girl all unmarried, wife of village leaders of the Japanese, was ordered to go to work in the factory of the Japanese army. I was recruited as workers at that time . that I thought that someone "
- "25 days prior to leaving school at the age of 19, pulled out by the Japanese military, I'm went to the comfort station and reluctantly"
E ". Said that one day, the man who became 18 years of age came, and to provide a daughter from the village"
E Threatened one person and "not go to the" family group leader of "village (Japanese), 1941, have left the South Korea, where you arrived, was comfort station. "
• When the "14-year-old, taken to Manchuria in the so-called" girl out ", it is a tool of sex Imperial Army soldiers. It was a painful experience. "

326: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 00:01:50.74 ID: DiWLSYi5

311 >>
W Na's parallel world

585: Ta152 H-0 Ÿ Tank/Ja2RQ: 2013/05/30 (Thu) 01:34:38.21 ID: KNN9jP9Q

By the way, if want this to become?

Offices Matsunaga @ officematsunaga


This time, came to Japan in protest purposes Hashimoto remarks "But based on comfort women", age pattern was found.
current Osaka reporters "If that's the testimony street, at that time, do not match calculated made ​​about seven years" he said.
Asahi Shimbun also expected of a heartbeat, I'm ahead of the news. Kitaoka loss for words as "misrepresentation of age ...".

Blog offices Matsunaga! (The blog diary by active magazine writer!)

596: Takuya Ÿ mOrYeBoQbw: 2013/05/30 (Thu) 01:36:51.53 ID: bdBabNTI

585 >>
The Jamaica did have trumped me one >> in a hurry for it? w

In other words if it is a major news media to pick up the fact that such
Forces that defended the lie of self-styled comfort women, and because be cleared out

590: (E _ E;: can not be after (Thu) 01:35:29.06 ID: IGF06Sj2

> I'm gonna be 9 years old counted as a 7-year-old and a Korean-style Kazoedoshi one?
It will does the 'make sense according to that he will have served until 1947 As you back calculation me this but ~, became a comfort woman I'll get down further age ...
Is not too bad head?

666: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 02:06:53.11 ID: mggx6C8r

I was moving from the front the various spots "Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, and Indonesia.
¨ I was carried out how to track soldiers overland also lack, to march by pulling a field gun.
Will have a transport ship in Java, Indonesia area. Army garrison in the base when I got to defend actual battlefield
Sea transport to be targeted by submarine I do not perform operational!
I do can move the military comfort women different jurisdiction of such various fields why.

919: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ') says: can not be after (Thu) 03:46:10.88 ID: Ryq3VoDP

> Why there is a gap in age testified original comfort women, or not because you are using Kazoedoshi South Korea is one.
> 1 year old at the time of birth, it is two years old New Year's Day comes. For example, if you were born on December 31, it's 2 years old (January 1) the next day at 1 year old at birth.

What a fool.
Calculation does not fit extra and if it.
It's temporarily, it was doing comfort women from the age of 13 ~ ¨ "It is strange that it should from the previous year of the Pacific war is 13 years old when"
Thickness of the Pacific War if say real, and was 12 years old or less than 11-year-old is, has 13 years in Kazoedoshi
It's made ​​in the fact that his team was doing comfort women from three years ago or two years.
Because it's the - (age at the time of age now -) in 2013.

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why Don't you try to learn what is the correct history ,Koreans?

1: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:45:31.41 ID: 8gJdKZZJ0

What? ?

2: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:46:13.94 ID: 4OeHbzE80

Is not what you do not want to see reality as

4: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:46:54.93 ID: DjVWVmyRP

Do you want to believe it is! Was a slave much?

4 >>
No, Is without the same do not believe believe, I freaking mean that friction is happening Korea, because they bent screw the facts?

And did I been gag me Korea?

5: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:47:10.79 ID: In8yI6lw0

The information from being regulated by country

I believe that it is victim to say Koreans whether Which
Personality, but it's

11: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:50:26.21 ID: GH/QAVhl0

5 >>

Bad or not it higher-up of South Korea?
Although there is a funny or somewhere Toko also Koreans who are abroad from a young age well

53: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:39:01.09 ID: ki5N5uZC0

5 >>
Na because there is a strong sense of inferiority in addition to that I would be Kore roughly, I wonder are rival Japan in mind that does not want to believe I would do some lucky guy vaguely intuition

53 >>
Because it is a major economic power 's why you have a rival Japan?

7: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:47:39.67 ID: zXyBLu9H0

It 's difficult to doubt the knowledge gained by the teaching and learning

7 >>
But, that guy combed study also wonder are you fully believe in the history of one's own country?

26: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:00:39.93 ID: lfq7W7 +40

Well and to study Do not you because after receiving the education
And then would go Korean local school if you are born in the field

26 >>
Allais go other countries even after receiving education? Or not properly investigated and if it becomes like that?

33: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:09:31.46 ID: lfq7W7 +40

Culture feel shame or recognized as a mistake mistake is not in there
To become the theory of winning or losing for some reason then it refuses to admit absolutely

I insist data that has been forged by the Japanese in control all the has been around
Government information agency is monitoring the domestic information

33 >>
What there is of lobbying by Japan are you if I believe in serious? ?

Other countries' s not it unacceptable absolute theory What do I win even if you trumped

And I do not mean to be friends with Japan 's mental sky you do not think shame even invent

8: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:48:21.50 ID: 5rqXTExq0

I'm such a shame equivalent to 's return palm

Those guys from high pride only in the strange direction

10: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:49:38.09 ID: nqDxG7RlO

History thing 's different countries have different Well

12: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:50:30.20 ID: u2z9bxSQ0

That there is no way in order to maintain the integrity of the country and nation

13: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:50:30.88 ID: lSwB9ivk0

Japan do not you apologize without a correct understanding of history why as it were from South Korea to blame the comfort women resolution from being passed for a country the United States, Taiwan, and Canada? I'll be I thought

16: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:51:40.09 ID: SVcwEI2T0

What's the correct history of anywhere in the country I can not be education first
ethnicity that Korea is not self-examination is Na I have spurred

16 >>
I do not examine properly After that it was like to do with other countries?
So Korea'm mean that crazy hated to write shame in ongoing

20: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:55:40.93 ID: lfq7W7 +40

Do not because I have to Hitakakushi to its own people to two thousand's of having solved all the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty prepared to deal
Koreans including believe that Japan apologize and compensate also not really, the heart of the now

Bronchi also retracted minutes were anti-Japanese education

24: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 12:59:29.94 ID: lfq7W7 +40

Net censorship in China and South Korea is dangerous because Na

Only kimchi coming pickled Ichamon schoolgirl rice just said kimchi is smell in small talk

24 >>
Warota www

32: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:08:17.57 ID: SNA6h/3JO

North Korea is not connected to the country then people fairly well off and then looks happy everyone then I Bakka Twink beautiful woman and, not face face and such kimchi like then is liked from various countries other then nor conscription then soccer baseball in Japan who is strong then Japan Might not really enviable

34: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:09:42.44 ID: AF894Y8L0

It is the personality As it turns out. Once, Koreans will not be able to think calmly and excitement.
Because it was a vassal state of China a long time, it is assume that that say China is absolutely correct, it is disagree even strange,
You will have received the treatment without any mercy. As a result, a person who people think calmly become extinct, and rioting violently in accordance with the system,
It is suitable to survive. Culture such was born.

I no longer blame Japan "likely to be renamed" recently. They are reluctant to Japan renamed name itself actually,
The Japanese side is the fact that of the limit order to hinder the criminal crackdown.
More than 80% of the name of the Korean people is the Chinese name. Dependent territory era of China.
I did that changed the Chinese name in order to suck up to the Chinese emperor. They even the simple fact that such
Do not check, I'm writing a shame to blame Japan.

38: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:13:28.76 ID: 18iFlo8X0

If you want to learn historical facts, because surely reach and that since the dawn of history, was a vassal state of other countries always, in that up to 100 years ago, it was the life of primitive man waves.

43: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:19:23.55 ID :/ 4B4Epn / 0

You guys actually not a thought such as could have spread the wrong thing in Japan If you are spreading the right thing in Korea?

46: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:23:13.55 ID: u2z9bxSQ0

43 >>
I wonder from Aru if I write in textbooks around the world

56: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:42:12.18 ID: lfq7W7 +40

43 >>
Failure to correct it to produce false positives and Koreans who were killed who died in the earthquake
You can say a lie "far away forest of bamboo," "bombing the punishment of God" or is in connection to Unit 731 all
Of Vietnam "Raitaihan" is insisted to have no
Confucius such as a Korean,

Can you believe in this?

To read the distant forest of bamboo

44: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:20:57.22 ID: yA8VYusD0

You let me believe it is taught from childhood history it is convenient it'm still seen
I wonder if do not think strangely such as the origin of the various things that come out more profusely such as (? Was it) 5 large civilization that came out of a sudden?

And I become "there 's" I have also been told, "Japan had won the war in fact" or suddenly
It Might not be "what was true after all" When told that those guys are similar

45: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:22:11.73 ID: I73lpFL10

I guess because there is no such history keep the pride as a nation.
I sympathize with the point.
Nearly opposite from Japan.

It 's not got to the mutual hostility from Japan complex history,
While you want to think that you build a bright future as a country that make up the East Asia,
Hey Unlikely decades later and would entangled so far.

47: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:23:58.54 ID: vL6FDYzB0

Dare to imagine

Next to China. The center of the Chinese, the king with the powers to say Nandakanda
North superpower that bisects the Soviet Union (then) world
2 in the world economy and to Areyoareyo habit of losing war in an island nation Japan ...! Ya wanted beyond the powers. The Namaikida habit of Nobita! ! !

59: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:33:24.99 ID: aTlMmrNbP

47 >>
I'll think Japan was a great power even before the war

How can you get me so very Korea started in grand strategy

48: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:24:40.74 ID: ewF279ao0

I wonder will only be gone dismissed Rogai is to retire
It then seems to think young people of South Korea is good even if the Yasukuni issue and Takeshima issue

49: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:30:03.10 ID: 8gJdKZZJ0

What country to return in the revenge of only elaborate on that help you simply close to the other of Ann?
Or Japan or are you misunderstanding that it is below their own by you support?

50: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 13:30:32.50 ID: aTlMmrNbP

I was discovered, but it is assumed that there is today in South Korea South Korea
Then I'll be neat history that claims of Korea also become a myth

Korean system foreign to the (Japan lowering) support of South Korea also incidentally why arrive

57: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 14:12:24.29 ID: lh5PDM960

Lie also made ​​from really speaking 100 times

62: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:00:02.56 ID: UC0a0fZS0

The "I was supposed to be ..." "I must ..."
Because perception of history correct for the Koreans this
Korean'm saying that "rebuilding of history"

63: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:03:38.93 ID: mE2NAZiA0

http://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/% EA% B2% 80% EB% 8F% 84
It can be seen as it were called in to translate this, but known on the net Japanese Nante "Korea origin theory"'ll's hyperbole
The only are spreading like common sense or else that mad in Korea is screaming

65: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:13:59.00 ID: fXnrifmz0

whether he really called the history of Japanese history learned is correct?

67: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:16:52.26 ID: u2z9bxSQ0

65 >>
S too Japanese
Complained will come not only Korea, but also from Southeast Asian countries and the Allies of America, etc. If you have the wrong

69: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:26:20.99 ID: F6p/DE8TP

65 >>
I'm correct that it is not correct unless proven

76: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 16:07:48.15 ID: RUrFFUg30

65 >>
Although research has not shown that history and everything is correct
Conclusions issued on the basis of a paper that was left current
It is not based on material as South Korea, This is the way, it was good at it if it was incense
Not a history.

66: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:15:44.10 ID: e/F5as8jO

The first thing out of his mouth leave out such as the culture of Korea and Korea even though it has already been split into north and south

Baekje, such as Korea is at best

71: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:37:57.54 ID: fXnrifmz0

Somehow, I Ja ambiguous?
Even Japanese, history inconvenient in Japan
And then there would be a possibility that has left it too often distorted
Article I will be evidence of how much?

I even America
It would mean that with suitable for, the reason for dropping the atomic bomb?
And if you lose the war if the United States or would have been inhumane slaughter state just don?
Because win, will only insists that it was necessary?

Do not cut - well said, "only Japan is all right" or in such ambiguous world

72: below, VIP will send it has changed the nameless: 2013/06/01 (Sat) 15:43:10.37 ID: u2z9bxSQ0

71 >>
Although I think that to trust that their own and would be normal
Koreans would be so

The problem with the presence or absence of evidence to the contrary, it probably objectivity
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