Koreans claimed to have Manet Japan stole become Korea origin in five years ... all - [ JoongAng Ilbo ] in Korea food service industry boom Japan [03 / 28]


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The boom in Japan croquette , pork cutlet bowl ... Korea food service industry

" To eat lunch in the bowl the first time Japanese-style ramen , drink to Mi tidbits croquettes in the tavern of Japanese-style bar in the evening in the afternoon" . The restaurant market already
It is a trend that is occupied . Japanese food boom that issued to the front reasonable price restaurant industry , which is limited , such as sushi and sushi , to premium Japanese restaurant
It is going on .

Popular industry 's recent handmade croquette shop small . Croquettes popular Myeong-dong floating population is large dong , Gangnam Station , in Hongdae ( Hongdae ) neighborhood
It has emerged as an item there is . Potatoes , curry , cheese corn , tuna Seoul National University path ( Tehan'no ) " Hamumubara handmade ( Suje ) croquette " is
You are selling on the day I made on the day a variety of kimchi croquettes . It is a business of 8:00 12:00 daytime ? Evening , but since sell only quantity that has been prepared
I will also shut the shop or sooner . Homemade croquette shop takeaway form 's basic customers are lining up 20 minutes or more . Seoul National峙洞( Techidon )
" Apgujeong ( Apukujon ) croquette " is famous for its cheese croquette and Chapuche - croquette . Five in the opposite side of the Seoul Myeongdong Cathedral " Myeong-dong croquette "
I have sold a croquette . Gangnam Station near " Gangnam homemade croquette " , Nobeminamihora of ( Yon'namudon ) " Ogun homemade croquettes " and the like also famous . Busan east莱区
( Ton'negu ) hot spring dong (on- Don Chung ) and "The croquette " , Daegu ( Tegushi ) Minami-ku ( Namugu ) Daming dong ( Temyondon ) as " Chung Salon croquette "
Daegu , Jung-gu Tokuyamahora of ( Tokusandon ) " Panu~orudan - croquette ", etc. are also led the croquette boom . Most of these are founded on its own
It is a shop that was , but some brand 're looking for a franchise . Croquettes burden in addition to the franchisees , but also to run a start-up business alone
It's smaller . This is because already establishment cost is small with wings sale , a relatively simple cuisine in a single menu .

Japanese style pork cutlet that issued to the front reasonable price true escape from tonkatsu -affordable shop in Udon is also a popular business establishment . Seoul Apgujeong " Haruensoku "
I did capture a gap of expensive premium pork cutlet with market ( restaurant of low-cost give seaweed , and Toppokki ) Punshiku of low prices . Premium grade quality
Maintain , however, about 30% was reduced to cheap 8000 ? 11,000 won price . Bland and basic source in onion , tomato - cream in Japan legitimate pork cutlet
Made a " source Tonkatsu " to develop the . Unique interior has also helped sales . Interior of azalea flowers instead of cherry blossoms , a symbol of Japan and
The theme , made ​​a bright atmosphere with the help of pink and white . Young mother to eat out as " children , of course , ( 54) Haruensoku representative lover Han Dokuhi
I spoke to the popular " as a place of our dating .

Quoted source : in - [ JoongAng Ilbo ] Korea food service industry boom Japan [03 / 28]

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In front of Seoul Ewha Women's University " mille-feuille " is also to release the adaptation to fit the mouth of the Korean tonkatsu the " millefeuille tonkatsu " .
In the sense that the leaves of 1000 copies in French , of the " mille-feuille " refers to food that is in many layers pastries , pies and French .
To make so as to be superimposed on about 25 layers of pork sliced ​​to a thickness of 2mm is tonkatsu mille-feuille . Garlic , cheese , leek between the pork thin texture is soft
To give a variety of taste to put the material basis , such as South Korea Kimchi . Price does not exceed 10 000 won both the pork cutlet single item . The interior is a wine bar Western Europe
Reminiscent .

Japanese-style bar " pub " is a business that has been established mostly in the Korean market . Popular menu interior and liking Korean consumers recently
I'm gaining . There is a direct management headquarters store in Seoul Itaewon Itaewon " cheongsam " is out to fit the mouth of the people of South Korea a single item of food tavern .
There is a menu of more than 150 different variety of skewers to burn on the spot , such as grilled squid cotton to take out the built-in squid . " Saiga " to pursue the harmony of East and West
It's tavern specializes in unique . And are prepared snacks salty little cooking with the help of method of cooking and Japanese European source , Koreans prefer .

However , it is easy to fail if you dive in Japanese food industry unnecessarily . Founded the " Japanese food specialty store ( founded University ) Kang Byon'o Chung-Ang University Concurrent Professor
You advice when you , the " priority should be given that he or mastered the art of cooking their own , to ensure the chef above all . Franchisees also no exception .
" Even though the head office to supply the material of equal quality , cook a certain amount of essential" while " Japanese food food -consuming hand basically ," said Professor Kang
I added that .
http://japanese.joins.com/article/476/183476.html?servcode=A00 § code = A10
http://japanese.joins.com/article/477/183477.html?servcode=A00 § code = A10
Park Jung Hyun manager of " Haruensoku " Apgujeong store is out the food to visit customers . September last year , the boulevard of Apgujeong franchise " Haruensoku "
You have opened one after another the merchants followed to open the first store in . Education system of " establishment had a previous thorough , Park store manager and women elementary founder ,
I told that a senior citizen to challenge the establishment is " possible . [ Photo = FC founded Korea ]
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2 >>
To make so as to be superimposed on about 25 layers of pork sliced ​​to a thickness of 2mm is tonkatsu mille-feuille . Garlic , cheese , leek between the pork thin texture is soft
To give a variety of taste to put the material basis , such as South Korea Kimchi

W cheese has become the " material basis Korea " all too soon

2014/03/28 ( Fri) 's Self-Defense Forces is Gyo-gu woven 11:57:06 ID:: 3 R3nMJo2aH
You will then need to Korea origin

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Koreans Fuck it .
Once out Japanese food in Korea , go down image of Japanese food is rolled out food poisoning .

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> Garlic , cheese , leek between the pork thin texture is soft
> To give a variety of taste to put the material basis , such as South Korea Kimchi .

Koreans without cliff nothing repeated smell food up there

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Herd of pro-Japanese is so !
Spy Korean government monitors the Japanese restaurant , Koreans Nika It's not bad if you do not caught ! ?

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Beggar gonna I do not have effect even if Suriyo~tsu Koreans cry from the origin.

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Koreans to purchase commercial refrigeration croquette in Japan
Koreans and flyer available used
Korean or thriving decent road surface in store if selling it with topping appropriate
Quite simplistic business

I thought when I saw other news , but Korean wonder if not deep-fried food at home ?
It's somehow , but I feel like likely to be such as scraping to Koreans

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It thinks that Korean cuisine south ton people seriously comparatively
Hilarious when viewed Cai Cai , A~a Koreans and Na 've got to invent everything really

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Croquette Korea , Korean bowl , Korea and the Kim liquor store

Koreans Nida to be registered in the World Heritage Site !

Way Ha Ha !

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Croquette of cat meat or dog meat , Koreans probably win?
Koreans but I w you doing what you know pig " cutlet " and " t "

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23 >>
In Korean , I 'm say I " Tonkasu " The pork cutlet .
In other words ... w

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The Hayarasu Japanese cuisine it's selfish , properly Koreans ' s " of Japan"
I want you to provide by .
Koreans Thailand ware making vinegared rice rolled in dried laver also be pickled radish , Korea origin Seriously still
Guy who thinks that he is like a lot .
Far from Korea origin , South Korea has been doing teaching in Japan is Korean .

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W Na 's punishment such as next to South Korea

It will say, all-you-can for the stolen Japanese ('Д `)

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Should I cracked down and thoroughly is good thing of Japan culture like other history and government Chung
Japanese culture hate comics like is because I would penetrate Korean

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Koreans formal beauty of Chung -specific origin to claim from rip-off

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Crumbs which is indispensable to the pork cutlet or croquette , but food 's foreign originally ,
Crumbs of Japan are becoming widespread in the world as panko in reverse .

panko that are sold at amazon.com
http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias% 3Daps & field-keywords = panko

Even claimed origin , Koreans Japanese colonial residue with all one's might Nantes cuisine made with bread crumbs
That .

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Is it too sure I taste the Korean guys ?

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Koreans claimed to have Manet Japan stole become Korea origin in five years ... all
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