" Serious air pollution Companies of the United States, Europe and Japan and South Korea It is a result of not operate the China factory with environment ignore " [02/04]

The Chinese have ignored the environmental technology that provided in Japan.
Chinese is a cause air pollution in China.
Chinese are doing stupid publicity.

[China] air pollution

Work Konakatta original voice actor ƒÓ š 2014/02/04 (Tue) 18:23:32.91 ID that came back: 1:??
It suffered a serious air pollution than January 30 In China, the number of PM2.5 to rise across the board in various locations,
Impact is out also the lives of people. It is 500 meters or less visibility by air pollution in China each city,
Traffic accident occurred poor visibility due to a highway of Shanghai city, three people died.
Radio France, Antel national Chinese version was reported. (Photo: "CNSPHOTO" offer)

According to the U.S. Academy of Sciences, air pollutants that have occurred in China over the Pacific Ocean
It has reached the West Coast, approximately 40% of contaminants observed in and California
That it is pollutant discharged in a factory in China.

According to the report, 17% of "soot" and 22% of carbon monoxide China turn out
It is related to the manufacturing of export products in China. The "soot" continue to float for a long period of time, long-distance the air,
Some of them have a carcinogenic, it can be said that harmful to the human body.

Davis is deputy professor of the University of California is one of the authors of the Bulletin
"Was transferred to other countries and environmental pollution manufacturing industry, but the negative effect is befallen the country is the United States"
For that you have pointed out, the article argued, "there is also a responsibility to the consumer the Western part of the environmental pollution in China" he said.

Article, as a result of the transfer to China of industrial pollution country, was carried out production without regard to environmental protection and South Korea, "Japan, the United States,
I claimed ecological environment of our country is destroyed, country also "been victimized further.

Article pointed out that "the problem of China that the organization that monitors the policy does not exist" in the other hand,
I pointed out policy for air pollution prevention the Chinese government came up with are mere facade. (Editors: Kenji Murayama)


Quoted source: - [China air pollution "serious air pollution is the result that was running the China factory company of Japan and South Korea and Europe and the United States to ignore the environment" [02/04]

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:34:27.89 ID:: 47 FWWq24ub
1 >>
Chinese enough with just does not observe rules.
Mutual hostility Nantsu, Chinese 's Korean like up on the shelf of their own evil.

White extinction.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 21:51:02.43 ID:: 247 pU/NXRS0
47 >>
Degradation is heavy Chinese really.
Chinese has deteriorated in Korea decent though.
I have to be referred to as the Korean west China.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:57:07.08 ID:: 115 KJvsf5d1
1 >>
Although I thought when China whether people say this,

After all said Chinese (laughs)

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:58:41.51 ID:: 119 84C/cNwH
1 >>
Well Chinese may be Oidase all foreign companies.
But environmental pollution I will not be improved.
Because he is in the car and factory in China their cause.
I guess there also affect heating coal smoke out of the home.
Environmental pollution can not fool a lie.
Chinese is not only improve retire contamination to identify the source of contamination.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:38:59.95 ID:: 178 Tk2ANv0n
1 >>
Is not it no addition to factory withdrawal?
I mean, the Chinese No you doing is in place I laws related to environmental protection?

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:39:47.69 ID:: 179 83 + Hbw2I
178 >>
Not to the laws of decent first place environment Chinese
Chinese will not be protected by a decent amount

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 20:41:54.85 ID:: 211 XRf4YYdK
1 >>
Well, the Chinese www After expelling the Japanese companies from China

Chinese also, is easy if the name say anti-Japanese demonstrations, the "Japanese companies burned?"

Instead, most of the working places of the Chinese I would disappear.

(Water) standing LA 2014/02/05 04:12:16.72 ID:: 295 JJV0c5NX
1 >>
Probably not the only factory. The air pollution of all China's Spring Festival in the Spring Festival before online magazine
View obtained by mapping was published. Factory because stops at Spring Festival in the forecast of (the squid) originally
To have worsened and depending on the place let alone does not change if you expect pollution situation to improve
Has been reported. Fireworks and celebrations of great migration of Chinese New Year have been said to cause all sorts of
It's a problem overall. w

ttp :/ / qz.com/171380/chinas-factories-just-shut-down-for-lunar-new-year-and-air-quality-got-even-worse /

(Water) Ÿ bVmfXsKFqw 2014/02/05 06:14:09.85 ID N Yo Na Na Puyo ™:: nrZm3KzD 305
295 >>
It is Chinese I'm evidence that discharge pollutants from the body?

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:25:55.18 ID:: 7 gcSp4m4Q
Chinese what you guys that cut me Japanese when I try to measures No you doing talking about?

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:27:27.54 ID:: 15 VErnMvND
Great. Resolution did not you found that the Chinese people.
Well Chinese Oidase foreign companies right now.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:28:17.95 ID:: 19 pws9QkHD
Probably no problem Chinese You're legitimate that it is China in the exhaust gas concentration to be illegal 's Japan

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:28:52.96 ID:: 23 BjImSXZV
What the Chinese authorities had been as a fact is it? Chinese Did not even fall asleep?

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:29:17.38 ID:: 25 cThBk4Z /
China we came with a Ichamon in the world.

Let's hike from China this opportunity

Relationship with China is there Kazutoshi there great damage
Relationship with South Korea that there is no interest there great damage

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:30:51.28 ID:: 29 bfsh1zt0
Is But I had to tolerate it, huh Chinese authorities?
Chinese authorities but it does not tell me about it morons do not even know such a thing ... No way Chinese people?

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:32:02.41 ID:: 38 GYVrXznU
The stick, when Japan proposed that the environmental issues, an hour was dismissed from the Chinese would be you guys.
Chinese ww of even own fault

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:33:12.12 ID:: 45 LHcqQcD4
Although out from the place without Japanese companies factory Looking PM distribution map

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:36:50.97 ID:: 57 RLhT / NFK
Chinese www I Na to deed of people
Chinese www claim such have become very similar and Korea

Abolition 2014/02/04 (Tue) special permanent residency 18:43:01.94 ID:: 79 oGBZIdY5
Chinese cavil logic of takeover of foreign companies I came.
Japanese Let withdrew more and more.
It is Ika end with all the Japanese are left.
Japanese are not also brought technology. Japanese are not involved. Japanese thank you frog.
First Japanese attributed the family of employees

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:43:18.28 ID:: 80 Ut2O6b / Y
It's stupid hopeless really I left that and what is the economic powerhouse like China

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:25:18.94 ID:: 160 x0Wk + tlV
80 >>
I'm Netouyo, but China is a major economic power now
Chinese Though it is a state overflowing market economy is too bulge or rather

Takeshima is Japanese territory

Ll Bible: 97! Ninpocho [Lv = 40, xxxPT (1 Tasu0:9) 2014/02/04 (Tue) [89.3%] TEPCO 18:49:28.21 ID: IVRaOCyZ
Omaera Chinese, because he has put into operation by removing the de-soot-desulfurization equipment of power plants and factories.
To the underlying idea is that you can do the way the bribe is also a result of environmental inspection Chinese.
Chinese to spree forest logging. Chinese I to not use it regret the operation and maintenance funds water purification facility that Japan has made in ODA

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:51:10.26 ID:: 102 kcPUhOr +
In order to win the battle factory attract with other countries, the Chinese JK and because he did not consider the environmental items
Made a decision that you want to exchange for wealth and pollution of the country's Communist Party, the Chinese probably own fault the Chinese

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:52:03.48 ID:: 105 ADeZsTyJ
It is possible to prevent air pollution and even gold is multiplied
But Communist Party members and business executives have embezzled the measures cost in China
So pollution does not end forever even after the Chinese

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:55:00.77 ID:: 111 If3cnACD
Chinese, but would need to talk if laws and regulations in their own country China
Or, Chinese do they ask you asked me to reign in other countries?
Chinese Fukeyo position yourself in the ass of myself

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 18:59:39.66 ID:: 120 W4vCmCMm
Although written many times
The stop without permission filtration equipment and filter smoke How can you get people China.
Was required several times so that it does know the Korea companies in Japan, the United States and Europe to operate.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:07:23.07 ID:: 133 rNVae + Kn
When the Japanese provide a device for removing the chimney plume in Chinese,
Chinese huh paid sold by removing as soon as Japan staff back

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:13:56.43 ID:: 139 xHNVYuY0
Japan and the United States and South Korea if you doing to ignore the environmental protection, the Chinese Torishimareyo.
And because he does not crack down on Chinese people?
Chinese Na to blame people.

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:16:10.04 ID:: 143 zW5yNsec
air pollution a serious reason that China is not serious about environmental measures even better than starving to death?
2013.02.14 (Thu)

"I do not want to go for the time being Beijing business trip again" -. Chinese friends came back from a business trip in Beijing.
Throat rough, even after mask, blisters that could be around the mouth.
From the other end of the line, "and he returned for his life" emaciation the first time, such as if comes through.

At the factory with the eastern district, was introduced advanced wastewater treatment facility, but it up and running is
It's only when the inspection of the authorities to enter. In normal times unabashedly "˜÷”r" sewage more than 10 times the reference value
To: ("runaway" toupai).

256 Nameless @ Tuesday 13 anniversary 2013/12/10 06:44:57.35 ID: NtFwKk5Q0

Chongqing was famous before air pollution is a serious little,
I was put dust collection filter in such a large Chinese factory with the help of Japan
It was selling Remove without Chinese to replace if I use a little

Chinese even if I rank with that mandate put dust collector, the Chinese would sell you come to the time of filter replacement
It is because Shinajin

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:31:17.11 ID:: 169 ZAsxqC0U
It's to say that the Chinese and white factory withdrawal because it is foreign to the cause of the pollution in short.
Na I, such that you say civil war occurs the employee becomes unemployed, but it still is good, the Chinese fool China ww

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:47:16.20 ID:: 185 daoQlkvM
Chinese www such have put the cart before the horse
It is the role of the country's police previously unruly environment of the original company
Chinese www wonder ignored China Communist Party is not policed ​​foreign companies instead of ignoring the environment

Tuesday <˜¤ `Í '> 2014/02/04 (` c') Mr. ('E ƒÖ E `) 19:47:37.64 ID:: 186 JHMxX8OO
Chinese ww because it is the country painted in green mountain is said to increase the green

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/05 04:52:44.93 ID:: 301 LyAOU8Wu
Chinese w Na wonder thinks seriously when I say rightly

(Water) <˜¤ `Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (`c ')' s 2014/02/05 07:10:56.09 ID:: 306 NsVoc1XD
And I thought I would come so, Chinese or not it good After damages claim quickly
I from dying Once done in such as after 50 years
Chinese wonder why not do now

ƒ‰ƒxƒ‹FAir pollution
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China Ministry of Foreign Affairs " Assistance to Africa of China is the thing that can make up a comprehensive peace , It is different from Japan " [01/ 15]

Chinese became the Korean

[ Diplomatic ]

Work Konakatta original voice actor ƒÓ š 2014/01/15 ( Wed ) 21:33:17.00 ID that came back : 1 : ? ?
The 15th , Hongáû•ñroad officer of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unlike Japan certainly cooperate with aid to Africa " China .
I was working with said assistance to Africa of China are intended to be comprehensive , that it promised and " always accomplish .

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan is visiting Africa , the Japanese side assistance to Africa of "China ,
It's only to get the markets and resources of Africa . Assistance to Africa of Japan , unlike China ,
It was "said to create many jobs by Africa .

On the other hand , at a press conference of the 15th , words such as "This is very funny Hongáû•ñroad officer .
For many years , within the framework of South-South cooperation , China is based on the spirit of helping each other ,
I have provided the selfless assistance to Africa . These assistance , economic and social development of Africa mainly ,
It was said that " has been used in the field of public life .

For resources cooperation of China and Africa , "China to buy the raw materials of Africa at a fair price Hongáû•ñroad officer ,
The assistance to be to increase the value of their resources , Africa get the funds of development ,
I enhanced the ability of price negotiation in the international market development and their own abilities Africa .

Cooperation and assistance to Africa of China is unlike Japan . Development of Africa , aid the Chinese people's lives ,
I have extended to all areas of peace and security . It not only help to improve people's lives in Africa ,
I have help to improve the ability of the development of their own Africa .
In addition , we talked about for its development , added, " are committed to it to build up a peaceful environment .

In addition , Hongáû•ñroad officer so that a large amount of aid to Africa that " this time , Japanese Prime Minister promised in Africa be fulfilled on time ,
China you want. I mentioned China's " are watching closely the situation of the run continuously . ( Tamahana , Yamashita )


Quoted source : - [ Foreign ] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China , " things that make up a comprehensive peace , unlike the Japanese assistance to Africa of China " [01/ 15]

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:51:31.29 ID:: 44 djzzFGdp
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan is visiting Africa , the Japanese side assistance to Africa of "China ,
It's only to get the markets and resources of Africa . Assistance to Africa of Japan , unlike China ,
It was "said to create many jobs by Africa .

The fabrications are you w
Abe does yet to speak on issues such as proper names outright

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:49:34.62 ID:: 42 EFyc7hLH
1 >>
Do you not know of the hated fiercely Chinese 's Africa , c'mon ?

" Did not have in Japan . Arab it was purchased in Japan Asia " is a word of Egyptian President Nasser .
Since Japan give some guidance to management and operation technology not only financial assistance ,
It comes to the power of the country as it is . The force is penetrated , such as South Korea , especially in Asia .

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 22:44:33.61 ID:: 75 KacWjPvz
1 >>
The wwww I Na trumps myself so much

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 22:49:45.17 ID:: 77 rfgQsPMu
1 >>
Weapons provided to the Sudanese government of division before , I lent a hand to massacre
CCP guyz are , or are you saying in any mouth

China does not try to stop the slaughter in Darfur

( ‹ „t ‹ ) Pokan

100: <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/16 ( Thu ) 00:12:50.40 ID: Lx8QlVHR
1 >>
In the background that can Somali pirates is , rampaging and making full use of the latest weapons , there is a massive influx of weapons from France, China .

103 : <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/16 ( Thu ) 00:25:29.56 ID: iMO4Zj29
1 >>
Words would have me missing " under the under the control of the Chinese Communist Party " on his head

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:37:52.90 ID:: 10 hYRunsTx
What happened to China's assistance

The em and public relations across Africa

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:38:42.70 ID:: 13 LWcOWm4 /
Place is only a self-introduction a boomerang when you mouth to any criticism , China w you too much like Chung recently

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:38:47.98 ID:: 14 PjJtZwTu
Chinese great number but it was killed by the local people in Africa . What w I would 've done

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:39:03.41 ID:: 16 r + A7uJcQ
Means well . The will for along with the Chinese-made weapons , instill a communist spurious part of the Chinese to monopolize the wealth in Africa ?

You know, are they Misukasa to you guys .

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:39:24.92 ID:: 18 iIbK1Rm3
More , of what Africa em the opportunity to speak freely to their citizens

20 : Ella communication Ÿ 0/aze39TU2 2014/01/15 ( Wed ) 21:41:15.20 ID: A + F8NPC1
Wealthy people are rich , but its strong sign or civil war in place of than Cena . Dissatisfaction is also increasing in the tyranny of Shiner immigration
The place of than Japan , the internal affairs smoothly , increase in national power .

The country as soon as Which is good or .

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:41:49.32 ID:: 23 K4GOUhEo
. It because cn source .

I even write what .

24 : <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 (Wed ) 21:42:06.36 ID :/ Ey4BjE /
That's a lot of talkative robbery
It 's an interesting guy

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:45:12.74 ID:: 29 BGtJw/7b
I wonder because I said I should die question Africans out Chinese
Chinese because I continue to snatch uprooted country property of local and to bring human beings from their own country
China , which was too much

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:45:47.05 ID:: 31 b8IvndFL
Eye of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hiroshiáûis hollow ...

China waste source is evaporated into flames in Africa ...
I wonder how he suffer a loss dowel on earth ...

Power system of prisoners kinpira Nee is not you become sick is ?

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:47:50.93 ID:: 36 n2jfRI9 +
China is doing in Africa and probably colonial rule you change the form
Local employment is not created because the take from China workers ,
The Iwasanzo Just do not know of has been criticized as only just to exploitation of resources

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:48:02.97 ID:: 37 xYQXlnBj
Good laugh wwwwwwwww
It tries to Japan Norikaeyo Africa is awakening
Www such curving Yo impatient and because I

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:48:43.43 ID:: 41 Fa6lHpJU
Most of the conflict that is going on in Africa , that China has granted the weapons cause .

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:50:29.84 ID:: 43 F5QZxiZ1

What peace , and you mean Tteyuu colony in Chinese ?

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:59:20.11 ID:: 50 8tNIdY6h
To local people , which turned into a mob one Well
It is the death of a thousand cuts

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 21:59:50.48 ID:: 51 KRelV2IC
Abe that diplomacy would have worked .
There is no option of shut up Tara dare hurt that fellow , et al .

104 : <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/16 ( Thu ) 00:27:06.21 ID: iMO4Zj29
51 >>
Each other in Bun'naguri leave feeling good and China is known as Korea it because the basic attitude

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 22:21:30.30 ID:: 59 gVxu6Jnn
Support of China differs from Japan you know well
I mean with the help of China 's take the resources of African roots
Food and work of African land also be China's monopoly uprooted
How can you get goal is to embarrass the lives of African people in the neglected the African governments
Then, to fight by providing weapons to anti- government forces opponent
The mon 's ultimate goal of China is to eradicate the African People's
In the spirit that do not pass even one grain breadcrumbs to African
China know you get along in the spirit of neglect ( Africans )
It 's to land the best that do not also blow in China even if the environmental degradation in the industrial area of China

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 22:22:32.19 ID:: 60 r8Kn/OPB
When Abe has visited Cote d'Ivoire ,
Côte d'Ivoire leaders , call out to the country close
Leaders of 11 countries gathered all the way ,
I have both the dinner and informal talk with Abe .

In the seat , and Côte d'Ivoire leaders ,
" The permanent member of the Security Council of Japan in 2015 the United Nations 70th anniversary ! "
Applause .

W Kawana Shineru Sina 's

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 22:24:38.57 ID:: 64 z4fK/cr6
Than not occur Shinofobia , Nantes China hatred in Africa If it were true ?

( Water ) <˜¤`Í '> (' E ƒÖ E`) (` c ' )' s 2014/01/15 22:46:00.84 ID:: 76 RZrGCneg
If Japan to assist in earnest , the country even though no matter how late ,
It would be inconvenient to those in power no matter how , but it can be from the country of South Korea about .
In here , it is because there Korea Tsu proven .

Now, Ya Oke prepared ourselves , friend us in Africa.
Assistance of truth or mon what , I'll let experience with a body .

Tremble , but is good .
ƒ‰ƒxƒ‹FAFRICA assistance
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China Consulate General of the U.S. arson SF, China shock people to suspect Chinese nationals [01/ 08]

WSJ taken in by a gag of China

[ WSJ ]

1 : data analyst ƒÓ š 2014/01/08 ( Wed ) 05:20:30.07 ID:???
The 6th , U.S. authorities arrested a man who turned himself in the arson incident that occurred last week in the front door of the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco , but the suspect was China nationals have shocked many Chinese .

According to the AP , gastritis von suspect of nationality , to enter the Consulate General with a passport to January 1 , and was arrested to be trying to light the gasoline in the front door while you have a permanent resident of the United States were .
According to the officials , because the fire did not stick , the same suspect that using a lighter . The injured person was not out . Entrance of China Consulate General in San Francisco damaged by being set on fire
Authorities said it is treated as a criminal case , not the acts of terrorism and the political behavior of this incident .

According to Michael P E Eldridge investigator Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), after being told that there is a right to remain silent , a variety of voice has been heard in Chinese " all phone suspect .
I spoke to the investigator for the Consulate General of China also had to get involved , "said the target . There was no further explanation .

This incident was reported and the Internet news program at noon of China Central Television of state-owned , through a variety of media .
From the fact that last week , and urged to strengthen efforts to protect the Chinese to U.S. security officials , had attracted a lot of support , the Chinese government is surprised that among the Chinese people , a man of Chinese nationality was the culprit has spread .

Posted by a mini blog site of " Sina BiHiroshi " wrote "I am stunned . Can not believe Chinese Nantes did really " he said.

Posted by Another pointed out, " the U.S. government is going to do to say that the United States independent of the issue of China inside this " he said.

Speculation over the motives and conspiracy theories are flying around on the net , but I'm wondering why the suspect or did not choose the target of another lot .
There was also posted , " As long as you set fire to the Consulate General of Japan , it would have been considered a hero ," and " ? They did not set fire to the United States and Japan why" .

19:49 JST 07“ú2014”N1ŒŽ

Quoted source : suspects of Chinese nationality impact China Consulate General of arson , [ WSJ ] U.S. SF, China people [01/ 08]

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> As long as you set fire to the Consulate General of Japan , it would have been considered a hero

No, those of arson of China Consulate General , hero further . ( I think so the world)

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> A variety of voice has been heard in Chinese " all .
> I was talking to investigators for the Consulate General of China also had to get involved , "said the target .

W such are quite blurred

> Phone suspect has been testimony " came a voice and Attack China Consulate General " and

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A result you have a Han Chinese crackdown other than ...

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The frequent kill one another of China 's together from now on!

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W I may disagree or anywhere in the province come from China

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At heart I think we are after all we take for

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I guess so much impact ?

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're Dissatisfied most to the Chinese government Chinese
I do not any wonder

5 : Nanashi wanted . . . 2014/01/08 (Wed ) 05:25:27.00 ID: raxqt5oJ
In fact, it was or was ethnic Korean
It 's to Minjoku arson favorite

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It was said Te own kno , but it 's in the near future even without hit

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Disrupt the Chinese Communist Party , rather than 's Japanese
It 's to Chinese

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> Posted by a mini blog site of " Sina BiHiroshi " wrote "I am stunned . Can not believe Chinese Nantes did really " he said.

W Do not but think that everyone is convinced

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Hate crime against the Chinese in general is not 's going on
Facilities of the Chinese government because I was attacked
Though it is no wonder the Chinese government 's culprit hate guy
Question the Chinese government for some reason had to impression management as Chinese if the whole was attacked as if

And guys BiHiroshi and had been fooled hook, line and sinker
Guys Choro of Tsuka BiHiroshi in ~ will Ino

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Mostly Jan China 's nationality I have a strong grudge against the Chinese government
The white on white Uighur pro-democracy activists in white Falun Takumi

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China paper Sure enough this Japantown next while keep out suspicious article Nantes -

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How can you get spies failed to own kno
I just have to pretend par round and round

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I be having to do so by being forced to investigation .
Or operatives of errands level was determined protection of custody .
Kanen because I erased .

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Recently , but I seem to fight against corruption campaign desperately . I 'm just being slimmer corruption layer .
Guys leaking from the race career interests would also be large . It is not funny or even shaved assets by the power of the home country even if staying abroad .
I do not know the background .

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If it is Japanese , not resolved in the place that burned the embassy there is a level of education to the extent that it can be understood .
Anyway if a house of corruption officials and government officials .

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Well , I though would be that the entrance other than burned in the near future .

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Before the suspect is known to the China people

> CheTakashiŠM’“U.S. Ambassador in China for the 3rd China Consulate General of arson that occurred in San Francisco ,
> Comments " several years the attack here is frequent in Chubei institution of China , many has not been resolved ," said
> Was determined so that it is secured against the United States . Chinese media and new Kyo-ho was reported on the 5th .
> About the crime , in addition to the view that due to the Tibetan independence activist ,
> I was told that the tension of Japan-China relations also came out of speculation and motivation from that there is a Japanese town near the Consulate General .

China Ambassador were going to this comment

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It was a shock for sure
It had been thought that I was done with brainwashing the tramp of Japan or Tibet or Uighur

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And be difficult to reverse something to look for vagrants of Tibetans , Uighurs , Japanese in the United States
And I 'm about if vagrant Chinese such as displaced persons , and discard wearing anywhere

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China people I think had set fire to the Yasukuni

It it not possible somehow , this downstream ethnic
Resolution or anything if arson

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And ending with the reaction of‘Nlat the time of Cho Hee that caused shootings in the United States worst , w Na looks just like
The www 'm a big Korean indeed

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> Yen von suspect Chinese nationals

Maybe ww Na would be ethnic Koreans in Northeast China from

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I want grilled Why thought I 'm not Chinese but rather
Ni would be a leading candidate
It would just be a Uygur Autonomous Region than 1 month ago by just was in two months ago in Tiananmen
Or dementia ?
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